What about the Fifth Generation?

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Things could get complicated with so many generations running about.

No, not ‘could get’ – better say ‘certainly are!’

Jennie stood beside her host, Edward, watching through the living room window as her grandparents’ car disappeared down the drive, headed to a two-day junket on the wild Pacific shore a hundred miles west of Seattle.

Jennie’s parents were not accompanying her – this was specifically a parent-free junket to enable her to get to know her grandparents better. So far it had worked to perfection – they formed a very compatible travel-trio. The grandparents -Darian and Jessy- were Edward’s longest-term friends -over forty years. Jennie had never met Edward in person before arriving two days ago, although she felt as if she knew him well, having been regaled for all of her twenty years with stories involving her family (various generations) and him – mostly about research cruises and the running club… mostly, that is, up until three weeks ago, when the tenor and topics had changed radically.

Edward was a fine host – certainly he had done the three of them proud as their local tour guide, taking several days off for their visit, finding for them a fine selection of Seattle’s unusual and interesting.

And for once Jennie was faced with a man fully her intellectual equal (a rarity!), one who positively reveled in hyper-fast complex repartee. She was fascinated, stoked, and after only those two very busy days, actually close to having a crush on him, the 40+ years of age differential be damned. Forty-eight hours alone with him would be lovely. For several reasons, an important one being the conversational potential. One amongst others.

She stood there in her snug short-shorts and boat-necked blouse, being physically gorgeous as well as intellectually attractive – in spades on both axes – holder of a recently-completed four-major bachelor’s (done in three years yet!), blond, blue-eyed, with perfect skin and posture, fine physical condition, a genuinely beautiful face – not merely “quite pretty”, and a very nice figure. Jennie and her mother Beata, and also Beata’s sister Caroline, were small-busted (very unlike Grandma Jessy), short (right at five feet) and somewhat broad across the beam – but attractively so. In any case, Jennie was a wonderfully-assembled package, very much appreciated by Edward – although so far appreciated in careful, neutral silence.

The car reached the end of the drive, made a left, vanished. Jennie took a deep breath, turned to face Edward: she was wearing a slightly mischievous look, saying nothing, looking like a cat with a canary in its mouth.

After some seconds, Edward finally grinned at her and said “OK, madam… what is it?”

She giggled and blushed slightly- very out of character. “Permission to speak freely?” She had picked up some of Darian’s Marine-Corps phraseology, and knew Edward shared it.

Edward nodded: “Of course. Any time, any topic. Proceed.”

Still standing, facing him squarely, she began: “I’ve been wondering for the past two days how the HELL you have been able to keep a perfectly straight face in Jessy’s presence, with her hubby Darian right here. After all, you and she…”

She paused to study the carefully-controlled expression he was putting on, smiled, and continued. “Oh, crappola, Edward, don’t look so stricken! Mom and Caroline and Grandma and I are pretty close – we really have no secrets. And I do mean NONE! Which has made for some interesting conversations.”

She held him in her gaze: “I know you and Grandma Jessy had an affair – and that it was both intense and short-lived. Also a long time ago. And I also know that you fucked both my mother and auntie Caroline when they were pretty young – they’ve all told me that themselves. So don’t bother to apologize or pretend, please. Plus there are rumors, pretty tangled and unclear, about you being involved with even earlier generations of my family.”

She paused, waited.

He studied her face: open, honest curiosity, nothing negative on view. After a second’s silence, he shrugged: “So – I’ll make no excuses because I think none are needed – but I will take the opportunity right up front to point out that you come from a long line of extremely attractive, personable, and highly-sexed women. All of whom I have found very attractive and some of whom occasionally found me likewise under circumstances where an appropriate response was feasible. I doubt there are any active regrets floating about.”

He stopped, grinned briefly at her, then asked “So, M’Lady, is there an actual question in here somewhere for me?”

She nodded at him, went somewhat serious. “I am a VERY curious person, Ed- you should have figured that out by now. Would it be rude of me to ask for a complete rundown of you and the women in my family? Sexual rundown, I mean, specifically. I’m super-curious, have been for years, and who knows, this might be my only chance to ever find things out for sure. But I’d like it to be as accurate as possible – no male braggadocio, and no hiding demetevler escort either. There is no question about my feelings or sensibilities being hurt, no matter what. I just want the facts, the data. Please!? Frankly, the curiosity is just about killing me!”

He thought for a second, then said “What the hell, why not? True confessions time. But first, tell me please – what triggered the request? It didn’t just materialize out of hyperspace on its own initiative!”

“Ok, fair enough” replied Jeannie. “Here’s MY little story. I and Mom and Grandma Marina and aunt Caroline have always been close, and pretty free in our discussions of almost everything. Three weeks ago when Mom and Caroline and I got together with Darian and Jessy at their place to plan this trip, the next-door neighbors had just put in a new hot-tub. But they were going to be gone for a few days, and said we were free to use it. Good go exercise the machinery, I think.”

“So we four women declared a girls’ tub-night, trotted over to the tub in the dark, stripped down and hopped in. Complete with a couple bottles of good wine, of course. Lots of girl-talk, but the evening’s central topic evolved – or devolved – as it usually does – to sex. Successes, failures, adventures, needs, wants – all that stuff. Stuff we women seem to find it easy to discuss with one another – also something men just seem to be unable to discuss either amongst themselves or God Forbid with women! We did a lot of female bragging, complaining, dreaming. As I said, girl talk.”

“Anyhow, the discussion really did get heavy-duty sexual – with me being very much the junior trooper, of course. So – after a few minutes and lots of increasingly open innuendoes and references, it became clear that the other three in the tub had shared someone – some male sexual partner. And it was equally clear that they had all had a VERY good time with him.”

She paused to study Ed’s face again: he was now bright pink.

She grinned, said “Yup! I believe you got it! Oddly enough, the name “Edward” began to come up, and it just KEPT ON coming up. So of course I blurted out the obvious questions – was the Edward in question (a) the same for everyone and (b) the one I had heard so much about, although never in quite this context?”

Jennie giggled again: “Actually it was MOM who answered – and she just said “That would be a loud YES to both questions.”

I guess I goggled, because Mom waited, then said “The connection, dear, goes much farther back than what’s in this tub – at least, so we all believe.” I just stared at them: I couldn’t really get my head around my mother, her sister, and my GRANDMOTHER all having shared a man! Or at least, all having had sex with the same man at various times, if that can be considered ‘sharing’. And what the HELL was “farther back” supposed to mean? It had to mean GREAT-grandmother, didn’t it? At the very least!”

“Wowie-kazowie. So there we were, just our heads out of the water, three ‘sharers’ and one outcast, face to faces, a sort of standoff. I stared at them, they stared back, until Grandma took the initiative: she turned on the underwater lights and said to me ‘Stand up for a moment, Dear!’

“Why?” I asked. She just smiled and told me, ‘You’ll find out! Stand up!’ The other two seemed to know what was going on, and seconded the motion. So I stood – the water was about mid-thigh deep and the underwater lights lit up my whole front pretty well.

Grandma laughed – she was clearly amused – and said ‘Well, ladies, obviously the youngest amongst us has never met our Edward. Which is really, truly, for her sake just too darned bad!!’

“The others chimed in, agreeing, and I was completely flummoxed.

“What is it?” I demanded to know.

Then, like it was choreographed, the other three stood up all at once, facing me. It took a second for the penny to drop: all three were perfectly shaved – their pussies I mean. And there I stood, with my big brillo-pad of blond pubic hair. Talk about ‘odd-man-out’!

And the penny DID drop – I’m not terminally stupid. My mind went “ZINGO!” and I asked “Really? Did EDWARD shave all three of you? And you still do it today?”

Part of the penny dropping was that I finally consciously realized that both Mom and her sister Caroline were shaved and had been all my life. I’d never even seen the dots, much less connected them. Even less had I connected all those female dots to the single XY dot named Edward.”

“And I had had no idea whatsoever about Great-Grandma -she died before I was born- and any possible Edwardian connection on her part – I’d just known that she’d had LOTS of lovers… a sexually free-thinking lady who acted on her convictions.”

“Caroline it was who finally nodded and carried on. ‘He’s got a couple of things he especially likes about women’s bodies – what he calls “IttyBittyTitties”, and shaved pussies.’ She looked at Mom’s and Grandma’s big, solid tits – I have wondered where we small-titted women in the family get that small dikmen escort gene from – and said ‘Of course, he is anything but RESTRICTIVE- quite catholic in his tastes – IttyBitties are just his strong preference. Probably has something to do with his early sexual experiences or something. ‘So…’ said Caroline, you and I and your Mom fit right into his matrix. Three sets of IttyBitties. Plus the two Gonzo sets. At any rate, believe me, Mister Ed would have that patch of yours going, going, GONE in very short order. He’s a fine barber, he is! Not to mention persuasive. Like Grandma said, it’s obvious you’ve not yet encountered him up close and personal – there’s the evidence!”

She laughed, and finished up by saying “That’s really too bad for you. If you ever get the chance, by all means take it! He’s a lot older now than when we dealt with him, but I’ll just bet you that hasn’t slowed him down one bit.”

Jennie paused after her long soliloquy, and chuckled wryly in amazement: “Imagine that, Edward… my own MOTHER – and her sister, my aunt – both of them together, recommending their former lover to me! Whizzo!”

She continued after a moment – “Then Caroline volunteered, ‘They’re absolutely right!’ Man and boy, Edward, you really got one hell of a vote of confidence! And then Caroline went right on: ‘We girls, the Mister Ed club if you will, have compared notes over the years. We all agree that he has two serious sexual specialties… he’s good at everything we ever tried with him, but he really truly loves eating pussy, and doing anal. That mouth of his ought to be declared a national treasure. Hells bells – make that INTERnational! And the orgasms that go with his approach to a lady’s bottom, well, jeez.”

She looked at the others and said “Right girls?” and they both nodded.

“Edward, I felt like such a NOVICE, the uninitiated junior-most member of this screwball in-family club!”

“So…” Jennie finished, “…is that enough explanation for you? Surely you can understand my curiosity! But now it’s your turn to talk!”

Edward nodded, motioned her to a chair beside him at the huge, 4×12 foot solid-maple dining table he’d built. He brought over the coffeepot and fixings – she loved the way he made coffee – which he blamed entirely on being in Seattle. They took a minute getting their own mixtures correct.

“OK,” he began, “…how about I just take it from the top, work from the earliest events up to the present? A sort of stream of consciousness history. Let me ramble, and then you can ask questions later. I’ll be as honest and accurate as possible. Okay?”

She nodded, picked up her coffee and settled back to listen.

“This may go back farther than you think, so don’t be surprised. I met your grandparents, Darian and Jessy, back when I was just 27, with a brand-new PhD in hand. Your Mom was about 2, your aunt Caroline had just been born.”

“Darian and I met during my first day at grad school. We got along – the shared ‘Marine Corps thing’, partly – and he invited me to come over to the house on Saturday for a visit, since I knew exactly nobody else locally and had nothing special to do. Very hospitable. When I got there, the whole extended family was present – including your great-great grandma and your great-grandma.”

Darian was busy doing minor home-maintenance, and I pitched in and helped–- did a bunch of little stuff, electricity, carpentry, plumbing. Your great-great grandma, April, was impressed, and by lunchtime she was flirting outrageously with me and I was loving it – we thought our two ages – 72 and 27, pretty amusing with their reversed digits.”

“She was a VERY well-preserved 72, Jeannie – it’s really too bad you never met her, a fine role model in lots of ways. And she had a solid well-deserved reputation not only for flirting but for following up on it. She had been widowed about ten years earlier, loved sex, and felt totally free to indulge herself – which she did.”

“By mid-afternoon, she had invited me over to her condo next day, supposedly to help her consider some maintenance items like those I’d been working on that day at the house. She and her daughter Marina, your great grandma, had bought individual condos in the same complex a mile or two from the house. Marina was single, too – via divorce- and somewhere in her early fifties… your family has a VERY short generation time, you know!”

Jeannie nodded, sipped her coffee, waited. Edward returned to his narrative. “Anyhow, your twice-great grand mom and I hit it off amazingly well, sexually. We were in bed within, oh, about fifteen minutes of my arrival at her place. Maybe ten. Maybe as little as five. I’m not sure, and I guess it doesn’t matter.” He paused, raised an eyebrow in her direction, then asked “Gory details as well as the basic facts?”

She shrugged, told him “I think so, if that’s ok with you. It’ll make things more believable. I’m still having a problem with the whole damn business… in some ways it’s a genuinely neat story, in others its seriously ankara escort perverse… not perverTED, just perverse. So go ahead, please!”

“Okay, then. Your twice-great April was perhaps the most talented mouth-woman I’ve ever met, for both kissing and fellatio. It’s incredibly difficult to make me come orally, but she could do it pretty much at will. Never met her equal at that!”

“Any rate, we had a regular thing going, great sex and lots of it, for a couple of months, and then one day I got this phone call from your ONCE-great, Marina, the divorcee. Man, was she ever up front! She said that April – her MOM!- had been bragging incessantly about our “sex-capades”, and Marina wondered -and asked, straight out – whether there might be room for herself in my sex life.”

Jennie stared: “She just came right out and ASKED?”

Edward nodded: “She was a frank one, that woman! Now, Jeannie, your ONCE-great, Marina, was a younger and even more energetic clone of your TWICE-great. Marina’s special turn-on was strong anal, and I learned a lot from her. Lots. We were a very enthusiastic and active couple, we were.”

“Operationally, the scene got a bit complex – I would alternate visits to the two ladies. Marina kept April in the dark for a while, but then one afternoon when I was in bed with Marina – actually on top and pounding away- the bedroom door opened and there was APRIL, in an honest-to-god flasher’s trench-coat. Marina and I stared at her for a second, not knowing what to do. April just laughed at us, threw off the coat – she was naked underneath. She mimicked our expressions, and said something like “Surely we could all have fun together, wouldn’t that be a lot nicer than having to sneak around pretending and keeping secrets that really aren’t so secret, and could she please, pretty please join us in that big bed right now!?”

“Jeannie, our little three-way worked quite nicely – no jealousy, and I was able to at least keep up with their needs reasonably well by overworking my mouth and cock and fingers. That first ménage-a-trois was also the first time I ever shaved a woman, although I’d been shaving my own pubes for years. I did both ladies, together, side by side.”

“Anyhow, that arrangement went on until each of them found someone else more ‘attachable’ and more nearly the ladies’ own ages. But we never had any sort of falling-out, just a gradual retreat.”

“And then there was your grandmom, Jessy – probably the most strait-laced of all the family women. I always thought she was incredibly attractive, but no way in hell was I going to approach her, not and take a chance of spoiling either the lovely friendship I had with both Jessy and Darian, or their fine marriage. But she and I did notice and occasionally comment upon our high level of mutual attraction.”

“Then, once, when Darian was away for a couple of weeks’ work out of state, she and I hosted the club’s run. It was midsummer, hot and muggy – after cleaning up post-run, and reloading all the club junk into the van, she finally decided to change out of her running tee-shirt and bra, which were seriously soaked with sweat.”

“I said something about how it was too bad we weren’t TRULY good friends, that if we were, I could help her – she asked how – I said by taking off her shirt and bra using only my mouth.”

“She dared me to prove I could do it… and I’ve always wondered just where THAT came from – somewhere deep inside, you betcha! Which I proceeded to do, right there in the open, in the dark, beside the truck. We spent an extra hour locked in the back of the van, fucked ourselves silly, gave her her very first anal session ever – with orgasms, yet. And we never had another tryst. Of any sort. Ever. We never figured out exactly what triggered it that one time, but agreed it simply couldn’t be repeated, so we’ve maintained straight, innocent faces ever since. Darian doesn’t have a clue, and never will. Jessy, I believe, has never strayed before or since – maybe she just needed a fling to be complete, to prove something to herself. I don’t know. But she sure was both good, and fun!”

“Then came the sisters, that is, your mother and your aunt – not simultaneously, but pretty close together. At about age 18 or so, Beata developed a crush on me – I could see it, she was very VERY pretty and actively flirting, just like twice-great Grandmom. But I didn’t let myself respond, and thought I’d successfully squelched it. Wrong!”

“I volunteered to help her with her math. She stopped by my office next day – the office was in the bottom floor of an almost-unused old visiting professor’s cabin on the cliff over the ocean. When she arrived dressed in no bra, nearly transparent shortie blouse, sandals and the shortest shorts in the world, I had an inkling.”

“Her first question was “Are we really truly ALONE here?”

I reassured her, pulled down the blind and locked the door, and within five minutes we were fucking madly away in the leather recliner. She wasn’t virginal – had already fucked a couple of times and wasn’t particularly happy with the results. I believe we stayed there for about three hours, and I was quite proud of us – we managed at least one orgasm in each opening, and destroyed her oral and anal virginities… oral both directions. She turned into the very best butt-fucker ever.”

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