And Sometimes You Win One

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We were standing in the most unforgiving light that God has ever forced a human to face. He looked at me and I noticed the intricacies of his eye color. The outer edges were deep cyan blue fading to a turquoise. Shards of palm leaf green and pale gold seemed to burst from the pupil. They were magnificent. His lips were full, almost too full for a man, but beautiful. His smile was the sun cresting mountaintops.

“Why are you with him? You are brilliant, you are charismatic, you are gorgeous, so why?” he asked in response to my description of Eddy.

“I don’t like to give up on people,” I answered casting Eddy as far to the back of my mind as I could.

I had to pull my eyes away from him. I dug in my purse for lip-gloss and my mirror. I applied it to my bottom lip and stopped. I glanced up when I felt the weight of his eyes on me. I rubbed my lips together and dropped the compact and gloss in my purse.

“Taste this,” I said.

His mouth came to mine in an unexpected kiss, gently at first and then with awesome intensity. He pushed his hands into my unbound hair and held me close for an eternity of minutes. He broke away, breathing heavily and staring intently into my eyes. There was a look of unquiet on his face. With more passion than before he pulled me up against the building and held me in a furious kiss. There was unerring respect in his light caresses. He dared only to trace his fingers across my neck and barely clothed chest. Again, he broke the kiss. He rested his lightly scruffy cheek against mine.

“You shouldn’t have waited for my invitation,” I whispered.

“I wish you’d have invited when we met. I’ve spent the last six hours looking for the right time to try.”

Not kissing, but holding on to each other we stood until we were interrupted.

I helped him load up his other band mates and went back in to wait on Cathie. Maybe 3 minutes had elapsed and he came busting back in. He scanned the room and found me. He walked over.

“Forget something?” I asked as nonchalantly as possible.

He leaned down and kissed me again, “Yeah, I forgot to tell you good-bye.”

With all of my being, I wanted to beg him not to leave. What good would it have done? He had a life far apart from mine. Some ships must sail. I knew I would let him go.

I watched him go. He looked back twice. I could not take my eyes away; I could not let each frame of motion escape my vision. There was something started in those few moments of honesty. Frankly, it frightened me. There was no place for him in my life. In my thoughts was another story.

I glanced around the dingy bar. I loathed the desperate people that cast covert glances at me, their succubus eyes wanting a taste of the deep tumult of emotions I was radiating. I had to escape. I had to find some place to think without the drain of their hopelessness. Grabbing my purse, I made for the door. There would be no solace in this den of misery.

Through the iron bars on the door, I saw the band’s van pull through the intersection. Something clenched inside of me. It was a feeling of grief so sudden and sharp ripping through my core. Everyone looses something at some point; I knew that. Still my mind screamed, unfair, as I stared at the now empty intersection. At that moment, casino oyna I could not think of any sage quote or annoying metaphor to simplify what I was feeling.

I pushed the door open and returned to the bittersweet light of that May morning. It banged shut, closing the soul-feeding dregs behind its barrier of beer and bars. Part of me wanted to sit on the stoop and feel sorry for myself. “Why didn’t you ask him to stay?” my mind ranted. I am rarely indulgent to those feelings and now was not the time to start. So being a natural redhead, I sucked it up and stuffed those thoughts into a mental box to be examined later after I had returned to rational thinking. Besides, it was past time for me to be home.

I walked slowly to my car wondering if what I was returning to was any better than what I was leaving.

“Hey gorgeous, you know anything that’s open after eight o’clock in the morning?”

My mind would not let me believe that I recognized that voice. I turned with a razor-sharp retort perched on my tongue. My stomach flipped when my eyes landed on the figure propped against the wall.

He walked toward me with casual grace. I felt the grin slide into my eyes. His hand came to my cheek and guided my mouth to his. His tongue explored my mouth and traced the contour of my soft lips. His work-roughened hand was exquisitely tender against my neck.

Each of my senses was flooded with the knowledge of his longing. I could feel the energy pulsing from his body into mine with each heartbeat. I could hear his breath coming in rough gasps. In each kiss, I tasted his passion. That odd subconscious olfactory sense was awash in the carnal pheromones he exuded. In his eyes, I saw a promise. I had no idea what that promise was, but I wanted it just as I wanted every part of him.

“Get in the car,” I whispered softly.

He stood behind me and I felt his hands on my shoulders. I forgot that I was not this kind of girl. I ignored the complaining of my conscious and turned the music up. His hands were on my hips and in unison we swayed to the soft Latin rhythm. Those beautiful lips placed whispered kisses on my neck and ear. Chills feathered over my pale flesh as his fingers passed lightly.

I turned in his arms, this time I could not tear my eyes away from his. My hands rested on his chest. There was no room for even a breath of air between us.

“Give me five minutes. I want to get the stink of the bar off of me,” I said stepping back.

I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it in his direction as I headed for the bathroom.

The water was a welcome reprieve from the fire of his touch. My hands guided the softly fragranced soap over my shoulders and breasts. As I moved it to my more delicate and heated areas, I felt his hand cover mine. Our hands slid together between my thighs. The soap slipped from my hand, but our hands remained on my smoldering sex. I took the shampoo and began massaging it into my hair. I turned in his arms; his hands were in my hair, holding it beneath the water’s jets. His lips descended on my throat and breasts.

His kisses moved down my stomach to my bare mound. He never broke eye contact as he parted my nether lips and circled my clit with his tongue. Water beaded on my eyelashes as I watched, canlı casino mesmerized by his intensity and skill. I placed one foot on the side of the tub to give him better access. I felt first one then two fingers slide into me. From far away I heard a pleasured moan. Whether it was issued from my mouth or his, I do not know. My hips bucked against his eager mouth as my first orgasm radiated through me in smooth waves.

I slid down the tile wall and into his arms. The water rained down on us, his sopping hair hung around both of our faces as he returned to the beginning, my lips. I could taste my honey on his tongue as I reached between us to grasp his smooth cock. I was delighted to find it that perfect size between hung like a horse and great personality. It responded quickly to my grasp. I wanted to experience that primitive power that a woman can wield over any man; the pure pleasure control. Holding his gaze, I pushed him back until he stood on his knees. I slid between his knees and grasped his ass pulling his ridged tool to my mouth. He bent forward feeding it deeper into my mouth. I felt him tremble as I began to suck and knead with my tongue. My hand tugged his shaved sack gently as my tongue snaked up and down the underside of his cock. He began to pump his hips and I regulated his strokes with one hand so that I could open my throat to accommodate his thrusts.

He withdrew his cock from my mouth and sat back pushing his dripping hair back. His smile was beautiful as he pulled me up to meet him. I reached behind him and turned off the water. It was time to move this to a less restrictive environment.

He followed me back into the bedroom snatching the small towel out of my grasp. I laughed and climbed onto the large poster bed. I knelt in the center, placed one hand on my slippery pussy, and began delicately circling my engorged clit. He pulled the towel from around his waist and joined me on the bed. He grasped my free wrist first and then removed my pleasuring hand from its duties. Holding my hands at my sides firmly he bent me back until my ass rested on my heels. His kiss was demanding and undeniable. His rigid hard-on slid into me on the first stroke. It was iron pulled from the forge as he pushed it slowly to its hilt into my softness. I gasped my pleasure as he pulled out and repeated his slow stroke.

“Tell me how you like it,” he whispered.

“Harder,” I moaned.

“Harder or rougher?” he asked.

“Both,” I answered.

His slow strokes turned into grinding thrusts. His mouth descended on my breasts sucking and biting viciously. He freed one wrist so that he might roughly pinch one nipple while his mouth was occupied elsewhere. My body welcomed the coarse attention.

He wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me up with him, impaling me on his shaft. I unfolded my legs and folded them around him trying to anticipate his next desire. I misjudged.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he directed.

I did as he bade. He placed his hand between my shoulder blades and pressed until I had to turn my face and rest my cheek on the pillow. He held both of my hands behind my back in an unforgiving grip. My knees were pinned between his and I felt him bury his prick in me from behind. Some half uttered curse kaçak casino issued from my mouth as I felt the earth shaking orgasm building. Each lunge of his pushed me closer to the precipice that I both yearned for and was afraid of reaching.

“Fuck me…harder,” I begged.

“Not yet. I don’t think you want it bad enough yet,” he said slowing his thrusts to an agonizing delay between slamming into me.

“I do, please…” I whimpered.

He seemed to pay no mind to my pleas. His slow draw and fierce crash continued. As I stated earlier, I am a natural red head. You do not deny me for too long before I get pissed and take what I want from you. I bucked back against him seeking my own goal. Without a word, he forced my hands higher between my shoulders. That was not what I considered a serious deterrent and so I ignored it even as the pressure on my joints became increasingly painful. I stretched my legs out a bit, nearly straddling the bed. His free hand came down with a crack on my soft ass cheek. God help me, I moaned as it took me closer to my orgasm.

I broke his hold on my wrists and pushed up with my hands. I pulled my legs under me and sat up until I was once again impaled on his cock. I leaned back against his chest savoring how deeply this position allowed him to invade me. His hands came to my breasts and his mouth to my neck. I was so close I could feel the sparks of electricity that would combine to form the gig watt jolt this climax would be. My muscles were gripping him hungrily, not wanting to release that pleasure tool.

“I still don’t think you want it bad enough,” he growled in my ear.

I laughed and climbed off him.

“Well, let’s just see who wants what,” I said taking up a silver hairbrush and sitting on the vanity chair with my back to him. I looked into the mirror and caught his half angry, half excited gaze. I propped a foot on the vanity and slowly inserted the cool metal of the hairbrush’s handle into my dripping pussy. I licked my lips and pushed myself towards that illusive orgasm. I closed my eyes and rocked my head back. The next I knew my hand was no longer alone on the brush. He mimicked my motions for a few moments before removing it. He knelt before me and dug his tongue into my soaking cunt. I held his head as he feasted voraciously. His tongue plunged in and out of my pussy stopping only for a quick swipe at my clit. The orgasm I had begged for surged through me followed by two more and still he would not stop.

In truth, I did not know he had stopped until I felt his lips on mine calming my harsh breathing and stilling the moans. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He placed on arm under my trembling legs and another around my shoulders and carried me back to the bed. He laid me gently on the soft feather bed and gently mounted me. His first penetration caused a small aftershock-orgasm to ripple through me. He moved gently, but with a master’s touch. I delighted in the tender kisses and the way his talented cock caressed my hidden places. I felt his body tense and his movements became tighter. He cried out even as I did. I think he said my name, it could have been any name or no name, but I will believe it was mine. I felt his hot cum erupt deep within me and my body reacted with a lesser climax.

He rolled onto his side carrying me with him so that we lay in a tangle of arms and legs. His breath came in harsh pants. He smiled and brushed my tousled hair out of my eyes. Together we slept like that…until round two.

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