Anticipation Ch. 01

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Sliding the keycard into the door, she stepped inside the suite and took in the surroundings. This guy sure had class, she noted. This was no cheap dingy motel, even though she knew that what was planned was typically associated with such places. A sense of nervousness and excitement combined flowed through her insides.

“Am I really ready to go through with this?” she asked herself. She had only met Mark for the first time this afternoon at lunch. The conversation had went really smoothly after a few awkward moments at the start, but she had just begun to get a sense for him in person.

Of course, Audrey had been chatting with Mark online for some time. And she had revealed plenty of intimate details about her life and her fantasies, and had learned similar information about Mark. But the barrier they had created allowed for a certain amount of anonymity, a certain amount of distance.

It started when Audrey had posted some erotic stories that Mark read. That led to chatting and eventually chatting led to this encounter. With Mark having a business convention just an hour’s drive from where Audrey lived, the time for the meeting had been determined by outside forces. Perhaps, Audrey thought to herself, she needed more time; or maybe she couldn’t wait any longer.

At first, Audrey had convinced herself that posting the stories was just an outlet for her, to get away from the rigors and responsibilities of her daily illegal bahis life. Posting them and getting positive feedback would be enough to satisfy her. But over time she realized that that was only part of the story; she needed more than just intellectual stimulation. She needed to be touched; she needed to explore her sexual limits.

And while she and Mark had discussed numerous fantasies, they had agreed in advance on what would happen in the first meeting. Better not to rush things too fast, they agreed.

The memories and recollections, the thoughts and the fears were swirling around Audrey’s head until…

Knock. Knock. He was here.

She opened the door and Mark came in. He was wearing the same suit he was wearing at lunch, but now was carrying a bouquet of flowers for Audrey. They were yellow forsythia, what would normally be a rather unusual choice. But in the course of their chatting Mark had learned that Audrey was very knowledgable about the meanings of various flowers, and indeed she immediately recognized them as symbolizing anticipation. The sense that Mark understood what was going through her mind at this moment relaxed her.

Meanwhile, Mark closed the door behind himself and took in the moment. Audrey’s long blond hair flowed beautifully, and he was mesmerized by her beautiful green eyes and soft lips. She was no longer wearing the blue summer dress she had worn to lunch. Instead, she was now wearing a illegal bahis siteleri tight corset, a lace garter, stockings and her favorite thong, all black. Every curve on her body was highlighted by her outfit, and Mark’s eyes slowly traced their way down her body, taking in her ample cleavage and her hourglass figure. Audrey could feel his penetrating eyes and the excitement — the anticipation — that ran through her body had now overcome her nerves. As she turned to place the flowers in the vase that Mark had had the hotel staff leave in the room, Mark took in the soft curves of Audrey’s two ass cheeks. The view was salivating, although Mark managed to compose himself enough not to drool on himself.

As Audrey turned around, a brief pause ensued and the sense of awkwardness, of uncertainty, seemed to cover over both of them. But Mark placed his hand on Audrey’s cheek, ran it through her hair, and softly whispered, “You look absolutely beautiful.” Audrey’s cheeks blushed and she softly replied, “Thank you” as their lips came together and they began a slow and increasingly passionate kiss. As their tongues danced in harmony, their hands started exploring each other. Soon Mark’s jacket was on the floor and his shirt was unbuttoned, as Audrey ran her hands along his chest. Meanwhile, his hands were running up and down her back, reaching down to cup her ass cheeks.

He reluctantly released her when it became obvious what she wanted. canlı bahis siteleri Audrey got on her knees and slid Mark’s pants to his ankles. He was already rock hard at this point, as she took his cock in her hand and began to slowly stroke it. She brought her mouth down and began to slowly flick her tongue across the tip as her fingertips ran along his smooth balls. She sucked the head between her lips as her tongue continued to tease the tip. She felt his hands in her hair as he slowly forced to take more of his throbbing dick into her mouth. She obliged his wish until she could take no more, and then slowly slid her mouth off of his cock, tracing her tongue along the base of his shaft as she did so. Bringing her hand back to his cock, she stroked it again as her mouth descended to his scrotum and sucked on his balls.

Mark’s groans indicated that the pleasure was intense, but he abruptly pulled away from her and, taking his cock in his hand, smacked it back and forth once across Audrey’s cheeks.

“Bad girl. You know that tonight is for your pleasure, as we agreed,” he reprimanded.

“Yes sir,” she replied, feeling comfortable in the submissive that she had fantasized about. He helped her up and guided her to the bed.

“Lay down on your stomach,” he instructed. As she did, Mark walked over to the nearby dresser, opened the bottom drawer, and removed a bag he had left there earlier.

He took out two silk scarves and slowly tied each of her hands to the bedpost. He went back to the bag and found a blindfold, which he put over her eyes. Audrey knew what was coming next and she was now oozing wetness in anticipation.

To be continued…

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