Work Can Wait

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I was in the right place at the right time and was accepted into a skilled trades apprenticeship.I have the rather unique position of being the only woman in this particular trade at my plant.

I have a rather large body type for my height.I am only 5’2″, but, I am packed pretty tight, large breasts, long auburn hair and brown eyes. Not gorgeous, but pleasant to look at, bedroom eyes and a nice round ass and lips begging for a kiss, or so I’ve been told.

Even for a girl my size, there are dozens of men hitting on me every day. It is a really nice ego booster. I am rather outspoken, always have been, so I fit right in with the “guys”. I do my fair share of teasing and sexual innuendos.

I was on my 3rd summer and decided to see what it was like on 2nd shift. Well, let me tell you, the guys are so laid back! Only one supervisor and department head instead of 20 or so on day shift. So there are ALOT of things and behaviors that go unnoticed. Now for my story….

I had noticed John a few times riding up and down the aisles on his fork truck. Always smiled and said “Hi”, but that was the extent of it. I am a very open, friendly person, saying hello to all and asking how they are doing. I honestly like people and am interested and it shows, so I have many friendly aquaintances at work. Through a mutual friend, I find out that John thinks I am “one hot chick”. So when I went to his shift for the summer I decided to pursue that little tidbit of information to my benefit and his.

He drove by where I was working and invited me to have lunch with him later. He has keys to an office one of his buddies let him use to eat lunch and chill out in the air conditioning. I met him at 7 and we had a nice talk. Said he’s had the hots for me for a few years. I said why have demetevler escort you waited so long to tell me? He informed me he was rather shy when it comes to women and he never expected his friend to tell me about his “crush” on me.

Oh boy, nothing I like better than a challenge! Time to bring this man out of his shell. I told him I thought he was a very good looking man. He is about 6’4″ , close cropped brown hair, warm, sexy amber eyes and a few dimples. He is rather stocky. Nice big chest. I couldn’t wait to rub my hands across it. The friendly chats went on for a few days then I got ready to open him up to my way of thinking.

The guys I worked with took a pretty extended lunch due to the lack of supervision. So I was able to be gone for an hour without any questions. There are 2 desks with reclining office chairs and a couch for visiting vendors, etc. The office was in an unused area in the evening so this was a great opportunity I wasn’t about to waste.

I wear a pair of blue coveralls that aren’t very fashionable, but underneath I had a few surprises for him. I had on a sexy red bra, that just barely peeked out of the lowcut coveralls as I never do up the top button. And I decided not to wear any panties for the “occassion”. I walked into the office and smiled at him as he was lounging back in one of the chairs with his feet propped up on the desk.

“You know what baby?”, I said “Here we are just the 2 of us. We have stated our mutual attraction for each other and we have quite a bit of time on our hands”. He turned beet red and didn’t know what to say. So I walked over to him and took his hands and placed them on my 44D’s and reached down to plant a soft kiss on him. His hands were shaking a bit at first. I really took him dikmen escort by surprise. His eyes never left mine as I pulled him out of the chair and led him over to the couch. I had him sit down and said, “Relax baby, I have a few things I want to show you”. I slowly unbuttoned my coveralls and let them fall to the floor. He reached out to me and pulled me down to straddle his lap and started to kiss me slow and deep. He reached around and unclasped my bra. As I pulled it off, he took my breasts in his hands and started rolling my nipples around with his thumbs. That really got me going and I was leaving a rather damp spot on the front of his jeans. He slowly moved his hands down and cupped my dripping pussy. I was so hot thinking, my god I am at work, this has always been a fantasy of mine. He was becoming bolder by the minute. His hands were all over me and his breathing was getting ragged. “Baby”, he said, “I want you so bad I can’t take it”. He stood me up so he could remove his jeans.

He nudged me over to the desk, (those things are just the right height-LOL), and had me sit on it facing him. He sat in the chair directly in front of me and placed my legs around his shoulder and started to kiss the insides of my thighs. I was shuddering with anticipation. He sure wasn’t the shy man I had been talking to at this moment. He finally reached my aching pussy and slowly licked around it, then pushed his tongue inside as far as he could, over and over, then he licked around my clit and started to suck directly on it. I was bucking up and down on the desk and pinching my nipples as he brought me to my first orgasm. It really added to the intensity due to the location.

I cleared my head enough to get off the desk, kiss him deep and hard and sink to ankara escort my knees in front of him. His cock was beautiful. Long and thick, compact balls that I couldn’t wait to pop into my mouth. I stroked the lenght of his shaft a few times as I nuzzled and licked his sweet sac. He was moaning and saying how hot I was and how good it felt to have me touching him. I started licking the tip of his cock and up and down his shaft while caressing his balls. I took his balls in my hand as I started to deep throat him. Pulling them ever so gently as I went deeper. He was shaking and moaning as he shot his load down my throat.

He was still hard and wanted more and I’m not one to argue, so when he bent me over the desk and started massaging my ass and then to my pleasant surprise, spanked me a few times. That really got me going. I was telling him how fucking hot I was and how I wanted him to ram that hard cock inside me. He reached around and started tweaking my nipples and lightly biting my neck and shoulders and upper back.

He entered me slowly, just the tip, (how I love that). Then sank all the way in. My cunt muscles were clinging to that huge cock for all they were worth. He was thrusting into me and I was bucking back to match his tempo. We were both dripping with sweat and all you could hear was the slapping sound of his balls against my ass and the sweet sucking sounds of my pussy taking his cock in and out. He reached around and started to rub my clit with his thumb and I went over the edge. I just started cumming and gushing my juices all over his cock and that set him off. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting deeper and harder and I felt his cock twitch inside me and shoot his load. He seemed to cum forever. I stood up and kissed him and said “My, my, that was the best dinner I’ve had in a long time”. He kissed me and said “Better get back to work darlin’, I will definitely enjoy the pleasure of your company while your here on my shift”. After that, it was a very enjoyable summer with lots of long “lunches”. Maybe I’ll cum back next year…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32