An Unexpected Reunion

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I had just finished a hard day at work, and really wanted to get to my apartment, kick off my heels, and relax. There was a crowd waiting for the elevator, and we all pushed in as soon as the door opened. I wasn’t paying attention to anyone around me. I knew most of them by sight, all arriving home about the same time, looking tired, and really not even wanting to pass the time of day. All of a sudden, I was jolted into awareness of hands around my waist. Before I could turn around, a voice whispered in my ear…”Hello stranger.”

I twisted around to see a face I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. “Tony, is it really you? You are back here?” Tony grinned, nodding to my questions.

When I got to my floor, Tony left the elevator and walked to my door with me. After minutes of generalized conversation, he asked me if I knew anyone who could clean his apartment for him. His household goods had arrived, and everything was in a mess. I quickly told him I could take care of it for him, so he gave me a key, told me to come at my convenience, and he was off.

Several days later, I had time to start working on his apartment. II supposed I should mention that I had had a mild crush on him when he was living here before, but he was always too busy to even be aware that I was alive. Thinking he would be as busy as he was before, I didn’t allow my thoughts to stray.

I was curious about his apartment, not being sure how neat a bachelor would be. The first thing that struck me was the male smell of the apartment. Very very faint, but it was there. I did a quick walk-through the apartment to see what I had to do, and in what order. I was interested in the bedroom. OOOOOhhhhhhh, he had a king-sized bed with one of those light fluffy comforters on top. Better get my mind off this. The bed seemed so big, could just picture all that room to make love on.

I was getting a lot done when, after several hours casino oyna of hard work, when the worst possible thing happened. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor, when I knocked over the bucket. I grabbed towels and soaked up the water, but I was wet from head to foot. Looking at the clock, I thought I still had plenty of time, so I took all my clothes off. I rinsed them off in the shower, wrung them out and hung them up to dry. I knew they would dry quickly. I felt I could continue to finish the bathroom because I knew Tony wasn’t due to come home before I finished.

It didn’t take long before the bathroom was sparkling. I took my cleaning things inside the tub/shower, sprayed and scrubbed the walls and tub before I turned on the water. After I finished rinsing the shower, I put all the cleaning materials outside the shower and started cleaning myself off. Gosh, but it felt good, so I put my head under the water and washed my hair. I didn’t hear Tony come in the front door of the apartment. I guess I was singing a little too, and my eyes were closed. I felt a sudden draft of air…surprised, I opened my eyes and turned around. An electric shock went through my body, as I was face-to-face with Tony. I was too stunned to realize that I was standing there, completely naked, with water running down my body.

I started to explain why I was taking a shower in his bathroom, but he reached for me, drew my face to his, and I felt his tongue jabbing deep into my mouth. Before I could take a breath, his hands moved down and clamped onto my breasts. My nipples had gone rock-hard at his first kiss, so I knew there was NO use to protest. Besides, I had fantasized about this happening between us for the past two years. Tony reached down and turned off the water.

It was then that I realized I was totally naked. I could feel my face flushing with embarrassment, but it quickly passed when I saw the canlı casino look of appreciation in his eyes. He examined me from top to bottom. He turned me around and made the comment that I had a nice tight ass, to go along with my large rounded globes. Tony grabbed a big towel, helped me out onto the thick shower mat, and proceeded to dry me off. Not gently, but with man hands, so that each rub of the towel seemed like a caress that turned my nerve endings into fire.

I wanted to see Tony naked. I wanted to feel his body pressed against mine. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. Tony wrapped the towel around me and just told me to stand there for a minute, while he took his WET clothes off. I really had gotten him soaked but, from the grin on his face, I knew he wasn’t all that upset about it. Watching him undress for real, as against all the times I had stripped him (in my imagination), I could feel myself getting hot. Just looking at his broad shoulders, strong arms, and a gorgeous cock, that was standing straight out from his body, I could feel a familiar wetness starting to drip down the inside of my thighs. My face immediately turned red, when I realized he saw me staring at the hardness of his dick.

Tony put his arm around me, led me into the bedroom and over to the bed. “This towel is damp now, why don’t you get into bed and pull the comforter over you – your clothes aren’t dry yet and you need to stay warm.” Oh, the bed felt wonderful, and I could smell Tony, his maleness, his shaving lotion…I was getting weak just thinking of what might happen in the next few hours.

Tony had gone into the kitchen and he brought back two glasses of wine. He handed both glasses to me while he slipped into the bed, under the comforter also. We drank the drinks slowly, as if wanting to delay what was coming, the slight awkwardness of being almost strangers. Tony finished his drink first, put it on the bedside kaçak casino table, then quietly just started stroking my body. He was very gentle, just sort of exploring. He traced his fingers around my ears, down my neck, down over my chest, to my nipples. My tits were standing straight out, the nipples rock-hard. Tony KNEW what he was doing to me…my body was a traitor. I could no more disguise my rising desires than I could stop the moon from rising.

I had my legs crossed, so Tony wouldn’t find out how wet I was from his increasingly intimate probings. His fingers were persistent, wanting to find out how he was affecting me. Oh oh oh, he knew how to make me open my legs. Tony bent down and started sucking on one nipple, his hand had crept up and was now molding and squeezing my other nipple. I could hold back no longer. I put my drink on the table, turned so I was facing him, put my arms around his head and held him as tight as I could to my tits. I was breathing hard and he knew I was as hot as I could get. As he slid his hand down my stomach, I raised my leg and put it over his, leaving me wide open to his eager fingers.

I wanted him to touch me…I wanted him to probe me…I wanted him all the way. I was losing myself in his embrace. I couldn’t think any more. I raised my mound to his hand. I felt his fingers on my swollen cunt lips. His hand was on fire, as his fingers touched, stroked and rubbed me. I felt the wetness from my pussy and I knew he felt it too. I had to hold him…I had to touch him the way he was touching me.

His other hand was under my ass, squeezing my cheeks, pressing upwards, so I would open wider to him. I HAD to have him…I had to touch him and, with a groan, I rolled us over so I was on top of him. His mouth left my nipple. I took the opportunity and I bent down and swiftly encased one of his nipples in my mouth. I hungered for it. I craved it. I was not too gentle, as my teeth scraped the very sensitive swollen tip. I could feel the sharp intake of his breath at the sudden pain. It quickly passed and I could feel the stiffness returning.

To Be Continued…

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