The Pen In The Company Ink

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The way you tuck my hair behind my ear brings a moan to my lips, the sensual simplicity of the action pulling arousal from deep inside. Your fingers trace my jaw, bringing my chin up towards you. Your lips are gentle, inviting and reassuring. You’re so tall I stand on my toes, arching my back and falling against you. How we ended up here is hazy, I remember a parking lot and your long list of reasons we shouldn’t be doing this and my nodding in agreement. Yet here we are, at my door and your kisses aren’t of the goodbye variety. They’re tender and testing, still holding back. I attempt to keep my composure, my passion has been building for weeks. I was shy at first, sneaking glances at you across the store. You were the forbidden fruit, yet your training position put us in close contact. I’ve been fantasizing about what your hands would feel like when I should have been focusing on the job.

And here we are, those hands tangling in my hair, pulling me back to look me in the eyes. Yours are so dark, they almost match mine. Is my roommate home? I don’t remember. We make it to my bed. You’re looking more uncertain, I feign bravery and push you to the bed. Where this dominance comes from, I have no idea. I’m the one that wants to be dominated, but you don’t know that yet. Maybe later. Now is for exploring, seeing what will happen. You look surprised when I straddle you, my hair falls around your face when I lean in to express my desire. I’m wearing the same gray dress I had on when you interviewed me, except now it’s riding up and your hands are sliding down my body to meet the hem.

Your tongue slides easily into my mouth, your lips feel as good as I imagined. Your hands reach my lower back and slide onto my ass, my reaction invites you to grasp each cheek and you rock me back and forth slightly, I grind down and feel your arousal. I groan into your mouth, but you’re not to be rushed. Your hands reach the end of my dress güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and you push it up to cup my bare ass cheeks and your fingers brush the crevice where my panties should be. You pull away and your fingertips are covered in wetness. Diving in further you pull me apart, reaching between my legs to slip over my soaking lips. My dress has bunched around my waist and I throw myself up and strip it off over my head. The lacey bra I had teased you with earlier during our shift is now in full view, my nipples hard and aching for attention visible through the fabric. I’m dying for your hands on my tits, for you to leave a print from squeezing then soothe them with a gentle caress. I’m soon rewarded, your fingers finding the swollen apexes to tighten and I cry out. You bring my head back down and meet my pleasure with your mouth.

I’m forcing your clothes off, clumsily, drunk with excitement. I’ve fingered myself to body-wrenching orgasms to your face over the past months and my pussy is drenched. Somehow you are naked and on top of me. Your massive cock presses into my stomach and suddenly I’m not so sure. I push against you and roll on top, your hands in my hair again. I wiggle down your chest, kissing as I go. Lying between your legs I look up and hold your gaze as I put the thick tip to my lips. It’s big, bigger than I expected, and my enthusiasm gets the best of me as I slide my lips down the smooth shaft gulping down your dick, feeling it fill my throat. I slacken my jaw to undulate the bottom with my tongue while I work the head in my throat, my eyes watering at my efforts. Your reactions encourage me, you have no idea how much I love the feeling of your cock choking me. Your hand on the back of my head pulling and holding my hair is making my pussy gush.

You eventually pull me upward, again tucking my hair behind my ear, disheveled as it is. You lay me down beside you, exploring güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me. I am panting from my efforts to stuff as much of your dick as I could into my throat, you are slow and patient in your kissing, rubbing your hands over me. “You have perfect breasts, they fit just right in my hands.” You squeeze and play with them, and quickly discover how much I love my nipples pinched. After an eternity, you bring your hand down, between my splayed legs where my clit is pounding with need. My smooth pussy is shiny with arousal and you comment on how wet I am as you touch my clit with your finger tip. I nearly explode right there. Your steady hands stroke my slit, forking over my clit and applying pressure with your two fingers on either side. My hips are pumping upward to meet your hand, urgent. Slipping two fingers inside, you grunt and withdraw one as you realize I’m smaller than you expected. My muscles clench down, gripping your probing finger and moaning. Your erection is rigid against me, dripping pre-cum on my hip. I’m not the kinda girl to give myself to someone without a commitment, but with you it doesn’t matter. You make me feel important, and cared for. And fucking horny.

I finally pull at you to climb on top of me, I don’t want to wait anymore. You seem to question me one last time, hesitating long enough for me to change my mind. All I want is you inside me, I spread my legs wide. As you position yourself between them, I stare down at your huge cock, throbbing next to my waiting pussy. You press the tip to my swollen lips and I nearly cum, instead I gush more wetness to meet the thick head. Your eyes close as I stretch around you, my tightness squeezing around your pulsing rod. As it sinks deeper I arch my back to tilt my hips in order to receive the rest of you, my struggle catches your attention and you soothe me with your lips on mine as you sink the rest inside.

God güvenilir bahis şirketleri I’ve never been so full. You’re filling me and it feels so fucking good. I can’t stop moaning, squirming underneath you as you hold still above me and allow me to adjust. I can tell you’re aching to fuck me, to press my knees to my chest and pound my tight cunt. It’s been a long few months of torturous flirting and here I am, moaning and gushing underneath you. Slowly you pull out and find a steady rhythm, pumping into me and I disappear into bliss. I grasp your arms and drive my hips up to meet your penetration and wrap my legs around your hips, pulling you in when you shove inside.

At some point, I NEED you to fuck me from behind. I half-heartedly push on your chest and you get the message and quickly I flip onto my hands and knees, arching my ass high, hoping you’ll smack it and spread my cheeks before you sink back inside me. Your big hands grasp my butt and I sigh in pleasure as you pull it apart, exposing my asshole that I absently hope you’ll be playing with later. Your thumbs press into the flesh on either side of my sensitive anus, stretching it slightly open to spread me for your cock. You are less gentle now, after grabbing the shaft and guiding it in, you shove into me with a force that moves me from my hands to my elbows. I cry out into my pillow, bringing my hand up to stroke my engorged clit. I can feel with my fingers how obscenely wide you’re stretching me, loving the feeling, you’re giving me everything I’ve been wanting. I can feel the orgasm start in my stomach, my abs clenching and tingling as my clit presses into my fingers from your cock forcing it outward. The pleasure tears through me with a violence I was hoping for and your body answers all my pleas of desire. All of my muscles spasm, my pussy contracts uncontrollably, milking every ounce of pleasure off of your dick. My breath returns in a gush and I am weak. My body relaxes into you, and my cumming vagina seems to have pushed you to the peak. Your groan and at the last second you pull out, spraying warm cum all over my ass and back, coating me with release. I smile into the pillow, reveling in the pleasure while you hang onto my hip as your orgasm washes over you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32