Vacation in Paradise Beach

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Stirring myself awake after a long and exhausting trip overseas I notice the beautiful coast of Greece laid out before my eyes as we get set to land. Sitting upright as the seatbelt sign comes on and adjusting my suit, I sit in awe of the crystal waters below.

After a smooth landing and a quick rustle to head off the plane I head off to collect my luggage. Waiting patiently as everyone else picks up his or her belongings I begin to think the worse. ‘They’ve lost it, were else could it be!’ I muddle through my thoughts. Anger building inside as my time on the island is being wasted I finally give up and head to the service desk for Air Canada.

“Excuse me?” I ask politely, knowing it isn’t this young woman’s fault.

“I was wondering if you could help locate my luggage?”

“Of course, I will see what I can do, can you give me your ticket so I can cross reference the tags?” she asks with a slight Grecian accent.

“By the looks of it your luggage will be arriving on the 7:15 plane, it inadvertently was placed on the flight after yours.” She replied apologetically.

“Great, just great, this warm Mediterranean climate and I’m stuck in a business suit until I come back to pick up my luggage!” I begin to steam.

“Miss, I know it isn’t much of a consolation but we can have your luggage delivered to your motel if you leave the name with us.” She states as she gathers the forms needed to write the information on.

“Petinos Beach Hotel on the Plati Yialos Beach, I don’t have the address with me, is there anyway you can look it up for me?” I ask hoping for the best.

After a few minutes on her computer screen Effie the counter lady had all the information she needed to send my luggage when it arrived. Thanking her for all her help, I head out to find a cab to my motel.

Standing under the over hang of the terminal the sun’s heat penetrating my business suit, ‘what am I going to do in this get up all day?’ I think to myself as I see a black sedan pull up in front of me. Watching as the handsome driver heads my way and asks if I will need transportation to my motel.

“Yes thank you, the Petinos Beach Hotel please.” I reply as he opens the rear door inviting me in. Getting myself situated I happen to look out at the terminal doors to see a fair-haired man, dressed in khaki slacks and a navy suit coat. ‘Wow, now there’s something to look at!’ I couldn’t help but think. Now if only I could meet up with him sometime in the next twelve days, it would make this trip all worthwhile. Pulling away as my handsome stranger is handed the keys to his rental car. We head off to my hotel.

After a twenty-minute drive Ethan the driver, pulls into the circular drive of the Petinos Beach Hotel. The epitome of Grecian culture, white stucco walls, glass less windows, and tile as far as the eye can see. While sitting and enveloping myself in the beauty, I didn’t notice Ethan holding the door open for me.

“Miss, may I help you out?” He asked wondering what was wrong.

“Oh, no, its okay I was just day dreaming I think, I’ll be fine.” Paying him handsomely, I turned to head into the large courtyard made of bright blue tile.

Stopping abruptly when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the same fair hair stepping out of the same navy BMW I saw at the airport.

“Oh my gawd, it can’t be!” I blurted aloud, enough to catch his attention.

“Excuse me?” he asks wondering if I was speaking to him.

With an embarrassed look on my face I’m sure, I replied “ I was just noticing your car, very nice if I do say so myself.”

Laughing more to himself then aloud my handsome gentleman answered with “ It’s a rental.”

Walking towards him hoping he wouldn’t notice my nervousness I introduce myself “Hi, I’m Cealia, nice to meet you!” stretching out my hand.

Taking a firm grip on mine, he returns the favour, “I’m Grant, how do you do?”

Thinking to myself, ‘much much better now!’ Actually replying in a more dignified manner, “I’m well thank you, how long will you be here at the Petinos?” Bending to retrieve his luggage from the walkway, Grant stated he will be staying for two weeks, could this simply get any better.

“I could help you with those if you like, its not that I have any luggage to carry in myself?” I ask before he tries to put out his back and ruin what could come of this meeting.

“You sure you don’t mind, if you want you could stay here and wait with them until I come back with a cart?” he adds before setting them back on the ground.

“Don’t be silly you only have three bags, I’ll be a true woman and take the smaller, you can carry the larger two!” I retort with a giggle.

Heading inside Grant and I set down his luggage at the front desk, “Go ahead you register first, I’ll wait” Grant states guiding me to the counter with his hand on the small of my back. I may as well be naked with the way the heat of his hand melts through my suit jacket.

Signing all the forms and accepting my key card, I turn to Grant and ask “Do you have anyone joining you canlı bahis for dinner tonight?”

Turning and greeting me with the largest of smiles he asks, “ Is that an invitation?”

Trying not to let the heat that started deep down in my lower body move above the low neck of my silk top I add, “ It is if you want it to be!”

His eyes seeming to warm my soul, the deepest of blues with a sparkle brighter then the Northern Star. Grant takes my hand and holds it to his lips, with a tender grace; he kisses it just enough to feel the warmth of his mouth. “It’s a date, what time do you want to head out?” he asks. Starting to put things together in my head I consider the time it will take to head to the Hotel shop to see if they have any thing other then business suits, a quick shower, throw a brush through my hair and put a fresh face on.

“Can you give me two hours? I’ve some quick shopping I have to do since my luggage didn’t arrive with me and I’d like to take a shower, it was a long flight.”

Looking puzzled Grant wonders aloud, “ How could they manage to lose your luggage? It doesn’t matter, let me drop off my bags and I’ll take the walk to the shop with you, I would love to help you pick out some things.”

Looking at him sheepishly wondering what he has in mind, “Sure, why not, I could use some help, the sales clerks would sell a potato sack to a super model if it meant a commission sale.” Taking his key card from Effie the desk clerk we head down to his room, knowing his room is just down the hall from mine. I turn to wait as he sets the bags to the floor and open the door.

“After you,” He says as he held the door open for me.

Walking in slower then anticipated, the rooms are amazingly beautiful. Heading to the window and opening the drapes, I could see the clear waters of the beach out stretched before me.

“Oh my gawd, it’s so beautiful!” I remark as I turn to have him come look, not realizing he was there all along. Stepping into his arms and looking directly at him, his eyes burning my skin, his hand resting on my lower back, I could see his head dipping to the left and coming closer. His mouth touching mine, the tenderness, as though he were kissing hardened sugar, not wanting the lump to break.

“I know!” Grant replied.

Knowing he wasn’t speaking of the white sands of Petinos Beach. Some what startled yet in a state of euphoria, ‘ he kissed me, he actually kissed me!’ Turning to gaze out the window, once more I knew his eyes were still on me, looking into the windows of my soul. Thinking to myself that we better get out of there before we end up in that delicious looking king size bed very close to where we stand.

“You ready to do some shopping?” I ask hoping to cut the tension.

“You bet, lets go.” He added taking my arm and ushering me out the door.

“Would I be safe in assuming you are from the United Kingdom?” I asked as we walked towards the courtyard. Not only does this man look like a rare specimen but he smells fantastic as well.

“Is it that obvious?” He retorts, letting out a shallow laugh. “I live on the west coast of the U.K. I’m with the Coast Guard Rescue Service.” Knowing it wouldn’t take long for him to open up to me I kept my questions simple not wanting him to think I’m prying into his life.

“Do you have a family there, or have you relocated to the U.K.?” I hope he doesn’t figure out the meaning of that question, a woman has to be careful these days.

“If you are asking if I am single the answer is yes, and my folks are only a few hours away so I see them every so often.” One big question out of the way, now we can get down to business.

Holding the door to the shop open for me, Grant guides me to a rack of dresses that seem to catch his eye. “What do you think of these ones?” he asks pulling one off the rack.

“I love the colour, what a beautiful shade of emerald, and it feels heavenly. Do you like it?” I return the question back to him. Holding it over his shoulder and looking through the rest of the dresses, he pulls out a few more, I could get use to having a man so eager to shop, or is he just trying to get me undressed? That would be a question we will have to wait to answer later I thought to myself.

“Here, take these in and start with them, if I see anything else I’ll bring them to you, I promise I’ll knock.” He added with a devious grin. Taking the armload of dresses he had pulled out, I headed to the change room.

Walking in and noticing the bright sun spilling on the tiled floor, I looked up to see a huge skylight carved into the ceiling. One dress after another I slipped on and modeled for Grant, I think he enjoyed it as much as I did, getting a nod for some and a shake of his head on others. It came down to four, the emerald one, the soft coral pink, a pale blue, and an electric blue, all the same style, way above the knee and deep cut neckline.

Knowing fully that I couldn’t afford all of them I picked two, one of his favourites and one of mine and headed to the cash register.

“It’s bahis siteleri kind of nice not having luggage after all, don’t you think?” he asked as his eyes lit in my direction.

“You wouldn’t say that if you didn’t have clean panties and undies to change into!” I assured him.

Wandering to the other end of the store he picked up a lacey set, a pale pink with a deeper ping boarder outlining the edges of the barely there material.

“They have these if you are interested, what size do you need?” he asked thinking I’d answer him truthfully. Asking the clerk to wait before she tallied my purchase I headed over to the rack of lingerie he was eyeing.

“Dare I ask which of these you prefer?” hoping we agree on the same one, or I will never stay on budget for this trip.

“To go with both those dresses I’d have to say either the white on white or the soft pink I just showed you would work best.” A man after my own heart, I picked up the white one and explained it would go with everything I have in my missing suitcase.

“I can just imagine what’s in that suit case, are they as sexy as these ones?” He asked hoping for me to reveal their contents.

“I would say they come in a close second to most of these, if even sexier in some cases depending on what your likes and dislikes are!” I hung the info out for him to hold onto.

Packing up my purchase we head back to my room, “Thanks for the help, it’s always nice to have someone else’s input”. I stated as he slipped an arm around my back, I could tell this dinner date would be like no other I’ve had before.

Stopping at my door, I unlocked it and thanked him once again.

“I will meet you in the lobby in say, an hour?” I asked.

Shaking his head and looking disappointed, “ I would never live it down if I didn’t pick my date up at her door, see you back here in an hour, now go hurry, see if you can possibly get any more beautiful then you are now!” Almost dropping to my knees, I smiled from ear to ear knowing that compliment was for me and me alone.

Laying out my new purchases and wonder, which one I would wear to dinner, electric blue to match his eyes, or the soft coral to match the flush of my cheeks, time will tell. Heading over to the window and throwing open the drapes to relish in the beauty of our beach, wishing I had a swim suit to slip into for an after dinner swim, lets hope my luggage arrives before I get back.

Turning the shower on, not too hot, but warm enough not to get a chill, I start to undress. Slipping off my jacket and my skirt, laying them on the towel rack, I then raise my arms and slip off my skimpy silk shell. The cover that hid the flesh toned push up bra that held my girls in place. Undoing my bra and slipping my panties down my smooth dew covered legs I toss them both on top of my outer clothing. Stepping in the shower and starting to lather my mind wandered, what will dinner be like with this handsome stranger? Could he be anymore of a gentleman or will the real Grant come through as we get to know each other?

Noticing my nipples form tight buds caressed in a plumose scented lather, I start to trace the outer edges of my breasts, working my way inward towards my buds. The heat this man created deep within my body was incredible; no other man had ever done this to me before. My hands slipping down my tummy, working their way over my thighs, slowly feeling the lather coat my warm skin. The gentle nudge of my fingertips against the soft skin of my mons made my legs go limp. Touching myself ever so slightly, not wanting to take away what Grant does to me without him being here to enjoy it. Shaking my head and coming to my senses, I finish my shower and head to the bedroom to dress.

Having chosen the appropriate dress, and putting on the last coat of lip-gloss a knock comes to the door. He is early I thought to myself, hoping to have had time to collect myself and tidy up the room a little before he came calling. I opened the door to see a huge box covering the top portion of his body.

“Here this is for you!” He exclaimed as he started to walk into my room.

“What do you mean this is for me? I didn’t purchase anything else other than what you saw, what is this all about?” I demanded looking at him with his magnificent smile coating his face.

“Well when I saw you pondering which dress to buy I thought you should have them all, and what’s a dress without the appropriate undergarments?” he stated like a little kid ready to spill the beans.

“Oh my gawd, you shouldn’t have, I could never accept these Grant, that’s way too much for you to do for me!” standing there stunned at what he did, I almost started to cry.

“Here, open it, I want to see your face when you see everything I bought you.” Grant added before he sat down on the edge of the bed waiting to watch.

“ I really can’t believe this Grant, no one has ever done anything like this before, and now, you a stranger someone that barely knows me does something so precious as this. “How am I ever going to thank you?” tearing bahis şirketleri up and turning to open his gift a tiny tear skimmed my cheek.

“Having dinner with me tonight is more then enough, your beauty, your personality and most of all, knowing what you have on underneath will be plenty.” He proclaimed wiping the tear from my cheek. “That will be enough of that too, I don’t want you marring your new outfits with tears, whether they are tears of joy or sad tears, you shouldn’t be crying.” Holding the pink set of lingerie to my chest and looking him in the eye, I couldn’t do anything else other then turn meeting our lips and kissing him deeper then life itself.

Heading out to his car, he held the door open for me and kissed me once again before he closed it. Who said there aren’t any gentlemen left on earth? I have my own right here in my own little heaven. Grant climbed in next to me taking my hand and looked into my eyes saying “ Thank you for asking me to dinner tonight, I couldn’t have asked for a better, more beautiful date” then kissed the back of my hand once again. Sitting back and snuggling into my seat, I felt as though being with him was as good as having his arms around me holding me tight through the night.

Pulling up in front of what appeared to be a five star restaurant Grant put the car in park and hopped out to open my door as the valet came to take the keys. This night couldn’t be real could it? There is no way I’m heading in there with a very handsome man in a beautiful dress on a beautiful night in the most gorgeous country in the world next to England of course! Am I in someone else’s body? Dreaming? This is just unbelievable to me.

Giving his name to the host, Grant took me around the waist and guided me to our table as he followed the well-dressed man.

“After you, love.” Grant stated as he pulled out my chair. Smiling I sat and waited for him to be seated beside me.

“You know, you couldn’t make this night any better then this.” I declared looking into his eyes trying to see what he is seeing in me.

“Are you saying there wouldn’t be anymore than this?” Grant gestured with his arms open to the table. Laughing, I assured him that there will be lots of time to figure out what will happen closer to dessert. “Good, I thought maybe you were only going to give me the next hour or so then turn into a pumpkin or something as devilishly sweet.” He stated with a sly grin.

After having a great meal of souvlaki and an eggplant dish called musaka we decided on an after dinner drink instead of dessert. Slowly sipping it, feeling it glide down across my tongue, thinking of his hands on my body, his tongue against mine.

“Cealia, why are you traveling alone? Is there someone back home you are leaving behind or are you making a new beginning?” He asked as though he begged for an answer.

“There isn’t anyone at home, and you could say I’m starting fresh. I just finished a relationship that ended poorly, and I came here to get away from everyone asking me how I’m doing. They don’t realize the more they ask the longer it takes to get over what happened.” Okay the truth is out; he knows I’ve just been dumped by an idiot that decided the coffee shop girl was a much better catch. Now he can up and leave knowing I have baggage larger then Big Ben.

Taking me by the hand, Grant pulled me closer and kissed me softly just above my wrist. Then moving slowly up my arm until he reached my shoulder.

“Hang on there sailor, I don’t think that even in Greece is public display of affection looked upon highly.” I stated taking his cheek in my hand as he turned and kissed my palm. Holding his lips against my hand inhaling what was left of my perfume and closing his eyes, yes, yes this night will be magical.

Escorting me to the car Grant asks me if it would be okay if we make a detour before we head back to our hotel. I agree that it would be fine as long as he didn’t expect car sex. Laughing and almost losing control of the car he assured me there wouldn’t be any car sex tonight but to wait cause our trip isn’t over yet.

Traveling down the highway getting closer to the beach we slowed as we turned into a parking lot on the waterfront. This man is the most romantic man in the world and he lives five hours away by air. What am I going to do? Not wanting to think of that I let it go, taking each moment as they came after that. What happens happens for a reason, if anything I will have a great new friend that I know I can bunk with when ever the company sends me to the U.K.

Opening my door and taking me by the hand, helping me out Grant took me to his favourite spot on the beach, a cliff of sorts, not a high one, but one high enough to fall and break something very seriously. Standing in his arms, which were wrapped tightly around my waist holding me close to him, hearing him take deep breaths as the wind whispered by.

“If this isn’t heaven I don’t know what is!” I stated dreamingly. Knowing this night will end up in either his room or mine. Feeling his lips dip down to my neck I tilted my head back accepting the warmth he was creating. Working down my shoulder his lips following a predetermined path, His hands reached up taking both my arms in his, turning me around to face him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32