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Sweat rolls from my chest and down my stomach. A drip that catches your eye as I work in your yard. Lounging there, watching my every move. I’ve noticed. Soon, I realize that you have shifted in your lounge chair. Spreading your legs. The top you’re wearing barely covering your breasts. You sip a cold drink and then placing it down on a side table, fish an ice cube from the glass and begin to run it up and down your stomach. Soon, what little there is left slides under your waistband and into your shorts. Tipping your head back a gasp emerges from your lips. You open your eyes to find me staring. My work having come to a complete stop.

Slowly making my way the 20 or so feet to where you lie, your eyes make a road map of my body. Noticing the bulge in my denim shorts, you motion for me to come closer. Without saying a word, I move to you. Picking up the glass, as if to offer it to me, you purposely spill the contents all down the front of me. Without saying a word, you kneel on your chaise and begin licking the sticky drink from my torso. Lemonade, I’m guessing. Your tongue traces circles around my nipples before nipping playfully. Running your lips down my stomach, stopping at my waistline. Looking up playfully, you reach for my zipper. But I take your wrists and gently guide you back to your chaise. Reaching down, I unbutton the two buttons that held your top together, pulling apart the material to reveal your breasts. Almost diving to my knees, I capture a nipple in my mouth, running ever smaller circles around it until there is only your pink nib. So hard I fear it may break. As my mouth covers your fleshy mound and my tongue flicks at your nipple, my hands are at work on your shorts.

Pulling the elastic waist down to reveal your mound, my fingers find your sweet wet folds of soft flesh. Running my fingertip through your wet slit elicits a moan from you. Arching your back, pressing your breast into my mouth and reaching for my arm. My fingers drive into your dripping pussy. Once, twice. A dozen times, before I remove them to yenidoğan escort taste. Slowly releasing your nipple, I bring my fingers to my lips. My tongue runs between my digits to capture every droplet of your nectar. Greedily, I begin to lick my fingers clean, but you will have no part of it. Leaning forward to trap my fingers between our mouths, your tongue entwined with mine. Tasting your pussy together. Finished, for now, I make my way down your chaise. Lifting first one leg and then the other over their respective arm rests, your beautiful pussy is now completely open to me.

Licking gently at your labia, your hands go to your breasts. Squeezing and pulling at your nipples. Twisting them between your thumb and index finger. A long low moan escapes as the tip of my tongue parts your labia, touching your aching clit for the first time. Slowly, you release your breasts and place your hands on my head. But holding me in place is unnecessary my sweet woman. I will not leave until my work here is finished. Gently flicking your clit, then running my tongue through your wet slit. Up and down. You lift your hips slightly, pressing upward with your legs on the are rests, allowing me access. And I do not stop at your pussy. My tongue travels far enough to probe just into your sweet anus, before beginning my return journey north. The lust in your eyes is unmistakable.

Returning to your soft fleshy folds, my mouth closes on you, trapping my warm breath on your clit. Licking your hard nib, I barely move my head, allowing you to control where I lick. Soon the whimpers and moans tell me that I have your spot. I begin licking faster, but not harder. Still, my touch is barely perceptible. You try to push your hips forward that I would devour all of you, but I retreat in kind each time. This is about subtlety, not haste. When you cum, it will be as an unstoppable force of nature. Not a contrivance. Slowly I work my fingers into your pussy. Two, three. Deep inside I probe, looking for my goal. It takes me little yenikent escort time to find it. Your g-spot. Your body shudders when I touch it. Your moans intensify. Your hips begin a rhythm. Similar to my pace. Matching me. I press to rub your hot spot from within, while pressing your button from outside. The combination has you writhing. Soon your breathing is forced. Your hands hold my head as though it were glass, but firmly as to not allow me to move.

The first wave of your orgasm begins in your pelvis, of course. Goosebumps race across your skin. Your hands, no longer needed to guide my seduction, reach instead for a steadying grip. My arms now encircle your upper legs, but only to hold you. My hands actually reach to gently squeeze your nipples. As the first wave overtakes you, your heels dig into my back. Trying to pull my tongue closer. My fingers deeper. Your hips buck wildly and sweat flies from your skin. Your pelvis now releases a second wave. WIth this your mouth opens wide and a scream emerges. More goosebumps race across your torso. Your beasts are now hard, your nipples digging into my hands. Your hands return to my head. This time to hold me at first, but as the next wave approaches, you push my face from you. Afraid that you will pee on me if you cum again. So torrid are the spasms. You cannot control your body at this point. The exhaustion clear on your face, but also a resignation there.

As I stand, my work complete, one hand reaches for my waist, pulling me to you. Barely able to manipulate the zipper, it is down with some effort. Reaching in to pull my thick cock from it’s confines, your eyes gaze appreciatively at the sculpted tool. Not long, by any means, but long enough. Not the largest of cocks, but nicely shaped. The precum forming at the tip glistens in the sunlight. Inches from your mouth. Your lips part as the tip of your tongue dips into the glistening dewdrop. Creating a stringed bridge as you pull back. Gobbling the dribble as your lips reach the head again. Your yenimahalle escort mouth opens and the head of my cock disappears within, bathing the head of my rod in your saliva. Tongue tracing the length now. Veins mapped and tasted. Following the shaft to my balls. Suckling each in turn as your hands grasp my ass, pulling me to you. Turning now on your chaise and sitting at attention, my cock disappears again. This time to the hilt. Your nose buried in my clean shaven pelvis while you tease the head of my cock into the back of your expert throat.

Over and over, your lips and tongue coax my cock. Gently grasping my balls and giving a squeeze, I almost explode right then. But you tease. Wanting to prolong the experience. Your lips barely caress the head of my tool. Dribbles of precum offered as reward. Looking up at me, an impish gleam in your eyes. Beads of sweat roll between your breasts. Grasping your hair and entwining it in my fingers now, I pull you to me. Eyes closing as you lean in to work my shaft in earnest. Grasping the length of my cock in one hand, your head dips underneath. Gobbling up one ball, then the other. Sucking hard into your mouth each time. Stroking my cock as you do. You can feel the spasm. You know I’m close. So very close. As your mouth returns to the head of my cock, I grasp your hair again. As the head of my throbbing member hits the back of your throat this time, there is no turning back. Clenching your hair hard and holding your head still, my balls explode deep in the back of your throat. Gagging you. Coughing and sputtering, you will not relent. Grasping my ass cheeks with both hands, you drive my cock deep into your throat. Relaxing and swallowing my cum. I spew my thick spunk again. This time dribbling out of the side of your mouth. Your moans on my shaft begging for more. Another load is my answer. Crying out loudly in my crescendo, your throat gulping my seed, I cum one last time. A smallish amount. My balls drained.

Licking and lapping up the loosed goo from the corners of your mouth, another licking of my cock head just to make sure there isn’t more. Standing now and kissing me hard on the lips, I can taste myself there. Turning gingerly, my knees unwilling to move, you grasp my hand and begin to lead me into the house. There is more. Much more to the afternoon. And we’re already sweaty…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32