Audrey’s Birthday Gift

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Audrey’s birthday was in a week and she knew exactly what she wanted. The only problem was that it was something that she needed her husband Ben’s permission for and she wasn’t sure if she would get it. Not only that, but it was embarrassing enough for her to ask that she had avoided it up until now. She didn’t have time to wait anymore though, since he’d probably be buying her something soon. It was now or never.

That night, the two of them climbed into bed, ready to go to sleep. Audrey gathered up her courage and said, “Ben, honey? Can I ask you something?” He grunted and she took this to mean yes. “Have you bought me a birthday present yet?”

Quietly, he replied. “No. Why?”

Audrey quickly continued. “I have a suggestion. It’s very easy, would be fun for you, and wouldn’t cost you a dime.” This last part was her ace in the hole. Her husband was quite cheap and she figured offering an idea for a free gift would maybe help her case.

Ben turned over when he heard this, wanting to look Audrey in the face. “Really? What’s that? Do you wanna drag me somewhere again?” he said with a slight tone of annoyance.

“No, dear, nothing like that. I just want you to…for us to…” She paused, not knowing how to continue. Her eyes darted about nervously.

Ben sighed and grabbed her hand, squeezing gently. “Just ask so I can go to sleep, ok?”

Smiling shakily, Audrey finally said it. “I want us to have a threesome. With another guy.” She held her breath after saying this, watching Ben’s expression. The two sat there awhile, neither one moving or saying a word.

Ben mulled this over in his head. A threesome with another guy? He wasn’t too sure about that. A girl, of course he’d say yes. But a guy? He didn’t have any gay feelings and didn’t know what his wife was getting at. “You want to see me with a guy…?” he asked slowly, after minutes of silence.

Audrey shook her head slowly. “No, Ben. I want the guy for me. You wouldn’t have to touch the other guy at all.” She paused for a moment, blushing while she finished with, “I’ve always had this fantasy where two guys fucked me.” Audrey rarely used vulgar words like this, only doing so when she was pretty horny.

This softened Ben’s firm stance against this a bit. If he didn’t have to touch the other guy, it might not be anything. Not to mention it wouldn’t cost him anything but time. A pretty good deal, if you asked him. Another question came to his mind. “Any ideas on this third person?”

“Danny Cooper? You know, my friend’s brother?”

Ben had met the guy a few times. He wasn’t particularly close with the guy but he didn’t hate him either. He couldn’t make a decision right then and there however. “Let me sleep on it, okay honey?” His eyes looked into hers, making sure she knew he wasn’t lying about that.

Audrey smiled and nodded, kissing her husband briefly. She said good night and rolled over. Ben did the same and tried to sleep. However, he found he couldn’t get the idea of his wife fucking another man out of his head. Surprisingly, his cock was hardening as he imagined it. Accepting the situation, he said out loud, “Honey. I’ll do it.”

Audrey hadn’t fallen asleep yet and heard her husband agree. She rolled back over and hugged him tightly, thanking him deeply. When she lay back down again, her eyes were wet with tears, her happiness so great. She added, “How does the night of my birthday sound, honey?” A grunt of approval was heard from Ben. She smiled and fell asleep, dreaming of her night of fun to come.

Before the couple knew it, the night had arrived. Audrey had called Danny the day after she had gotten permission and asked him if he’d be interested. She had already known he was open to stuff like that and knew he had a thing for her from her friend. He had eagerly agreed, making the plans to come over at eight o’ clock on the night of her birthday.

Precisely at eight, the doorbell rang. Audrey ran to answer it and opened the door to find Danny smiling at her. “Hi Danny! Come on in.” Taking his hand, she led him to the bedroom, where her husband was already sitting in one of two chairs. Audrey sat Danny down in the other chair. The men looked at each other and nodded, Ben’s expression slightly more nervous than Danny’s.

Audrey stood in front of the two men and said, casino oyna “Okay boys, how about I get things started to loosen the tension?” After seeing a nod from each of them, she started to undress. First, her shirt was pulled off, revealing her flat tanned tummy and encased 34B breasts. Smiling, she then reached back, unclasping her bra. Pulling in just the right place, the bra fell to the floor at Audrey’s touch, revealing her bare breasts. Ben had seen them many times before but always loved to look at them. Danny was smiling as he got his first glance.

After a few seconds of showing off her tits, Audrey moved on to the lower half of her body. She gently lowered her skirt to the floor, taking her time. Her panties were already moist, her excitement for the event to come making her horny as hell. Both men noticed and their cocks began to harden. Audrey turned around, wanting to delay the main event for Danny. Slowly, the panties were pulled down, revealing her firm ass. She shook her butt for the men a few times before slowly bending over, her legs spread. Ben and Danny got a perfect view of Audrey’s pussy from behind, framed perfectly between her legs. Danny gasped at his first sight of Audrey’s beauty.

After a few excruciating seconds, Audrey turned around, showing the men her newly shaven pussy. It was something she had never done before but she wanted something special for tonight. Both men were speechless, awestruck by the beautiful hairless pussy before them. Audrey watched, amused at the state of the two men. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs. “Ok, boys. Your turn. Don’t make me wait too long.”

Both Ben and Danny stood up. Danny quickly began to take his clothing off, ready to get going. Ben hesitated, nervous about being naked with another man. He looked at his wife who simply looked into his eyes, mouthed the words “It’s okay,” and nodded. With a quiet groan, Ben started taking his clothes off too. As he did, he noticed that Danny was already only in his boxers. Pausing, he watched as Danny slid them down, revealing his six inch cock. A grin of triumph spread on Ben’s face. He was bigger than Danny! This fact, coupled with the amazing horniness he now felt, was enough to dispel the rest of his nervousness.

Ben moved quickly and before too long both men were standing there, completely naked. Ben’s eight inch cock was free and sticking straight out, ready for action. Audrey got up when both men were naked and moved to her husband first. She moved him over a few feet, standing him next to Danny. Then, her mouth went to his cock, taking as much of his length as she could in one gulp. Ben moaned, loving the feel of his wife’s mouth on his cock. She didn’t do this often, but he loved it when she did. He blushed a little when he remembered that Danny was still there, watching his wife suck his cock. Audrey continued to suck as her hand went to Danny’s cock, feeling it. She began to stroke him as she sucked her husband’s cock, working both at once. Moving her mouth to Danny’s cock, she sucked him as her hand stroked her husband.

Both men had their eyes closed, moans coming from deep within their bodies. They each were greatly enjoying the immense satisfaction that Audrey was giving them. After a few minutes, Audrey could sense that Danny was getting close. She stopped with him and said, “No, Danny. Not yet. We’ve got a lot to do tonight,” giggling. Moving to the bed, she lay back. “My pussy really needs some attention anyways. How about you come over here and let me blow you, Ben, while Danny licks my pussy?” The two men looked at each other and nodded, kind of giving each other permission. Danny moved to the end of the bed, kneeling down, while Ben straddled his wife, putting his cock near her face.

Audrey took her husband’s cock back into her mouth just as Danny’s tongue touched her thigh. She moaned, this being her first physical touch of the night. Her pussy was probably dripping with juices by now and she was aching for some action. Still, her husband’s cock needed some attention too so she made sure to keep bobbing and sucking. Her mind wandered between Danny’s teasing licks and Ben’s throbbing cock in her mouth, trying to focus on both, but failing miserably.

Danny smiled, feeling Audrey’s body thrust towards him as he teased all around her pussy. He kissed canlı casino her everywhere, except for her pussy. Finally, he felt he had done enough and dove right in. His face pressed right up against her, his tongue deep in her hole. His eyes closed as he savored the tastes of her delicious juices. He wiggled his tongue around all over, avoiding the clit for now. Still, he could feel her enjoyment, her thrusts getting more violent all the time.

Audrey was in heaven. Danny was amazingly good at licking her pussy and she loved the feelings he was giving her. Ben’s cock in her mouth was pretty good too. She loved the taste of his cum and felt plenty of it going down her throat. Moans came from her throat, slightly muffled by the cock in her mouth. Still, Ben heard her and knew from experience that she was getting closer. Smiling, he reached for her tits, rubbing around gently. He brushed her nipples slightly, feeling their hardness. She gasped at the added sensation, arching her back off the bed slightly.

Danny could tell that Audrey was getting close too, so he went for the holy grail. His tongue slithered over her clit, teasing it very gently at first. Before long, he was sucking on it hard, flicking his tongue over it. Audrey went wild at this, bucking all around on the bed. Ben practically had to hold on for dear life. Her bobs on Ben’s cock went faster and faster as she approached orgasm. Finally, with a groan, Ben came, spurting his spunk down his wife’s throat. The feeling of warm cum in her mouth sent Audrey over the edge. A mind-shattering orgasm hit her, knocking the breath from her lungs. She lost all feeling in her body, only feeling pleasure. She arched her back again, lifting Ben from the bed. It seemed to last forever, never-ending bliss.

Finally, the orgasm did end, Audrey collapsing onto the bed. Ben’s cock had already slipped from her mouth and she was breathing heavily from the force that had just hit her. Both men were looking at her, smiling at what they had done. Audrey took a minute and returned the smile. “Mmmm, that was great. Ready for round two?” She knew her husband was out for a bit, since he had just cum. “How about I fuck Danny while you watch, honey?”

Ben was a bit nervous about this, wondering if he’d be better than him at fucking his wife. Still, this was her night and he had already agreed to this. He went over and sat in the chair again, his limp cock resting on his leg. Sitting back, he prepared to watch his wife be fucked by another man.

Having just been laying down, Audrey felt a change of position was in order. She climbed up onto her knees and turned around, offering her pussy to Danny in a doggy style position. He happily obliged, moving up behind her and positioning his cock head at the entrance to her warm, slick tunnel. “Ready?” he asked. After seeing her nod, Danny slowly begins to slide his cock into her, moaning at the feeling. He notices that she was a bit loose but wasn’t too surprised, considering the size of her husband’s cock. It still feelt great as he slides all the way in, balls touching her lips as he rests inside. After a few seconds of waiting, he began to thrust.

Audrey bounced back and forth as Danny fucks her pussy. She loved the feeling of a different cock in her pussy, something she hasn’t felt in a long time. While he wasn’t as big as her husband, it still feels great. Her level of arousal was still pretty high and before long she could feel herself getting close again. She rubbed her tits a few times, pinching her nipples hard. Telling that this won’t be enough, her hand went to her clit, rubbing furiously as Danny fucks her hard.

Danny picked up speed when he heard Audrey scream, “I’m cumming!” He saw her begin to shake and her pussy begin to contract violently, her body in the throes of an orgasm. It felt amazing on his cock, massaging it tightly. Somehow, he managed to hold on through the whole thing, not cumming. He didn’t want this to end and stopped thrusting for a minute, letting her calm down and his cock desensitize a bit.

Audrey’s second orgasm was just as great as the first and now she’s ready for the next part of her plan. Turning to look at Danny, she asks him, “Wanna do my ass?” He nods vigorously, eagerly anticipating the tighter hole. She nods at him to go ahead and he pulled out of her pussy, kaçak casino aiming at her anal passage instead. He has to go much slower but pushes his cock in, inch by inch. Every few seconds, she tells him to stop, needing to relax a moment. After a few minutes, he’s entirely inside, moaning at the tightness. Audrey waits until the pain goes away before telling Danny to go on. “Okay, fuck my ass.”

Ben had been watching this the whole time, observing but not really getting anything out of it. Sure, his wife is very hot when she’s being fucked, but he’d prefer to be the one doing it. When Audrey told Danny to fuck her ass though, his cock began to grow again. Ben had never fucked his wife’s ass, never even bothering to ask her. He always thought she’d just say no and never even tried. Seeing how eager she was for it now, he believed his chances of getting it were pretty good. It was turning him on immensely, less the act of the fucking and more the idea that he might get to go there soon enough. He began to stroke his cock, eager to jump back in.

Audrey was experiencing tons of pleasure from being fucked in the ass. Her anal virginity had been taken and it was amazing. She had always wanted to try it but was afraid of Ben’s giant cock. Now that she saw how easily she took Danny’s, Audrey was eager to try her husband’s soon. Although she was lost in bliss, she glanced over at her husband and noticed him stroking himself. She smiled and thought now was the best time to try what she had been waiting for all night.

“Stop for a minute, Danny.” Danny frowned, really wanting to blow his load into Audrey’s ass. He pulled out though, not wanting to anger anyone. Audrey saw the look on his face and giggled. “You’ll be back in my ass soon. Do you boys know what DP is?” Both men shook their heads. “DP stands for double penetration. Something that’s turned me on for years now. Tonight, we’re gonna try it.”

Ben smiled. “You mean one of us in your ass and one in your pussy? At the same time?” Audrey nodded, a smile of her own on her face. Ben’s smile turned into a grin and he walked over to the bed. “How?”

Audrey lay her husband down on the bed, near the end of it. She climbed up and straddled her husband’s cock, sliding down onto it slowly. Both of them moaned at the quick sensation. Audrey leaned forward slightly, exposing her ass. “Now, you get in my ass, Danny.” Danny walked over and aimed his cock head at Audrey’s asshole. He slowly slid in, her passage even tighter than before. After enough pushing, he was in all the way. A long, low moan came from Audrey. She had never felt so full before and the sensation was amazing. Huskily, she breathed, “Ok, now fuck me boys.”

Both men got a grip and started to thrust. The sensations weren’t only amazing for Audrey but amazing for the men. Audrey was able to feel stimulation on her pussy and clit as her husband thrusted and stimulation in her tight ass as Danny did the same. Ben and Danny got tighter holes out of the deal and the added stimulation of brushing each other’s cocks through the thin wall separating them as a bonus. Before long, all three of them were moaning louder than they had ever moaned before.

Danny orgasmed first, having been without orgasm for the longest. He sprayed a massive load deep into Audrey’s bowels. His legs buckled as he struggled to stay standing up. The feeling of cum filling her ass caused Audrey’s third orgasm to hit. It was the best orgasm she had ever felt. White, blinding pleasure coursed throughout her body, causing her to quake and quiver. Her moans stopped, only because she was unable to breathe. Waves of this pleasure kept hitting her over and over. She even blacked out for a few moments, the pleasure too much for her brain to handle. This amazing shaking and the squeezing of her pussy muscles made Ben cum too. His cock sprayed the walls of Audrey’s pussy, draining his balls. Everyone collapsed onto the bed, unable to move from the amazing sensations.

Danny managed to recover first. He pulled his cock from Audrey’s ass and lay down on the bed, needing to rest. Ben came back to reality shortly thereafter, unable to move due to Audrey’s limp body on his. After a few minutes, Audrey was finally able to move. With a whimper, she pulled herself off her husband and collapsed onto the bed next to him. Her breath was heavy and her heart was pounding. Ben turned and whispered into her ear, “Happy birthday, Audrey.” All she could do was smile and bask in the blissful moment, her perfect fantasy fulfilled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32