University Pleasures Ch. 06

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Disclaimer: the following is a work of fiction. It may contain scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters in this story are fictional and not based on any person living or dead, and are not meant to infringe on any existing characters in other literatures.


That Tuesday, it had taken every effort for Dana not to call Tom. She wasn’t worried or jealous. Given what she had understood of herself and her needs during the weekend, she wanted to be there with him, even if she suspected it might be way too much for her to handle. She still needed to move at her own pace. She had been quite wild as a younger woman in her early twenties, then in her early thirties again. She was now forty-two and she hadn’t been sexually experimental since the conception of her son, ten years ago. She needed to ease back into it. In many ways, Tom was ahead of her, though she wasn’t too worried about catching up.

If she did it right, even if it were too fast, it would not be an issue.

Many times during the day when she wasn’t spending time playing with her son, she checked her phone for messages. There were none – unsurprising, really, given that Tom was probably highly involved in whatever sexual activity the girls he entertained had planned for him. She had understood that much of his innuendo over the weekend.

It didn’t change the fact that she wanted some news – any news – from him.

After supper, she had watched a movie with her son and forgotten about her worries until putting him to bed. Then, the tension had returned. She worried about her lover, and again, it had nothing to do with the other girls. Somehow, or perhaps she was imagining it, she felt that she should be there for him. Unable to chase these ideas from her mind, Dana called her mother.

Half an hour later, Claire Hendrix was over at her daughter’s house to babysit the sleeping child. Dana thanked her profusely, apologizing for dragging her away from her home. Claire simply smiled at her daughter, telling her to ‘go see her man’.

Dana didn’t bother calling beforehand; she simply got in her vehicle and drove to Tom’s place. As she parked, she instantly regretted her decision. What would Tom say? They had agreed not to meet today. He would think she was stalking him when all she wanted was to share in his experiences; then again, he might not be so wrong about the stalking. Dana sat in her car, motionless, listening to a soft rock radio station, bubbling under her confusion.

Suddenly, she saw Tom walking into his building. Her eyes hadn’t played tricks on her. She almost got out of the car but then felt guiltier for being there. The fact he was alone troubled her. Had things soured with his ‘fuck buddies’? Was she the cause? If so, she couldn’t confront him directly. She reached for her phone to text him but the battery had died after being on all day. She didn’t have her car charger. Cursing her luck, Dana hesitated between getting out of the car and leaving.

Instead, she just sat there, listening to more music as she pondered her current state of indecision.

Roughly an hour later, past eleven, she gathered her courage and exited her vehicle, walking resolutely towards the door. She had come this far; she would see it through. She entered the apartment building and walked up the stairs to Tom’s door. She knocked gently; it was late and she didn’t want to disturb his neighbors. There was no answer. She tried the handle, finding it unlocked; she gently pushed the door open.

Finding her beau sleeping naked on the couch was no surprise; his clothes were tossed onto the floor. This reminded her of a prior visit to his place. She didn’t dare come in – instead, she just stood motionless in the entryway.

What was she doing, exactly? Why had she come again? The answers eluded her. Silently, she retreated back into the hall, closing the door in front of her. She leaned on the wall facing the door, staring at the apartment number.

“Dammit,” she whispered to herself. “You gotta make up your mind, Dana.”

Did she want to go back in and disrupt his sleep? How would he react? Could she jump him? Would he enjoy her unexpected presence or would he balk from it? The confusion that had earlier cleared had popped its head in again; what did Dana need to clear it?

“I love Tom and I want to be there for him… with him…”she mumbled in the hall, mindful of not disturbing his neighbors.

Down the hall, where the stairs led up and down, sounds drew Dana’s gaze. She panicked and started off in that direction as if she were leaving: she didn’t want to be spotted hanging outside Tom’s door. She saw two young women walk up the stairs and exit onto this floor. The one in front was half-Asian with brown hair; the moment she canlı bahis şirketleri spotted Dana, she averted her gaze. The one behind her was perhaps a bit older, with dark locks, a busty chest protruding under her blouse. The women walked by one another, ignoring each other. Dana looked back and saw them walk past Tom’s door; Dana reached the stairs and vanished around the corner but didn’t go down. She halted so she could peek back to see where the people were headed and when they would vanish so she could return to her unplanned stalking.

She saw the black-haired woman stop, grabbing the other’s hand, pulling her in. They chatted silently for several moments, with Dana unable to pick up the words. They gave each other a big hug, then the half-Asian girl continued to the end of the hall, taking the stairs at that end. The lady with the dark locks turned around and headed back in Dana’s direction, stopping in front of Tom’s apartment door.

It was one of them, Dana fully realized – she didn’t understand why the other girl, perhaps another of Tom’s fuck buddies, had left. Not that it mattered. The woman that had remained stalled in front of the door, looking down the hall to where Dana had vanished.

Did she know she was waiting there? Caught between her desires and the stress of this sudden appearance, Dana could barely move. It was entirely possible the woman had seen her peeking.

Her intervention confirmed it as her whispered voice was carried to Dana.

“You can come out now.”

Dana moved out as a reflex; she appeared down the hall and trotted towards the unknown woman. She waited patiently until Dana was within arm’s reach.

“I’m Lois. You must be Dana.”

“…you know my name?” she replied, quite surprised.

“Of course. Tom speaks very highly of you.”

The shock of the revelation gave way to a sudden calm; somehow, knowing that Tom talked of her with his other partners eased some of Dana’s worries. Perhaps there was a bit of jealousy after all.

“I was going to walk in,” Lois said, “but maybe we should talk first.”

“Maybe… who was that other girl?”

“My ride. She… had to go.”

During their private chat down the hall, Myriam had explained how she had recognized Dana and how the university teacher – Tom’s mentor – could not be made to identify her. Lois had promised it wouldn’t happen.

“You were here for Tom?”

“Yes,” Lois plainly stated.

“He’s sleeping.”

“You already checked?”

“Yes… the… door is unlocked.”

Lois smiled.

“Well then, let’s not wake him yet. Let him sleep it off. But I was looking forward to spending some time with him. Perhaps you can keep me company instead.”

Dana froze, stunned by the woman’s frankness.

“It’s… uh… wow. I mean… I haven’t kissed a woman in ages.”

“Who said anything about kissing?” Lois replied with a smirk, amused by Dana’s unease. “I just think we should talk – and not here.”

“Oh… ok. I have a car. We can talk in there.”

As they started to head outside, Lois added a detail to have some fun with this new woman.

“Of course, if we do get to kissing, I certainly wouldn’t mind.”

They left the floor; Lois took out her cellphone and texted Myriam to let her know what was happening.

Dana dragged the new woman to her car; Lois insisted they climb into the backseat. In the relative darkness of the night, the only light coming from the street corner, they could barely make out their features. It gave the scene an even more surreal look than their initial unplanned encounter.

“So…” Dana mumbled. “You’re… one of the women who sleeps with Tom?”

“Yes,” Lois replied, “though I’m also a liberated 27 year-old independant lady who works full-time at an accounting firm; I do yoga in my spare time and I love watchingGirls on HBO. My favorite pie is maple.”

“Point taken,” Dana said.

“And you’re a teacher?”

“Tom told you that much?”

“Not really… but I know about that aspect of you.”

Lois didn’t dare explain this came from only a few minutes ago, in the hall with Myriam.

“Why are you here, Dana?” Lois asked politely.

“I don’t know anymore… I’m wondering that myself.”

“You want to run ideas by me?”

The accommodating nature of the woman’s attitude puzzled Dana; then again, if there truly wasn’t any form of competition for Tom, the teacher understood how it could have been a non-issue.

“Well… I was thinking of Tom all day. I mean… I knew what he was doing, just not who he was with.”

“Go on.”

“Were you with him today?”

“No. I was working, and then I had to pick up my son at the daycare.”

Dana was stunned this woman was a mother, but not because of her age. Immediately, Dana felt guilty for judging her too harshly. She was a mother too and she enjoyed sex just as much.

“I have a nine-year old,” Dana let out.

“Mine is three. He’s at his father’s now. I’m divorced.”

“Separated… a few months ago now, right before I started going out with Tom.”

The canlı kaçak iddaa openness of the dialogue eased Dana’s tension; she felt more confident speaking.

“Anyway… I thought about him so much, I wanted to see how he was doing. I wanted to text him but my phone died.”

“So you came here instead?”

“Yeah… crazy, huh?”

“Well… maybe a bit but… love is crazy. You love him, right?”

The hesitation didn’t come from any uncertainty about her feelings; that had been settled in the past few weeks. Dana didn’t answer quickly because she considered the impact of the revelation on Lois. She pictured that conversation in her mind.

“Yes, I love him.”

“Okay. We’ll back off – you’ll never see us again.

Tom would be pissed at that outcome, Dana reasoned, even if he wouldn’t express it. But Lois had another mindset; seeing that Dana didn’t answer, she chimed in for her.

“It’s obvious you do. And that’s great.”

“I… don’t want to ruin this for him. I know he loves me… but he loves this too.”

“This?” Lois asked for clarity.

“These… sex games. That’s what he called them.”

Lois grinned; she rather enjoyed the term. They defined the exact nature of that relationship.

“So you don’t mind that he continues?”

“No. I mean… honestly, maybe a bit, but… I can’t deny him what I enjoyed for so long.”

The revelation, stymied by Dana’s desire to clarify her position, made Lois bite her lower lip.

“Now you have to tell me more.”

Dana considered her own feelings and needs; she stared at Lois in the relative darkness and appreciated the ability to chat about her realities with another woman. There weren’t that many in her life right now. And though this woman was fifteen years her cadet, she had a form of maturity that appealed to confidence.

Dana slowly began to spill the guts on her past.


Tom, inside his apartment, stirred awake when Myriam shook him.

“Uh… yes? What?”

“Tom! It’s Myri. Wake up.”

It took a full minute for Tom to fully rise from his deep slumber; he couldn’t tell how much time had passed.

“Myriam… hi… thought you might drop by. Are you alone?”

“No. Maybe. But we have an issue.”


“Dana was outside your door.”

Tom’s eyes popped open as he heard his other lover’s name.


“No reason to panic,” Myriam called him down. “I don’t think she recognized me.”

“Is she still there?”

“No. She’s in her car, outside, talking to Lois.”

Tom, still naked, rushed off the couch and went to the window from which he could see the parking. He instantly spotted Dana’s vehicle in its usual spot; because of the darkness, he couldn’t make out any forms inside it.

“She wasn’t supposed to be here,” Tom argued, though there was no anxiety in his voice.

“Of course she wasn’t, but she loves you. She panicked, I guess. I told you this might happen.”

“Yes you did…”

“You’re certain she’s good with what we are doing?”

Tom paused, revisiting every single conversation ever hard with Dana, trying to find any where she told him to stop. There were none. In fact, they all went in the same progressive direction, from telling him she didn’t want to know about it to sharing her past and wanting to challenge herself to be as daring as his other lovers.

“She’s… well, that’s what she says,” Tom concluded.

“You think she’s lying? To herself, perhaps?”


Myriam moved in behind Tom; as turned on as she was by the sight of him naked, and really her initial reason for dropping by would have been for sex, she knew the other matter needed to be addressed – at least, before anything else could happen.

“I trust Lois,” Myriam said. “She’s wicked smart.”

“So I remember,” Tom said, recalling his two prior meetings with the accountant.

Myriam caressed Tom’s back.

“What would you like to happen, Tom?”

“About what?”

“Regarding Dana? You have to reason this through. Do you want her to back off? Do you want her to join in? You seemed to want that earlier in the day.”

It wasn’t a lie; during the afternoon, Tom had experienced a desperate need to contact Dana and share all of it with her – to see if she could outperform the other girls.

“If she could join the group, that would be amazing,” Tom spoke up.

He wasn’t certain of it, but it seemed the logical evolution. He was realizing that part of his stress came from living two different lives. No… three different lives. Essentially, this notion summarized his state of being since the beginning of the semester. He was a teacher. He was Dana’s new lover. He was part of the ‘sex gang’. Looking away from the window and turning to face Myriam, he stared into her eyes.

“You told me you did this with other guys in the past, right?”

“Yeap,” she simply confirmed.

“Any… issues ever come up?”

“Not like this, if that’s what you mean. The guys we get are usually unattached to avoid this kind of problem. But canlı kaçak bahis in your case – I don’t know, there was something cool about it. It’s still cool – but only if no one gets hurt.”

Tom agreed with the sentiment.

“The first guy was overly possessive,” Dana added some details. “We had to let him go; he got the hint when we managed to get the police involved.”


“Nothing major. He was stalking Rebecca and me; he backed off when we saw we didn’t mind being outed as sex maniacs, so to speak. He didn’t have that luxury.”

Tom laughed.

“Let me guess… he wanted to save face.”

“Yeap. So he vanished. Good riddance. Our second one was much older than you.”

“How much?”

“Much,” she just replied. “He was nice and all, but he had no stamina. Some girls were not into him either. It lasted only a month before he tired of us.”

“He tired of you?”

“I know, right?” Myriam giggled.

She paused, staring understandingly at him.

“Shall I go on?”

“Yes, please.”

“Third guy was hung like a horse – really big dick, but no stamina at first. He would come under a minute. We trained him.”

The comment made her laugh; Tom was amazed at how hearing about their past conquests didn’t affect him at all. In fact, he could imagine the girls taking turn on an engorged penis – he might even watch it in real life.

“We had him for six months before he left town. His wife is one lucky girl now – thanks to us.”

“Was he married?”

“Engaged. We had sex with her too once or twice. She wasn’t into orgies, but she enjoyed the one-on-one.”

Myriam’s story was almost up.

“Last summer was our fourth. Only lasted about a month – then he got sent to jail for possession.”


“And you’re number five. Lucky five.”

“Lucky indeed,” Tom smirked.

His eyes darted back to the window.

“I wonder what’s happening down there?”

“I can ask Lois.”


“That is quite a road,” Lois commented once Dana was done with her tale. “I see where you’re coming from now.”

“I mean,” Dana continued, “I’ve done so much. It’s unfair for me to ask Tom to stop.”

“He would, for you.”

“True… but I don’t really want him to stop. It’s hard to explain, Lois but… I had never looked at him that way before until he started having sex again. He was in a rut for three years.”

The comment made the accountant smile; she completely understood.

“A confident man is a sexy man, and you simply weren’t responsive. Tom’s a nice enough looking fella, but he’s got a good heart.”

At that point, a text came in on Lois’ phone. She picked up the device and read the message, nodding gently. She put her phone down in-between them, screen facing upward.

“My ride,” she replied. “Wants to know if I’m done.”

“Well… I sort of took you away from that,” Dana apologized.

“Nonsense. This has been a fascinating conversation.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m just wondering… how far I can take this,” Lois hinted at more.

The innuendo in Lois’ voice left very little ambiguity in what she meant; Dana blushed.

“I mean,” Lois insisted, “you did put a damper on my plans. Maybe you can help… rekindle some of the anticipation?”

“I… um… I’m really not into girls much.”

“But you have been with one in the past?”

“Never just… one-on-one. There was always a… nice dick between the two of us.”

The comment drew giggles from Lois.

“Look, Dana, you don’t have to. I know, however, that Tom would like you to. You know it too.”

“I know.”

“Still,” Lois argued, “that’s not a sufficiently good reason. You have to want it – even if it’s for him. It comes from you.”

Dana hesitated; Lois’s finger touched her chin, pulling her close.

“It’s too dark in here,” Lois said. “Can we crack a door?”

Dana, acting quite instinctively, pulled the handle of the backseat door and it opened; the top light illuminated the car. Lois kept pulling Dana’s face closer, and she planted a gentle kiss on her lips. Dana, already somewhat aroused because of everything she had recalled, pressed harder, gently opening her mouth. Tongues met. Lois’ hand went to Dana’s blouse and caressed one of her breasts, gently at first, then she groped it. Dana stirred up, but her reaction was to bring her own hand on top of Lois’ breast.

Without stopping for air, the two women let their lips linger on top of one another’s for a long minute, even as their hands began to run up and down their bodies.

Quite suddenly, Dana pulled away, taking in a deep breath, panting.

“Oh my god…”

“Are you okay?””

“Oh yeah… wow,” Dana mumbled. “You’re a great kisser.”

“Thanks… want more?”

There was a slight moment of hesitation, but Dana buried her lips back against Lois’ a moment later, and hands resumed their exploration. Buttons came undone on both women, exposing bras. Dana admired the voluptuousness of Lois’ cleavage and let her fingers wander between these mounds. Lois was more exploratory and her own hand wandered between Dana’s legs.

“Oh…” Dana skipped a beat.

Lois waited a moment before continuing; Dana giving her no indication of wanting to stop, she started rubbing against the crease of Dana’s front zipper.

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