About Time

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I was ridiculously nervous, and had talked myself out of coming here at least a dozen times both before and after I cancelled my previous plans. “Shit!” I yelled and hit the steering wheel. I closed my eyes, took several deep breaths, and got out of the car.

I rang the doorbell and fidgeted, waiting for it to be answered. Aaron opened the door, smiling, and beckoned me in. He embraced me in one of his “never want to let you go” hugs. All I had to do was force myself to not let it go on for too long; although, “too long” really is relative.

We exchanged pleasantries and he led me into the kitchen to drop off my contribution to the party. I’d never been to his house before. I looked out the sliding glass door and saw his kids, his uncle James with whom I’d been friends with for years, and other family. I frowned a bit.

“Where’s Ellie? Did she have to work?” I was surprised she wasn’t latched onto him, monitoring every move he made. Aaron smiled a bit lopsided.

“Ah, I broke things off last week. She moved back with her parents over the weekend. Temporary until the papers are filed. Then who knows where she’ll go.” My jaw dropped.

“And you didn’t tell me?” I was shocked, and had no idea what to say. “I’m so sorry,” well, sort of. “That’s rough to go through.” I frowned again, remembering my own divorce. It did indeed suck, even when you were happy for them to go.

“I wanted it to be a surprise.” Then he winked, settling his gaze on me. I couldn’t look away; all the possibilities that had just opened up, I was floored. I was just about ready to go to him when I heard a child shriek and bring me back to the fact that we were in his kitchen, with a good chunk of his family out in the back yard. Aaron winked at me again and headed outside with me in tow.

The evening was torture. So close, and yet I still couldn’t do more than watch him. I had known Aaron for eleven years, and there had always been one thing or another stopping us from getting together. The latest, of course, being his marriage. He had recently popped back in my life after five years of almost no contact, though I had kept track of how he was doing through his uncle James. Then he showed up in the neighborhood one day at the behest of James to grab something I had for him. With his wife.

We were together alone for mere minutes, and the air had been charged with more sexual energy than I could ever have imagined. Our eyes locked, and I fell into them hook, line, and sinker. No words, just looking at one another. I was the one to look away first. Married, I had reminded myself, married.

Back in touch, I found out that his marriage was miserable. I first strongly counseled him to work things out, offering several suggestions and reminding him that he took the vows as a forever type of deal, doing my best to help him succeed and be happy. The more I learned, however, the more I decided he needed to get divorced after all. She belittled him and made him feel like shit, controlled his money with an iron fist, and clung to him in a way that tried to keep him away from even his family. The fact that I wanted him in my bed, well, I tried hard to ignore that part. But I didn’t like the bitch one bit, though I’d only met her the one time.

A month or so after he showed up at my house, Ellie was out of town for a week and Aaron came over after work to have a couple beers and catch up. I was nervous because I thought I was tempting fate, but really wanted to see him. After two or three beers, a discussion on the details of his marriage and possible resolutions, a discussion on our mutual attraction that still existed, what we liked in bed, and three very long hugs that were mutually clingy, he left. Almost in casino oyna tears, I screamed when he pulled out of the driveway and kicked things rather childishly.

We texted. Mostly just BSing, but I was trying to keep tabs on him and how he was doing. Then, after a covert meeting in a grocery store parking lot after he got off work late at night, I realized I couldn’t do this. It wasn’t cheating in the physical sense (unless you count the hugs), but when you start secretly meeting someone and they lie about where they were to their spouse, it’s a different form of the same idea. I abhor cheating, and wish people could be branded with the scarlet letter. The meeting made me feel guilty. Besides, seeing him without more than a hug was hurting me.

So… a text here and there, and I kept my distance. He didn’t push, either. Then out of the blue, an invite to his July 4th party. I checked that James would be there first, so that it wasn’t as awkward, and then cancelled my other plans so I could go. I figured with people all around, it would be safe, right? Also, to be honest, probably stupid and desperate.

I went inside to get another drink and James followed me in, closing the sliding door behind him. Then he gave me a look.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were interested in Aaron?” I stared at him blankly, not sure how to answer that. “Come on, Lindsay, you’ve been watching him all night long. Fess up.” I sighed.

“Because first he was way too young and then he wasn’t, but then you were interested in me. I cared too much about you to go out and potentially hurt you by fucking your nephew. Besides, I was going through my divorce and I didn’t know what I wanted. When I was ready to look him up, he was married.” I shrugged and looked away. “Are you upset with me?”

“No, sweetie, you know I love you. I want you to be happy. I want Aaron to be happy too. I’m pretty sure the interest is mutual.” He chuckled and smiled wryly as I nodded. “Thought so. He has been the first time he saw you.”

“Uh, he was 14. No way was I going there.” I was ten years older than Aaron. I vividly remembered meeting him. He was in a swimming pool messing around with friends, and I was shocked and embarrassed when James’ ex wife started laughing and told me how old he was. I had been sure he was at least eighteen. Can we say pedophile? I shook my head emphatically. James grinned and went back outside.

Aaron, for his part, seemed calm and collected throughout the night. We kept our distance, but locked eyes many times. It was great hanging out with James, his girlfriend, and the other family members I already knew. I played with the kids, stuffed myself with good food, and helped blow stuff up. Finally everyone was leaving. There had been a trickle out, but I wanted them all gone. The last to leave were James and his girlfriend, and after a hug he just gave me a look with a twinkle in his eye. I had found out that he hadn’t liked Ellie either. I wondered if others had guessed anything, but realized that I didn’t really give a damn. Aaron stood by the door with his hands in his pockets.

“Wanna talk about it?” I asked softly. He exhaled as if he’d been holding his breath for some time, and then shrugged.

“I don’t know, I just got fed up, ya know? The same nagging and crap every day, day after day. I couldn’t take it anymore and told her to get the fuck out of my house. Then spent the next few days talking, arguing, screaming, and her crying about everything. She knows it’s over now, but it’s going to be messy.” He looked down and somewhat forlorn.

I walked over to him and simply hugged him. He held me back, tight, and we stood like that for some time before sitting on the couch. I simply curled into him. canlı casino He didn’t need me pouncing on him like I wanted to do; he needed comfort, right? I was content feeling the heat of his body against mine, but I couldn’t help but rub his arm a little bit. He started drawing circles on my back and smoothing my hair. Then his hands were kneading me. I chanced a look up into his face, and his eyes were hooded. All I could think was “oh thank god” as I moved up enough to gently touch my lips to his. This, right here, was what I had wanted for years.

His hands came up to tangle in my hair and my hand was on his jaw, drawing his mouth closer as we both opened, allowing tongues to finally have their first taste. I moaned, my breaths short and few, making me light headed. I pulled back to catch my breath and make sure he was truly ok with this. I felt guilty, but dammit, he had invited me. I smiled and laughed as he raised his eyebrows at me.

“It’s about damn time, Aaron.” He pulled me back into the kiss, then grabbed my hips to pull me astride. I rubbed against him and drew a gasp. Oh my…

“Do you really want me?” I half whispered this. I never could believe why someone so much younger than me could be interested. Of course, I was almost always interested in guys way older than me. I didn’t do younger, except Aaron for some reason.

“I’ve wanted you since I saw you in that bathing suit, Lindsay. I told you that four years ago, but you turned me down.” I frowned. “I had to, it wasn’t right.” I replied.

“Yeah, I know.” And he kissed me again, deeply. His hands edged under my shirt, pushing my bra up over my breasts, freeing them. I hissed and reflexively jerked my head back as his thumbs moved over my nipples.

“Nice,” he murmured before pulling my shirt up and off, then deftly unclasping my bra. I let it fall down my arms and drop to the side of the couch, then ran my hands over his still clothed chest and demanded the same from him. As soon as his shirt was removed, we simply wrapped arms around each other, pressing our nakedness together, and kissed some more. He was an excellent kisser, and I couldn’t get enough. And then, somehow while moving over to change the way we were locked, Aaron slipped off the edge of the couch onto the floor, and I went with him. We looked at each and burst out laughing. I stood up first and helped pull him up as well.

“Let’s move someplace more… stable.” Aaron joked. He took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. All of a sudden, I felt quite shy. I crossed my arms over myself and bit my lip as he went to light some candles in the room before coming back to me.

“Hey, you ok?” He noticed my spooked look, and rubbed his hands over my arms.

“Yeah… I guess I’m just nervous. I’ve waited so long for this, and now that it’s here, I’m overwhelmed. I didn’t expect it.” I looked over at the bed.

He smiled and enveloped me in one of the special hugs he seemed to reserve for me and kissed my head. I pulled my arms out and held him to me, breathing deeply. He smelled so good. My hands could not stay still; I had to touch him. His were doing the same, moving down to cup my ass as his mouth went to my ear and along my neck and shoulder.

My neck is very sensitive, and I automatically started pressing against him. I could feel his erection, a testament to how badly he wanted me. I pulled back enough to tug on his jeans, indicating I wanted no barriers between us. We watched each other take off the rest of our clothes, and then it seemed there would be no more pauses.

Aaron bent to take one of my nipples into his mouth, and my knees weakened. He drew me to the bed and let me lay back as the assault started. I held his head to my breast kaçak casino as he licked, sucked, and gently nipped, sending a jolt straight through me. I arched, scooting my body as close to his as I could. His other hand caressed my stomach, slowly moving down to gently push my legs apart, rubbing his finger down my clit, then further to find I was already quite slick with my own juices. He moved his mouth away to look at me.

“Damn, you’re wet,” I probably blushed, but thankfully the candles weren’t bright enough to show it. “I need to taste you.” He kissed his way down to lick at my wetness. My eyes rolled back in my head as I arched under his mouth. He expertly tongued my clit as his fingers explored my pussy, giving the initial penetration I desperately needed. I had been using Aaron’s imagine in my mind for masturbation material for months, and after all the waiting, through the torture of the evening, I came very quickly. He lapped up my own cum, and started in again.

“God, no, please, I need you in me.” I swear I was not about to wait any longer to feel him in me. I didn’t have the calmness or presence of mind to return the favor at this point either. I’d make it up to him later. “Um, condoms?” I hesitated here. I hadn’t even thought about bringing any, since I wasn’t expecting this. However, he certainly had. Aaron nodded, fumbling by the bedside table and brought one out, tearing the wrapper.

I took it from him, pushed him back, and rolled the condom down his shaft. Aaron had such a nice cock. He had “accidentally” sent me a picture back a few years, and I had been openly admiring. It was more beautiful in person, and I planned on thoroughly exploring it later. But for now, I had other needs.

“Are you always this dominant?” he asked with obvious lust in his voice.

“No.” I simply said, and then lowered myself onto him, slowly. His eyes were open and watching me, though not fully open, just as his mouth was not fully closed. I made the initial feeling last as long as I could so that I could savor every inch of him sliding into me. Jesus, he felt so good. I pulled back up just as slowly, and rocked my body over him until I was shaking and he was pushing back, trying to gain a faster pace. His hands cupped my breasts, gently squeezing the nipples, and I lost the ability to love him slowly.

I raised my hands up to the headboard to gain some decent leverage, and ground onto him, hard and fast, moving at just the right angle where his cock would rub the right places inside of me. His hands moved to my hips, helping to keep the connection and the rhythm. I was wild and needy, and felt my climax rising. “So close, oh, god, almost there, please…” and then it was there, and I was spasming hard against him, driving him in deeper, which intensified it. I was left gasping, trying to continue my movement, but obviously having troubles with trembling legs that lacked the strength.

Aaron flipped me over onto my back without slipping out, and proceeded to fuck me. I grabbed fistfuls of sheets so that I could push back against him, barely able to get a full breath between the vocalization of my near constant orgasms… and then he was jerking hard against me, his own cry as he filled the condom with his spunk. I would have given almost anything had he been able to cum in me or on me, but I wasn’t on birth control and couldn’t chance pregnancy. He collapsed next me, breathing ragged, and I was afraid my heart was going to burst. It was pounding hard and fast inside, just as Aaron had been a moment before.

We held hands, but kept a small amount of distance for the sweat to cool as we caught our breath. I was dumbfounded. So good, and this was only the beginning.

**Author’s Note: I wrote this shortly before In Heat. In fact, this was the first short story I had written since high school, probably. While it may lack in action (and decadence), I really needed to write it.

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