Waking Her Up with an Orgasm

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I just got home from working at the office, I entered my bedroom and my girl was laying on the bed, she was covered by the white linen sheet. I lightly held the linen up to see what see was wearing, she was in her red lace underwear, I could see her hardened nipples through her bra, my thoughts automatically went to places, I wouldn’t dare speak of. I am not one to ignore my deepest desires, so I took off her bra and her panties, all while she was still sleeping. I lightly brushed my finger on her pussy and to my surprise she was wet, she must have been having a dirty dream. It better have been about me! I slowly inserted my finger up her pussy, which woke her up, she started moaning softly while I gently fingered her, but she kept her eyes closed. She spread her legs wide, letting me know she wanted more. I layed in between her legs and started licking her clit all while still fingering her pussy, now with two of my fingers. I wanted nothing more than to make her cum, her moans mobilbahis güvenilir mi where getting a little louder, so I started fingering her deeper and faster, I could feel her legs quivering and her hips were turning slowly from side to side. She was moaning loudly when she said:

– I’m so close baby.

I was now licking her clit as fast as I could all while fucking my fingers deep inside her.

-Mmmhmm, baby I’m gonna cum.

– Yes baby, cum for me.

– ahhh, I’m cumming, yes, yes, I’m cumming.

Of course she did, but she also knew her night wouldn’t end here.

I kept fingering her and reached in my bed side table to get her favourite vibrator, it was small but it did the job, I turned it on to the highest setting and pressed it on her clit. She immediately let out a big moan.

-Ahh mmhm

My dick was so hard, but I wanted to make her cum one more time before fucking her. I loved fucking her after she had cum a mobilbahis couple times, I loved fucking a wet, messed up pussy.

I spread her pussy lips wide with my two fingers and pressed the vibrator directly on her clit a little harder. I could tell she was close to cumming again. She was breathing fast and twisting her hips around.

-Mhmmmmmm, babyyyy. You’re gonna make me cum again already!

– Yes, cum for me baby.

-Ahhhhhh, I’m cumming again baby.

I took my fingers out from her pussy and took the vibrator off her clit. I gave her pussy a good slap, which made her let out a little scream. I slap her pussy again a little harder, I loved the sound it made when my hand hit her wet pussy.


I flipped her around on the bed and slapped her ass hard.


I took my dick out and started fucking her pussy. She was so wet, my dick slid right in. I was fucking her so hard she could even keep herself up. She was laying mobilbahis giriş flat on the bed while I fucked her pussy deep and hard. Her pussy was tight and my dick was really big and wide I was spreading her so good.

– ohh baby, ahhh!

-I know, I’m fucking you so good aren’t I, baby.

I wanted her to cum on my dick, I wanted to feel her pussy clenching my dick. I reached for the vibrator and slid it under her right on her clit. She was moaning loudly and so was I.

– Ahhhh baby!

-I want you to cum on my dick.

– Yesss baby.

I was fucking her so deep and so hard and that vibrator was about to make her cum any second, I knew that would drive me over the edge.

– Baby, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. Yes baby, I’m cumming. AAHHH!

I could feel her pussy clenching my dick, and that was about to make me cum, I was gonna cum deep inside her.

I was fucking her so hard, I was holding her face flat down on the bed, but I could still hear her screaming for me to cum.

-Baby please cum, I can’t take it anymore baby. Baby I need you to cum in my pussy.

I was so close, I fucked her even faster and I shot my load deep inside her pussy. When I finally got off of her, she was catching her breath and so was I.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32