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I wander into your study, seeing you bent over your desk. You’ve been struggling with a project for an important client, a new promotional strategy, and I know it isn’t coming easily. And I know it isn’t the only project on your agenda, there is always another one around the corner.

I decide to curl up in the overstuffed armchair in the corner by the fire, content to read as you work away so diligently. For once, I don’t have my own deadlines looming, and I feel somewhat guilty watching you work so hard. I wish there was something I could do to help. But I know that the best thing I can do is lend silent support, and give you a warm smile the odd time you raise your head, letting you know that I care for you and understand the pressures of your job, and that I simply enjoy being in your presence.

The wind howls outside and ice pellets strike the window, causing me to snuggle deeper under the afghan, very glad for the warmth of the gas fire and the deep soft pile of the carpet beneath the chair. With the heat of the fire on my face and the lateness of the hour, the words keep blurring on my page, and I find myself nodding off.

I awaken with a start some time later when I hear you push back your chair and groan, and as I open my eyes, I see you stretching widely, head tilted back and eyes closed, arms reaching high.

“Are you finished?” I ask quietly.

“Not quite. Getting there, but I can’t think anymore. I need to take a break, move around.”

“Want to go for a walk?” I offer this half-heartedly; the blustery winds continue to batter the windows and I’m not that eager to leave my warm nest.

“Oh goodness, no!” You look horrified at the thought. “It sounds awful out there. I want to wake up, not freeze to death! Maybe I’ll just go down to the kitchen to get a drink. Want anything?”

“Some ice tea would be nice. Maybe some grapes? But wait, I can go get it.”

“No, no, I need to move. And you look so cozy there, you stay.”

And so I watch as you pad down the hall, admiring your tall, strong physique as you disappear around the corner. There’s no doubt that you’re a very attractive man, your frame is tall, lean and solid; you give off an aura of strength and vitality that never fails to excite me. Your face is strong yet expressive, and your eyes….wow… I love your eyes; I could get lost in them and often do. And have I told you how much I love your hands? Those long supple fingers, capable of imparting firm reassurance, a caring squeeze, or a soft sensuous caress.

Mmmm…my mind starts to wander down that path, as I remember previous times when your hands have slid over my body. My own hand traces a path down my neck as I imagine your touch, and nestles into the V of my shirt. I absently undo another button of my shirt, and I’m lost in the vision of your fingers dipping lower, tracing the outline of my bra over the swell of my breasts.

My attention comes back into focus as you re-enter the office, carrying two glasses of ice tea with a bowl of grapes balanced precariously on top, and I blush, feeling “caught” in my fantasy.

“Careful” I call out, as I see the bowl starting to slide. I push myself upright in the chair and manage to catch the bowl before it falls into my lap. I put it on the little side table.

“Good catch!” you laugh, handing me a glass of ice tea.

“Thanks. I guess that’s one way of waking me up!”

“You should go ahead to bed. You don’t have to wait up for me.” You look concerned.

“I know. But I like it here. It’s cozy. Unless I’m bothering you….” My voice trails off questioningly.

“Not at all! I like the company. And you looked so cute sleeping there; like an angel…with just a hint of drool at the corner of your mouth,” you smile teasingly.

“Hey!” I throw a grape at you, bouncing it off your forehead. “I do NOT drool!” I huff indignantly.

“Oh, of course not!” You feign innocence. “Must have been the firelight dancing on your lips.”

“Exactly! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Now, why don’t you pull your chair over here canlı bahis for a bit and share these with me?” I point to the bowl of grapes, and you nod before fetching your chair, rolling it so you’re facing me.

I reach forward and lift your feet into my lap, placing the bowl of grapes on the platform made my your legs. I pop a grape into my mouth, and then take your right foot in my hand, massaging the top of the foot firmly, so as not to tickle. “You’ve been working really hard. How’s the project going?”

I see your shoulders start to drop a bit as my hands stroke you. “Not too bad. I’ve got all the strategies mapped out. I just have to come up with a stellar summary that ties it all together. But somehow I can’t see the forest for the trees.”

I move to your other foot, rotating it around your ankle, wincing at the pops and clicks as I work to release some of your tension. “You know, sometimes it helps to take a break. Think about something else for a bit. Your brain will still be working in the background, and when you get back to it, it may all come into focus.”

“I know; you’re right. But there’s so much to get done, I have trouble shifting my attention to anything but work.” You sigh, and I see the lines of exhaustion on your face.

I know you are worried about getting everything done. “Well, maybe it would help to switch to a different project for a bit, so you’re still working. I know you’re juggling several at the same time.” I run a hand up the front of each calf, massaging firmly in long strokes, under you pant legs as far as I can reach.

“Mmmm, I suppose. But part of me really needs to be able to put a completed check mark on something on my to-do list.” You let out another weary sigh.

I take another grape, munching it slowly before coming to a decision. I put the bowl back on the table and push your feet off of me, so that I can stand. “You know” I say, smiling impishly down at you, “maybe I can help you with the distraction thing.” I laugh as I see you arch your eyebrow in curiosity.

I straddle your legs and sit down lightly on your knees, facing you. “What do you think” I ask, as I undo the next few buttons of my shirt slowly, looking into your eyes. “Do you think I can distract you?” As my shirt falls open, I see your eyes dart down and your nostrils flare a bit, before your eyes move back up. You don’t seem ready to say anything, and your eyes lock on mine.

I shrug the shirt off my shoulders, letting it slide down my arms and pool on the floor behind me. Then I reach behind my back and unclip my bra, letting out a little gasp of relief as the pressure is relieved and my heavy breasts spill free. I shrug my shoulders again, and push the straps down off my shoulders, then flick the offending garment to the side.

“Mmmm….that feels better” I arch my back a bit, lifting and rolling my shoulders and head, erasing the memory of the elastic bindings. “I know I need the support, but I feel so much freer without that.” I continue to look at you as I place a palm under each breast, lifting it away from my body, enjoying their weight, my thumbs idly caressing the sides.

I could swear I see your nostrils flare again, and your breathing deepens, although you still refuse to speak.

“Oh, you’re going to be like that, are you? Silent? Well, we have ways of making you talk. Or at least moan” I say with teasing promise.

I’m enjoying the warm heat of the fire on my bare skin, and the contrast in temperature between the side facing the fire, and the side that is facing away. “I quite like this new fireplace you added. It makes your office much more comfortable. And warm enough so you don’t need this” I say, as I tug up on your shirt, pulling you forward a bit to slide it up your back.

You obligingly lift your arms in the air, so I can pull the shirt up over your head. With your arms raised so high, I have to stretch up myself to work the shirt free of your arms, lifting my breasts higher. I clasp my hands high with yours and lean forward a bit, so my nipples brush against your chest, bahis siteleri and I close my eyes briefly as a surge of pleasure flows through me, the liquid heat pooling in my groin. I’m always amazed at the direct connection there seems to exist between my nipples and my pelvis. The feel of your chest hairs against my skin sends shivers through me.

I open my eyes again to find you staring at me with darkened eyes, your lips parted and your breath definitely more ragged. I let my eyes very slowly roam your face, sliding from your eyes down over your nose, to your parted lips, glimpsing the sheen of your wet tongue almost quivering behind your teeth. My mouth waters as I imagine our lips joining, our tongues sliding together, and another shiver runs through me. My own breath has become erratic by the time my eyes find yours again.

I move my face closer, until I can feel your breath against my upper lip, and I whisper “Still focused on that project?” My eyes flit rapidly between your lips and eyes, I’m so anxious to make a connection.

I see your lips form the word “No,” but only some warmth breathe escapes, no sound. I also detect a small but definite shake of your head. “Good” I groan as I fall forward, my breasts squishing against your bare chest and my mouth claiming yours.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” I think, “I need this.”

And I lose myself in the taste and smell and feel of you, inhaling the scent of your face as my warm lips explore yours. My fingers creep up into your hair, curling in there to hold your head tightly as my kiss becomes more urgent. God, I just suddenly want to drink you in! I can’t get enough of your mouth, it’s as if I want to pull your whole being into me through this kiss, or fall into yours. For a moment, nothing exists but this connection between us, and my need for you is almost painfully sweet.

And then your whole body awakens and I feel your strong arms wrap around me, crushing me to your chest. Tears prickle my eyes as hot desire consumes us both and I squirm against you. I moan in excitement as I feel your hardness pressed up against me through the fabric of our clothes, clear evidence that this need isn’t one sided.

I fumble underneath us, searching for your zipper, eager to find you. I slide back off of your knees for a moment, so I can push my jeans down and off my legs, and watch as you wiggle out of yours even as your remain seated. My eyes widen as I see your cock, already hard and red, pointing up proudly from your lap, and a drop of moisture glistening at the tip.

“Oh God” I mutter. “I want you so badly.” And I scramble back over your legs, in a rush to get to you. I hover over you for a moment, looking deep into your eyes, and shudder as I feel your hands slide down my sides, resting on my hips. Oh, how I love the feel of your bare skin on mine. I reach down to find your cock with my hand, holding it straight up as I lower myself down. I have no patience tonight.

I let your cock head brush against me, spreading your oozing cum along my slit, mixing with my juices, making us both slippery. You’re still silent, but I see the heat in your eyes and feel it in your hands as you press down on my hips, urging me lower. Biting my lower lip, I slide your cock back a bit, feeling it press against my entrance.

I love this feeling, this stretch as you move up into me. Here I take it slow, resisting the urge to collapse onto you, wanting to savor the sensation of being opened by you, of flowing around your cock, engulfing you.

My clit begins to throb in impatient arousal, and I see the same impatience in your eyes. I nod encouragement, and you thrust up quickly with your hips, burying yourself in me. “Ahhhhhhh!” I cry out, feeling a spasm of pleasure as you bottom out inside of me, our pelvises grinding together. I let my weight sink onto you, moving you even deeper, and hold you there, just feeling. Throbbing. I can feel your heart beat as it pulses along your shaft inside of me. I squeeze my muscles, pulling on your cock, testing its fit. So perfect.

I let my breasts bahis şirketleri sway against your chest as I wriggle in your lap, swiveling my hips, grinding against you. Your hands reach up to cup them, holding their roundness, your eager fingers finding my nipples, aching and hard. I whimper as you roll them between your lips, and throw my head back in delirious ecstasy as you draw one into your mouth.

I slowly lift myself a few inches, sliding along your cock, then sigh in pleasure as I sink back down. I pull your head up and find your mouth, kissing you deeply as I continue to bob my hips up and down in your lap. I like rotating my hips, feeling you stir inside of me, rubbing all sides, a human mortar and pestle.

Sweat is beading on my chest, trickling between my breasts, making them shiny in the firelight. I grip your shoulders for stability, and increase the pace of my movements.

I welcome your echoing thrusts, the shocks when your pelvis slams up into my clit, send out radiating bursts of pleasure. I try to time my bounces to meet your thrusts, but our movements become awkward as your office chair rolls about on its casters. Try as I might, I can’t quite get the satisfaction I crave.

“Come here” I hiss, sliding off your legs onto the floor in front of the fire, and pulling you on top of me. “Quickly…please…I need you so badly.”

I spread my thighs and tilt my pelvis upward, eager to have you back inside. But you, being the brat you are, take your time. I burn as I feel your eyes move over me, and squirm as you crawl slowly up between my legs. I watch as you take your cock in your hand, and draw the head teasingly across my pulsing clit. Another flood of moisture begins to trickle from me.

“Pleeeeaaaaasssse!” I’m begging now, in a near panic. I’m sure my thoughts are clearly visible on my face. I need you to take me. Come inside me. Make me yours. I grip your hips and try to pull you forward.

You’re actually chuckling at my frantic pleas, until you see the hunger in my eyes, my need for you, and your laughter crumbles into a moan as you plunge into me with one thrust.

“Oh god, yes” I cry out in approval, hips bucking up to meet you. “So good…” and I become incoherent, moaning and squeaking with each new thrust. We start moving as one, you pistoning inside me, me clenching around you.

“Harder” I moan greedily “More.” My fingers grip your shoulders as I rock up into you. I can feel your balls slapping against my ass as you drill into me, feel them tighten, getting ready to shoot deep within me.

I tighten my muscles around you, gripping at your cock with each thrust. So hot. So full. Yes. Right there. I grind up against you as I feel your cock start to spasm with in me.

“Ohhhhhhhh….I’m….ccccuuu..aaaayyyyyyyy.” I cry out as I feel your seed jet into me, pushing me over the edge. “Oh God…ohhhhhh.” My orgasm seems endless, wave after wave crashing over me, until it finally it begins to subside. I feel you collapse on top of me, our wet chests mashed together, and a series of aftershocks continue to ripple through me as I wrap my arms around you.

We remain this way for what seems like several minutes, hearts thudding against each other, starting to slow as our breathing eases. Once we’re no longer panting, we roll apart, facing each other on the carpet in front of the fire.

I reach out to push a lock of hair back off your sweaty brow. “So, did that manage to distract you?”

You nod and grin back, looking much more relexed. “You certainly know how to help be unwind!”

“Always glad to help out. I’d like to see how you add THAT to your next invoice though.” With that, I rise from the floor, and pull you up after me. I kiss you between the eyes. “Now that my duty is done, I’m off to bed. See you there when you’re finished?”

“You bet.”

I gather up my clothes and blow you another kiss as I pad naked down the hallway towards our bedroom.

“G’night dear.” Oh, the sacrifices I make to support my man!

* * * * *

Thanks for reading! I didn’t intend for her need to become all-consuming when I started this story, it just happened…the story kind of got away from me. Oh well, I hope you enjoyed it! Please take a minute to leave your feedback, it’s always appreciated!

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