A Taste for Something Older

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I knew before we got married that my wife, Helen, was keen on older guys; I myself am in my forties and Helen is still only twenty-four. She adores older flesh, and when I say flesh, I mean hot, hard, swollen cock! I was never going to be enough for her – I knew that. I could never hope to satisfy her voracious, almost insatiable sexual appetite.

At first she cheated on me. It didn’t take much for me to find out – the men were plentiful and Helen was hardly discrete. And so I confronted her – with a little smile on my face, I must confess – and asked her to explain herself. Of course, I knew the answer to my question before I’d even asked it: She was a complete slut and couldn’t help herself; she needed more hot sex than I could possibly provide her with.

And so we agreed. It was a simple decision and one that I had always kind of hoped for – Helen would have sex with other men with my consent and, of course, while I watched!

And that was what brought us to the Embassy Bar. We had discovered that this small, smoky bar on the outskirts of town was a haven for older, working type guys – just the sort that got Helen wetter than a fish in water.

We sat and drank for a while as I surveyed our surroundings. The bar was fairly busy but apart from a few older women sitting semi-drunk at the bar, Helen was the only female in the place. The ceilings were low and hung heavy with clouded tobacco smoke. Joe cocker played on the ancient sound system but didn’t seem to disturb the low chatter around the tables. A smell of stale beer and desperation seemed to pervade the room.

“What about him?” Helen asked in a half whisper as she leaned over to me. She had worn a low cut pink top without a bra and I could clearly see the upper slopes of her full breasts.

“Bit scruffy.” I replied. “I think it would be better with someone who washes every now and then!”

For a moment she looked a little sullen and her lips turned down in a petulant pout. But then she seemed to brighten as her wandering eye homed in on another guy.

“He looks sexy.” She said.

I looked over casually and saw a man that I guessed to be a little older than myself. He was sitting with an almost empty beer glass in front of him and smoking the remains of a Marlboro. His shortish hair was greying – as was a neatly kept beard, but his face seemed friendly. I could see why Helen found him sexy; there was something about him that seemed to ooze confidence.

I nodded to my wife and we both rose from our seats and started to approach the man’s table. But as we got nearer – almost too near – he was suddenly joined by another man.

“Oops!” I laughed quietly. “Looks like we have to find someone else now.”

“Are you kidding?” Helen’s voice was a little strained and I had to grip her arm a little to stop her from staring.

“He’s gorgeous.” She continued. “Even better than his friend. Well, as good as, anyway.”

“But we might not be able to separate them.” I said.

“Who said anything about separating them? If they are up for it, I want them both!”

I was a little shocked, Helen had never intimated that she was interested in group sex or gangbangs, but clearly she was not about to be put off. Secretly I was more than pleased. In my opinion the one thing better than watching my young wife with another man was watching casino oyna her with two.

And of course both men were indeed up for it. Helen can be very persuasive when she wants to be but in this case that was unnecessary. After a few furtive glimpses of my wife’s half covered breasts and her long shapely legs that stretched out from under her short skirt, both men were suggesting a taxi ride back to our place and were probably as hard as I was.

Once back home and in our comfortable lounge, things began to move quite quickly. We had established that Dave and Phil were not concerned that I wanted to watch the proceedings and actually seemed to be quite excited by the idea. I took a seat in my favourite chair and sipped a glass of red wine as I settled in.

Our guests were sat at each end of the sofa with Helen in between them. I could see tell-tale bulges at the front of their jeans and as Helen slowly began to peel her top up and over her head, those bulges –and mine – got visibly larger.

“Wow! Great tits.” Phil commented enthusiastically as both he and his friend reached out and began to fondle my wife’s now naked breasts.

I watched with growing excitement as Phil’s hands caressed the soft skin of Helen’s tits. His thumbs rotated slowly over her nipples as the reddening buds began to swell and stiffen. All three were breathing hard now and as Dave lowered his head and took one of those hard nipples into his mouth and sucked on it, I heard a moan of ecstasy from my young wife.

“Oh my God!” Dave exclaimed as he dropped his hand to Helen’s leg and felt a trickle of moisture run down the inside of her thigh, “she’s already cum by just having her tits sucked. That’s amazing!”

I nodded to myself and smiled. It was amazing but still true. Helen could cum many times during sex and, with her nipples being one of the most sensitive parts of her body; it was usually having them sucked that caused her to climax first.

“Mmmm, that was so nice.” Helen said. “But I guess you know I’m going to need much more than that. Let’s all get naked and fuck!”

Our two guests didn’t seem to find this proposition disagreeable and both shed their clothes at almost lightening speed. Helen was already half nude anyway and kicking off her sandals, she wriggled out of her short skirt and white panties until all three of them stood naked in the middle of the room.

I looked at the two strangers standing on either side of my wife – and “standing” they were. Two long, hard cocks protruded from fit looking and quite muscular bodies as they both proudly displayed their erections.

Phil’s hands continued to caress my wife’s breasts and play with her swollen nipples as his friends’ fingers dropped to her legs and eased them apart. For Helen’s part both her hands were full with hard, turgid cock as she stroked them slowly.

Dave’s hands had encouraged her legs open now and Helen was standing with her pretty, bare feet planted about eighteen inches apart. His fingers slipped effortlessly between the silky, moist folds of her pussy and she moaned again, closing her eyes in a moment of pure passion as she revelled in the erotic sensations. Deeper and deeper into her depths Dave’s fingers explored as Phil continued to tease and pinch her nipples. Helen was now visibly rocking back and forth unsteadily on her heels as the canlı casino two men brought her to peak after peak of pleasure. Her moans and cries of ecstasy were becoming louder as waves of climax washed over her trembling frame.

“I think we better do something with this girl before she falls over completely!” Phil laughed.

“Sounds good to me,” his friend replied with an equally wide smile, “and I got just the idea.”

Slowly, Dave pushed down on Helen’s soft, naked shoulders as he encouraged her to her knees. My wife knew exactly what was required of her and sank gratefully to the carpet in front of him and tucked her bare feet up under her ass. Her face and mouth were now in a direct line with his straining tool and as her fingers cupped his heavy, laden balls she guided his cock between her soft lips.

“Use me,” Helen whispered just before Dave’s cock entered her, “use my mouth.”

This was almost as much as I could stand. The excitement had built up in me to such an extent that my cock was aching painfully beneath my jeans. Trying not to attract too much attention to myself (I actually think that an express train could have thundered through the lounge before either man would have taken their attention away from Helen) I eased down my zipper, pulled out my throbbing tool and started to slowly masturbate.

Dave’s hand had now entwined itself in Helen’s long blonde hair and was pulling her head down and onto his cock. His hips rocked back and forth in a real oral knee-trembler as he started to fuck her face – using her in exactly the way that she had requested. My own cock felt so hard and very hot as I stroked, watching closely as my wife’s mouth was used simply as a hole for this stranger to fuck.

Helen’s gurgles and grunts were quickly curtailed as Dave began to force his cock into her throat. His eyes were closed and I could see that he was fucking to climax. Faster and faster his stokes continued to gain velocity. Helen’s fingers played with his balls as she urged him on. Beads of sweat were breaking out on his forehead. Both hands now in her hair. Thrusting. Pumping. Twitiching, until….

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Dave cried out as his seed thundered into Helen’s mouth and throat. She coughed and choked, the viscous fluid oozing from the corners of her mouth and dripping down onto her upturned breasts as her lover emptied himself.

As Dave eventually withdrew his tool with a gasping grunt from between Helen’s abused lips, his friend was clearly not about to give her any chance to recompose herself. Phil’s hands grabbed my wife bodily and almost dragged her to the sofa where her pushed her back and roughly splayed her legs.

Helen had hardly enough time to draw breath before Phil’s solid weapon was thrust inside her. No love making was this. No sensual, slow intercourse. This was pure hard sex in its most raw form. Grunting. Gasping. Thrusting, Phil ploughed into her open and dripping vagina.

His hands grasped her feet and for a moment seemed to admire the red painted toe-nails as he hauled her legs upwards and pulled them as far apart as he could

Helen was stretched wide to capacity and being roughly and properly fucked as I watched and masturbated. My hand had become a little quicker on my tool as my excitement and lust rose and I had to use all the self control that I had to kaçak casino avoid cumming too soon. I was hoping that, as Phil now began to cum deep inside my wife’s pussy, the two men would still be capable of more.

I need not have worried. While Phil had been pumping his seed into my wife, Dave had been working on getting his cock hard again and now proudly displayed a renewed erection.

“Your wife has a lovely looking ass, man.” He said to me in a low drawl. “I like a nice ass!”

I nodded my consent – as if it would have made any difference; Helen had heard Dave’s words and was already turning herself over on the sofa and proffering her rear end.

Dave was on her immediately. I heard a little cry of pain from her as the head of his cock penetrated her tightest of holes, but she was soon silenced by our other guest who had sat himself in front of her head, his cock still wet with her pussy juice, and started to push it into her mouth.

Helen was now being soundly fucked at both ends of her body. Her tits swung as the power of the thrusts shunted her back and forth in an almost obscene display of sexual gratification. But Helen, Dave and Phil were not the only ones being gratified and with a moan that started deep in my throat I realised that I could hold onto my own cum no longer. I looked down as my life fluid pumped out from the tip of my cock and splashed onto the carpet. I didn’t care now and my gaze gratefully returned to the scene in front of me that was now close to culmination.

“You ready to cum yet?” Dave grunted to his friend as he thrust deeply into Helen’s abused back door.

Phil mumbled his agreement through gritted teeth. His cock was completely hard again and streaked with my wife’s saliva as he rammed it in and out of her warm, wet mouth. “Yeah, let’s cover the little slut together, man!”

My heart leapt. This was what I really wanted to see and I knew that Helen would be just as eager.

Both men pulled their throbbing cocks out of Helen’s body and almost dragged her to kneel between them. She knew what was about to happen as well as the rest of us and, taking a hot tool in each hand she stated to jerk them off. Her mouth opened wide as the final moment approached. The groans from her lover’s filled the room and echoed in my ears. I stared closely, moving from my chair and kneeling in front of my slut-wife so as to have the perfect view.

And then it happened. It was almost as if it were all in slow motion. I had never been this close to another cock before and I was fascinated to see the way that both cock-heads seemed to swell an instant before thick streams of cum erupted forth and laced Helen’s face. Her hair was awash with the stuff and a stray globule even landed on my arm which Helen licked up immediately.

For more than an hour after Dave and Phil had left our home, Helen refused to dress. She lay back on the sofa rubbing the still wet cum into the skin of her tits, belly and face while I ate her freshly fucked pussy. She orgasmed several more times before my erection returned and she looked at me hopefully.

“You want even more cum?” I asked incredulously.

Helen nodded passively and looked up at me as I straddled her chest. Her hands bunched her coated tits together as I fucked the swollen mounds until my cock erupted and my cum joined the emissions of Phil and Dave.

It was one of the most erotic nights that Helen and I have ever had and we hope to repeat it soon.

Anyone out there think they can satisfy my wife’s taste for something a little older?

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