A Night Out to Eat

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He was out to dinner, alone, at his favorite restaurant. He sat at his booth, about to order a hamburger, when someone sat down across from him. He looked up to see who it was and saw right away that it was someone he knew, but hadn’t talked to in the last few years. She said “Hi” and mentioned how she had seen him alone in the restaurant so she had decided to join him as she was also alone.

They ordered and ate their food. During this, they got caught up on what they had been doing for the last few years, as well as getting to know each other better overall. By the time the meal was over, they had decided to go back to his place for some casual sex. After all, she was one of the hottest women he had ever seen. She had long blond hair, perfect lips, and a fantastic body. He had no doubt she would be the best he would ever have.

He drove back to his place with her following in her car. They both parked in the driveway and she followed him inside. As soon as they were both inside and the door was closed they pushed themselves into each other and engaged in a long and passionate kiss.

This was followed by a bunch more kissing as they slowly made their way to the couch as they were too horny to even make it to the bedroom. Once they were standing next to the couch they began to remove their clothes as fast as they could. In fact, they practically ripped them off as they were so horny. Once they were wearing nothing but undergarments, they pulled each other close again and kissed with their tongues in each other mouths and their chests pressed together while pulling their waists together. His pulsing cock was nestled in between her legs while her breasts were pushed up against his chest as they made out.

After their passionate making out, and when they couldn’t take it any longer, they withdrew from each other and proceeded to get on with the sex they both so desperately wanted. She reached behind her back and undid her bra strap while he slid his boxers down and kicked them aside. Next she dropped her panties and slid them away with her foot. Her breasts were well-sized and perfectly-proportioned, as was his cock.

She was practically dripping wet when she laid down on the couch with his assistance. He climbed up on top of her and casino siteleri kept his cock out of her for the moment. Instead, he rubbed her breasts with her hands as he applied pressure to her clit by leaning forward and down onto her. She moaned ever so softly as he got her more excited. He leaned all the way forward and planted a very wet kiss on her waiting lips. Her lips engulfed his and they exchanged much saliva as they made out once again.

He then moved his arms right above her shoulders as he moved his legs back to support himself above her. He continued to kiss her as he did this. He then lowered himself onto her to the point her bare breasts were pressing against his unclothed chest. He could feel her hard nipples pressing into him while his rock-hard cock waited right outside the entrance to her throbbing and soaked pussy. He pressed forward ever so slightly that his raging cock just grazed the lips to her moist pussy, teasing his entry into her womanhood.

Unable to take it anymore, she grabbed him by the ass and pulled him forward and into her. He entered her amazingly tight but well-lubricated pussy with a loud moan. The tight walls of her comfortable pussy felt so good against his cock. He was living the dream as his aching cock was pleasured inside her.

She, on the other hand, was also having the time of her life. She struggled not to climax immediately from the hot sex they were having. Never before had she had a one-night stand or such good sex. There was something about savagely fucking someone you didn’t know very well after going for a long time without any sex that was just so amazing.

Pretty soon both of them were barely hanging on. He could feel his cock tingling as he thrust in and out of her, while her pussy was also tingling from the clitoral sensation he had been applying as he pressed down and against her. He told her that he didn’t think he could hold off much longer, and she said the same. He then begged her to come for him while he was inside her as he wanted to hear her get off from him.

Happily she obliged and arched her back as she pressed into him and roughly thrust back and forth under him and between his legs. She climaxed just as he reached the peak of his sexual excitement and pleasure. canlı casino They both came together at the same time. He ejaculated inside her while her pussy pulsated around his hard cock. They both moaned with an unwavering intensity as they continued to thrust into each other while their orgasms continued.

After about ten seconds of solid pleasure, they slowed down and stopped as they had exhausted their sexual appetites for the moment. Not wanting to leave her disappointed, he bent down and kissed her on the lips, which she gladly accepted in her post-orgasm daze. It was without a doubt the best sex either one of them had ever had.

She then told him that she wanted more, and was ready if he was. She pleaded with him to pleasure her with his tongue and lips as she knew he needed some time before he would be able to do so again with his cock. He knew what he had to do and was happy to help.

He got off of her, offered a hand to help her up from the couch, and then laid down where she had been. He gestured for her to sit on his chest. She realized what he had in mind an was more willing and ready than anyone had ever been about anything. She swung a leg over his chest and rested her ass on his chest while her legs stabilized her. He used his hands and her ass to scoot her forward and motioned her to get comfortable while he ate her out.

First he coated his lips and the inside of his mouth with a thick layer of saliva meant to increase her pleasure. He then gently closed his moist lips around her clit while she sat rigid on him, waiting for the pleasure of a lifetime that she was promised. He didn’t disappoint. He gently wet her clit with his tongue while he kissed in a circle around her it. He used his tongue to enhance her pleasure as he eagerly kissed her. He just couldn’t get enough of her delicious clit.

He continued like this for a few minutes as she moaned for him to keep going. He could feel her stiffen up as she reached the point of no return. She told him to not stop and he didn’t. He continued just as he had been, which ultimately resulted in her climaxing as his mouth was on her clit. The pleasure was so great that she pushed his head down and made it impossible to breath for a few moments.

She eventually kaçak casino relaxed and sighed from the extreme pleasure she was receiving in his home. She never knew someone like him, a quiet and eccentric person, could deliver such mind-blowing pleasure. In fact, she wasn’t even sure whether this was his first time or not. By now, he was becoming aroused again from the oral sex he had just performed, her sexy moans, and her stunning figure kneeling over him.

She noticed this and knew she had to do something about it. She asked him what he wanted, and he simply replied “You.” That was good enough for her as she stood up and got off his chest. Half-laying and half-sitting, he hungrily viewed her as she got on her knees in front of him. She slithered up to him as he slid back into the couch to give her more room to work.

She gently ran her warm and soft tongue over his eager cock as her beautiful blond hair draped over her shoulders and onto his cock. She used her hands to move it back as she closed her lips around his cock. He tried to control his breathing as she moved back-and-forth along the midsection of his cock, ur it was very hard to do so. As she sucked him off, he ran his hands through her hair and let it fall around her as she worked. It seemed as though her lips, tongue, and mouth in general were made for this as the pleasure increased with time.

Unable to keep going, he finally gave in and let his body have its way. Meanwhile, she could tell he was close to climaxing from the look in his eyes and his heavy breathing. He was still running his hands through her hair as she took his manhood in her mouth. He signaled that he was coming just as he burst and warm semen flowed into her waiting mouth.

She took it all in her mouth and kept sucking as more came it. It was almost too much to bear with the space his cock was taking up, but she managed to hold both. When he was done ejaculating he leaned his head back and gave one final moan. He pulled out of her mouth and could see a trace of semen in her lips as she looked him in the eyes. She spit out the semen into a tissue and he clasped her face in his hands and guided their lips together for a kiss that lasted for the better part of thirty seconds.

They were finally done after forty-five minutes of crazy sex. They both got redressed as they commented on how hot the experience was and how they would both remember it forever. She got in her car and left for home as he watched from the porch with a smile on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32