Alucard: Cornelia Feeds_(1)

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Chapter 5: Cornelia Feeds

Cornelia was exhausted from our hours of fucking and needed nourishment. She slipped her silk robe on and we made our way to their stock house. She said I could leave when I wanted but I was curious to see a hungry vampire feed. When we entered the food storage room. I could hear whimpering. The humans knew Cornelia was there to feed. Cornelia scanned quickly over her food and I could her her almost panting with excitement.

“You could have her. Two for one.” I said.

“Mmmmm… Maybe I should. I am feeling doubly hungry” Cornelia said. She made her way to the late stage pregnant woman. The pregnant woman was shaking with fear, had dark brown hair, ample breasts and, of course, a huge pregnant belly, which she held with her arms as if trying to protect her unborn child. Cornelia used her magic to calm the woman and then guided her out of the storage room.

We then went into the room with the large bed. Cornelia walked the pregnant woman to the bedside and ran her hand over her pregnant belly and up to her heavy, milk filled breasts. Cornelia then kissed the woman, barely biting her lip, just enough to draw blood, which she greedily licked up. The pregnant woman had beautiful curves and was very sexy even as she was clearly ready to birth a child. She sat on the bed silently. Perhaps she knew these were to be her last moments.

Cornelia continued caressing the woman and kissing her. The woman was in some sort of trance. Cornelia was squeezing her right breast and then bit down deeply into it. The woman’s mouth opened and her eyes squinted, but she did not make a sound. Cornelia pulled her fangs from the woman’s large breast and knelt down to her pussy, allowing her silk robe to fall behind her. I could see a little bit of water drizzle form Cornelia’s ass as she squatted. Cornelia licked illegal bahis the woman’s pregnant pussy lips and then, amazingly, they started dilating. Cornelia shrieked in excitement, pushed the woman down on the bed and then started pushing her hand into the pregnant woman’s tight ass hole.

Clearly, the woman’s water must have broken only moments ago. Cornelia intended to make the best of this good fortune and began rubbing her own clit as she fisted the pregnant hottie. I removed my shirt and positioned myself behind Cornelia. Why should she be the only one to have fun? I pushed my own fist into Cornelia’s wet ass hole, which in turn made Cornelia push deeper into the woman. My arm was deep in Cornelia up to my elbow. It felt amazing.

“Oh, God! Fuck it feels so GOOD!” cried Cornelia. In her lust, Cornelia began violently punch fisting the woman deeper and deeper. The woman could still remained silent but I could see tears rolling down her soft cheeks. Just then, a very small hand poked out of the woman’s swollen cunt. Cornelia, only pushing her arm deeper, much past her elbow, into the woman’s shit hole, pulled on the small hand, kissing it, until most of the child’s forearm was visible.

With my left arm still elbow deep in Cornelia’s ass, I punch my right fist, with a single violent thrust, into her aching, soaked wet cunt. Cornelia screams, turn to look at me and smiled devilishly. She then began kissing the woman’s lower stomach. Her kisses moved lower, she kissed the woman’s clit and sucked on it briefly. The made her way lower. Cornelia forced her unnaturally long tongue into the woman’s pee hole, then withdrew quickly while sucking to extract a gush of pee. Cornelia then sprayed the pee from her mouth all of the woman’s already soaked pussy. Cornelia kissed her way lower until she arrived at the small hand. She then gently illegal bahis siteleri bit into its arm. I could see moved in the woman’s belly, kicking. No doubt the woman felt this as well.

Cornelia drank deeply from the child and after not long the child died. However, since the child was still connected through its umbilical cord to its mother, the blood continued to flow. Soon Cornelia became more ravenous and yanked the child by its arm. The woman’s pussy stretched wildly and her body shook, even though she was under such a strong spell. With a second, third, then a fourth mighty tug, the child was free from its mother. Cornelia bit through the umbilical cord and discarded the child across the room.

The silent woman’s eyes were wide in disbelief and tears poured from them. Her vagina was a bloody mess, one Cornelia gladly cleaned up. Cornelia drank from her umbilical cord as I brutally double fist fucked her ass and cunt. Cornelia came violently as I did and then I had an idea.

“Cornelia, might I have this woman? I think I can make use of her ability to produce milk.” I said, noticing the small droplets of milk sliding down her ample breasts.

“If you insist, I will agree…” Cornelia said, clearly still hungry. She then grinned, “But on one condition. You must inflate a basketball, or similarly sized object, inside of her now loose womb so that she always appears pregnant.” This was an unusual request, but I did not see any issue in it.

“As you wish, Cornelia,” I said. I pulled my arms from Cornelia and went to a nearby sink to wash. Cornelia removed her arm from the woman as well and kissed her swollen clit before joining me at the sink. It was an industrial style sink with a sturdy facet. I then quickly got behind Cornelia and lifted her from behind by her legs such that she was in a forward facing missionary canlı bahis siteleri position. She laughed and was curious what I was up to.

“Your ass is still dirty, young woman” I told her as I moved her closer to the running facet. I slid her still loose ass hole over the facet and watched over her shoulder as water filled her intestines. Before long, she almost looked pregnant herself.

“Enough, enough! I’m full!” Cornelia said as her breath quickened. I first pushed her toward the facet, driving it deeper inside of her. Then, I pulled her away until the facet popped out, pulling her anus outward as the large facet head forced its way out. A huge volume of water rushed out of Cornelia and she giggled in relief. I continued this over and over until her insides were very clean and her ass hole very loose.

It had already been a long and rewarding day and, after a few pleasantries, I took the recently pregnant woman and returned to my own home, stopping on the way to purchase an inflatable rubber ball. When I arrived home, I took the woman to my stock house. She was weak and clearly tired and hungry. I took her to a small room that had a bed, a desk and chair, and other such things. I laid her on the bed and brought her a glass of nutrient, which was a common drink for humans containing everything they needed to be healthy. As she drank the surprisingly good tasting nutrient, I pushed the rubber inflatable ball into her incredibly loose cunt, all the way into her womb. Being weak, she showed no resistance. Even as I inflated the rubber ball to the size of her dead child and her stomach stretched again to accommodate, she simply continued to enjoy the nutrient. I used water to inflate the ball for added weight.

She then placed her hand on her stomach, messaging it… I was not sure if she understood that it was not her child, only an inflatable rubber ball. Her mind was clearly overwhelmed. It was late and I let her rest.


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