Us Again

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I called to ask if you were busy, and to tell you I had some free time. You were quick to tell me that you had nothing planned for the evening and asked me to come on over. I knew that you were as eager for our time together as I was. I showered, and dressed with care. Slipping my black lacy panties on, sliding them over my long legs, I imagined the downward trip they would soon be taking at your hands. As I was putting on the matching bra, I imagined your eyes lighting up as they always do, when you uncovered my big tits. I took a moment to imagine you sucking on my nipples, biting them just a little, as I pinched them softly, flicking my rings with my nails. By the time I was dressed I was so aroused my panties were already showing signs of wetness.

When I arrived at your front door, I was breathless with expectation. You opened the door wearing nothing but a very small pair of shorts and I drank in the sight of your body. I stepped inside and closed and locked the door behind my back, never taking my eyes off of yours. “Hey there sexy,” I whispered against your lips just before I claimed them in a soul wrenching kiss, sucking your tongue deep inside my mouth. I ran my hands up your bare chest and around your neck, my fingers sliding upward to entangle in your hair, pulling your head down to me, deepening our kiss. Pressing my body along the length of yours, I arched against you, feeling your already hard cock pressed between us. I moaned against your mouth, and stepped away from you long enough to take your hand and lead you into your bedroom.

I gently pushed you down onto the bed. With a wicked smile, I started unbuttoning my blouse, my eyes never leaving yours. Pulling it free from my waistband, I slipped it off my shoulders. I watched as your face showed your pleasure at seeing my big tits encased in black lace. “Do you like,” I asked in a sultry voice. I reached canlı bahis up and cupped my tits, lifting them towards you. You moaned, and moved to get up. “No no,” I said with a small giggle. “You stay right where you are babe.” I reached for the snap of my jeans, and undid them. Bending at the waist, I slipped them down, my lace encased tits hanging almost in your face. You lifted your head, reaching to kiss them, and I stepped away from you, wanting to prolong my little teasing strip show. I turned away from you, and bent again to slip my jeans off my feet, knowing that I was presenting you with an unobstructed view of my black lace covered ass.

When I was dressed in only my lingerie, I stepped around to the foot of your bed, and crawled up on it. Straddling your feet, I crawled up the length of your body, not touching you yet. I felt the heat between our bodies, felt your ragged breath fanning my cheek as I leaned over you to whisper in your ear, “Tonight is for you Ken.” I kissed you deeply, moaning with excitement. I sat up, the damp crotch of my panties pressed against your shorts covered cock. Dragging my nails from your ears down to your waistband, I teasingly ran a fingertip under the edge of your shorts. “Looks like you have been thinking about me….hard,” I joked with a throaty giggle. I bent over again, and pressed a wet kiss on your chest, teasingly licking it, making little circles with the tip of my tongue, until I reached your nipple, where I sucked lightly. Shifting slightly, I continued my circles across your chest to give the same loving attention to your other nipple, before moving slowly downward. Running my tongue down your chest and belly, I ran my tongue down the trail of hair that disappeared into your shorts. You arched your hips upward, thrusting your body against my mouth, when I slipped my tongue beneath the waistband of your shorts. “Mmmmmmm,” I moaned bahis siteleri hotly, my breath stirring your trail of hair. I moved even lower still, pressing my mouth against your cloth covered cock, breathing hotly, feeling the heat radiating back to my face.

Reaching for the waist of your shorts, I tugged on them, you lifted your hips, and I pulled them down and off, tossing them over my shoulder with a giggle. I watched as your hard dick bounced free and landed on your stomach. With a small satisfied sigh, I bent over your body, and ran my tongue up the length of your cock. When I reached the tip, I wrapped my lips around it and sucked gently, humming softly, feeling the vibrations in my lips, knowing that it was vibrating the head of your cock. I slid my mouth down the length of your cock, taking more and more of you, all the while winding my tongue round and round your shaft. Pressing downward, I continued until your cockhead was pressed into the back of my throat. With a deep inhale, I pressed even further until you slipped into my throat until my nose was pressed against your pubic bone. Once there, I hummed again, knowing that the vibrations were even stronger for you. I contued bobbing up and down on your cock, pressing your cockhead deep into my throat with each downward stroke. Soon, I knew that you were reaching the limit; you tangled your fingers in my hair, and held my head still. You started thrusting into my mouth, and with a groan you came, filling my mouth with your cum. I eagerly swallowed it all and kept sucking gently, cleaning every drop from you.

With a deep breath I released your cock, and sat up. Moving up your body, I kissed you softly, and whispered, “That was delicious, babe. Now I am going to breathe new life into you, and ride you hard.” Sitting up and straddling you, I reached around to my bra clasp and unhooked it. Sliding the straps down bahis şirketleri my arms, holding my bra on with my arm, prolonging the moment, before I slowly let it slip down, giving you your first view of my tits, my nipples little pebbles, hard and puckered, from my excitement. I dragged my bra across your chest before throwing it too over my shoulder. Knowing you were eager, I leaned over your face, my nipples just out of the reach of your mouth. “You want to suck them don’t you Ken?” I asked teasingly. I moved back and forth over your face, my nipples barely tickling your lips. When you raised your head with a groan and latched onto my aching nipple, I moaned deeply and pressed my tits into your face. I could feel you sucking my nipple, your teeth barely grazing it, flicking my ring with your tongue. My clit was twitching with every pull on my nipple. You released my nipple only to latch onto the other one, giving it the same attention. I began to wonder who was teasing whom at this point and decided it was time to take control again. I sat up again, pulling my throbbing nipple from your mouth with a unhappy moan.

I bent low over you again, and softly took your growing cock into my mouth again. sucking it, licking it, until it grew hard again. I climbed down off your bed, and slowly slid my panties down. I climbed back on your bed, and straddled your hips. Reaching between our bodies, I guided your hard cock into my hot wetness. With one thrust, I took all of your length deep inside my body with a keening wail of satisfaction. With my own desperate need driving me, I rode your cock fast, driving myself closer and closer it orgasm, feeling my body gripping your cock, pulliing it deeper and deeper. I leaned down and kissed you, sucking on your lips and tongue in time with the thrusting of my hips. Grinding my hips onto your, I cried out against your neck as my orgasm exploded, triggering yours, and we came together with me moaning deeply.

I collapsed against your chest, breathing harshly, our bodies still connected in the most intimate way. I smiled up at you, and whispered, “Hi there babe.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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