The Party

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We’re at church. Marc hasn’t seen me since just before the move. I’m wearing a black sequined tank top, a black pencil skirt and black patent pumps. My hair is down and curled in big Hollywood curls. I look so different he stares at me as I walk towards him and Eric. Eric is there to pick up his saxophone that he left the night before in the choir room. The door is locked so we walk around to the other door. I ask Eric if he likes playing with the band and tell him I think he’s really talented. We get to the steps up to the door. Eric continues in to the hall where Roni’s party is going on. I tell him I think the saxophone is the sexiest instrument. He says I look amazing. I would definitely be a saxophone if I were an instrument. He asks me if I know what my fingering would be if I were a saxophone. Then Bonnie comes out and says hi. We look at each other and decide to go in.

He goes to the bathroom. When he comes back I ask to talk to him privately. We go upstairs to the youth room. I say he asked me a question earlier, does he want the answer? He says yes, show me. I take his left hand and put it at my waist. Then I take his right hand and say I want him to run his hand through my hair and use it to pull me back to “play” my neck. We kiss. Our breathing is heavy and deep. He puts his tongue in my mouth. We kiss passionately, sucking in as much air as we can through our noses. He moans, and then I do. He pulls my hair gently and kisses down my neck. He rests his lips on my collar bone. I can feel his cock getting hard. He breathes on my neck, moaning.

His hand is on my lower back, sliding down to my butt. He canlı bahis pulls me in closer and we kiss. Backing up, he lays me on the couch and lies on top, kissing me passionately. His hips are rubbing into me. I moan. He pulls up and looks at me. I take my tank top off, revealing my lacy burgundy bra. He moans softly. I ask if he has a condom. He says he put one on earlier in the bathroom. I ask why? He says he got hard just looking at me earlier. I smile mischievously. I pull his shirt off and run my hands down his chest, to his belt buckle. His pants are off and so is my skirt. He bends over me with his hands on my waist and kisses me with tongue. He gets up and so do I. I’m still wearing my bra and underwear. And my black patent pumps. He is wearing his boxers but his cock is starting to peak out.

He pulls me to him and while he kisses me, he slides my underwear off. I can feel his cock rubbing against me, firm and throbbing. His arms trace up my back to my bra. He pulls back and kisses down to my breasts, sucking along the edge of the cups, up my chest. I slip his boxers off. His cock is fully out now. He unclips my bra and lays me down on the couch again. My right leg is off the side, my left bent back towards my chest. His hand glides down from my ankle to the top of my thigh.

He’s moaning softly. I am so wet I can’t wait anymore. He slides into me and penetrates me. I groan at the pain and moan at the feeling of him inside me. He asks if it’s too much. I say no, it’s just been a while. He smiles and begins thrusting slowly, coming almost all the way out and going as far in as he can. I moan loudly. My bahis siteleri breathing is shallow and quick.

My hands are on my breasts, tugging and clawing. His right hand is holding my leg, his left trailing down my stomach towards my clit. He uses his thumbs to lightly caress it. I suck in air and moan. His breathing is heavy and steady. He begins to thrust faster. He rubs my clit harder and I pull at my nipples. I cum. He keeps thrusting, but shallower and slower to give me a small break before he makes me cum again. My fingers claw at his chest. I tell him to stop and stand up.

I stand up and brace my hands against the wall. My right leg up on the couch, he enters me from behind. He hits my g-spot and I moan. I tell him to pull out and go in slowly. When he hits the spot again I tell him to push into me there. He begins to thrust again and his cock pounds into my g-spot. I am moaning loudly. His hands are holding my waist. I rub my clit with my left hand. I moan again, louder still. God, fuck me. I tell him to keep going. Harder now. I rub myself in circles. I can feel myself start to tense. I tell him harder! As I cum, I shake. My breathing is deep and quick. My heart is beating so fast. He thrusts slower and deeper. I brace myself with both hands again. He puts his leg up on the couch. He’s deeper still and reaches his hand around. His fingers are rubbing just above my clit. He relaxes back and thrusts shallower. He aims for my g-spot again and I moan. Oh God! He pounds harder and harder. I tighten and rub my clit furiously. I cum harder than before. I’m gasping for breath.

He pulls out and I continue bahis şirketleri to tremble. I tell him I’ve never cum harder in my life. He smiles and lies on the couch. I pull gently on his cock, it’s throbbing. I run my hand up and down his cock a few times. He’s moaning now. I place myself on top of him, his cock fully in me. I gyrate my hips back and forth and around, coming up slightly with each change in direction. His breathing is quick now. He tells me he’s close. I can feel myself tightening again. His hands grab my breasts and play with my hard nipples. I move my hips faster and pound him in me more. My hands run through my hair and he moans louder. He’s on the brink. I pound harder and harder and we both cum. He takes my waist and thrusts himself up in me as far as he can as he cums. I rub my clit to get the most out of my orgasm. He releases me and I get off of him. We’re both breathing so hard.

I lay next to him on the couch. His arms are around me. I rub his chest. I tell him that we should get dressed and get back to the party. I get up and get dressed and so does he. My shoes were on the whole time. I ask him if he likes playing the saxophone as much as I do. He smiles and kisses me. We walk down to the party and out the door of the hall.

Outside he pulls me in and kisses me deeply. I look at him. He starts to say he misses me but can’t quite get the words out as he stammers. I stop him and tell him I know. He kisses me and tells me he loves me. I love him too. I ask him to call me tomorrow after work so we can talk and I can help him get clean from his shift. He smiles and kisses me deeply again. He says he wishes I didn’t have to go back to the party. I say I know and we pull apart. I turn around and go towards the door. I can hear him behind me. Hey! I turn and he kisses me again. I tell him goodbye and he leaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32