Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 11

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A real cat fight with claws drawn erupts between two competing pussies in this semi-final conclusion about 20 year-old sensual Singapore virgin Selena’s adventures as a hired au pair to a very broad minded French couple Jacques, 50, and his 30 year-old lover Josette.

Because Selina’s ultimate surrender requires longer and more graphic erotic detail and would otherwise make this episode too long, the conclusion to her erotic awakening will appear as a separate and final chapter in mid February

Jacques Pardie, the widely travelled professional erotic photographer, is determined to see the innocent young Asian servant submit herself in total surrender to him to reinforce his ego as a masterful seducer. But his patience in waiting for her to come to him has worn too thin for his sophisticated live-in lover, the bi-sexual former French glamour model Josette.

What she first agreed to with Jacques was for feisty sexual frolics in a French ménage a trios – Selena sharing their bed in combined playtimes – has changed to impatience, distrust, anger and finally the impulse for vengeance.

She isn’t near as patient as Jacques – when she sees something she wants she’s got to get it quickly, his rock hard erection for example. But recently she’s been missing out on that too, witnessing for the past few weeks her lover being too absorbed in the young Asian.

Their visit to Surfers Paradise on Australia’s Gold Coast a week ago was the last straw when he insisted on her posing for more than two hours in a whole series of erotic positions to supposedly try out his new expensive camera. Seeing how scantily clad and near nude she was at the time and how it excited him was one step too far.

Jealousy rears its ugly head and a woman scorned is a woman indeed to be avoided. Burt it’s hard to avoid someone you’re jointly employed by when the workplace and their home is the one address in Barker Road Singapore. Even though Selena’s not surrendered to him because she desperately wants to remain a virgin until she marries, Josette’s worldly background makes her feel sure he’s already rolled the ravishing young beauty behind her back while she makes out she’s innocent.

Too many opportunities, too much temptation and Selena’s got nowhere to hide if he puts her in a corner are the tormenting thoughts racing through the French woman’s mind. She won’t play second fiddle to any woman.

It was bad enough him ignoring her requests not to take more pictures of Selena but worse – much worse – when many of the poses involved her in next to nothing and touching herself for him to get orgasmic plateau phase images of her serene face.

There’s ice in the air despite being back in tropically steamy Singapore as Josette displays all the hallmarks of a woman scorned, and in any language, that talks trouble.

Back at his Barker Road residence the still seething French woman’s serving him an ultimatum after catching them in close conversation again. The young Asian au pair isn’t making the flirting moves – he is but Josette’s convinced she’s playing games at her expense.

She’s discovered that the originally shy au pair’s been getting turned on by posing erotically for him and the slinky Asian’s showing unusually responsive patience every time he gets a chance to be close enough to her. Yes, Selena’s enjoying his attention but looking up to him more like a father figure, the father she never knew as an orphan. She’s been gradually seduced by the attractant resonance of his low pitch sexy French accent when he speaks softly in her ear while he cheekily nibbles her ear lobes and strokes his fingers through her hair making the sensual young Singapore girl break out in goose bumps.

He senses that her defences are weakening, but in getting this far he’s tested his long time lover’s patience once too often. They’re having it out in his downstairs study and Selena, two rooms away, doing housework is embarrassed to hear her name brought up so dramatically in a domestic argument that’s loud and boisterous.

“You promised me,” she hears Josette shout. “You promised that no other woman would ever again come between us! Now you’re obsessed with an immature young Asian girl who hasn’t got a brain in her head but just because she’s pretty with big tits that’s all that counts with Mister Wonderful, the big time photographer.”

“Shut up Josette, you’re just jealous, the girl’s a virgin and I want to take her in good time and she’s got to want it, not just me want it,” he snaps back. “Nothing’s changed between us.”

“Ha!” she screams. “Bullshit! Why haven’t you made love to me like you used to then? It’s been two weeks now and nothing, you’re saving your seed for this little servant girl that’s why! Go on, admit you’ve fucked her!”

“You’re mad Josette, I’m 50 not your age; it’s all in your mind and you’ll not tell me I can’t look at another woman so go to hell.”

“See! You know you’ve done it behind my back but you won’t admit casino siteleri it. I can tell by the way you’re avoiding my eyes,” she yells and Selena can hear the lift in her voice. “The whole idea was for us to get her into bed with us together not for you to have your own private thing on the side behind my back.”

“Oh shut up Josette, you’re just imagining it because you’re jealous that she’s 10 years younger and just as good looking as you. Jealousy’s a curse.”

“Well up yours Mr Thinks He’s So Good,” she shouts louder with venomous sarcasm. “I’ve stood by you and gave you sex whenever you wanted it, put up with your flirting with the models and you make me wait in line behind a little Asian schoolgirl.”

“Selena’s not a schoolgirl, you know that,” he argues in a more restrained voice.

“Well she may’s well be, she’s so stupid and naive,” the French woman laughs aloud.

Selena’s heard enough to make her wince. Josette’s called her a schoolgirl, stupid, naive, immature and without any brains and she knows the French woman is clearly livid with jealousy believing that Jacques has secretly had intercourse with her.

“Josette go away and cool off again, you’re too hot under the collar,” Selena hears him shouting at her. “I’ve got to take the car to the garage for service. I don’t need this senseless talk.”

Josette’s convinced that when Jacques stopped making love to her suddenly he’s almost certainly getting it somewhere else and who else but Selena is so young, sexy and privately accessible? She’s made up her mind and wants to give the maid a piece of her mind and maybe more.

Selena desperately wants to keep her job. Josette hand-picked her from a line of job applicants and interviewed her carefully. It seems the rapport they once enjoyed has gone, replaced by bitterness by an older woman feeling threatened by someone just as pretty and worse, 10 years younger and a sensuous virgin. To the erotic minded Frenchman the young Asian is like pollen to a bee.

The innocent Asian gets more nervous when she hears Jacques yell at Josette to shut up or go find another sugar daddy. She scurries off when she hears him storming out of the house to take his Benz in for its service, shouting out he’ll get a taxi back after he goes for a drink.

“Bastard!” Josette call out as he heads for the connecting door to the garage.

While pandemonium’s about the break loose when Josette confronts Selena and it’s like jungle warfare between two big cats, across town the very much in control Indian landlord Mr Singh has well and truly tamed and trained his two precocious teenage tenants Mandy and Sherrie into playful pussy cats he can sit in his lap to be stroked while they purr and let him have his way with them.

Like the circus ringmaster with the whip hand he’s successfully got both of them jumping to his command by trading the money starved unemployed and recently expelled high school students with free accommodation and meals in exchange for them talking turns a night about in his bed until such time they can find jobs to pay their way.

He sat them down soon after arriving after realising they hardly had enough money to buy food let alone the skimpy outfits he since got them into from one of Singapore’s adult shops. After assessing their real potential he gave them a timely history and geography lesson the likes of which they didn’t get in their primary school days. They’d have to be like the early traders from the Old World when the early Merchants (who were not just from Venice thanks Mr Shakespeare) travelled from one country to the next by boat to trade.

Payment in the way of goods or services was the norm when opposite parties were offered something they either needed or could use but didn’t already have – Mandy and Sherrie sure got the picture and just as well because a picture saves an author a thousand words.

And the not so bright one Sherrie nodded agreeably, showing she can learn something and let it sink in. Her former school teachers would be very surprised indeed.

“You give three meals a day and free house and we give you sex,” she summed up perfectly well at the time to which he added, “Of course, but don’t call it sex, it’s essential education you both need because you dropped out of school much too early with much to know and I will teach.”
At least they laughed, then looked at each other with that Asian-like frown that suggested they had no choice or it’s back to their parents where they’re already in disgrace.

That he can make them orgasm more powerfully than they ever believed possible makes them enjoy the unusual trade-off all the more. Sometimes he doubts if they’re trying hard enough to find jobs and sometimes they doubt if he wants them to hurry because they know he’s on a good thing. He’s on two good things to be more accurate.

It’s been the best six months of the randy Indian’s life in Singapore where the Asian girls are a cut above the Asian pack for canlı casino beauty and almost unquenchable curiosity for bigger cocks. By the time they move on, he’s had the best part of a whole year’s almost continuous erotic opportunities with Mandy and Sherrie and broadly speaking, he’s stretched much more than their imaginations.

He’s found that Sherrie, the younger of the two, can get orgasms just by the way he sucks her elongated puffy-type fat nipples. He thinks but can’t be sure both expelled school students lied to him about their age because they just don’t seem bright enough to be final year wannabes.

The size and firmness of their breasts tell him enough about their maturity – 34B cup in Mandy’s case and 36B for Sherrie are notably nice sized tits for Asians their age, especially the way they sit up without any support. Here are two chicks that’ll never need implants to impress anyone about their size.

Every time he sees them one at a time taking turns in his bed at night lying back in their sexy negligees he bought them to make his enjoyment all the more erotic, he prays and thanks Buddha for turning a blind eye to his fetish for wanting to feel so much younger again. After all, an Indian is only as old as the female he’s feeling.

He no longer needs to make up his energy drink for them as he did for Selena over 18 months when he added his own pure white cum to the goat’s milk and sprinkled camouflage nutmeg on top to gleefully watch her unwittingly swallowing his seed – even thanking him for it.

For a while he got Mandy and Sherrie to swallow down his ‘energy drinks’ just as happily to his everyday delight, saying how good it was for their young complexions. Now he just releases it directly into their hungry mouths after he gets them so turned on they can’t resist the feeling of his thick penis as he lets them suck on it for as long as possible before grabbing them by the back of their heads and thrusting it fast between their tightly clamped lips in lusty face fucks.

He enjoys hearing the slurping noises they make kneeling so subserviently before him as naughty ex-schoolgirls should, but he’s gentlemanly enough to stop just momentarily at times for them to get their breath and not gag on his bold erection. He knows they hated discipline at home and at school but in his humble abode they’ve been educated how to have more respect for older people.

He gave them the red carpet welcome when they arrived on his doorstep almost broke, desperate for somewhere to stay, and now each night about he gives each of them a white carpet of cum on their tongues at the start of his regular two-hour sex sessions.

It’s his ritual every night, one at a time taking turns about with their only break to menstruate on their monthly cycle. He figures quite fairly they should have the comfort of getting over that without further penetration.

Each evening they turn up together for their free dinners but only one of them stays with him for bedtime. Last night it was saucy Sherrie’s turn to undress sexily and she always does it in the best tradition of prick teasing. Sherrie’s a born exhibitionist and always takes her time as he sits and watches gloatingly knowing he has them in the palm of his hand.

He doesn’t know where she learnt to strip so seductively being so young unless the Singapore education system has a more broadminded approach to preparing young women for the outside world. Sherrie’s clothes come off piece by piece, her hands and fingers using body language innuendo to tempt the older man with her teenage taunts. She’s just a natural at being so naughty as one of God’s gifts to greedy guys. Mr Singh always groans as she finally turns her back naked and slips into the negligee that falls level with the tops of her shapely thighs before she turns around facing him sucking on two fingers to say she’s ready for the real thing.

Isn’t he lucky this pair of adventurous somewhat lost souls turned up at his door looking for someone to find them? And isn’t he lucky they’ve got an irresistible interest in bigger cocks? And isn’t he lucky the good Lord blessed him with something the perfect size to sooth any female’s longing for a man capable of lasting much longer?

By the time Mandy and Sherrie move on out of his life there’s nothing any porn queen could teach them about sexual satisfaction. Mr Singh is a traditionalist in some sense. For example, after he face fucks Sherrie and Mandy on their respective stopovers he sticks to a routine that always works best for him. They must lay face down while he massages their entire bodies before getting between their legs and lifting them up, resting shapely young thighs on his 45 year-old shoulders and using his tongue to tease them anally but not only.

They love his routine, feeling so many tingling sensations around the rim and across the sensitive small divide meeting up with the lower end of their vaginas. He knows that females can’t resist the feeling kaçak casino of being teased there in conjunction with clitoral touching so he always gets them lubricated enough in the back passage to insert his fat thumb up to the top knuckles first, twisting it about and sliding it in and out to excite each of them while using his other hand to reach around and stimulate the clitoris with impeccable precision rhythm.

He never fails to get them to orgasm; it’s so much easier when they’re younger and not used to a man’s erotic touch. And it’s especially so when he slides two fingers into the other orifice while the vagina’s wet from anticipation. Once they orgasm twice in his unforgiving foreplay ending with him stimulating their anus and clitoris simultaneously, he knows their hairless pussies are always ready for a long hard grinding session of intercourse.

It seems to Sherrie and Mandy that the Indian’s insatiable but we know he can afford to be with such delicious playthings on hand behind closed doors at his humble abode. His tantric sex training discipline allows him to last much longer than most men and at the same time keep giving them multiple orgasms until they feel exhausted and can’t take any more. This is how the real Indians do it and possibly why Indian women seem to go about with a smile on their faces most of the time.

We leave Mr Singh, Mandy and Sherrie to their combined pleasures, comforted by the knowledge that as you’re reading this they’re still at it. Grown men are allowed to groan but let’s not forget he’s only doing this for their own good. Are there any ex-school students in your neighbourhood with the same problem that Mandy and Sherrie took to Mr Singh? Great for bachelors but for married men it’s best they behave and forever hold the peace – unless they’ve got a willing wife! Now smile.

Back at Barker Road though, a hostile French woman is anything but smiling. Josette’s out to jump Selena while Jacques is out of the house for an hour and to vent her anger in no uncertain terms. The steely minded and steamed up Paris model is coming after her and her claws are out. A cat fight is about to erupt that will see both pussies on all fours on the floor literally tearing strips off each other’s clothes until they both end up near naked, bitten, scratched, bruised and strands of hair all over the place.

Josette catches up with Selena in the main living area, bending over adjusting the big cushions on their six-seater settee. She’s heard Josette coming and she’s frightened of any confrontation, hating to think her job’s in jeopardy.

What a contrast in dress styles they make: Selena in her erotic attire of nothing but an opaque silk skin coloured body hugging full length catsuit and platform high heel shoes and Josette who looks so sophisticated in six-inch black high heel shoes, a black satin mini skirt that drops to 10 inches short of her knees and set off by her black nylon stockings, a long sleeved black and white jacket that comes to just below her waist and held by only two buttons, one just below her exposed bust line and the other level with her navel. Under the jacket she wears a matching black satin thin straps camisole without bra.

Her smart appearance is complemented by an expensive double string pearl necklace that Jacques bought her in Paris – his very first gift for her. It’s a new outfit and she intends going out in it after Jacques gets back. Well, that’s what she intended anyway but sometimes when someone loses their cool it can change a lot of things.

Josette sweeps into the room like a hurricane looking for somewhere to inflict damage, spies Selena and uncorks her bottled up feelings.

“What are you doing Selena?” the anger evident in her voice as she bears down on the hapless young Asian girl, a French woman scorned and eager to frighten the daylights out of her adversary.

“I do nothing wrong have I?” the target of her scorn replies in a tentative tone as she turns around finding Josette hands on hips seething.

“You little tart,” she shouts, prodding Selena on the shoulder and making her step back defensively. “You’ve turned Jacques against me haven’t you? Making him worship your little virgin body while I’m supposed to wait until one day you feel like giving him what he wants.”

“I not know what….I don’t…” Selena stammers.

“Of course you do you little cat, I got you this job because Jacques only wanted to screw a young chick your age to see if Mr Wonderful that he thinks he is was still up to it,” Josette hisses, leaning forward putting her face right up to Selena who’s turned ashen faced, blinking in fear. “So the little au pair I trusted turns out to be a secret lover, that’s the thanks I get for getting you a job with a big wage.”

Her sarcastic shot at the au pair hits Selena where it hurts – in her heart. She’s instantly shocked at Josette’s sudden outburst and the way she’s turned against her when they were getting on so well. It was a friendship she valued very much but after overhearing what she screamed at Jacques about her she sees her whole world crashing around her.

“But…but I haven’t…we haven’t,” the 20 year-old tries to explain.

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