A Friend Comes Home

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One Saturday night, I was at the bar listening to a friend of mine play in the band. I was sitting there chatting with other friends and I saw a guy walk through the door I knew. I had not seen John for about 2 years.

He had moved to another state with his girlfriend. I motioned for him to come sit with me. He walked over to the table, I stood up and gave him a hug telling him it as been a long time since I have seen him.

He sat down and we started catching things up. He and his girlfriend had been fighting a lot and they moved back to town. I told him I was sorry to hear that, but on the inside I was screaming, HELL YES. John and I had been together before and the sex was AWESOME.

I noticed he had his tongue and nipple pierced. We talked about his nipple piercing and he told me don’t ever do it because it hurts like hell. Then he stuck his tongue out at me and smiled. I knew I wanted to feel that ring flicking on my pussy. He knew it too.

We talked and danced the night away. He was teasing me out on the dance floor by grabbing my ass and squeezing it, pinching my nipples and kissing me so I could feel that tongue ring.

We agreed to leave the bar and go for a drive out in the country. I left my car at home that night so we hopped in his girlfriend’s little Aspire and took off. We got outside the city limits, the moon was bright, the star were shinning, there was a nice cool breeze. Not a cloud in the summer sky. I took my shirt off, then my pants. I couldn’t wait to feel the air against my nakedness. He reached over and touched my thigh. I spread my legs, one up on the dash, the other across his lap. He started playing ataşehir escort my pussy while he drove.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed his soft touch while the cool air blew across my naked body. We found this drive that led to a field, a farmer uses to get the tractor in. We pulled in there, shut off the lights and the car. He got undressed and walked around to the passengers side, reached in and moved the passengers seat all the way back as far as it would go, then reclined it back all the way so it was laying flat on the back seat.

He climbed in the car on top of me, then slid down onto the floor board. I slid as far up the seat as possible and he spread my legs and stuck his hot tongue on my throbbing pussy. Gently taking my clit and sucking on it, while flicking that ring across it.

Then he went down to my slippery opening and put his tongue inside as far as he could. Slowly licking his way back to my clit, flicking his tongue all over my wet folds. He took my swollen nub in his mouth and slowly twirled his ring over it.

In no time, I was moaning and thrusting my hips so my pussy was smashing into his face, my ass was off the seat and I was pushing with my legs, trying to get more of that tongue of his. I was scooting backwards up the seat. He moved down to my dripping hole and was sucking each outer pussy lip individually, then he stuck his tongue deep inside me, licking all the sweet nectar I had left for him.

Moving back up to my very sensitive clit again, he licked and sucked it softly. I felt like I was having a seizure, he would hit the right spot and my whole would jerk. He didn’t stop, he just kadıköy escort kept going, licking and sucking on my clit. He stuck a finger inside my wet pussy fucking me with it, slowly.

I regained my senses while he kept kissing my pussy. He started getting more intense with his sucking and licking. I knew my body was going to turn to jelly with the next orgasm. I had never come twice before while someone was eating me. I could feel that tingly sensation starting to take over my body.

Then, like someone had opened the flood gates, I started screaming and thrashing. My body quivered and my thighs got tight around his head. I was pushing with my legs, doing the “back stroke” trying to get away from this over whelming feeling. I wanted him to stop and keep going. It was so intense, it felt wonderful and painful all at the same time.

He grabbed a hold of my hips and buried his face deep in my pussy. I was moving backwards into the back seat, but he didn’t let up on the pussy thrashing he was giving me. I crawled my way to the entire back seat, my head got stuck between the seat and door. He kept flicking his tongue over my clit until I laid in a quivering oblivion.

He stopped, looked up at me and smiled. I looked at him and said, “damn.” That’s all my mouth would allow me to say. I was still breathless. After I laid there for a few minutes to calm down after such an intense orgasm, we both started laughing because of the position I was laying in. I held my hand out, he grabbed it and pulled me up out of crack I had managed to lodge myself into.

I looked at John and said, “you need to get a bigger car!”

He nodded bostancı escort bayan as he pulled me to him and kissed me. I could taste my sweet juice on his tongue and I started moving my tongue all around tasting myself.

He maneuvered me back onto the seat and leaned down to kiss me. He took his hard cock and placed it at my hot, dripping, throbbing cunt. I was ready to feel his cock inside my pussy. With one thrust he slid inside. My cunt was so wet he had no problems. I wrapped my arms around his back and dug my nails in.

He tossed his head back and moaned. I took my feet and placed them on the roof of the car, spreading my legs wide. He was fucking me hard and fast. I reached down and grabbed his ass trying to push him in farther. Soon, he was cumming deep inside me. I could feel every spurt filling my satisfied pussy. He collapsed onto me and we laid there.

I rubbed his back and kissed his neck. He kissed my neck, then moved to my mouth. I wanted to stay like this all night, but I knew that was impossible. He had to go home to his girlfriend, and I had to go home to my husband. He opened the passenger door and rolled out into the cool air onto his knees.

I tired to stand on my wobbling legs, but couldn’t do it just yet. I had no strength in them whatsoever. He had to steady me while I stood trying to get my legs to work. I held onto the car and started walking slowly, taking little steps, telling my legs to work.

He got dressed and started driving back to town. I stayed naked for as long as possible, I needed the cool air to calm my senses. As we got closer to town, I HAD to get dressed. I put all my clothes back on and he drove me home.

We kissed long and passionately before I got out of the car. He gave me his phone number and said “call me.”

I said, “OH, don’t worry, I WILL!”

I got out of the car and walked into the house as he drove off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32