Warrior Lovers

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The battlefield, a once beautiful meadow at the edge of a wooded glade, was spattered with blood. The clashing of swords and the screams of the wounded rang like a devilish symphony as the two equally skilled opponents exchanged blows and parries with their short swords.

He watched his enemy with squinted eyes as the masked woman met every thrust with her own dagger. His dagger had caught her coat more than once, and its slitted skirt sprayed blood as she spun around to meet his charge with her own. Her girdle, a wide leather belt that hung above her hips, jangled as she moved, and despite the scene of horror, aroused him. Her eyes were huge with anger and fear, a deep brown, and bored into his, both locking eyes with the other.

Back and forth they pushed each other, until he had her in the glade, at a disadvantage, he thought. Her back was to a tree, and he rushed forward to disarm her, but her booted leg caught his knee and he stumbled, falling into her. Still equally matched, both held each other’s dagger arm tightly. Eyes on hers, he pressed against her, his body searching hers for a weakness, as hers did his. Her leg moved between his thighs and he gasped.

Sensing his weakness, she thrust herself away from the tree, but he pressed her back. Their eyes met again and suddenly all sound and smell disappeared and all he could see were those eyes, softer now, he swore, and her lips, canlı bahis full and open. Knowing he was insane, he held her dagger arm at length and pressed his mouth to hers, forcing his tongue into her open mouth, biting her lips, as she returned the savage kiss, her tongue forcing into his mouth, exploring the roof of his mouth, his teeth, sucking his tongue between her lips.

His spurs clanged together as he pressed himself into her, dropping his dagger, lifting her leather skirt to search beneath. He didn’t even care if he died in that instant, he was in ecstasy, smelling her sweat, her blood, tasting her hot mouth. Her dagger fell as she guided his hand beneath her skirt, pulling her fabric undergarment clear, then tearing at his leather pants while his hand reached into her body and pleasured her, the hot damp mossy cave pulling his fingers in and the unique female anatomy his to explore.

She found his stiff weapon and then it was her turn to gasp. Her wide eyes widened further as she grasped it, her small calloused hand wrapping around it and pulling it to her body. He put his own hands over hers and guided it into her cave, and then another, more intimate battle began, and he pumped into her, harder than he’d ever used a woman before, her quiet gasps and moans feeding his passion even more. He thrust her so hard, her entire body shook as she slammed into the tree, but her hands were bahis siteleri beneath his own clothing, urging him on, alternately squeezing him and forcing him further into her.

The battle around them disappeared as he slammed her over and over, his hot gravy maker thrusting into her as hard and deep as he could, her hands moving around to cradle his balls, tickling them as they bounced and danced in her hands. He could take it no more and he withdrew and threw her to the ground, leaping onto her like a bull after a cow in season. Sweat dripped from his face onto hers and the hunger in her drooping eyes met the hunger in his own. He again thrust into her, slamming her into the ground this time, as she rose up to meet him. Her fists slammed his back, her mouth reached for his as he felt her squeeze him with every gush of passion that she released, each one accompanied by a small shriek of pleasure. Just before he spent his hot juice deep into her, he leapt from her and moved his mouth to her darkest recess, into her woman cave. She shook with pleasure, her body thrashing as he held her in place while he licked every drop of her. Finally, he forced his shaft back into her, and again rocked with pleasure as he used her harder than he’d ever used a woman, his head thrown back, great animal noises coming from them both.

As he released, he pushed himself so deep into her he thought she would split bahis şirketleri in two, but again, she met his savagery with her own, forcing herself up to meet his thrust, taking every drop of him deep into her, moaning and gasping in pleasure.

He fell on her, exhausted, but she pushed him off, and he felt for his dagger, fearful of what she would do, but she put her mouth on his exhausted cock and began to slowly fuck him with her mouth, an experience he had only heard of and never experienced.

It was his turn to thrash on the ground as she had her way with his cock, with his balls, pulling away his undergarments and releasing his steaming flesh. She placed his cock and balls in her mouth at once and he screamed in ecstasy, praying for release, but she had none of it. Just as he was about to spurt, she grasped him tightly and once more guided his hot shaft into her, sitting on him as he sat his horse, bouncing up and down, slapping him gently in the face as he tried to control her movement.

At last he could take no more and he released, hot fluid once more filling her to overflowing.

She fell onto him, exhausted, and he drank from her sweet mouth, holding her by the hair, wanting to force himself inside her in any way he could. At last, both sated from the ordeal, they sat up.

In the dusk, the battlefield was quiet, abandoned horses whinnying from the meadow. Bodies were strewn about, but silent. They were the only humans in the woods, and they no longer had the strength to move. She lay back next to him, his arm about her, her hands stroking his face as they fell asleep, enemies no longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32