A Writer Meets A Reader

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Kara woke that Sunday morning with a stretch and a smile. There were no demands on her time today and the weather was the perfect “stay inside and do nothing kind of day”. Her mind wandered to what she’d like to do as she rousted herself out of bed, maybe she would finish that book, or maybe even watch a movie. It had been a while since she’d indulged in doing nothing but what she wanted.

The first thing she did was put some jazz on the CD player, letting the sounds fill her mind and home. She bopped to some Larry Carlton and Fourplay and made a cup of tea, there was nothing quick about her movements, no need to hurry a thing. She flipped open her laptop computer looking for an email from a client, not that she’d work today, but she wanted to make sure he had sent her the information she needed for a meeting tomorrow. There was mail but not from her client. This email was from a web site for which she had written romance stories; writing had become a hobby and creative outlet for Kara. Maybe even more than an outlet, more likely it was a way to feel good and have hope about love.

Kara was single and had just broken off a relationship a few months back, she was feeling the loss of the excitement of having someone special in her life, maybe even loving someone. She wasn’t sure if she had loved him, but she did love the feelings he brought out in her and the joy he added to her life. Since they’d gone their separate ways her life was a bit bland. That was when she began writing romance stories and she loved it. She was surprised at just how much was inside her, just waiting to come out. Maybe he had been the catalyst for all this she thought; maybe it had been inside all along and just needed to be released. But it didn’t matter any more; she just enjoyed the activity and was pretty good too, according to her friends and family. She was just having fun writing and that was all that really mattered.

She read the email about one of her stories from a man who had enjoyed her latest creative musings. He was a romantic he wrote and thanked her for writing a sweet story. He hoped she would continue and mentioned sending her roses as a gesture of thanks. What a pleasant way to start the day Kara thought, its nice when someone enjoys a story. She returned an email thanking him for taking the time to write and thanked him too for the gesture of the roses. He was a romantic it seemed.

While listening to the music and enjoying the morning Kara noticed a reply from him. “Only a gesture?” he wrote. “Perhaps we could meet for coffee sometime.” In his first email he had mentioned living near Boston, as she did too, but she didn’t think any more about it until he mentioned meeting for coffee. Humm, interesting she thought. “A public place, I promise I am not a weirdo!”, he wrote. She laughed, everyone says that! But she had been meeting some of her online friends lately and she was glad too, as they had all been so much more than she could have hoped for, so she actually surprised herself and responded to him with a “sure, why not?” They made plans to meet later in the week at a central location. Kara made sure it would be busy enough to provide a sense of safety and that she was somewhat familiar with the area.

Kara arrived at the café early, she’d never been there and thought the patio was pretty. Latticework “walls” divided the area and flowers hung from the lattice; the effect was being in a garden, a private garden. The teak tables had umbrellas and comfortable seating; Kara chose a table on the side where the view was of the town common. Kara was a bit nervous and wondered if Ken would show or was he already there. She scanned the patio and when the waitress arrived she told her she was waiting for someone and also told her it was a man she’d never met and asked her to keep an eye out. The waitress agreed and told Kara that she too had met a few people from online and would make sure all was fine. Kara was glad she’d mentioned the situation and didn’t feel as nervous now. She relaxed and took her book out, figuring she’d read while she waited.

Her wait wasn’t long at all. She saw the waitress speaking with a man and pointing in her direction. He looked over at Kara and smiled, walking briskly towards her. She felt her stomach tighten immediately and was holding her breath, all the nerves came right back, but he was right there and she needed to get a hold of herself quickly. Ken was tall, almost a foot taller than Kara, and he extended his hand to greet her. Kara smiled, accepting his hand and greeted him with a soft hello. She was taken aback when Ken kissed her hand and then presented a lovely bouquet of pink roses.

“Wow, thank you. How nice of you. You didn’t need to do that but casino oyna thank you very much!” Kara’s voice was higher than usual, only he wouldn’t know that, but she did. She knew how she was reacting.

“I told you I wanted to give you roses Kara, for writing such a wonderful story. I enjoyed reading it very much. And when I read the newest one this morning I knew I had to bring you pink roses. It was a beautiful story.” He had a rich voice and she enjoyed listening to him and the words too.

The two took a seat across from one another and the waitress arrived a few moments later to take their order and offered them menus. Kara was still nervous and quiet, usually she could talk with anyone, and she wondered why Ken was having this effect on her. Ken was handsome, a tall and rugged looking man, dressed in casual clothes and looked quite comfortable sitting with her. Kara had worn a skirt and button down blouse with pair of cute low heel shoes; she too was comfortable at least on the outside. Inside was a whole other story. Kara was glad she had ordered de-cafe tea, she certainly didn’t need any caffeine right now.

Ken was quite friendly and Kara began to relax in his company. He was easy to talk with and in a short time the two seemed like old friends. They shared stories about their lives and professions; he was an attorney and she an accountant. Both had nice lives and were happy. As Kara sipped her tea and gently touched the roses with her finger Ken reached for her hand. She was startled at first but it was such a nice feeling, to feel her hand in his. He caressed her hand and then brought it to his lips for another kiss, a sweet long kiss. She felt that – very much and very deep. Kara smiled at him and looked into his eyes seeing him smile back at her, a rather seductive smile. Kara felt the stir in her deepen.

Ken mentioned spending the day together, perhaps drive into Boston and take in the exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, he had remembered in one of her stories she enjoyed art and so did he. Kara surprised herself by accepting the offer and the two chatted easily for a while longer. When Ken rose from the table he offered his hand to her and escorted her out of the café. They would drive into Boston each in their own car and enjoy the day together.

The museum was unusually quiet and the two strolled through the galleries taking their time and pausing now and then to admire a painting or two. They seemed drawn to the same style of art and were soon laughing at knowing the other would like this one here or that one there. Hand and hand they roamed about the beautiful works of art. As they were enjoying the gallery of the Impressionists Ken came up behind her and embraced her, kissing her softly on the cheek. Kara settled into his embrace and drew her arms over his and pulled him tighter to her and tilted her head to rest on his chest. Together they took in the Renoir paintings of the dancing couples as if they were dancing too. Ken whisper to her that he would like to take her to dinner, perhaps The Top of the Hub in the Prudential Center Tower. Kara couldn’t resist, him or the invitation.

It was dusk as the two sat at the window high atop the tower, the city at their feet and themselves in the sky. Ken had ordered a bottle of wine and they sipped it while looking at the menu of the night’s offerings. They decided to order the Chateau Brigand and the Baked Alaska for dessert. Kara felt as high as the clouds she saw in the distance and dreams floated in her head. They danced for a while to the Jazz Band and Ken twirled her into his arms kissing her tenderly and long catching her so off guard she held onto him tightly so as not to fall. It was a heady experience for Kara, to be wined and dined by such a sweet, lovely man. Ken really was a romantic she thought.

“Kara, darling, I don’t want to let you go” he whispered as they danced closely. Kara tightened her hold on him.

“Ken, I am not going anywhere, I am right here and very glad to be.” Her voice was soft and surprisingly steady considering she’d only met him this very day.

“Let me love you tonight, let me shower you with all the romance you deserve.” His words hit her in her depths causing her to sway slightly and Ken reached for her bringing her tightly into his arms and kissing her long and hard.

“Oh Ken, you are overwhelming me, sweeping me off my feet.” She was lost in a dream she knew it. And she knew she would be with him tonight and told him so with her return kiss.

Their dinner was delicious and they lingered over dessert and each other’s glances. As the city lights brightened below them they took each other’s hand and left their dream world at the top of the city knowing what awaited canlı casino them would be as charged as the lights of the night. As they stepped onto the elevator Ken asked for floor number forty-five and Kara looked with surprise to him. He only smiled at her and kissed her hand. The doors open and when the stepped off Ken lead her down the hallway to his suite.

“Ken, what is this, do you live here?” Kara was confused and it was evident, she didn’t step inside the suite.

“Well, I don’t live here full time, no. I use this during the week mostly, if I am working on a trial here in the city. I am sorry I thought I had mentioned it to you.” He was genuinely sorry if she was upset and offered to call off the evening if she was uncomfortable.

“Oh, maybe I didn’t catch that Ken, no, please I am fine.” As they entered he kicked off his shoes so she followed his lead then she walked directly to the wall of windows and the breathtaking view of the city. From his living room they could see the lights of Fenway Park where the Red Sox were playing. The city was bright and lively.

Ken came up behind her and nuzzled her neck then took her hand, leading her on a tour. He loved it here and she could tell. It was lovely. He took pride in showing her everything, pointing out pieces of art that he knew now she would love as much as he. He left her in the living room looking out on the city as he went to pour some wine.

When he returned she was curled into the sofa just gazing out, as though her thoughts were somewhere out there in the night. He placed the glasses on the table and sat on the sofa, turning her to rest in his arms and the two looked out there together – just being quiet with each other. Ken hands caressed her arms and neck sending the stir deep into her womanhood. He felt it too and gently pulled her head back and kissed her mouth, opening his to hers and enticing her to do the same.

“Kara, come with me, let me make love to you now.” His voice was husky with passion and Kara uncurled her legs and stood with him, following him to the bedroom.

The view from his bedroom was as glorious as the others and they stood staring off into the sky and the stars and the lights twinkling around them. Ken turned her to face him and held her chin in his hand, he leaned down to kiss her tenderly, she moaned into his mouth knowing full well she wanted him. His hand moved to unbutton her blouse as hers did the same to his shirt. The two became quite hungry and moved faster, as though they’d explode if they didn’t touch each other’s flesh now.

He removed his shirt and she reached out to touch him – to feel if he was real. He slowly removed her blouse as his eyes took in the sight of her and his hands moved to touch her – he eyes were on her breasts and he took a deep breath letting her blouse fall from his hands. He had to touch her now. His fingers traced down her neck and collarbone to the soft curves of her breasts. It was now Kara’s turn to take a deep breath and when she did his fingers slid inside her bra moving the cup under her breast exposing her nipple to him, to his wanting fingers.

Ken could wait no longer, he need to touch more of her. His fingers opened the front clasp of her bra slipping it back to let it fall to the floor easily. His mouth hungrily took a breast into his mouth, his tongue grazed her nipple sending a quiver through her and when he sucked upon her she moaned. Ken hands slid lower to release her skirt and when it fell to the floor his hands traced up her legs, feeling the silkiness of her stockings. His hands slithered towards her panties and she was filled with want and he would soon know how wet she had become. Her scent filled his breath and he slowly slid the lacy thong off Kara.

Ken quickly removed his pants and Kara stopped him just before he was about to take off his briefs, her hands quietly and deftly took over for him. Slowly her hands caressed his hips and slipped inside the waistband, gently pulling them down over his erect manhood. When he was released from the garment she lowered herself to remove them entirely. Sliding back up his body ever so slowly and closely her hands took his hardness into hers. Kara gently stroked him, tenderly up and down his shaft, feeling him grow even harder. Her hands wanted more and reached to cups his balls and massage them with her fingers adding a rub behind as well. Ken was startled and knew if she didn’t stop he would come too close to the edge and he wanted to make love with her for hours.

Ken took her hands in his and led her to the bed, stretching her out with her hands over her head, totally open for him. Kara’s breath was heavier and her body was so needy. Ken was over her in an instant, kaçak casino lowering his head to kiss her, feeling her breasts on his chests and she rose toward him with desire. They kiss hungrily, each not able to get enough of the other. Their mouths were making love to each other, tongues sucking tongues, lips devouring lips. They moaned with each other as they feasted on the other. When Ken’s hand slipped down to her breast and cupped and squeezed Kara took full notice and let her mouth open wider.

“Oh, Ken please touch me more.” Kara was breathless already.

“Kara, I intend on leaving nothing untouched on you darlin’.” His mouth barely had the words out when he took her breast into his mouth.

Kara’s placed her hand on his head and her fingers caressed and played with delight. Ken’s mouth was loving her breast as one hand enjoyed her other, squeezing her and playing with her nipple. Kara was already getting closer to the edge and she let him know with her moans and squirming and that it would be the first of many. Ken looked into her eyes as though to say ‘I know sweetheart, I know.’ As Kara’s body reached her first orgasm Ken proceed down her body, kissing and licking his way to his destination.

He moved between her legs, sliding his hands on the silky stockings and then lifted them onto his shoulders. Kara gasped as his breath blew into her wetness. She was on fire and Ken knew it. When his mouth came closer and closer and Kara reflexively thrust toward him wanting his mouth on her. He was more than happy to oblige as he drank in the wetness and scent of Kara. His tongue stroked her slit up and down as she moved under his touch, moaning for more. His tongue found her clit and she let out a gasp as he brought her again the highs of pleasure. He didn’t let up, his fingers entered her too, sending wave after wave through Kara until she was begging for him to stop, to let her come back to this world.

Kara caught her breath as Ken crawled back up her body and lay next to her, he touched her lightly and brushed the hair from her face. Her breath returned and the smile and content look on her face amazed him, he was pleased he did that for her. Kara reached out to touch his face and whispered her thanks to him and that it was her turn now to please him. Kara moved on top of Ken, straddled him over one knee, she took his cock into her warm hands. Ken let out a sigh of pleasure as Kara stroked him lightly and her hands lower to caress his balls; she bent to take his manhood into her mouth. Her pace was slow at first and Kara glanced up at him to let him see the delight on her face at how she was about to pleasure him.

Her tongue flicked his cock-head and lapped the precum into her mouth. Savoring his taste and wanting more she slid more of her mouth onto him. Her tongue was flat against the underside of his shaft while moving back up and then down again farther. Kara’s tongue was doing a dance upon him and he thrust into her mouth as she squeezed his balls. He was in the depths of her mouth and she tried to take more and more. As she came back up to his cock-head she sucked him harder and opened her mouth again to take him all in. His hips began to thrust as she joined in the dance with him. He was going to explode he told her and she felt his balls tighten as she liftes off his shaft. Kara wanted him inside her, needed him inside her.

She moved to straddle him again, this time she hovered over his cock and reached for his hand as she moved down on him, feeling him enter her she moaned. Ken’s knees went up to steady her from behind and she fell fully onto him, feeling him so deep within her. They became one then and both took the feeling in without moving. Soon enough they would move they knew. As she felt his hips rise she tried to resist but couldn’t. She rose with him first and then began to ride him slowly as if the switch was warming up and soon enough would be moving so much faster. They found a pace and moved in concert; losing themselves to the pleasure they were giving each other.

Their rhythm quickened and he reached out for her, pulling her towards him. He embraced her now and rolled her over and was on top of her. Kara’s legs circled him and pulled him tighter as he continued their pace with each thrust into her. His mouth found hers and they kissed hard as they both new the climax was coming quickly. Kara couldn’t hold back any longer and felt herself transported into another world as Ken exploded inside her. She felt his hot thick essence filling as another wave took over her senses. Both were together in that place of wonder.

Ken fell upon her, they remained joined and their breath heavy. As each began to calm he kissed her lightly on the forehead and nose and then her mouth, where she joined him with a sweet kiss. Their limbs remained entwined and their hearts beat as one that night and would for many nights to come. This was the first chapter of their romance novel.

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