At First Sight Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

We hadn’t known each other very long, but it felt like we had. A year, maybe? We both played a mobile game, sending armies against other players. We were in different alliances, fighting against each other, not knowing each other except very casually. However, through Casey, a mutual friend, we got talking more and more. I learned about her family and her love of animals, while I told her about my social anxiety and all the many issues I’m trying to work through. I used to sing to her when she was sick to cheer her up, and she sent memes to cheer me up when I was having a bad day. Things were flirty, but not overly so, for quite a while as we talked more and more frequently. Then, something changed.

I decided to quit the game. It was taking up a lot of my time, I was frustrated with many of my fellow players and didn’t really have fun anymore. Lisa and our friend Casey were devastated and became determined to keep me playing. They set up a message group calle “2 Peas and a Pod”, I suppose me being the pod. I can’t exactly tell you how it happened, but things took a…different turn. This group became more and more provocative, with me sharing more and more risque photos and the two women responding in kind. I moved to their alliance in-game and found my wings again. Me and Lisa started talking even more, but the conversations were different now: sexual and explicit, othen with pictures and voice clips. She’d seen all of me, many times, and I’d seen all of her. Her small, beautiful breasts with prominent nipples, her absolutely intoxicating bald and wet pussy, her wonderful ass. I’m not lying when I say that I was hornier than I’d ever been during these months. The chemistry me and Lisa had was nothing short of amazing. One word from her and my cock would be rock hard. Five minutes of talking and I could make her cum. We were driving each other insane. I knew one thing and one thing only: I had to meet her, in the flesh. I had to have her.

This flashed through my head during the four minutes it took me and Lisa to get to her car. She was dragging me along as I was dragging my suitcase, my arm nearly being yanked out of it’s socket. She was as eager as I was to continue what we’d started. Fortunately for us both, the place I’d rented was no more than 15 minutes away. We tried chatting in the car; she asked me about the flight, if I was tired and the like, but conversation was difficult. It was obvious that we both only had the one thought in our heads, and it wasn’t chit chat.

The place I’d rented a room at, Eden Rose Manor, was a small place with only 4 rooms. I’d rented the double, almost as if I’d planned for what was about to happen. Which I had, to be honest. The place was not a hotel, more of a B&B, owned by an attractive couple in their 40s who got my check-in and Wi-Fi password sorted quickly. From the looks and smirks the woman gave me and Lisa, it was obvious she knew we were eager to get to the room, and why. Considering it was a small place, the room wasn’t hard to find, so I declined an offer to be shown the room and me and Lisa hurried away. I don’t remember what my initial thoughts about the room was. I was busy.

Lisa yanked the key from my hand, opened the door and dragged me in with her. The door slammed shut behind us and she was in canlı bahis my arms. For the first time, I hungrily locked my lips on hers and our tongues met. Her mouth was warm against mine, and my hands roaming over her body could tell that her body was even moreso. She gripped me tightly around my back, while my hands came to rest at her waist. I grabbed her navy blue polo shirt (I guess she came straight from work to meet me) and slowly pulled it up. She released her grip on me and raised her arms, letting me remove the garment. She started unbuttoning my shirt but lost patience after three buttons, opting instead to just pull it over my head, which I happily allowed her to do. I took a moment to look her over, as she stood before me in her white bra and blue jeans, her slender body just begging me to pick her up and carry her to the large bed. I moved to do just that, but didn’t get that far. Instead, she evaded my arms by dropping to her knees in front of me. She laughed when she realized what I’d tried to do, but soon turned her attention back to what she’d been planning to do since the pizza place. She ran a hand ocher my crotch, feeling my hard cock through my jeans. My erection hadn’t relaxed much during the drive, but once finally getting her in my arms, I’d gone rock hard. Judging from her smile, she could tell. She kept stroking for a short while, already making me groan, before finally unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants.

She took out my cock and unconsciously licked her lips at the sight of it. She’d seen it before, in pictures, but this was the first time she held her hand around it. She slowly stroked me a few times, looking up at me to see my reaction. It was almost too much for me right there. I’d waited for this, fantasized about this for so long that having it actually happen was mind-boggling. Seeing her, with her hand around my cock and her mouth only a few centimetres away from it almost made me go weak in the knees, and I had to lean against the wall for some support. She laughed again, stretched out her tongue, and slowly licked up my entire shaft. Upon reaching the tip, she circled her tongue around if a few times before opening her mouth and putting it over my cock. I didn’t think I could get any harder, but I’m almost certain that I did. I groaned as I felt her lips close around me and as she took me deeper and deeper. I put my hands on her head, guiding her down over my dick as I leaned my head back to stare at the ceiling.

I don’t know how long we stood there, her mouth on my cock, but know that it was absolutely amazing. Her saliva covered my cock, her tongue playing expertly along my shaft as she took me deep down her throat before moving back up my length to lick around my tip. I needed a rest from the stimulation, though, so I pried her lips off my cock, stepped out of my pants and underwear and pulled her gently to her feet.

-That was amazing, Lisa.

She only smiled at me with hungry eyes. I was pretty sure she very well knew what was about to happen. After all, she was well aware what my favourite thing in the world was. I unclasped her bra with one hand, gave her nipple a quick lick and then picked her up in my arms. The bed was only three paces away, so I quickly stepped over, kissed her and tossed her down on the mattress. She bahis siteleri giggled as she landed, and kept giggling as I took position over her and leaned down towards her tits. I licked circles around her nipple, not quite touching it, while my hand stroked her still jeans-clad leg, slowly making its way closer to her crotch. Her breathing got heavier and she started to moan quietly to herself as I teased her breasts, my hand moving ever closer to its goal. As I reached her crotch, I trailed a finger along her pussy on the outside of her jeans and simultaneously sucked a nipple into my mouth. The warmth of her pussy was intense even outside her pants, and she gasped as her nipple finally got the attention it deserved and desperately craved. My hand unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, and made its way inside her panties. Her pussy was wet and slick, and my finger easily travelled over her clit and down her folds. I rubbed her slowly, avoiding her clit, as I kept licking and sucking on her nipples, first one then the other. I brought up my slick finger to my mouth and sucked on it as she watched, a shudder running through her at the sight of it. I brought my mouth close to her ear and whispered:

-It’s time.

She started breathing heavier in anticipation as I moved further down her body, tugging down her jeans and panties, leaving her naked before me. My eyes trailed over her body, my cock twitching slightly at the sight of her beautiful nakedness. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. I grabbed her legs and positioned her near the edge of the bed, then I dropped down to my knees. I leaned forward and savored the scent of her wet cunt in front of me before slowly running my tongue along her slit. She let out a gasp which turned into a moan halfway through. Her taste was tart, a bit sweet and I absolutely loved it. My slow licks increased in intensity and speed, and her breathing matched my tongue. I probed her opening and casually brushed her clit from time to time, keeping her guessing. I spent more and more time on her clit, tickling it more and more often with the tip of my tongue, and I could feel her responding and getting closer to cumming. I kept my eyes on her face and could see her biting her lip and rubbing her nipples as my tongue danced between her thighs. I moved a hand up her leg and slowly pushed two fingers into her pussy at the same time as I sucked her clit into my mouth. She came instantly. Her body started quivering and she clasped her legs around my head so hard that it actually hurt. She breathed in gasps, her body trembling slightly ask I kept moving my mouth and fingers through her orgasm. I slowed down as she calmed down, her eyes closed and her breath panting. I moved up and lay down next to her.

-Lisa, do you need a rest?

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me.

-Fuck no. I need you inside me, now.

I grinned and sat up against the headboard, tossing away a couple of pillows. My cock stood up, hard and still glistening from her saliva from earlier.

-Then you better get that ass over here, because I’ve been ready for months.

She laughed and made her way towards me, pausing on the way to once again put her mouth around my cock and bobbing her head up and down a few times, I bet just to tease me. Soon, however, bahis şirketleri she made her way up my body and positioned herself over my cock. She was breathing heavy and her eyes glittered with anticipation and I’m sure I matched her in every way. She reached down and took a hold of my cock as I grabbed her hips. Keeping my gaze on her eyes, I slowly guided her down and I finally started penetrating that pussy that I’ve been desiring for months. She went down excruciatingly slow, with a devious little smile on her lips, when suddenly she winked at me and pushed herself all the way down on my cock in one, swift motion. I cried out, from surprise and pleasure in equal amounts as she gasped and clamped her eyes shut. Neither of us moved for a while, me just enjoying the extreme warmth of her pussy around me. I leaned forward and sucked on of her nipples into my mouth, making her groan softly to herself. Her eyes were still shut, but she opened them, gazed into my eyes and started to move her hips. She lifted herself almost all the way off my cock, slowly, before slamming down once again and I matched her movements, thrusting up as she was coming down.

She grasped the headboard behind me for leverage and I held on to her hips as our pace increased. She was light in my arms as I guided her movements up and down on me, thrusting into her ever faster and more forcefully. Before long, we were fucking each other like crazy, making an amount of noise that was bound to be heard throughout the building. Neither of us cared. Her shouts of pleasure became louder and louder, and I could tell from her laboured breathing that she was once again close to cumming, so I decided to help her. My right hand let go of her hip, instead making its way over her stomach and down between our two bodies, finding her clit. I started rubbing her, fast, as I kept pounding into her. Her breath caught in her throat and she threw her head back, arching her back in a way that almost made me cum instantly, but I clinged on to my composure and kept up my fucking and the ministrations of my fingers. A low sound started somewhere in the back of her throat, the intensity rising as she came.

-Ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuu UUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!

Her pussy clamped around my cock as she started trembling and bucking wildly on top of me. The movements of her pussy and body was enough to make me lose my control entirely and I could feel my orgasm approaching like a runaway train. I kept rubbing her clit as I thrust my cock deep into her a few more times before lifting her off me and pulling out. She was coming down from her intense orgasm, but with enough awareness to grab my cock as I slid out of her. With a roar, I exploded and shot out my cum. The first jets landed on her tits, followed by some that ended up on my stomach and hers. She collapsed on top of me as I collapsed against the headboard, utterly exhausted. I had forgotten how tired I was from the flight, her presence enough to fill me with energy. That energy, however, had now been spent in the most amazing of ways and I had nothing left. She rolled off of me and looked at me.

-You must be exhausted, Erik.

-After that? I think anyone would be. But I’m very glad I came.

She grabbed a towel from the bedside table and dried us off before tossing it away and rolling over, giving me a beautiful view of her lithe back and gorgeous butt.

-So am I.

I moved close to her and draped an arm around her, casually playing with her nipple as we both drifted off to sleep.

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