The Hotel Ch. 04

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Jack woke the next morning thinking or Su, yesterday had been a shock, when May died, it hadn’t been that big a shock, but with Su, it had hit Jack. Su and May had changed Jack’s life; he loved being with older women; he still had Molly and Jean, who he knew would help him in the next phase of his life. He phoned Molly; he told her that he wouldn’t be in today or tomorrow. Molly understood how he was feeling. She told him she would attend the church service and Liz, was off University tomorrow, would look after the funeral lunch.

Jack then phoned Jean, who had already heard about Su; she would also attend the church service. Jean also told him that she had arranged for Jack to meet a valuator and a cataloguer on Saturday at eleven. Jack was delighted about this; he felt happy that Jean had organised this.

Jack lay in bed; he was going to have an easy day, then he phoned his mum, it was unusual for him to call her in the morning as he usually phoned at night, he hadn’t spoken to her for ten days, mum answered on the second ring. She was happy that he’d called, she didn’t stop talking for ten minutes as she told him how bad things were with his father. Mum had been to a lawyer and divorce papers had been served on his dad last week. He had gone crazy, mum changed the locks on the door, and Aunt Jo came to stay with mum.

He kept trying to contact mum; mum took a court order out stopping making any contact with him; he could only reach her through her lawyer. He went crazy with that would cost money. Mum gave her lawyer Aunt Jo’s mobile number, that was a mistake, Aunt Jo was being phoned every two minutes. That was then stopped. Jack interrupted his mum, “Mum, give your lawyer my number; I won’t put up with any of his crap, it’s not right that aunt Jo had to put up with that.”

This calmed his mum down. Jack then asked, “Mum, what are your grounds for divorce?”

Mum replied, “Unreasonable behaviour, Jack, this is bad, twice I caught a sexually transmitted disease from your father, my doctor kept the swabs, his DNA is on them, he hasn’t a leg to stand on in court, he knows that. He’s now staying with his sister. It’s so good to talk to you; it takes my mind off it, how have things been with you?”

Jack then told her about the property he had bought for storing hid wine; he was now going to set up a wine company to sell his wines to other outlets. He was now going to convert the building into an Auction and an Antiques Centre. He now had the staff to do this. The Spa would open in three weeks, he had a lot going on. Then he got to the crunch line; he wanted to be honest with his mum, he said, “Mum, the bungalow next to the Hotel was owned by a woman in her seventies. I had a relationship with her over the last three months; we were lovers, she died suddenly yesterday, she wrote in her will that I have the first option to buy the bungalow, I’m going to buy it. I’m feeling happy, but down today, I liked Su a lot.”

“Jack, I’m so sorry to hear that she must have thought a lot of you to give you the first offer on her house. What are you doing today? Would you like to come and spend time with mummy?”

Jack replied, “Mum, I’d love that, can I stay the night with you, then I can have a drink, but I must be back here for the funeral tomorrow morning.”

“No problem, I’ve lots of wine in the fridge, let’s go out for lunch, when can you be here?”

Jack looked at the time, then said, “I’ll bring some chilled Champagne, I’ll shower first. I will ataşehir escort bayan be there in an hour.”

Mum replied, “Great Jack, I love champagne, I’ll shower too, I bought some very short mini-skirts for you, they’re so short that I can’t wear them outside, but if you want, I’ll wear them in the house for you?”

Jack replied, “Mum, that would be good, then I can see your beautiful legs.”

“Jack, you can see the tops of my stockings, when I sit down you can see my panties, I can wear very tight fitting panties, then you’ll be able to see the outline of my pussy, you won’t think that I’m a slut if I wear them? Another question, did you enjoy being with an older woman?”

“Mum, you’re not a slut, please wear those panties, yes, I love being with an older woman, I also had an affair with the lady that I bought the Hotel from, now I’ve told you everything about me. When I’m with you, will you tell me everything about you?”

“Darling, we will have no secrets, we can drink your champagne and order an Indian takeaway then we don’t need to go out, we can go out for dinner. Get here quickly; I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

Jack arrived at his mum’s house, as he approached the front door, it opened, mum had been waiting for him, she stood behind the door then closed it, Jack could now see her, she looked gorgeous in a tight-fitting top and her micro mini-skirt, it was very short. Jack was carrying an overnight bag and a case of champagne, he left the bag in the hall then went to the fridge in the kitchen, Jack said, “Mum, could you get two champagne glasses, please?”

“I’ve got them in the lounge; please bring the champagne as mummy is nervous and needs a drink. I’m sitting in a chair opposite the sofa; then you can see my panties, Jack, I want you to be honest with me, you must always tell me what you like and what you don’t like, then I’ll know how to please you.”

Jack went into the lounge, he opened the bottle then poured two glasses, he gave one to his mum, he raised his drink then said, “To us mum, we’ve both had a hard time, if you want I’ll phone dad and tell him what an asshole he is. You should just ignore him now; he would be a fool to go to court now, his reputation would be destroyed. I’m standing beside you now, mum, cheers.”

Mum stood up, she clinked the glasses together then took a drink of champagne, she held some in her mouth. She put her glass on the coffee table then cuddled Jack, they tongue kissed, mum squirted the champagne from her mouth into Jack’s mouth, then said, “Jack, I want to do so much with you, we have all day, let’s take our time and get to know each other.”

Mum then sat on the seat, she pointed for Jack to sit on the sofa, mum sipped her champagne then spread her legs a couple of inches, revealing her tight-fitting panties, it showed her swollen vulva and a perfect long sex slit, mum, asked, “Do you like what you see darling?”

Jack focused his eyes on his mum’s perfect sex slit; Jack said, “Mum, it’s gorgeous, your slit looks so perfect, the shape is flawless, I love what I see.”

“Jack, I want you to close your eyes, you can’t open them until I tell you, do you promise to do that?”

“Mum, I’ll close my eyes and sip my champagne until you tell me to open them, that’s a promise.”

When Jack’s eyes were closed, mum removed her panties then her micro mini-skirt, she was only now, wearing a crotchless bodysuit, her smooth vulva looked stunning, the lips were wet escort kadıköy with her cunt juice. She then took off her top, she thought for a second then took her massive tips out of the bodysuit, the bodysuit held her tits up. It was the right thing to do; she looked so sexy, her nipples big and hard, mum wanted Jack to know that she was now 100% there for him, mum said, “I hope that you like what you see, open your eyes then tell me if you like?”

Jack opened his eyes, his cock hardened immediately, mum was magnificent, she had a beautiful body. Jack knew that he wanted her and she wanted him, Jack said, “You look beautiful, I want you close your eyes once again, keep them closed as I position ourselves on the carpet, I want you to enjoy what I’m going to do to you, everything I do with you, I do with love.”

Mum closed her eyes, Jack stripped naked, his enormous cock was rock hard, he went to mum, he then laid her on the floor in a position that they could 69. Jack kept his cock away from mum’s mouth as he went down on her, she purred with pleasure as Jack teased her massive clit with his tongue, Jack then went down on her, as he sucked her clit, mum spread her legs wide so Jack could finger his mum’s hungry cunt.

Mum’s eyes were still closed, Jack then stroked mum’s lips with the head of his bulbous cock, mum’s tongue instinctively came out of her mouth, mum’s hand now found the base of Jack’s thick cock. It was too thick to get her whole hand around, mum opened her eyes and looked at Jack’s cock, then said, “Jack, your cocks massive, I love it, now I know why the older women loved you, mummy is going to love you as well.”

Jack replied, “Mum, make me hard, I won’t cum in your mouth today, I’ll hold back until I’m inside you. Your cunt juice tastes so sweet and delicious; I want mummy to cum in my mouth, will mummy cum in my mouth?”

“Baby, I’ve never cum in a man’s mouth before, I want you to be the first. I’m nearly there, use another finger as you finger fuck me and keep sucking my clit.”

Mum was dry riding Jack’s mouth; she was pushing against his four fingers, mum was so wet, she had incredibly strong cunt muscles as she gripped Jack’s fingers. Then it happened, mum cried out, “Baby, I’m cuming, I’m squirting my cum into your mouth. It feels so good; I haven’t cum so strongly for years.”

Jack sucked every drop of mum’s cum into his mouth; he was lapping it all, then when he was sure that he had it all, he came off her pussy and cum kissed mum on the mouth. This aroused mum so much; her tongue was being buried deep in Jack’s mouth. They then slowed down the passion and cum kissed each other tenderly and with lots of affection. Jack said, “Mum, I loved that. I want to do that every day to you, then I will go inside you.”

“Jack, I loved it too, you’re the first man to make me cum orally, you’re also the first mam that I’ve cum kissed, I want to do it with you every day too.”

They lay on the carpet, kissing and touching, looking at each other, Jack slid his hand between his mum’s legs fingering her wet cunt then said, “How do you want me, mum, for our first time?”

“Darling, do me in the missionary position then I can wrap my legs around you, I’m amazed how hard your cock is, it looks enormous.”

Jack was nibbling around mum’s ear then said, “Ok mum, I’ll go very slowly and gently at first, if you’ve any discomfort then let me know, I want you to enjoy it, when was the last time you were fucked?”

“Four bostancı escort years ago when your dad gave me a dose of the bad stuff again, I stopped it with men after that, you’re will be my first, I’m so looking forward to it. When I’m comfortable with your cock, I love it hard and deep. Jack, I want to be honest with you. I’m bisexual; I love pussy too, is that alright with you? I’ve got a few girlfriends.”

This aroused Jack as mum spread her legs wide as he went on top of her, as he was stoking his bulbous head up and down mum’s long sex slit, Jack said, “Mum, thanks for your honesty, I’ll tell you later what I get up to but this now I want to give you the fuck of your life.”

Jack then centred his cock in the middle of mum’s sex slit; her cunt was so wet. With a gentle push he buried his cock inside mum’s tight hungry cunt, he then slowly and carefully got a rhythm going, mum loved it, mum said, “Baby, it’s wonderful, your filling mummy’s pussy, I feel stretched but no pain, it feels so good. You’re hitting my cervix, that’s never happened before, fuck me, baby, fuck me hard and deep, do you want mummy to be your slut now? Mummy’s cunt is yours now; baby fuck me.”

Jack then moved his tempo into turbo; he pounded mum’s pussy for the next twenty minutes, mum had cum a few times as Jack felt the warmth of her cum on his cock. Jack had been stroking mum’s clit; his finger was soaked in mum’s cum. He then slipped his finger up mum’s ass as he pounded her, mum loved it, mum cried out, “Finger my dirty hole as you fuck me, baby, I want to be your slut, I’m cuuuuummming.”

They both climaxed within seconds of each other. Once again, they kissed tenderly with so much affection. They then lay on the carpet in each other’s arms; mum said, “Jack, I’m so happy we have done this, did I give you a good fuck? Did I fuck as good as your older women?”

Jack laughed then kissed mum; he said, “Mum, you’re a great fuck, we’re going to have a lot of fun. I was thinking about Su’s funeral tomorrow, Su was a lovely person, you would have liked her, but she’s gone now, the service will be tough for me tomorrow.”

Mum kissed Jack then said, “Jack, if you want I’ll come with you and give you support. I can be there for you.”

Jack thought for a minute, then said, “Mum, maybe it would be better if you did come with me. I want you to be part of my life now. If you are with me tomorrow, then you’ll see and meet all the people in my life, that could be good for both of us. I’ll need to phone Suzi, Su’s daughter, to tell her that you will be with me. I’ll phone her now.”

Jack called Suzi’s number, she answered on the second ring, she said, “Jack, I’ve missed you, mum’s now in the church, I’m at the bungalow with Charles, he’s been wonderful, he stayed with me all night. We at trying to get things sorted out. Jack, do you know how I can contact Jean Smart, they had the Auction in town, she was one of mum’s friends. I need her to advise on the value of mum’s possessions.”

Jack then told her that Jean was now working for him and they were opening up a new Auction and Antique Centre. He also said to her that Jean would be at the service tomorrow. Suzi said, “I’m so relieved, I was wondering who I could trust with that. I will tell Charles; he’s responsible for all the House Clearances in his firm, Jack, he will give you a lot of business.

Jack then told Suzi that his mum would be with him at the service tomorrow. His mum would be staying with him for the next few weeks. Suzi had no problem and was looking forward to meeting her.

Jack came off the phone and said, “Mum, no problem. I’m happy that you can come with me. Mum, let’s do it again then we can go out for dinner, this time, I want to do you doggy style.”

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