A Replacement for Susan Ch. 19

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Susan’s parents were frequent visitors following the anniversary party and her mother, Tracy seemed to enjoy stripping off at the side of the pool while I was already swimming. She usually managed to engage me in conversation which meant I usually watched her undressing as she spoke. The third time it happened I realised it was no accident! Later the same day I was in bed with Susan and Diane when I mentioned my observations.

‘Yes my mother is not the most subtle of women. Do you want me to have a word with her?’

‘Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching her undress as well as seeing her nude. It’s just I can’t see us having sex together… not sure why.’ I said.

‘Actually I think you’d enjoy it.’ Diane teased as she started to fondle my soft dick.

‘Why can’t you see yourself fucking my mother? Isn’t she good enough for you or something?’ Susan said with mock indignation as she started to tickle me.

At the back of my mind I wondered if my having sex with her mom might give her father carte blanche to try it on with one of my girls. Something I wasn’t prepared to risk. But I didn’t say this to Susan and Diane. Instead I gave into their combined attack and retaliated by pinning Susan to the bed and repeatedly and aggressively thrusting myself into her. This’ll learn her, I thought to myself, as they say around here.

When I’d given Diane a similar lesson in correction and they’d both fallen asleep, I slipped out of the bed to sleep with Lin. There is a world of difference between having sex with someone and sleeping with them I’d realised months ago.

Hani had been living with us for a few weeks by then and as I snuggled in next to Lin I told her about something which had happened earlier in the day.

I was home studying, Fiona and Hani were in the kitchen where Hani seemed to be showing Fiona how to prepare a Chinese dish. I’d watched them while I sipped my coffee. As Hani was chopping some vegetables and her breasts were giggling nicely as she worked. I stood behind Fiona and pulled her leggings down to her ankles along with her panties. I played with her pussy a little until was ready I wanted to use her arse but unusually for Fiona she was a little dry.

I asked, motioned, for Hani to pass me the butter. When she looked at me uncomprehendingly I mimed spreading butter onto toast. She passed me the butter but I could see she was at a loss as to why I wanted it. Lesson time I thought.

I got her to dip her finger into the butter and then showed her where I wanted her to spread it. Comprehension spread across her face in an instant and she quickly pushed her finger into Fiona’s anus to lubricate her for me. She then stood close to watch as I slipped myself into Fiona and had a particularly perverse screw. Fiona by now enjoyed anal sex as much as I did and usually came before I shot my load into her.

As I pulled out of her I could see the exhibition had given Hani something to think about. Before I left the kitchen I kissed Hani and fondled her lovely soft breasts. I also slipped a hand under her dress to play with her pussy for a few moments. She was as wet as I’ve ever felt her.

It was a few days later when I was next at home studying. Hani approached me and shyly placed the butter dish beside casino oyna me. I was mid way through a passage I wanted to finish so after seeing the dish I said Tose-ah, which is strip in Chinese. One of the first words I learned!

When she was nude she stood silently waiting for me to finish for the best part of five minutes. It reminded me of one of the first times Lin had come to me. Even more so when I noticed a thin trickle of her juices rolling down the inside of her thigh.

I had her kneel and lean onto the couch. Then knelt behind her and eased some butter into her arse. I used her well lubricated pussy to get myself well and truly ready and gently eased myself past her sphincter. Not a sound escaped Hani’s lips as I gently screwed her. One really oddly her anus wasn’t as tight as her vagina which was a first for me!

If Hani enjoyed the experience, I had no way of knowing as her face as always was inscrutable after the event. She left the room but returned with a damp face cloth and carefully cleaned me. She then reverently kissed my dick before getting to her feet. Something I found a massive turn on was the way she thanked me before she left me to my studies.

I couldn’t concentrate after she’d left so I tracked down Fiona, stripped her off and fucked her hard and fast on the bed she’d just finished making.

Hani’s next lesson if you like, came a few days after the anal incident. I was in bed with Diane and Susan when she appeared at the bottom of the bed again. We all looked at her standing upright with her head lowered. I said tose-ah and she removed her silk dressing gown. I then got Diane to open her legs. I beckoned Hani onto the bed and pointed to Diane’s clit then at her and finally to my tongue.

Hani obediently crawled up the bed to settle between Diane’s legs and began to lick and suck on her pussy. The effect on Diane was immediate and vocal.

‘Oh My God!’ she exclaimed.

Susan crouched down to see exactly what Hani was doing. Diane came quickly and Susan quickly lay back and directed Hani to her pussy. Hani didn’t move she just looked at me until I nodded towards Susan’s snatch. She then proceeded to eat out Susan to the same happy conclusion. As she was busy with Susan I slipped into Diane and had a quick but satisfying screw with her. When Susan finally pushed Hani away I took her place and had a more leisurely screw with Susan.

It wasn’t until I was relaxing back on the bed I let Hani first use her mouth on me and then ride me. Both Susan and Diane casually fondled her heavy breasts as she lifted herself almost unperceivably on my dick. She got herself off with the usual vocal accompaniment and made me cum quite quickly considering it was the third time in around half an hour.

Hani stayed in the bed with us all night and I had a very pleasant early morning screw with her as we woke spooned together. After that night Hani regularly joined me in whomever’s bed I was in, except she never directly did anything sexual with Lin or Anne, but it didn’t stop her having sex with me while they were in the bed with us. I’m sure I could have made her eat either of them but I got the distinct impression it wasn’t something any of them really wanted.

I soon realised Hani was almost the canlı casino perfect submissive. I pushed her boundaries at ever opportunity. Making her stay nude when several of Lin’s partners visited for a meal and a relaxing evening by the pool and the time all of us watched as she and J-Lin made love to each other in the centre of the big bed. Every one also watched as I fucked them both afterwards. It was hard to say who had the tighter vagina or who was the most vocal when they came!

Something else I always enjoyed was watching her doing her daily Tai Chi exercises, especially while she was nude. I wasn’t alone in this as I think we all found it fascinating to watch her when we had the chance.

Just after Easter Hani sadly returned to China. As we parted at the airport it was the first time I’d ever seen her show any signs of emotion. We were all a little damp eyed by the time she’d entered the departure lounge, Lin Anne Diane and myself.

The last few days she was with us were a frenzy of coupling as well as all manner of sexual excess. In the summer Lin asked me to go to china with her as Anne was snowed under with her medical training. Jay greeted me before Lin, like a long lost brother. Hani was with him and I could see by the twinkle in her eye she was more than a little pleased to see me herself but could not express how much in public or for that matter while Jay was present.

We’d not been at their place two hours when Jay took Lin to see her aunt, leaving me alone with Hani. As soon as the door closed I went to my bedroom, Hani followed me. As soon as we were in the room she removed everything she was wearing and knelt at my feet. I removed the few things I had on, got her to stand so I could kiss and hug her. Our kissing became intense quite quickly. We fucked as it couldn’t be called making love on the bed for the best part of an hour. It was more akin to rutting but boy did it feel good. At the end of it we were both breathless but extremely content.

Afterwards we lay together on the bed and had a sort of conversation. With Lin’s help I had picked up a little Mandarin and Hani was slowly getting to grips with English. She let me know how much she’d missed me and I assured her I had missed her too. I asked her why Jay didn’t mind us having sex. She was a little evasive but I think it was a cross between not being able or wanting to and something to do with her sister.

When Lin came back she knew what we’d been doing and couldn’t get me alone fast enough for a fuck of her own! I told Lin what Hani had said and a look of enlightenment crossed her face as she said it explained why her father had acted so casual while they were at her aunts, he was sleeping with her, she said.

We had a lovely two weeks in and around Ningbo which is close to Shanghai and near the sea. Before we flew back to England, Jay and I had an evening in what passes for a pub over there. When we were both well lubricated he asked if Hani could return with us to England as she missed Lin, he added. If I’d not been drunk I’d never have asked if it had anything to do with Hani’s sister and Jay almost fell off his stool with laughter.

At the airport there was a very rare show of emotion from Jay as he actually let Hani hug him after Lin kaçak casino had. He shook my hand warmly and turned away quickly but not before I’d seen his eyes moisten. The flight back to England was a long one but the toilets were generously proportioned so I managed to get into the mile high club not once but twice by the time we landed. I’m not sure what the stewardesses thought but one who was more or less my age did give me a smile and a wink as I emerged from the loo a few seconds after Lin. A shame she wasn’t there to see me leave after Hani as well.

Less than a week after we got back, I went to the coast for a long weekend, this time with Mary as well as my mother. Like last year we had a very restful couple days stretched out on a nudist beach. Sunbathing nude was a new experience for Mary but she took to it as readily as my mother had.

The hotel gave us some odd looks as we checked in. Apparently it wasn’t a common event for a man my age to share a room with two women both old enough to be his mother… I could have said Mary was my aunt or my mother’s lover I guess but felt it was better to let them speculate.

The autumn was a quiet one for us all, what I mean is there was no major change from the norm! The week before Christmas we had our second anniversary party. Where last year there had been less than twenty guests, this year the number had swollen to almost thirty. The extra ten were cousins of Anne Diane and myself plus a couple of uncles and aunts. It had to be said not all our relatives completely approved of the way we chose to live. Of those who actually came to see us, all made favourable comments though.

At the end of the academic year Diane had been accepted into the academy in Vienna about which I had very mixed feelings as you can imagine. At the time she left we were closer than we’d ever been which made the separation all the keener. With Anne still at college in London there was only Susan at home during the week, my age.

Susan had passed her A levels and by then and was practically running her family’s cleaning and property businesses. Her confidence as well as… presence; grew enormously. I did wonder if she might take a flat or house of her own once she was earning good money but she seemed very content to knock around with the rest of us and it had to be said I wasn’t the only one sleeping with her. Of all the girls and women she was by far the most bi or even pansexual and both Anne and Diane we not what you’d call averse to rug munching.

Sleeping together felt strange to begin with but as Diane had given us both her blessing there was no guilt attached to our enjoyment! And it has to be said it wasn’t often we were alone as Hani was close to insatiable where sex was concerned she actually became completely shameless. While it was warm she hardly ever wore any clothes inside the house or in the garden. Whenever she thought I was looking in her direction she would find a way to let me see her snatch which she kept shaven. Between her and Fiona on the days I studied at home, it was a wonder I got any work done.

Well that brings things bang up to date. I’ll post more adventures if and when they happen as I’ve enjoyed reminiscing and putting them all down on paper… as it were. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them too.

Without fail I spot spelling and grammatical mistakes almost as soon as I’ve posted a story. For these I can only apologise and hope they weren’t too distracting.


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