9 Stone Cum Queen in the Club

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(This is my second story for Literotica.)


Here I am.

I am sitting on a toilet, in a club, in a basement, in the centre of London.

I am fully clothed. I am wearing black opaque tights over my long legs. I am wearing yellow court shoes with three-inch heels. I am wearing the tightest, highest denim shorts you have ever seen. I am wearing a simple black vest top with a low cleavage. I have single string of pearls around my neck.

I have just swallowed the cum of three men.

I tried not to waste a drop but the last guy pulled out a little too early and let a few tiny drops of his cum fall down my cleavage and onto my pale white breasts. Cum is running into the crack between my tits.

I am tired. My legs are splayed apart. I am alone in the cubicle.

I weigh nine stone. That’s a perfect weight for my height. A doctor told me.

Getting undressed is sexy. Sometimes getting dressed is even better. Sometimes the best thing in the world is to make someone come whilst remaining fully clothed.

Here I am at nine o’clock, earlier the same evening. I am in the shower. I clean myself thoroughly. I can be so dirty. I can be so clean. If I’m planning an evening where I go out looking for cum I want to scrub myself clean first.

A freshly washed shaven cunt is what I like. I turn the shower on full and put the shower-head right up to my cunt. I part my pussy lips. I push up some soap. Ooooh that’s it. Clean as a whistle.

I enjoy nice things. I’m not rich but I will spend a lot of money on some things.

I spent a lot of money on Egyptian cotton towels. I use them to dry myself. I pat the soft towel against my pale white tits. I dry my pussy. It will get wet again.

I spent a lot of money on a string of pearls. I put them on. I clasp them together at the back of my smooth neck. You will rarely see me without my pearls. In my stories here on Literotica I will nearly always have my pearls on. Unless I say otherwise assume I have a string of pearls hanging just above my collarbone and my perfect tits.

I spent a lot of money on my underwear. I put on a black bra and matching short pants. They are quite plain, but please don’t underestimate them; they are expensive and are made of deceptively thin polyester mix. The material can be seen through when it is stretched tight. It is stretched tight. It is stretched tight around my tits. Lean in close and you can see my dark brown nipples squashed flat.

The fit is close.

The fit is right.

I feel sexy in posh girl’s underwear.

I pull on my panties. They feel good and snug around my tight high ass. From behind if you leaned in near enough you would be able to make out the crack of my ass through the dark sheer material.

My clean shaven cunt feels good against the gusset.

Don’t you love girls who use the word ‘cunt’. I love girls who use the word ‘cunt’.

Imagine a world where girls walk up to you and whisper softly in your ear; “My name is 9 Stone Cum Queen, I can fit three fingers up my cunt. I can fit my thumb up my ass-hole but then it starts to hurt a little bit.”

That’s my world.

I even spend a lot of money on hosiery. These tights are satin opaque 50 denier tights from Wolford. Look them up; they cost £18. Some girls spend £3 or £4 on tights.

Not me.

I will usually be wearing some kind of sexy hosiery in my stories. Not always, but usually. In my first story for Literotica I was wearing proper silk hold ups with suspender belts. I laddered them as I knelt in the middle of the street and asked a complete stranger to shoot semen across my face.

I have my necklace. I have my bra. I have short style panties. I have expensive dark black tights that cover my long strong white legs.

I have short dyed black hair. It is cut into a bob. It is cut high at the back so you can see my bare neck. At the front, my long fringe falls around my face.

A have a small mouth. I sometimes struggle to fit a big cock in.

What is your feeling about tight high cut denim shorts? They fit tight around my firm and surprisingly big ass. They are tight around my crotch too. They put a little extra pressure on my cunny. They are cut really high. You can see my thighs. From behind they are cut so high you can see the bottom of my ass checks.

The thing is, I love stockings and hold ups. I think the whole thing about stockings is the ease of access. If a girl has a skirt on with stockings, any man can slip a hand up there and touch the bare skin of the thigh. Anyone could pull aside the gusset of the panties and in no time ankara escort bayan at all they have slipped their finger inside a warm wet snatch.

Tights are a completely different proposition. Everything is contained and tidied away. Cunts are hidden away. Combined with my tight denim shorts and a pair of high heels, it’s going to take you quite a while to get to my pussy.

If you want to fuck me now, you have to slip my shoes off. Pull down my shorts. Pull down my tights. Pull down my panties and only then can you bend me over and slide something into my wet place.

So I ask you again. What are your feelings on tights and shorts?

In my eight story for Literotica I will tell you about a time when I was taken by force. A man who urgently needs my cunt rips my tights apart. He bends me over and pulls my panties aside and rams my cunt-hole. He hurts me. It’s a story where I get more cock than I can manage.

I put on bright yellow court shoes with a three-inch heel. Everything will be dark and denim except for the yellow shoes. They are the main feature. I have lots of shoes.

I can walk in a three-inch heel easily. I can walk in four-inch heels as well; they make my calf muscles pop out. They make my ass wiggle as I walk. Five-inch heels are harder to walk in. I really only wear them for fucking.

I have recently bought a pair of six-inch heels. They are absolutely ridiculous. There are made of black patent leather. They have the thinnest ankle strap. They are impossible to walk in.

I will wear them in my fourth story. It will be the first story where I allow a cock into my cunt.

I pull a tight black vest over my tits. It has thin shoulder straps. It has a low cleavage. If I knelt down and you stood above me with your cock in your hand you would be able to see straight down the crack of my tits. My 30Ds are pulled tight together.

I can make my tits feel like a cunt. If you slide your cock between my puppies I can squeeze them together and make them feel like a cunt.

I leave the house.

I walk past some boys on a street corner.

They say, “Slut.” They say, “Whore.” They say, “Slag.”

I walk past two men.

They say, “She’s asking for it.” They say, “I’d fuck her so hard.”

I walk past a couple.

He thinks, “I would like to fuck her up the ass in the middle of an empty car park.”

She says, “Stop looking at that girl.”

I visit my favourite nightclub. The bouncer smiles at me. I once let him wank over me. I was wearing a tight red dress like a whore. We did it in an alley round the back of the club. The dress was ruined; I had to throw it out.

I ignore him. Like I told him I would.

The club is busy. They play sixties girl groups. They play ‘Under My Thumb’ by the Rolling Stones. Everyone stares at my bright yellow heels and my long legs.

When I stand at the bar I stand with my knees together. I have one foot out to the side. It makes me look cute. When I lean back at the bar I make sure I push my breasts out.

When I dance I move ass around, I make sure that the men see. I make the men want to fuck my ass.

Let me tell you something. I get my ass fucked just once a year, on my birthday. I will tell you all about my birthday ass-fuckings in my ninth story.

There are three men looking at me, drinking lager. They look stupid. They look like idiots. They are not usually at this club. They don’t dress in the indie/sixties style.

They look like men who shout. They look like men who fight.

One is fat and bald.

One is thin and ginger.

One is ordinary. He has a wedding ring on.

They are not attractive.

They are talking and laughing at me. They are saying things like. “Are her tits real?”

They are saying, “I could have her any time.”

They are thinking, “I will never, ever fuck a girl like that.”

They are right, they never will.

I walk up to the fat, bald one. I do not touch him, but lean in very close and whisper in his ear quietly. “Come to the girl’s toilet. Furthest cubicle. You will fill my mouth.”

I walk away with my drink in my hand. I go to the toilet. I go to the furthest cubicle.

I leave the door unlocked. I sit on the toilet with my legs wide apart. I sip my gin and tonic.

I am a little nervous. Yes, even me, sometimes I get a little nervous. I know he will come.

I hear him walk in. He opens the door to my cubicle.

The fat stupid fuck is white as a sheet and shaking like a leaf.

I say, “Come here baby.”

He stands in front of me between my legs. I can ankara bayan escort smell his cock through his jeans.

I undo his flies. He gasps. I pull down his boxer shorts and pull out his small cock.

His cock stinks. I think he wanked before he came out tonight and didn’t wash it. He is only semi-hard. He is scared shitless.

My tongue lightly circles the tip of his helmet. I don’t like his taste.

I wrap my sticky red lips fully around his helmet. He grows harder in my mouth.

I like that feeling when a man grows harder in my mouth.

Underneath my tight denim shorts, underneath my dark opaque tights, underneath my expensive panties, my cunt tingles.

I have a small mouth. I can’t fit every cock inside it. But this one fits in easily. I can slide my lips down his small cock. He can deep throat me and I won’t even gag.

As I slide my lips up and down his shaft I leave red lipstick smears on his cock.

As I slide my lips up and down his shaft I stroke my legs. I stroke my long nylon clad legs up and down.

His cock won’t get any larger then it is now and it is still pretty small.

I take my mouth away from his cock and look up at him. I say, “Hurry up and come in my mouth, you dumb fuck.”

He puts his cock back in between my red lips. I close the tight around his shaft. He moves his hips and starts to fuck my mouth. His belly wobbles.

My cunt tingles.

I stroke my legs.

He fucks my mouth. Hands free.

I move my head up and down helping him find his rythmn.

In thirty seconds he is there.

As he shoots his seed into my mouth he grunts out, “Bitch!”

His cock throbs four times as he shoots cum into my pretty mouth. He shoots harder than I expected. The cum goes right to the back of my throat but I don’t choke. I swallow good. I bring my hand up and squeeze his cock, making sure I ring out the last few drops of jizz onto my tongue.

I push him away and refuse to look at him.

I say, “Send your ginger friend in here. That wasn’t enough.”

I am swallowing down the last drop. He takes a last look at me.

He knows he will never be with a woman like me again.

He leaves and shuts the door. I wash my mouth out with some gin and tonic. I wait patiently. I have set myself certain rules for tonight. I often do. I like my sexual encounters to have limits. The frustration drives me wilder.

Tonight’s rule is that I must not rub or play with my cunt.

I break my own rules a little. I put my hand between my legs just briefly. I push against the denim, the nylon and my panties. My warm pussy pulses.

I put on fresh red lipstick.

It is five minutes before the toilet door opens again. Fat boy has to tell them what just happened. He has to convince them this is for real. Ginger walks in and sees the longest legs and the reddest lips.

He isn’t as nervous as the fat man. He has a stupid shit-eating grin on his face. He undoes his flies.

His cock is long and thin like him.

I say, “Don’t touch me. Just fuck my mouth.”

He steps forward in between my wide, open legs. His meat is fully hard. It bobs up and down in front of my face. I run my tongue up his long shaft, from the bottom to the tip. The cock bobs up and down and lightly slaps the side of my face.

He laughs.

I say, “Shut up.”

He shuts up.

I take the end of his cock between my lips. I bite him lightly so that he gasps. I flick my tongue against the end of his helmet. I move my lips further down. More of his cock goes into my mouth. He puts both of his hands on the back of my head and tries to get me to take more cock. I resist and he stops.

He doesn’t know how forceful he should be.

I am running my hands up and down my thighs. Up and down my dark black tights.

I have half his cock in my mouth. I am flicking and swirling my tongue around his helmet.

My cunt doesn’t tingle anymore.

My cunt aches.

As ugly as this man is I think about his long cock sliding up my wet cunt. I imagine him taking it out and guiding into my back door; my tiny little ass-hole. I imagine him taking it out of my ass and putting it in my mouth. I imagine the taste of my ass on his cock.

I let him push my head down so his full length is inside my cock-sucking gob. His cock is very long. It hits the back of my throat as he fucks my pretty mouth. I make a gagging noise with each thrust.

I pull away. His cock comes out of my mouth and I catch my breath.

“There’s something I need to do.” I say. I push his back against the door as ankara escort bayanlar I stand up. In my heels, I am the same height as him.

I undo the button and flies on my tight jean shorts.

I pull them down to my ankles.

I peel down my tights to below my knees.

I pull down my panties to my tights.

Ginger is the first person in one of my stories to see my shaven cunt.

I lift up the toilet seat, sit down and pee.

I look him straight in the eye. His mouth is open.

My tights and panties are around my knees.

We listen to the tinkling sound.

I stand up. I wipe my cunt clean with some toilet paper. I flush the toilet.

I pull my panties up. I pull my tights up. I do up my jeans.

I make myself look neat and correct.

I put the toilet seat down and sit on it.

I say, “Look at my heels. Look at my tits. Fuck my mouth.”

He steps forward quickly, grabs my head roughly and sticks the full length of his dick in my mouth. His helmet reaches the back of my throat. He gives three violent thrusts that make me gag and choke and then he empties his load. His sweet cock pulses several times as he keeps shooting more and more of his man fat. He gives me twice as much cum as the fat boy. His semen is thicker and creamier too.

When he is completely finished I pull this disgusting man’s cock out of my mouth.

I say, “That’s not enough, get the married guy.”

He leaves and I finish my gin and tonic.

I put on fresh red lipstick.

The married man arrives. He is the best looking of the three but that isn’t saying much. Like the first man, he looks terrified. He starts to speak but I cut him off, “Go and get me a drink. Gin and tonic with ice and lemon.”

He is gone for ten minutes. I think of all the other guys I have blown in this toilet cubicle over the last few years. It’s like a home from home.

He comes back with my drink. I thank him. I’m a polite girl you know.

He starts to blub and splutter.

I don’t let him speak. I say, “You are going to tell me about your wife. You are going to tell me how you shouldn’t do this type of thing. You are going to tell me how much you love your wife. How beautiful your wife is. Where is your wife now?”

I have taken his medium length fat cock out and am wanking it with my hand whilst the other hand strokes my nylon-clad legs.

“Your wife is at home. Your tubby little wife is at home watching the Saturday night television. You are getting wanked off by a long legged slut in the toilet of a nightclub. Do you think, if you only get wanked off, it means you’re not being unfaithful? Well you are wrong. You are being unfaithful to her right now. Your loving wife is at home and you are getting wanked off.”

His cock is hard as a rock. It will be soon.

My cunt aches for cock, but it will be denied.

“Look down at me. Look at my tits. Look at my cleavage. Look at my tits pulled tight together by my bra.”

He is not touching me. He is not touching himself. I am wanking his cock and pulling it closer to my mouth.

“I can make my tits feel like a cunt. I can push them together and make them feel like a cunt.”

He is fighting it, trying not to come. His face is ridden with guilt.

“You are being unfaithful to your loving wife. You will be racked with guilt. You will go home and fuck your wife but you will be thinking of me and my long legs. You will think of me everytime you ram into you wife’s fat cunt.”

My cunt aches for cock.

He is going to come, I need to time this right. I want to have all of his goo.

“You’re cum will join the cum of two others. You are going to come in the same hole as your two friends.”

I wank him harder I bring his cock so close to my lips.

I bring my other hand up and cup his balls.

I squeeze them tightly as I say, “My cunt is tighter than your wife’s.”

He goes to shoot. I quickly ram his cock into my mouth. He is coming and coming and his spunk is pumping down my throat. It feels gorgeous.

He is trying to pull away but he is still pumping beautiful sticky goo down my throat. He can’t help himself. He is trying to pull away because he loves his wife but he can’t stop pumping spunk into my slutty gob. I am fighting to keep as much of his cock in my mouth because I don’t want to miss a drop.

I am like a girl with a lollipop on a hot sticky day.

He eventually pulls away but there is still cum dribbling out of his cock. It falls straight down into my cleavage and onto my tits. One drop lands on my right tit, and the other runs down the crack in between.

He leaves quickly, stuffing his cock back into his trousers, not looking back.

Here I am. Long legs open, black tights and yellow heels.

Three men’s cum inside me.

A little cum on my tits.

Here I am.

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