The Journey Begins Ch. 02

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I was feeling very dull when I reached my chachu’s (paternal uncle’s) house. He was married but had no children. My chachi was in her thirties and a little fat. Chachu was almost ten years elder to her and was in good shape. He was tall and muscular. I was meeting them after six years and the moment i saw him I wondered how big his cock must be. He was attractive and sexy.

From the locality where they were living and from the look of the house, I could tell that their financial condition was not very good. When I reached there, I was covered in a traditional chaader (shroud). They did not greet me well but knew that they had to endure me as I did not have any other place to go. When, however, I removed my chaader and chachu’s gaze got fixed on my 34D sized tits, I saw his expression changing from annoyance and irritation to a warm welcome.

“My melons can do wonders even when they are fully covered,” I laughingly thought.

I bent down to pick up my bag and my deep neckline showed all my boobs except my nipples. “Oh, this bag is heavy.” I said to chachu without straightening up.

Chachu gave a big grin and came forward, “Let me help you.”

Chachi was also observing my boobs as well as my attitude and apparently was in deep thinking.

As chachu picked up my bag, I also straightened up with a slight jerk so that my boobs bounced a little.

“Where will she live? If I remind you, we have only one bedroom in which the two of us live.” Chachi said to chachu who was taking my bag in his bedroom.

“Oh, we will find some way out.” Chachu said.

“And who will pay for her food?” chachi snapped.

“She is a grown up girl and can earn,” chachu laughed.

I could see his eyes appreciating my tits when he said, “grown up”.

“Yes, I’m grown up and can help you earn,” I said with a smile.

“See?” chachu said approvingly.

The household was strange but to my advantage, so I did not feel it hard to adjust. The last one year that I spent in the boarding in the company of Farhan and his friends had made me feel comfortable with my body as well the body of all kind of men. I had enjoyed sex; rather I had loved it specially when I had it with more than one man at a time. A cock in my mouth, one in my pussy and another in my ass. Men taking turns fucking all my holes and covering my boobs and filling my pussy and ass with their cum. I had loads of my hardcore pictures and videos which we used to watch in our free time and which lead to more passionate sex.

When I was coming to my chachu’s house, I thought that I’ll miss all of this but when I saw chachu’s lustful gaze on my tits in the presence of chachi, I knew I’ll have some fun even in this poor house. To my surprise (which was very pleasant) I saw that chachu was quite careless with his dress and so was chachi. It was summers and the couple did not have air conditioner. So, they frequently took showers and came out of the bathroom naked. Chachu used to wear only a theband (a wraparound) could not hide his erection. Sometimes he sat in such a way that his massive cock was out of his tehband, sometimes erect and sometimes like a sleeping snake. Chachi either wore a bra and a shalwar or sometimes even removed her bra. She let chachu fondle with her tits even in my presence but I did not find her enthusiastic about sex. Whenever chachu took her tits in his hands and rubbed his bostancı escort face on the tits or took them in his mouth, she was never in the show. On the other hand, I used to become so turned on that my pussy became wet instantly and my tits hard.

This kept on happening in front of me for a whole day. I was getting frustrated. This was a very conservative society and no one appeared semi nude or nude in front of nieces or fondled with his wife’s boobs in full sight of anyone with a teasing laughter.

It was my second night in the house. The room was occupied by the couple and I was lying on charpai in the courtyard of the house. The room was lit and the door was open. The couple was watching TV. I could see clouds on the sky. It was more than fifteen days that I had no sex and it was my second day that I saw a man with erection, trying to make out with an unwilling woman. My frustration was mounting. I wanted to get rid of my clothes and a man on top of me (the more men, the better, though), filling my holes, taking my tits in his mouth, teasing and biting them.

“Chachu seems encouraging and if I stay topless or even naked, he would not mind.” I thought. I was, however, unsure about chachi. I wondered what kind of woman she was who did not spread her legs even after so much fondling of her tits.

I looked inside the room. Chachi had unclipped her bra and chachu was lustfully looking at them. Then chachi took of her shalwar. She was not wearing any panty. Chachu put a hand on her mound. She took the remote control and switched off the TV.

Chachu removed his tehband and he was fully naked. His cook was semi hard. He started fingering chachi’s pussy.

“You said that Ayesha would be willing to use her body for earning but I do not see that she has any such intention.” She said annoyingly.

Due to open door I could not only see them clearly but I could also hear them.

“Oh, she has all the good intentions.” Chachu said laughingly while still fingering her.

“Did you see her the first day she came? She showed me all her boobs as if asking me to play with them and knead and pinch them.”

“But after that she has not done any such thing,” she was clearly irritated. “She has those big tits and they are useless if she keeps them only for her husband and not for our advantage.”

“Give her some time. Her tits and her cunt are too good to be left only for one man who will be her husband. And from the look of her, I can tell you that she is not a virgin. So, first it will be my turn and then every such man is allowed to take ride who can pay well,” he laughed.

With this dirty talk about me, I was so turned on that I took of my kameez and shalwar. Only a bra and panty was left on me. My breathing was getting heavier and my panty was getting wet. My pussy fucked by my own chachu; this was a great turn on.

“You know I’m no more interested in sex and you have not touched me for the last so many months even when I paraded nude in front of you. But from the day your niece Ayesha has come, you leave no occasion to fondle my tits and I can see your erection.” I heard chachi say.

I heard chachu’s hearty laughter. “You are right. From the moment I have seen her melon sized boobs, I want to fuck them. I wonder how they will look like naked. And what amazing pussy she must have. MMMMMMMMMMMM. I so much want to fuck ümraniye escort bayan her pussy and her ass. And I want to put my cock in her mouth to fuck it hard.”

This was too much for me. I could not hold myself any longer. I got up from my charpai and headed toward the only bedroom.

Chachi joined the laughter. “Yes, fuck her hard. Pound her pussy and rape her if she is not willing.”

“MMMMMMM,” chachu took his erection in his hand. “Yes, I want to rip her pussy.”

“Then what are you waiting for. I’m standing here and my pussy wants to be fucked hard.” I said.

They were surprised to see me there as they thought that I must be sleeping outside and more surprised to see me semi naked.

“Ayesha ……….” Chachu looked at my nudity with amazement.

“Yes, I’m here and willing to be fucked.” I unhooked my bra to expose my massive tits.

Chachu got down from the bed and came close to me.

“You tits are amazing,” he took them in his hands lovingly.

“So is my pussy,” I said, putting my hands on his hands pressing my tits even more.

He kissed me and I kissed him back. With one hand he kept on pressing my tits and the other reached inside my panty which was completely wet by now. His hand kept on exploring the folds of my pussy. I took his erect cock in my hand. Then he withdrew his hand from my panty which was covered in my cunt juices. He wiped his hand on my tits, took me in his arms and put me on his bed.

“Rip her pussy,” chachi helped him put me on the bed and then removed my panty and spread my legs.

Chachu did not hear. He was busy licking my love juices from my tits. Chachi inserted her two fingers in my pussy. She seemed very good in fingering a pussy as it was sending waves after waves of sensation in my body. Chachu was still busy with my tits taking one in his mouth and biting it and kneading and pulling the other one.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” I was moaning loudly.

“Yes, bitch, louder.” Chachi who didn’t respond to any fondling of boobs by chachu for the last two days had suddenly become so enthusiastic.

Chachu changed his position. He put his cock in my mouth and put his mouth on my pussy.

“Yes, eat her pussy,” chachi was breathless.

Then suddenly she left the room. I was too busy with mouth fucking and pussy eating to notice her absence.

“Get aside, see what I do to her,” after some time I heard chachi’s excited voice.

Chachu kept on fucking my mouth. I had taken his big cock all in my mouth and was feeling its vibration inside when I felt something big and massive entering my pussy hole.

Chachi was laughing aloud and kept on inserting whatever it was, in my pussy. My mouth was filled with chachu’s cock so I could neither speak nor see what was happening between my legs. Then chachi started fucking my pussy with that object. I had so many familiar and not so familiar feelings inside and out of my body.

A throbbing cock in my mouth, balls touching my chin, hands and mouth kneading and biting my tits and something going in and out of my pussy. I came again and again.

Chachu took his cock out of my mouth. “Take this cucumber out of her pussy.”

So, it was a big cucumber fucking me. As soon as chachi took out cucumber from my pussy, chachu put his cock in.

“Oooooooo, she is tight.” He was slowly inserting his kartal escort dick in.

I knew my hole was tight even when it was fucked so many times by so many men and even by a cucumber.

Chachu started fucking me deep and hard.


“Rip her pussy, go deep,” chachi was constantly encouraging him. “Yes, be hard on this bitch”.

With each of chachi’s words, chachu fucked me with more and more passion. Then without any warning, he came and filled my pussy with his hot cum wad after wad. After emptying his balls he fell on top of me, sweaty and breathless.

Chachi was the one who really enjoyed the whole scene without very actively participating in it.

“Did you fill her cunt well?” she was teasing chachu, laughing. Then she pushed him aside. “Let me see how good you filled her.” She started examining my pussy. I was breathless and tired so I did not stop her. She started licking my pussy.

“MMMMMMMM, you taste so good.”

I did not respond. My naked tits were bouncing with my heavy breathing. She took my left tit between her thumb and forefinger.

“Lovely tits,” she pinched it.

“Oooh,” I felt pain.

“We are not done yet,” she laughed.

I was so tired that I closed my eyes without saying anything. Suddenly I felt something coarse entering my pussy.

“What is this? What are you putting in my pussy?” I opened my eyes and asked.

“I told you we are not done as yet.” She laughed.

I got up slightly to see what was entering my pussy. This time it was a big carrot.

Chachu laughed and got up. He was getting hard once again.

“Just one carrot? Put two.” He said, laughing.

“Come on, help me,” chachi said.

I let them do whatever they wanted. Soon I had two carrots in my pussy and my tits were clipped with pegs used for drying clothes and my ass was in the air for once more erected cock of chachu.

Chachu spread my cunt juices on my ass hole and his cock and entered the only hole that he had not fucked as yet. On the other side, chachi was very enthusiastically fucking my pussy with two carrots. Then she left carrots in my pussy and came and sat on my mouth. I started eating her pussy. She was quite wet and I licked her long and deep.

“Bite me.” She asked me.

I bit her clit and she cried loudly. “Yes, bite more”. This time I took a pussy lip in my teeth.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she moaned very loudly.

This was a new experience for me. My pussy had two carrots, my ass had a cock fucking it hard, my tits were clipped with pegs and I was eating a pussy, biting it now and then. I came again and again.

Chachi left my mouth, spread her legs and put cucumber in her pussy and a carrot in her ass. She was fucking herself with those vegetables hard and deep.

Strangely it was a great turn on for me. Following her movements, I also started fucking my pussy with the already inserted carrots. We were moaning loudly. Chachu came in my ass and filled my bowels with his cum.

At dawn all three of us were breathless and tired and were lying over each other. Then chachi got up and started licking the carrots that fucked me. We all laughed and licked and ate those carrots.

“Now you don’t need to sleep outside. You can share our bed. And you don’t need to keep on wearing clothes all the times.” Chachu laughed, lightly playing with my tits which were turned red by now.

“Yes, but on a condition.” Chachi said.

“What condition?”

“That you’ll use your amazing tits and tight pussy to improve the conditions of this house.”

And we all laughed.

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