A Lifetime Kink Ch. 09

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There’s no place like home…

A long day at work, dinner and drinks leading to yet more drinks, and 8pm felt more like 11pm. Stevie was so tired. Her body ached. As good as the company was she could not wait to get home and relax. Wasn’t that what everybody wanted, other than to not have to wake up and work another day?

Well everybody wanted different things, and some people liked to make it clear — such as Dennis, the office mail man. Stevie had gratefully given him the slip, before he made fools of the both of them. Walking into central, she managed to hop straight onto a train in time, and found a row of empty seats, which she took full advantage of.

The train ride back was thankfully quiet and uneventful, too. Nobody bothered her, or dared to steal her out of her weary reverie, as some hopeless man often might.

And still the faintest light radiated from the horizon looking out over the river as a brooding twilight rain began to spatter the windows. Twenty minutes passed as she sat deep in thought. Alcohol had that effect, along with coaxing certain inhibitions out of the way.

She found herself thinking of her son, Lee, and wondered what he’d be doing now. It would be nice if he was at home, at least. It wasn’t good to be home alone after a drink. She wasn’t particularly drunk but loneliness under the influence was still unpleasant.

Lee also had a way of making her forget how tired she felt sometimes. Just his presence made her feel good. And likewise, just the thought of him made her happy. Like her deeper thoughts, the docks faded into the distance behind her as home came closer.

And as the tunnel taking the end carriage’s passengers deeper into the suburbs whooshed around them, the lights predictably flickering and failing, temporarily immersing them in sinister darkness, Stevie closed her eyes momentarily and clicked her heels together.

‘We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy,’ her inner voice harped. Silly — Stevie had never been in Kansas. Wherever the storm had taken her in life was her home.

Ironically, as the doors parted before her at the local station, the wind and rain were there to push her the rest of the way back to the house. Wet and cold, she was at least grateful to see his bedroom light on.


It only took a moment for Stevie to recognise Blackmail the Universe thumping familiarly through the ceiling from Lee’s bedroom. What’s hers was his and classic Megadeth was no exception — the Megadeth before Mustaine and Metallica’s feud led to trendy posturing and comparatively soft rock.

Still, hearing Megadeth blaring from his bedroom system sub-woofers made her laugh to herself. It might only have been workout music to him, eight or nine times out of ten, but he did not look the part.

Never in his life had he worn a denim cut-off camouflaged with band patches and buttons. He didn’t have a tattoo or a piercing either, and he never grew his hair long.

She threw her jacket over the banister and climbed the stairs, announcing her return with a tired and bewildered look, her hair damp and blown halfway over her face. Twenty lbs in each hand, Lee stood there topless, his arms and chest rippling as he worked through the curls.

Weary but transfixed nonetheless, Stevie slumped tiredly onto the edge of his bed and watched a moment. ‘Fwoar,’ she voiced her approval loudly over the music. ‘Look at all those lovely muscles.’

‘Looking a bit windswept,’ Lee observed, his skin glowing with perspiration. He’d been at it a while but showed no sign of stopping.

‘I need a favour,’ Stevie said and lazily wiggled her suede-booted feet. They were so tired and sore. ‘Can you unzip me, please?’

Lee carefully set down the dumbbells on the place mat at his feet, dutifully approaching his mother to kneel at her feet. Carefully he unzipped her boots and helped her slip out of them, one at a time, as she groaned her appreciation.

‘I’ll grab a quick shower before you finish here and put out fresh towels for you,’ she said, more or less thinking to herself. What else? Had he eaten? ‘Did you cook for yourself?’

Lee shook his head. ‘I’ll eat in a bit,’ he dismissed, preferring not to work out on a full stomach.

‘I’ll make you something then. Let me know when you’re going to have your shower, and I’ll get it started.’

Stevie stood up and kissed him on the lips, sneaking her hands out to tickle his ribs before laying a light smack on his hard flat stomach. Laughing, Lee flinched and pulled away. ‘You sexy boy, you,’ she remarked before grabbing her boots to leave.

A sudden sharp pain stung her right butt cheek then, from out of nowhere, and it came with a loud whipping crack. Reeling, Stevie turned back to see him grinning, laughing, cowering away as the palm of his guilty hand now reddened.

‘Cheeky fucker,’ she scolded. Her blushing face was a picture of surprise — not all bad. Nobody had spanked her in such a long time, and she hadn’t expected it from him. bakırköy escort All of a sudden she was lost, her thoughts scattered.


After her long day and the brief but unpleasant encounter with the unexpected weather, a hot shower and a warm towel was nothing short of luxury. Stevie liberally moisturised her naked body as the last of the shower’s steam escaped through the partly opened bathroom window.

Something had motivated her to shave her pussy that evening too, and she had done away with the lot, now leaving her bald and smooth and feeling all the more naked for it. One foot hitched up onto the edge of the bathtub, now she carefully applied some of her son’s aftershave balm, ever so slowly rubbing it in a little deeper than was necessary.

She had to dismiss herself before she would get carried away and forget the time. Lee might have been waiting for her to finish. Dutifully replacing the towels, she slipped into a pair of soft pink cotton pyjama bottoms and a white cotton tank top, before making her way downstairs.

‘Protein,’ she said to herself thoughtfully, bee-lining for the kitchen to search the fridge. And come to think of it she was a little hungry herself, post-drinks. Lee wouldn’t be long now. She could hear him getting undressed in the bathroom directly above.


Utterly stuffed, Lee put down the fork on his empty plate, nothing remaining other than a drop of garlic and parsley butter and the slight kerb of seared fat that he’d sliced from the side of his ribeye steak.

Having heard of the day’s events, and the advances of Den the mail man, he groaned gratefully of his sated appetite and sat there a moment before gathering the plates and taking them to the sink.

‘Digest first, love,’ Stevie insisted, but to no avail. Quietly she observed that her nipples were poking out through her tank top and pulled the garment down at the bottom to see how the fabric stretched over her boobs — never a bad time to appreciate what she had.

‘I wouldn’t mind. I can laugh it off. I often have to,’ she continued on the previous matter. ‘But he wasn’t taking the hint. I could have slapped him one!’

‘Maybe you should have,’ Lee suggested as he sped through the washing. At the kitchen sink he was all elbows. Stevie watched, her eyes trained on his working triceps, bare and shadowed against the overhead light.

He was wearing sweatpants and a nicely fitting vest, which showed off his strong torso. At his shoulders his laterals were quite pronounced, even through the thick cotton.

What was she talking about again?

‘Well the moment he thought he was in with a chance I realised I’d made a mistake leading him on.’

‘But the moment it became obvious it was just a joke, he should have accepted it,’ Lee justified.

‘Hmm,’ Stevie agreed, nodding.

‘So you don’t like him, then?’ he joked, towelling off the plates and pans.

Stevie didn’t have much to think about. ‘I preferred him before he got lonely and desperate,’ she admitted tiredly. ‘When he was with someone else and I was just another face at the office.’

They retired to the warmth of the living room, Lee following his mother and secretly appreciating the shape and sway of her behind. ‘So, you’re not even going to take him up on a one-off?’

‘What?’ Stevie responded as though she had been insulted.

Lee laughed. ‘Hit it and ditch it?’

‘Nooooo,’ she protested. He laughed harder. ‘What kind of woman do you take me for?’

Lee sank into the sofa, watching how his mother picked up her Kindle and clutched at it before she too sank into her seat beside him, drawing her feet up to keep warm beneath her.

‘Okay,’ he accepted with a lax shrug of his strong bare shoulders.

‘I might like sex more than most, but I don’t use people for it. I think I’ve already said that,’ Stevie said defensively. ‘Besides, yeah, he’s a bit of a tit!’

Again Lee laughed, reaching for the controls to the television. On the periphery of his vision, his mother flipped open the cover of her Kindle book and then cursively peeked up at him. ‘Put on whatever you want,’ she said. ‘I’m just going to do some reading…’


Whatever was the deal with Hollywood, or whoever made the television these days, it should have struck Stevie as ironic that she didn’t see the attraction with all the sex and nudity on show. It seemed that whatever the channel and whatever the show, if it was to entertain the grownups, it had to have fucking in nearly every episode.

Sometimes it was good. True Blood, the show about humans living with vampires and werewolves, seemed catered exactly to that. Game of Thrones, which was notably partial to a spot of incest, just wanted to shock people.

She felt otherwise that the diversity shows such as Sense8 and Orange is the New Black, were more or less out to use sex as a political soap box. They felt dishonest, like they were trying to disguise supply and demand as something relevant.

She beşiktaş escort now had no idea what her son was watching, but lo and behold, it wasn’t long before somebody was at it. The scene was terribly overplayed, over-emphasised, and frankly laughable. She snorted from over the top of her Kindle, a finger curled at her bottom lip as if she were hiding behind it.

Lee said nothing, but she had his attention, so she took her cue. ‘This guy must be close to fifty years old and by the way he’s humping up against her, you’d think he was a clueless virgin.’

She didn’t realise that she was still inebriated, and therefore lacking inhibition. ‘What, do you want them to show you where it goes?’ he asked.

‘No, I’d go to the internet for that,’ Stevie replied frankly.

‘You don’t really need to, though,’ he pointed out, nodding down at the device in her hand, and hinting at the pornographic tales she clearly liked enough to be reading as she sat right beside him.

Stevie smirked, snorted and shook her head. No, she supposed she didn’t. ‘Sex on television is just so corny sometimes. It’s too theatrical to have an effect.’

‘Is it supposed to?’ he asked.

‘What’s the point otherwise?’


And another thing that irritated her; ‘The only time they put their backs into a kissing scene is when it’s two women, as if people are still meant to be shocked by it. That used to be enough. Anyway I’ll shut up now. I’m rambling.’

The television show was already forgotten though. Lee now sat staring at her, and Stevie couldn’t shake him simply by resuming her reading. Nervously she looked up to him and offered a coy smile.


‘No,’ Lee now insisted, and agreed. ‘You’re right. It’s cliché. There’s no feeling to it.’

‘Hmmm, exactly,’ Stevie hummed. ‘It’s all business as usual isn’t it? I mean I really love a nice snog,’ she gushed, and didn’t quite realise how it sounded. ‘Not on the television. I miss having a good long snog, you know!’

The room got quiet. Lee was staring harder now, suppressing the urge to grin at his mother’s uninhibited reverie. ‘Oooh,’ she crooned, slightly hunching her shoulders and gripping her Kindle book just a little tighter. ‘Don’t you?’

‘Who? Me?’

‘Who else?’ she snickered.

‘Well yeah, of course I do.’

Stevie scrunched up her nose as she smiled in response. ‘Really?’

‘Yeah who doesn’t?’ Lee questioned. Stevie regarded his rugged facial features, a balance of strong and smooth. She had kissed those ruddy lips of his a number of times — enough times to know how they felt — and felt a shiver.

‘Corr, I bet you’re a great snog as well,’ she imagined, indulging herself shamelessly, and then for a moment too long she just gazed at him and took in his handsome looks. She wouldn’t have minded finding out what it was like to really kiss him, and she had already come so close.

Lee shrugged as he thought about it briefly. ‘I haven’t had any complaints,’ he said modestly.

‘I bet you haven’t,’ Stevie agreed, and then; ‘Not from me so far, anyway.’

Lee tensed and shifted, suddenly aware of how close they were sitting. Her body heat was unusually warm, and so much so that the side of him facing away from her felt much cooler. Then she winked at him before returning to her story.


Those blessed endorphins! Having worked out a little too close to midnight, Lee was still wide awake and feeling sleep was nowhere closer. He had grown bored of the late night offerings on the TV but was in no mood to go find anything else to do either.

Beside him Stevie had burned through another novella mostly skipping pages because she didn’t want to get sucked in too deep with her son right there beside her. She could imagine being so absent minded and clumsy that she would have started to rub at herself through her pyjama bottoms right next to him.

Ironically she couldn’t imagine that being normal. Instead, as she pretended to read, she ruminated secretly over certain thoughts. Seeing the time, though, she was sad to have to call it a night.

Accepting that destiny and time likely had it in for her — daytime work hours crawling by so slowly, and yet time alone or with Lee flying by at an almost unnatural speed — she arched her back and stiffened, stretching her arms up high until her spine creaked and cracked.

With a yawn, she turned to him and asked; ‘What’ll you do tonight then?’

Lee shook his head. He was not usually a night owl. He could easily have fixed a snack and smoked a bowl, and he still might have. He surprised her with; ‘I’ll probably surf the internet a bit in bed.’

‘Hmm,’ Stevie responded flatly. That probably meant that he’d end up watching porn and she knew him well enough to know it. There was something still on her mind though, and she was daring herself to put it out there.

‘I err… I still have that thing I wrote,’ she hinted and a silence fell between them. ‘You beylikdüzü escort remember what we talked about? Do you really want to read it?’

More silence…

Lee considered, or tried hard to look like he was giving it serious thought. In reality that thing had been the elephant in the room that he hadn’t dared mention since his mother initially told him about it.

‘Oh yeah, I could use a bit of erotic reading before I go to sleep,’ he joked.

And then more silence…

‘Okay, well, I can email that to you when I go upstairs,’ Stevie said hesitantly, shifting to the edge of the sofa. And then she shifted a little closer to him with a familiar twinkle in her eye. Lee knew that look. He was becoming well accustomed to it now. What was the catch, he wondered.

‘What?’ he asked. A coy little smile now accompanied that twinkle.

‘You have no idea,’ she mouthed, and found herself fixated once again by his good looks. ‘You’ll look at me differently tomorrow.’

And boy was that a loaded statement, and he was starting to accept that this was a given with most circumstances these days. But considering what little he already knew, her words echoed.

‘Actually maybe I should trade you while I still can,’ Stevie pondered aloud, trying to keep a straight face.

‘Hmm?’ Lee was all ears, but then; ‘Can you barter confessions?’

‘Maybe I can, or maybe I’ll just keep my secrets to myself from now on,’ she teased. ‘Depends on your response.’

Lee’s response so far was reserved curiosity. Again, he wasn’t saying no. So Stevie pushed the envelope. ‘Trade you for a quick snog…’

Lee certainly responded to that! His gut rocked like a boat on a rocky sea — with a sudden up and down that stole his breath. His cock began to respond too as he now stared uncertainly at his mischievous mother.

‘How much did you have to drink?’ he prodded. Maybe looks were deceiving, but then maybe she was soberer than she appeared on the contrary.

Stevie scoffed and stood her ground. ‘Does it matter?’

Lee could admit to himself, but not to her, that as much as he would have liked to, the only thing stopping him was his nerves, and the erection quickly growing in his sweatpants, under which he wore absolutely nothing.

That didn’t matter though, not to Stevie. Shifting closer, ever closer, they sat not eye to eye but almost nose to nose. She bit her lower lip, smoothing the vest over his shoulders and running her hands down his chest.

‘Fancy a cheeky snog with your mum?’ she asked again, and reeled in the wicked grin tugging at the corners of her eager lips.


Playful distancing was the key. The television off, nothing remained between them other than the soft thumping silence of each heartbeat playing to the inner ear. Her head tilted up, Stevie’s eyes flitted between her son’s eyes and his slightly parted lips.

Stevie shifted again, swivelling her hips and settling back down so that her entire body was now facing him. The warm palms of her hands ran down his smooth, strong arms until they found his hands, and by then she had gathered enough friction that their fingertips vibrated with static energy.

Suggestively she pulled at his right hand, hinting that he should turn a little more to face her head on. Taking the hint, Lee shifted his left knee up onto the sofa cushion and rested his left elbow over the back of the seat.

‘You’re really not kidding,’ he deduced flatly.

Stevie shook her head, her blonde locks tickling his cheeks like feathers. ‘Nope…’


‘And this wouldn’t be weird?’

From his warm eyes to his full lips and back again, she was so close that the breath of his nostrils tickled her own lips. She chapped them together, licked them, and moved in by millimetres, inviting the gravity of their bodies to do the rest.

‘Your mum just really fancies a snog right now,’ she justified. ‘Is that a bad thing?’

Taking his free hand in hers again, she considered maybe reminding him that riskier things had happened before now by inviting him to touch her breasts. But then that would make matters riskier, defeating the object of getting an innocent little snog out of him.

Lee pouted. She chuckled quietly, breathing warmly against his lips. It was not necessarily alcohol Stevie had to thank for this, but rather Lee himself. And Lee was not answering her last question.

She sighed, exhaled so closely that it warmed his lips to hers. ‘Okay you don’t have to,’ she whispered her false defeat. ‘You wouldn’t want to snog your old mum anyway.’

‘Aw, that’s not true,’ he reacted, his left arm coming around her shoulders to draw her against him. Utterly surprised, Stevie smirked and looked into his eyes again, and once more hinted at his mouth.

‘Okay then,’ she said and anticipated him in silence.

Breaking free with his other hand, it seemed for a split-second that maybe he’d leave her hanging, but then he touched the outside of her right thigh, and closed in the one-inch distance to plant an innocent kiss on her waiting lips.

It was fleeting, but soft and loving. It was over so soon, but the electric sensation that it caused remained. But Lee was not making steps to leave either. In fact he had only retreated to reclaim that one last inch.

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