Within the Clouds

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Violet sat upon a small clump of grass, she could feel the cool damp soaking through her pants but she didn’t mind, she captivated by the beauty that surrounded her. As she had been trekking up the mountainside she had been in awe of the cloud held captive by the mountains side, it had been a sight truly to behold. But now within the cloud was a surreal experience that she felt would never be surpassed. The dampness of the air soaking into her clothes. Little golden beams of light penetrating through the misty cloud casting dancing rainbows across the luscious green grass if they hit the crystal water just so. All about the blanket of splendid green a menagerie of multicolored flowers poked their heads swaying in the gentle breeze, dancing with the clouds of mist that draped about them like incorporeal lovers.

Violets eyes wandered from the beauty of nature that was painted before her to the man that sat beside her. His eyes were upon her. She wondered if the glint in his eye was produced by images of them rolling naked upon the grass. He leaned in, a gentle kiss upon her cheek before retreating his eyes wandering about the shrouded scenery. Her mind wandered as her eyes traced his chiseled jaw, cloaked in a five o’clock shadow that tiny droplets of glistening dew clung to, she wondered, pondered about the possibilities, begging to know what it would be like to make love whilst in a cloud.

His eyes came back to her, he could see the twinkle, the hint of desire upon her lips. He leaned in. Violet closed her eyes as he drew closer, his lips so close that she could almost feel them, her lips buzzing with anticipation. So much so that when his lips pressed against hers pleasant waves of passion ebbed throughout her body. She lifted her hand and rubbed her fingers through his hair, it was cold and wet, he wrapped his arm about her and they continued to kiss a passions kiss.

His tongue upon hers their tongues dancing a gentle waltz, her mind begged a million things but she couldn’t hear a single one, enveloped by the moment, encased by the cloud. Slowly she lay back, their lips never parting, consuming each other, drinking in the essence of one another as romantic passion took hold of their bodies.

Their hands traveled over the vastness of their bodies exploring one another, a conversation spoken in their kiss. Her heart pounding beneath her breast, she swelled at the thought of what was too be. Her lover atop her, she could feel his throbbing penis pressed against her, slowly she rhythmically rocked back and forth, every movement she could feel him throb just as her.

Her flesh tingling as she enjoyed heaven’s kiss. She could feel the muscles tightening on his back every time that he pressed against her. She eryaman escort could feel the cool fresh drops of water running from his face onto hers. She quivered with delight as his hand fell upon her breast. A gentle stimulation upon her nipple from his skilled fingers. Their lips parted, Violet wanted the kiss to last forever.

As his lips pressed against her neck his tongue flashed across her flesh, a sudden and intense burst of euphoric bliss gripped Violet’s body and she gasped as her eyes went wide with delight.

‘Oh god I love you,’ He spoke softly into her ear, his lips brushing gently against her ear as he spoke, his voice deep and soothing inciting feelings within her of loving passion. She felt his hand slide beneath her shirt, felt his fingers against her skin, felt the fire that they brought, and the goosebumps that trailed after.

‘I love your fingers,’ Violet moaned as his fingers moved up her body, slowly ascending her breast, heading for the pinnacle, tingles and goosebumps roaring through her flesh as he approached her nipple. Her breath quivered once more, a pleasures gasp as his fingers reached the summit. Pleasure rolling through her body in victorious applause of the successful climb.

He moaned a gentle moan as he lifted her shirt, exposing her breast, his lips enveloping her nipple. She moaned, the pleasure seemingly too much to bare as his tongue played upon her. She could feel the light stubble of his face against the soft supple skin of her breast. He pulled free from his prize to lift her shirt from her body, she mirrored his movements revealing the toned sculpture that lay beneath.

He sat atop her, his hands gently tracing about her stomach as he gazed lovingly into her eyes. The cloud clinging to his body, shimmering droplets slowly running down his chest, down his stomach, twinkling in the golden light, a surreal image that Violet knew would bring a contented smile to her face for many years too come. His hands moved across her stomach, upwards, she felt him cup her breasts as lowered himself downwards.

Another kiss, another slice of heaven, a moment of bliss enveloping their bodies. Passion rising. Hear heart beating harder as his lips left hers. A kiss upon her chin, a kiss upon her neck. His lips upon her flesh between her breasts. Her muscles quivered as he kissed upon her stomach. She felt his hands upon her pants. Felt the buttons coming undone, every pop of a button undone sending a surge of sensations gushing through her body.

His lips kissing her flesh just above the line of her pants as he slowly slid them from her legs. Her body writhed in passion as his tongue traced about the outline of her panties. Violet groaned, unable esat escort to form a word as his lips pressed against hers, he could taste her through her panties, she could feel his lips.

Slowly he pulled her panties free, Violet lay there, her fingers running back and forth through the soft wet grass, she could feel his lips just above hers, feel his hot deliberate breaths washing wondrously over her, teasing her. But she could not take it. She lay her hands upon his head. Her fingers entangling amongst his hair as she gently pushed his head down towards her.

‘My god,’ She gasped in amazement as his lips met against hers, his tongue flicking upon her. An explosion erupting from deep within her. Her eyes rolled as a deep powerful moan came from within her. The pleasure intensifying as he passionately kissed her. Her heart beating harder and harder, faster and faster. Back and forth she slowly rocked as his tongue devoured her.

He moaned with pleasure, just the thought of her enjoyment made him throb, his moans vibrating through her clitoris sending shots of sensuous bliss rocketing through her burning flesh. A finger slid inside of her. He could feel her wetness, she could feel herself clenching down upon him. He curled his fingers upwards.

‘Oh shit!’ she screamed as he pressed against her goddess spot, she heard her voice echo back to her through the valley below. Her back arched as he slid his fingers back and forth stimulating her in a way that she had not been for a long time. A long uncontrollable moan her bodies way of venting the intense pleasure. Simultaneously his tongue flicked against her clitoris, her body quivering as her muscles tightened. She could feel the pleasure rising, feel the intensity. She wanted it to last forever but she was unsure if she could take but a moment more.

More and more he played upon her, his lips, his tongue, his fingers, wondrously working within her. Her heart beat harder and harder beneath her heaving breasts. She gasped for air between the long uncontrolled moans. She felt herself rushing towards the line, speeding towards the nirvana. An intense urge within her arose. Her jaw locked open as she begged for more, and begged for it too end.

Suddenly the explosion tore through her, her passioned scream ringing out loudly across the land below, she cared not who heard. She felt herself clenching down tightly upon his fingers, as she came upon him, she felt her juices flowing freely into his mouth. Her muscles quivering and shuddering violently as the orgasm worked throughout her body.

Violet’s breaths were deep ones as she tried desperately to catch her breath, her head spinning from the pleasure as her lover once more lay upon her, ankara escort she could feel his throbbing penis once more pressed against her lips. Her eyes rolled as a residual wave of pleasure rolled through her body.

‘I love making you come.’ He whispered into her ear. His words sending a shiver of delight down her spine. A smile broke across her lips as she rolled him onto his back.

‘I love it when you make me come.’ Violet replied coyly as she gently kissed him. She could still feel herself throbbing, reminding her of the pleasure that she had just embraced. She kissed upon his nipple. The cool moisture of the cloud tasted divine upon his flesh. Down she moved. She felt his hard shaft against her breasts as she kissed his stomach she saw his muscles quiver slightly.

Violet wrapped her hand about the base of his penis. She felt a strong throb in response. Slowly she encased his head within her soft and gentle lips. Her tongue slowly tracing circles about it. His deep moans inciting feelings within her once more. Slowly she took more of him into her mouth, her tongue massaging his shaft. Down she moved, she felt him against the back of her throat. She let out a slight moan, causing a larger moan in her lover. Back and forth she slid upon him. Her tongue dancing upon his hard flesh.

‘Oh god I love you,’ He groaned as she slowly slid her mouth up his shaft, sucking upon him, sliding her tongue upon his flesh.

Suddenly he sat up, his hands upon her shoulders as he guided her to the ground once more, the soft wet grass catching her.

Violet’s eyes rolled once more as he slid inside of her filling her up. His shaft pressed against her spot. She groaned as he slid back and forth. Once more her heart began to beat harder and harder as he thrust against her.

‘Oh god!’ Violet exclaimed as a sudden surge roared through her body, her heart exploding as she felt the orgasm rising within her once more. Her lover’s passionate moans ringing in her ears.

‘Faster,’ She begged through pants of ecstasy as he thrust deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster.

She felt once more her body shuddering with delight as her pussy devoured him clenching down hard upon him as together they came. Their passionate cries ringing out across the valley, their bodies, their souls joining in blissful unity as they entered into heaven on earth. Coming one upon the other.

‘I love you,’ Her lover said as he gently kissed her. Violet could still feel him throbbing inside of her occasionally, she herself throbbing as the pleasure continued to ebb through her body. He lay atop her, a smile upon their faces.

Violet watched as he reached over and picked a flower that lay beside them. He held it before her face.

‘In all of God’s creation, and all it’s beauty, nothing compares to you.’ He said softly as he tucked the flower behind her ear.

‘I love you,’ Violet replied with a contented smile as she wrapped her arms around him, enjoying her bliss within the clouds.

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