The Scion of Shyamgarh Ch. 02

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[ continued from Part I ]

But finally, head won over the heart and Radha agreed to the terms and the marriage was scheduled in Ranchi, the nearest big town and state capital, on a day that was in harmony with her celestial and physical cycles. Ranjan’s relatives were obviously annoyed as they realised that the possibility of getting access to his estate would now diminish significantly but strangely enough not too many of Radha’s friends and acquaintances were happy either! Though none of them were aware of the rider in the contract, most of them were jealous that after all these years, she had landed such a rich husband and made no secret of their apparent disdain for such gold-digging!

Ranjan was of course oblivious and indifferent to such behaviour. He arranged for the civil marriage to be registered in the Notary’s office and after a grand dinner in one of the most expensive hotels in the city headed back to his Shyamgarh along with this new bride and her son. They arrived just after sunset to see the palace lit up and looking gorgeous. His loyal staff and their family welcomed him home with fireworks and small compact program of santhali tribal dance and music. Everyone – guests and artistes included — had a good time with mahua and music and much merriment and once everyone had finally departed, it was time for the bridal chamber.

But Rajesh? where would he go? He of course had a room to himself in the palace right adjacent to the Thakur’s private chamber — should he head that way? He was about to but Ranjan stopped him.

“Rajesh-beta, why don’t you come along with us”

“Where Thakur-saab?”

“Come to the bridal chamber .. and help your mother prepare herself”

“What help would I need?” Radha was curious.

“Oh come along anyway .. after all what will he do alone in this big house?”

“Of course he could help me take off this heavy jewellery and these brocade dresses.”

Ranjan caught hold of his new wife and her son and gently led them into his master bedroom. It was huge and filled with antique furniture and decorated with marble statues and oil paintings on the wall. At one end of the room was a gigantic four-poster bed and near it were placed three deep sofas around a small centre table that had a bottle of cognac and three large snifters.

“Come, let us sit and talk for while” said Ranjan and sat down on one of the sofas and asked the two others to make themselves comfortable. Then he poured out three generous portions and handed it out to all.

“Cheers … to my brand new family”

“Cheers ..” echoed the other two.

“That was a long day, Thakur-ji, are you feeling tired?” Radha enquired.

“Actually I am, after all I am more than 80 .. and all this excitement is difficult”

“But the day is not yet over.” Rajesh had been thinking about the inevitable consummation that should happen now and was feeling excited about it “You still have some unfinished business!” He could not resist a smirk.

“Shhh Rajesh!” His mother tried to caution him but ended up flustered and blushing.

“Oh don’t bother my sweetheart.” Ranjan waved to his wife, “he is now my son and we are all comfortable in each others presence”

“But ..”

“No ifs and buts my dear, your son, our son Raju is now an integral part of all that we do.”

“I don’t understand Thakur-Ji”

“You will my dear .. but first Rajesh a little bit of ceremony. Thanks to the jealousy of all concerned, we had to do with just a civil ceremony today but now that it is done, we could try something more intimate.”

“Like what?”

“Say kanyadaan … where the father hands over the bride.”

“But my father is not here”

“Your son could do the same.” He took a big swig from the cognac.

“I would be delighted to do so”. It was Rajesh’s turn to take a swig.

“I am sure you would, because in our custom, the bride has to be handed over in the nude!”

“What!” Both Radha and Rajesh asked in unison.

“Come on, I know that the two of you are very intimate with each other and ataşehir escort bayan believe me, that is OK as far as I am concerned.”

“But how do you know this?”

“Gotcha! You have just admitted to it sweetheart! but I have my ways that you will learn. But don’t get alarmed .. we will all enjoy this together.”

“OK what do you want me to do Papa?”

“Come with me, I will explain …” and he took Rajesh out of the room leaving a thoroughly puzzled Radha behind.

But they were back soon, each dressed in a fine muslin wrap-around dhoti and a rich silk shawl thrown across otherwise bare backs. Rajesh was also carrying a tray loaded with garlands of rose and marigold.

Ranjan made himself comfortable on one of the sofa’s and lit a cigar from a case box that had been lying nearby.

Rajesh walked over to where his mother was sitting and placed the tray of garlands next to her. Then with a cute but mischievous smile he pulled her up to her feet and started removing her heavy gold jewelry.

The tiara, the set of three necklaces, the wristlets, the bangles and the anklets came off one by one. Radha’s eyes were firmly fixed on the ground but her husband was watching with a keen interest.

The next to come off was the heavy brocade blouse that Rajesh unbuttoned at the back and cast aside to reveal a proud pair of pert breasts cradled in a tiny black bra. This was followed by the crimson-and-white saree that Rajesh unloosened at the hip and then unwrapped, folded and kept aside — leaving his mother in her bra and a blood red silk petticoat.

Radha’s hair had been made into an elaborate coiffure held up with pins and clips and as these were removed one by one, her hip length hair cascaded down her back. Rajesh then unhooked the tiny bra and her breasts spilled out. Nude from her waist upward, Radha was a ravishing sight and Ranjan could hardly keep her eyes off from her as her son played with her nipples and caressed the smooth depression of her belly button.

“Don’t forget the garland”

Rajesh placed the big, rich garland around her neck so that it flowed across her breasts and over her nipples.

“Mum, are you now ready to cast aside your last bit of modesty for your Lord and Lover?”

“Yes ..” Radha’s voice was choked with emotion but she pulled the knot of the cord that held up her petticoat and it fell away to reveal the mound of her womanhood — framed in a thick bush of neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Radha’s eyes were closed and her head was on her son’s shoulder. Rajesh pushed his arms around her belly and then cupped her breasts in his hands. Slowly and gently he gripped his mother nipples and started to tweak and play with them. Radha gave a low moan of pleasure as her nipples started to harden at her son’s touch. Behind her, she could feel her son’s erection poking and prodding her in her butts. She wriggled her hips and pushed her ass-cheeks into his hard prick. Rajesh lowered an hand until he felt swell of her pubic mound, covered in a fine brush of her pubic hair and squeezed them ever so gently. Radha moaned again with pleasure.

“Mother are you ready for your lover?”

“Please …” Radha could only nod in assent.

Rajesh gently pushed his naked mother forward towards his father who leaned forward, caught her by her hands and guided her onto his lap. Then he stepped back and sat down on the sofa and picked up his own cognac.

Ranjan loosened his own wrap-dhoti and threw it over his naked wife covering both their naked bodies under the sheer muslin fabric. Rajesh could see his father’s hands exploring his mother’s naked body, squeezing her tits and massaging her groin. He took a big swig on the cognac and then slid his own hands inside his dhoti and started to rub his own raging erection.

Ranjan reached across to the cognac and brought it to his wife’s mouth. Radha’s eyes were closed but she threw her back on his shoulder and parted her lips and her husband poured it all into her mouth. She took a gulp and choked and the rest of the cognac poured escort kadıöy out over the thin wrap — showing up her tits through wet fabric. Then his hand was on her mound, his fingers pushed into her cunt and he began to move them around — faster and faster.

Radha’s breathing became faster, her moans louder and her eyes were closed. Rajesh’s state was similar, he too was jacking off faster and faster and groaning and grunting as well. Mother and son were now in open and flagrant masturbation in front of each other and then they climaxed almost simultaneously. Rajesh’s dhoti had now fallen off and Radha watched in excited amazement how three or four big globs of his powerful ejaculation flew into the air and landed on the table in front while she herself shuddered to a thundering orgasm.

“Brilliant …” Ranjan was over the moon with pleasure, “I have never seen a mother and son come together.” but the other two were too exhausted to reply. Rajesh slumped back on the sofa while Radha leaned back on her husband chest. Everyone was exhausted and just wanted to relax.

Ranjan was the first to stir. He threw aside his wrap to reveal his nude wife lying on top of his equally naked body. He sat up on the deep but narrow couch and pulled Radha’s body onto his lap, or rather between his thighs. Behind her, Radha felt her husbands prick and balls get squashed against her buttocks.

“Ranjan-ji” she kept deferring to her husband’s age by adding the respectful ji after his name, “why have you gone so soft down there?” she was curious.

“That is something that I will now have to explain to you sweetheart.”

“What is there to explain? I will get it hard in a jiffy” and with that she slid out of his lap, got onto the floor, turned around and started sucking at Ranjan’s flaccid dick.

Rajesh’s case was different. The sight of his mother, stark naked, on her knees with her head buried in father’s crotch was more than enough to send his prick up and hard again as he stared at her cunt, moist and swollen, peeping through the crack of her butts that is father was kneading with great gusto.

But Radha was confused. She had been licking and sucking at her husband’s prick but it showed no flicker of interest! What was wrong?

“Come sweetheart, let me explain” Ranjan pulled her up against his chest and ran his fingers against her sweaty face.

“Is there a problem, my love? Do you want me to do anything else?”

“There is a problem my dear and you must understand that I am more than 80 years old! and it has been a long, long time since I have had anything do with a woman.”

“But no more .. I am now here …” Radha was perplexed.

“The problem is not with you my darling, it is with me … I don’t think I can do it anymore, at least not since I had an operation nearly fifteen years ago.”

“We can get things fixed, we can get Viagra, we can see a doctor .. I cannot leave my loving husband in the lurch” There was a real love and concern in her voice.

“We could, but at my age things like Viagra can be dangerous”

“But we must!” there was tinge of alarm in Radha’s voice.” What about the son that you wanted to have?”

“Come on sweetheart, I would not have brought you all the way here if I had not thought that through.”

“So how do we ..?”

“Relax. Have you not heard of a kshetraj child, where the queen is impregnated by someone other than the king?”

“Oh God! you want me to?” Radha could not bear to finish the sentence. Thoughts of being made to have sex with some demonic surrogate — as it happened to the two queens of Raja Bichitrabirja, the founding “father” of the Mahabharata clan — flashed through her mind. “No, no, no …” she screamed.

“Please Radha, I will never put you in the arms of a person whom you don’t like.”

“And how would you know whom I like and whom I don’t?”

“I have no intention of looking for someone who you do not like but I do know of someone who you like very much.”

“Who is that?”

“He is right here, in this room, just behind maltepe escort you.”

“You mean ..” words failed for a second, “you mean Rajesh! my son?”

“Can you deny that you are very comfortable with him?”

“But, but …”

“But you have never been penetrated by him right? So why not start?”

“It is a boundary that we have never crossed.”

“There are other boundaries that you have and what is so different here? You have done everything else .. so what is wrong with just another six inch of his rod pushing into your cunt and spraying you with his precious seed?”

“This was never a part of the deal Ranjan … you had never told me that I will have to be fucked by my son.”

“And even now I will never force you. If you don’t want to, you don’t .. everything else stays the same .. but you don’t get the son and you don’t get the throne!”

“Oh dear, what have I landed up in ” Radha was distraught. She covered her face with her hands and sat down on the floor.

“Please do not panic my sweetheart.” Ranjan consoled his wife. “Why don’t I leave you with your very best friend and lover for now. Talk to him and I am sure you will see merit in what I say.”

Ranjan stood up and gently pulled Radha to her feet as well. He kissed her gently, led her up to her son and pushed her down on his lap. Then he poured another round of cognac for all three and picked up his drink.

“Do not rush into anything sweetheart, sleep over the decision and remember, night is the mother of all counsel” was the last thing that Ranjan said before he left the room.

Rajesh took another big swig of cognac and pulled his mother onto his lap. Without a stitch of clothing on her she looked so very delicate and vulnerable that he felt sorry for his mother. He knew that she must be going through the pangs of an extreme indecisiveness and to comfort her he ran her fingers over her face, down her throat, across her breasts and lightly massaged her belly.

“Kiddo, do you really want to fuck me now?” there was a hint of tear in her eye.

“Not unless you really, really want me to Mum”

“I really do not know what I want, kid” and she took another large swig of the cognac.

“Do you want the child or do you not?”

“Of course I want the child and not just for the throne, but for the pleasure of being a mother again in such a wonderful place!” another swig, a big one that threw her into another choke.

“And you are comfortable with being in my arms?”

“Of course, more than anyone else in the world”

“Then why do you deny all of us — you, me and Papa — of what would make us all happy”

“I really do not know kiddo, my sweetheart …” and with that she suddenly passed out! The cognac had finally taken effect.

Rajesh knew that there was no more any point in talking to her. She was knocked out and would remain so for the rest of the night. He lowered her gently onto the floor and then went searching for his Ranjan. He was right outside, in the lounge, nursing his drink and when he heard what had happened, he quickly but calmly rushed back.

“I think Mum is Ok, it is just that she has had a bit too much to drink”

“That is a fine, after all she is at home, but it would be shame to leave your mother like that, naked on the floor and that too on her wedding night.”

“Let us put her on the bed”

“Yes but it has to be a bridal bed, fit for the queen of Shyamgarh! Come, help me set it up”

Ranjan went up to the bed, removed the brocade cover to reveal a sheet a milky white satin. This he proceeded to cover with a thick layer of marigold until it looked like carpet of golden wool. Father and son then lifted the naked body of Radha and put her down with great tenderness in the middle of the golden field. Then Ranjan turned to leave.

“Papa, don’t you want to spend the night with her?”

“Kid, she would be far more at ease if she wakes up in your arms”

“But …” Rajesh did not know how to say it.

“Don’t even try to fuck her tonight”, the old man had known what the kid had in mind. “Let her decide how to take it forward and we shall respect her judgement”

“Will it be her heart or will it be her head?”

“We will know the answer tomorrow … good night and don’t jerk off any more!”

[ continued in Part III ]

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