Weird How Natural This Was Pt. 02

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I woke up to the sound of running water. I reached over to the other side of the bed and no Tricia. So I turned on my left side and looked into the bathroom with half-opened eyes. There was totally naked Tricia, running water in the basin, getting it warm so she could soak a wash cloth in it.

“Is it morning already?” I asked in my somewhat mumbled voice.

“No, sorry, didn’t mean to wake you” she whispered. “I just wanted to use the restroom so I decided to freshen up at the same time.”

After she twisted the excess water out of the wash cloth she ran it lightly over her face and breasts and started to rinse it out again.

“Do me a favor?” I said.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Face me as you clean up.”


“Because I want to watch you wipe off your pussy. For some reason it turns me on to watch a woman spread her legs and wipe off her pussy,” I said.

“You are such a pervert. Ok, get a good look,” she said teasingly.

With that she turned to face me, spread her legs a bit in her stance and started wiping her bush and her pussy off, slowly and thoroughly, back a forth a few times. Just for my entertainment she rubbed her pussy a few times just like she was masturbating. Then she smiled at me and rinsed the cloth out again and came towards the bed.

Tricia came over to me, gave me a simple light kiss, the pulled the covers back to expose my cock and balls.

“This should make you feel better, too.” she said and she began using the warm wash cloth to clean up the dried up juices off me, freshening me up as well.

When she was done, she returned the wash cloth back to the sink and turned around to come back to bed.

“I have an idea,” she said walking back to the bed. When she got to me, she pulled the covers all the way off me, and then climbed on top of me in a 69 position.

“I think I need to suck you for a bit before going back to sleep,” she said. And then she slid her mouth over my cock.

“Fuck, I like the way you think,” I said. “Get your pussy down lower on my face baby” and I began feather kissing her pussy lips before giving her a couple of long licks.

Tricia hummed lightly with her approval but never took her mouth off my cock, rising and lowering back on it as I could see by looking at her between our bodies.

“Hmmm, I think I can taste a bit of my cum in you,” I said.

She giggled lightly. “I only cleaned up the outside baby so that is entirely possible.”

As we continued to pleasure each other, I pulled her ass cheeks apart and gently started rubbing my index finger of my right hand around her asshole. She wriggled a little but did not pull away. So I continued to play a bit.

“Two can play at that game, mister,” she said playfully. With that she took her right hand off my cock, and started to massage my balls lightly. After only about a minute of this she licked her right index finger, rubbed it on the outside of my asshole and inserted it to the first knuckle.

“Oh yeah,” I said.

Her mouth kept slowly sliding up and down my cock, pausing every few strokes to use her tongue to lick around the head of my cock before sliding down on it again all the way to my balls.

I took my index finger and lathered it up with saliva and then put it back to the entrance to her ass, slowly sliding it in until it was halfway in and then stopped.

“Should I get some lube baby or are you OK?” I asked.

“I’m good,” she said. With that I started sliding my finger in and out of her, butt fucking her ass with my finger. As I got back to licking her pussy, I noticed it was noticeably wetter now and her lips started to güvenilir bahis swell like a butterfly. The look of her pussy turned me on even more, so pretty!

Noticing I was finger fucking her ass, Tricia started doing the same to me, each time sling just a little more of her finger in until she had inserted the entire thing in me.

For the next few minutes the only sound in the room was a periodic moan or grown or hum. Both of us were totally focused on pleasing the other, but I was losing the battle of who would come first.

“Baby, I’m not going to last much longer,” I said.

Tricia didn’t say anything right away, she just starting sucking on my cock faster and buried her finger totally up my ass and left it there—no more in and out motion.

“Fill my mouth, baby,” she said. “Cum for me now!”

I was losing concentration on everything except the sucking action on my dick. Like her, I buried my finger in her ass and simply rubbed my nose back and forth across her pussy lips. I could not even concentrate well enough to keep licking.

Tricia then used her left hand to squeeze my thigh. I don’t know how she knew this but I love a woman who plays with my thighs. That was the trigger that started the flow of cum.

“Here I cum, here I cum!” I told her, just in case she wanted to pull off.

But she did just the opposite. As soon as the first shot of cum came out of my cock, she buried her mouth on it down to the root and just started sucking it out of me.

Well the natural guy reaction is to thrust their hips up to meet their partner’s mouth and I was no different. I did avoid putting my hands on her head to hold her on my cock as to me that is not a cool move unless you know your partner is in to that.

But there was really no need, as she kept me engulfed in her mouth and used that left hand on my thigh to control my thrusting.

“Mmmm, mmmmm,” was all she said as shot after shot of cum ended up in her mouth.

After the last shot was delivered and my cock started to shrink back down, she pulled off to catch her breath.

“You taste good, baby,” she whispered and then resumed licking my cock and balls, cleaning me up. She took her finger out of my ass and then just lightly massaged my balls with her right hand for a few minutes.

I took my finger out of her ass and just lay there, trying to catch my breath.

After we both recovered a bit, Tricia climbed off me and grabbed the wash cloth again. She came back and wiped both her finger and mine off.

“That’s better,” she said.

She tossed the wash cloth on to the floor and climbed back in to bed next to me, After a nice French kiss, rolled over on to her side again and moved her naked ass back up to my crotch so we could spoon as we had done before.

“That was really nice,” she said. “Now get some rest. It will be time for breakfast in a couple of hours.”

I once again cuddled up to that cute round ass, making sure my cock rested right in the middle of her ass cheeks. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close and gave her a light kiss on the neck. She let out a quiet sigh and we both drifted off to sleep.

Being a morning person, I woke up first. Tricia was fast asleep and lightly snoring. I went into my closet and got my robe to lay on the bed next to her. It was going to be far too big for her but it would at least provide her with a cozy cover up so she could join me in the kitchen when she woke up if she wanted.

I went out to the kitchen and got the coffee maker going. I never bought one of the single serving versions as I usually go through a 10 cup carafe on Sunday mornings, so türkçe bahis it would be more of an annoyance than a convenience.

I rummaged through the refrigerator and found a role of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls that didn’t look too old so I popped open that package and got a pan of those working in the oven. Didn’t take long to have the smell of both the rolls and the coffee filling the kitchen. I figured it wouldn’t be long before those smells made it back into the bedroom and got Tricia up and moving.

Sure enough here she came around the corner in my robe, dragging a bit on the floor and lightly tied at the waist.

“I smelled the coffee and just had to come get some. Do you have breakfast rolls in the oven too?” With that she came over to me and gave me a light kiss before grabbing the empty cup I had set out for her and started filling it.

“We’ve got about 4 minutes to go and they will be done. Do you like yours with or without the packaged frosting?”

“Light frosting on mine please, I don’t like too much sugar first thing plus I want to taste the cinnamon.”

As Tricia sipped her coffee, she walked over to the kitchen window and opened it about a third of the way to let the cool morning air in. I liked that. She was making herself a bit more comfortable in this environment, which made me more comfortable around her.

As she stood in front of the window looking at the back yard, I remembered she probably was naked under that robe. Or was she?

I walked up behind her and put my hand in the front of her robe on her stomach and then brought it around back to her naked ass, gently massaging her right ass cheek.

“I left my panties in the bedroom just in case you wanted to play a bit,” she said.

“Good call,” I said. “Do you have things to do today?”

“My morning is free but I do need to go by my place this afternoon for a bit. Did you have something in mind?”

“Well I thought we could clean up a bit and I would take you out for a real breakfast somewhere. Then maybe we could go do some window shopping at the mall for a while.”

“Do you need something in particular?” she asked.

“Nothing today but I do want to look at the ties at Anthony’s. Mine are a bit dated for my suits and I need to see what is in fashion. Plus I need to check out how outrageously they are priced today. Always good to avoid sticker shock of any kind. And we might find some lounge gear more appropriate for you instead of that old raggedly robe of mine you’re wearing.”

“I like your robe,” she said. “It smells like you.”

Just then the timer went off and I disengaged from her to pull the rolls out of the oven and put the pan on the hot pad. As they were cooling and I was prepping the frosting, Tricia came up behind me and pressed her body against me. It was obvious she had opened the robe as I could feel her bare nipples and chest against my back, something that has always been a turn on for me.

Holding her coffee cup in her left hand she casually moved her right hand across my stomach and down into my gym shorts until she had my cock in her hand, which was already half erect from me playing with her ass a minute ago.

“If you keep distracting me like that, I can’t promise where the frosting is going to end up,” I said.

I looked at her face, her eyes were close and she had a cheeky little grin on. She set her coffee cup on the counter and then pulled me a quarter of the way around to the right so I was facing her a bit more. Then she pulled the waist band of my shorts down enough to pull my cock out. She ran her mouth up and down my cock about 3 times and then pulled off, placing güvenilir bahis siteleri my hard dick in my shorts once again.

Tricia looked back at me with that same grin back on her face, grabbed her coffee cup and asked, “Do you need a refill?”

“Oh you are such a tease” I told her. I handed her my cup and went about finishing the icing of the rolls. The girl is sexy and just the right amount of spunky, I thought to myself. This might go on for more than just a few days if I was lucky.

As we sat at the breakfast table with our rolls and coffee, enjoying the cool and quiet of the morning, I glanced at Tricia to check the expression on her face. It was just relaxed and maybe a bit pensive.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing. I was just enjoying the view and thinking about last night.” With that I turned my gaze down the front of the robe to see if I could get a glimpse of her tits. She had such great nipples. The robe was open enough for me to see the swell of her breasts but not the nipples.

Tricia noticed my look and with her left hand undid the belt around the robe so that it was able to open wide and I could get not only a full view of her breasts but her legs as well.

She then grabbed my left hand and put it on her naked leg, two thirds of the way up her right thigh.

As she returned to her roll and coffee, she looked at me and said, “I like having your hands on me.”

I started to gently caress her thigh, gradually moving it higher and higher each time until I was close to her bush. Tricia turned slightly to me in her chair and spread her legs apart so I could get easier access without a word being said between the two of us. Once I reached her bush, I was just content to play with the hair and massage her.

“So did you have a favorite part about last night?” I asked her.

“I liked all of it,” she said. “What was your favorite part?”

” The blowjob was out of this world but I really liked fucking you doggy, that’s always been my favorite. And the fact you let me cum inside you was fantastic. But I think the topper was your willingness to talk dirty at just the right time, which really kept me mentally into the moment and made it really pleasurable for me”.

I paused for a moment and then said, “And every man loves to be told they can have their lover any way they want, those few words just go straight to our dicks and make them even harder.”

At this point Tricia giggled a little bit. She was obviously appreciating the honesty. Now I had my radar up a bit to see if she was into me or playing me because she knew what men liked and was working a plan. After a little more conversation, I realized I had nothing to worry about.

“Well, I enjoyed doggy also, it is one of my favorites too. But the little seduction around the candles was kind of nice, too, added a little touch of romance to the night.”

She took a sip of her coffee.

“Plus,” she said, “I was serious when I said you could have me any way you wanted. I was a little surprised you didn’t try to fuck me in the ass but was also glad you held off that first time. We need to have a session or two to really get comfortable with each other before we try that I think. But it is definitely on the table for you when you want it.”

We reached in and gave each other a few short kisses. She reached over and gave my cock a few short strokes and squeezes, then stood up.

“I need to go get a real shower and you do too. Then I will take you up on that breakfast offer because somehow I have really worked up an appetite. You can shower after me. If you join me we will never get the day started,” she giggled.

She put her dishes on the counter and off she went to the shower in the master bath. As she walked away, she dropper her robe so I could enjoy the view of her naked ass. This girl really was starting to grow on me.

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