The Handy Man

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It was one of the golden warm California days and I was in good spirits. As a college student I was always in need of cash and was now between terms. Mr. Young was an owner of an apartment complex and needed some part time help. I had done work for Mr. Young in past years, knew many of his tenants, and was good at doing a variety of odd jobs. When he found out that I was on break he gave me a call. I jumped at the opportunity. He paid me ten bucks an hour in cash once a week and I was assured of full time work and sometimes overtime. There was always work to be done and if things got slow, I could always get creative. I’d give him a call and ask him what he thought about this or that job and if he wanted it done, he’d give me the okay.

Mr. Young was one of those old fashioned guys who had made his wealth by “pulling himself up by his own bootstraps.” He was outraged by the high cost of maintenance fees and he had a tough time finding good help. He was frankly tired of “half-assed,” work for “skyhigh,” wages. I on the other hand enjoyed hard work. I stayed in shape, made a few bucks and our relationship had grown over the years. I arrived on the job and Mr. Young passed me a clipboard with long list of jobs that had to be done.

“Steve, you’re a good guy,” he said. “You do good work. I really appreciate you coming back this year.It’s getting harder and harder to find good people to work around here.”

“Thanks,” I replied. “No problem. Always need extra bucks for school.”

“Make you a deal. Work like you have in the past and I’ll pay you a bonus at the end of the summer.”

I grinned. “That would be great. Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it. You’ve earned it,” he said and passed me a credit card. “I have an account with Murphy’s Hardware. Need anything, just drop over and get it. Do me a favor and keep a record of your expenses, all right?”

“Yes sir. I’ll do that.”

We were standing by the pool talking when along came Deedee Crowder. She was one fantastic looking lady. She wore a sleek leopard skin bikini and already had a honey colored tan, early in the season. She was medium height and slender; all woman with a smooth, graceful walk and marvelous curves daring displayed for the world to see. Her hair was dark brown, waist length and flowing loosely down her back. She greeted us with a smile and said “Hi Mr. Young!”

“Hello Deedee, how are you?”

“Fine. I’m out on break and thought I’d catch a little sun.”

“Great,” he replied with a grin.

“Listen, I was wondering. Could you send someone up later. I feel really foolish. I had a ring that belonged to my mother and I was washing dishes. I dropped it down the kitchen drain.”

“Sure thing,” Mr. Young replied. “But you’ll have to talk with Steve here…,” He paused. “Steve is working for me during break. Steve Johnson, this is Deedee Crowder.”

“Hi,” I said. “We met last summer. How are you Deedee?” I asked extending my hand and smiling. I forced myself to look her in the face. She was a vision of loveliness with fine features, full rose colored lips and dark brown eyes that seemed to dance when she spoke. I didn’t want to be too obvious by glaring at her beautiful full breasts and absolutely superb heart shaped ass. She accepted my hand and we shook hands.

“Fine,” she replied. “So how is school?”

“Great,” I replied. “How about you?”

She sighed. “Exhausting… but I graduate next year and already have some leads for work.”

“That’s wonderful,” I replied. Just touching her hand was electric. I was trying to maintain my cool and struggling to avoid arousal. I had seen a lot of gorgeous women in my time but Deedee was a dream come true. My cock had it’s own plan and I began to get a rise in my work shorts. I dropped my other arm holding the clipboard in front of me. I really didn’t want to be obvious about about what I was feeling. I mean I didn’t know her very well and I was getting a rush from her beauty. It didn’t help that I caught the fragrance of coconut oil; something that had been a turn on since I was a kid. Deedee looked at me and then actually stepped back and eyed me from head to toe.

“So what do you say Steve?” she asked. “I’d be really grateful if you could get my ring back.”

“Sure thing,” I replied and then turned and looked at Mr. Young. “Anything on my list, top priority?”

“Well Mrs. Mason has a sliding closet door that is stuck and she has a loose doorknob on her bedroom door she wants fixed.”

I knew Mrs. Mason. She was an elderly widow and quite the busybody. She was a lonely old woman that really desired the company of others. In the past, she called Mr. Young for odds and end things and would chatter about her grandchildren and the people that lived in the apartment building. She was so friendly, I just didn’t have the heart not to treat her cordially.

“I have the parts in my truck,” Mr. Young added. With a hopeful look on his face.

“Shouldn’t take to long,” I said. “Deedee, why don’t I come up in a hour?”

“That would be great,” she replied with a grin. “How about two? I’d like to catch a little sun.”

“Yeah, sure. canlı bahis I’ll see you then.”

Deedee strolled off towards the pool and I couldn’t help watching her. Mr. Young

chuckled. “Maybe some fringe benefits this year, eh?”

I must have blushed. I felt the warmth rush to my head. I looked at him and he smiled. “Relax,” he said. “She’s a good looker that one.”

“Yeah, she is. Well, I’m off to Mrs. Mason’s.”

Mr. Young looked noticably relieved. “Thanks. I thought I’d have to go up there.”

“Mrs. Mason is all right,” I replied.

“Sure she is,” Mr. Young said, “she’ll talk your ear off if you let her.”

“I can handle it,” I said. “See you later.”

“Thanks again, Steve.”

I headed up to Mrs. Mason’s place and got to work on arrival. Sure enough the job took me a little longer than expected but part of my job was public relations. When I left, Mrs. Mason was a happy old girl and I had finished with her for the time being. She thanked me and asked me to stay for lemonade and cookies but I begged off as gracefully as possible. I piddled around with some other tasks including going to the hardware to purchase paint for the building’s trim. I glanced at my watch and headed back to the apartments. The traffic was heavy and it took me a little longer than expected. “Shit,” I muttered to myself. “I’m late.”

I parked and grabbed my tools and headed upstairs to the second floor where Deedee lived. I knocked on the door. I heard her shout “come in,” and I entered the apartment closing the door behind me. The apartment was clean but cluttered with canvasses and paintings. Most of the paintings were pretty good actually. Some of them were of commercial grade intermingled with a rich collection of nudes.

Deedee sauntered into the living room. She was combing out her rich brown mane as she entered. She was dressed in a halter top that outlined her pert nipples through the fabric and some skin tight jeans. She was barefoot. I couldn’t help but stare. She was purely gorgeous. She smiled. I returned the smile and she eyed me with interest. “Welcome to my place,” she said softly. She had a sultry alto voice that would have made a great phone sex operator.

I cleared my throat. “Thanks,” I replied, looking around.

“I apologize. I have everything spread out…,”

“It’s all right.”

“So what do you think?”

“Of the paintings?”


“I like the nudes. The other work is pretty good too.”

“What?” she asked, “the paint by number?”

I was puzzled. She chuckled. “That’s what I call the commercial stuff. It’s not much but it pays the bills. Frankly it’s boring but it puts food on the table.”

“And the nudes?”

“Work for my portfolio. It’s my love really. I started my first nude when I was twelve. My parents flipped out but I showed talent. So here I am. I love my work. The human body is the perfect art form.”

“They’re great.”

“Think so?”

“Yeah, I do.” I found one of a boxom blonde and was giving it the once over.

“That’s Sasha. She’s really is beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “She’s very nice.”

“You ought to stop by later. She’ll be here. She has a sitting for me early this evening.”

“Well I…,”

Deedee approached me and placed her hands on my chest. I felt her heat as she nimbly stroked my chest and deftly passed over my nipples. “You know Steve… I’m looking for models and I consider it a favor if you’d consider the possibility of posing for me.”

The idea titilated my senses to the core. I put my arms around her waist and brought her close to me. She made no attempt to pull away. “I revel in beauty, you know,” she said captivating me with those twinkling brown eyes. “The human body is so awesome… so pure in it’s natural state. Don’t you…”

I couldn’t help myself. I pulled her closer and kissed her. Her lips met mine, caressing them with tenderness. I could feel the warmth of her breath on my skin, the satiny smoothness of her arms and hands around my neck.


She kissed me again; slow and long. Her long fingers caressed the contours of my face. “So strong,” she whispered. “So wonderful… I’d love to paint you.”

I breathed deeply. I was on fire and Deedee fanned my flames. Once again, my rod of manhood betrayed me. The bulge in my shorts grew. She chuckled softly and leaned into me, grinding her pelvis against me. I moaned and she smiled. We were both breathing heavily. “I couldn’t pay you much…,” she said closing her eyes and she let out a gentle moan of her own. “So hard…,” she whispered and let her hand slide between my legs. You feel so good against… me.”

Then all of a sudden she pulled away. “Oh God!” she exclaimed covering her mouth. She looked at me, her dark eyes wide. “I’m sorry… really I am. You must think I’m a whore.”

“What?” I asked. “No, no, not at all!” I replied. “Deedee, as long as I have known you… three summers now…,”

“I’ve just been under so much stress lately… work and trying to get the portfolio together and everything.”


“What you must think of me…”

“Deedee!” I bahis siteleri said, louder than I wanted. She looked at me stunned. “Look,” I said lowering my voice. “For as long as I have known you, I’ve always wanted to kiss you… to hold you. If anyone is at fault…,”

“Steve, wait. God. You are one of the most attractive men I’ve ever met. I’ve watched you… seen how you treat people… you’re so good. Compassionate, warm, good humored. I swear, I don’t know what got into me. I’ve never done anything like that before; honestly.”

I approached her slowly. I ran my fingers slowly through her hair, so long, so sensual. I could barely contain myself. “And you are positively irresistable,” I whispered to her. “There’s nothing wrong between two consenting adults. Besides, you have no idea how I wished that something like this would happen. There’s nothing to apologize for. Really.”

“This could get complicated,” she said softly, her cheek rubbing against my hand.

“It could,” I replied “Carpe diem.”

Deedee nodded. “Seize the day,” she whispered.

I pulled her close to me again. Her hair smelled so good. Her skin was so soft. I was intoxicated by the gentle fragrance of her cleanliness; that wonderful aroma of pure woman after a shower. I fought with the excitement that seemed to rush through ever vein in my body. I kissed her again and our tongues danced between our lips and teeth.

“I want you,” I whispered as I kissed her neck and let my tongue dart across her earlobe. She moaned ever so gently and ran her fingertips under my shirt and across my chest. She let them wander and with her satiny fingertips rolled my nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

I caressed her hips with my fingers and slowly lifted her halter top over her head. I kissed her and licked her neck and nibbled her shoulders. I slowly tongued her, working my way down to her pert nipples, her firm rounded breasts. I cupped her breast in my hand and slowly kissed and then began sucking her nipple and licked her breast and then returned to her nipple. Her breathing quickened and she moaned. Her nipple grew harder from my slow arousal.

“Oh God…,” she moaned. “Oh yesss. That feels sooo good.”

I licked my way between her breasts and cupping the other breast began to suck her other nipple. “Oh yess. Harder baby… ohhhh, yes. Suck my tits,” she moaned. Roughly she tugged at my T-shirt and pulled it over my head. Her hands roamed over my chest and she began sucking my nipples like a hungry newborn.

“Oh yeah… yes my love,” I moaned. She stopped briefly and took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. Her eyes widened and the dark orbs danced and twinkled as she pushed me back onto her bed. With deft fingers, she undid my belt and tugged on my shorts. She pulled them off my hips roughly and down past my knees. My cock came alive and throbbed, firm and hard in anxious anticipation of her love.

“Oh God… you look so good…,” she said. Her voice deepened in her excitement and her words flowed like melting wax from a burning candle. She finished removing my shorts after stripping me of my shoes and socks. My manhood danced for her as she gently and slowly stroked the length of my shaft with her fingernails. I cried out now in pain but in the pleasure that her touch brought to me.

She knelt between my legs and a look of hunger consumed her as she grasped me gently at the base of throbbing rod and then slowly ran her tongue up and down the length of my shaft. “Ohhh!” I moaned. “That feels so fucking good.”

Her face brightened with the look of excitement. “Yes babe… I gonna make you nice and hard, so very hard…,” she moaned as she began alternating between licking my shaft and circling the cleft of my cock and the bulging reddish blue head. Then with the great finesse, she lowered her lips and mouth over the full length of my manhood and alternated stroking me with her fingers. I moaned and rolled on the bed and then grabbing her hair softly between my fingers. She moaned and pumped me firmly but gently until I was on the brink of cumming. She stopped and smiled. “Easy tiger…,” she groaned. “There’s plenty of time.”

She held me and let my feelings subside slightly. She stood up and I pulled off her jeans revealing the sweet curly hair on her beautiful pussy. I kissed her belly and helped her step out of her jeans and then traded places: Deedee on her back on the bed and me between her legs. I kissed her shapely firm thighs and slowly tongued my way to her luscious garden of womanhood. I spread her legs wide and and ran my tongue over her bare smooth lips of already deliciously wet vessel of love. Ever so slowly, I licked her and slid my tongue deeper into her sticky warmth. I found her rosebud of ecstasy and tongued it. She cried out and her body began to stiffen with excitement. I mouthed her lovebutton sucking it and licking it and sucking it some more. “Ohhh….I’m going to cum…cummm…ahhhh!” Her face grimaced and she cried out as if she was in pain. Her body quivered and shook, consumed in total pleasure.

But I wasn’t done yet. Some men get their jollies and hop off. I got bahis şirketleri all the more excited as I helped a woman climb to greater heights. I slid two fingers into her, reversed them slowly and began rubbing her G-spot. Her body seemed to convulse and I reached that most sensitive of spots. “Oh my God! Oh my goddddd!” she cried and in moments she was panting. Her body stiffened and her back arched as she screamed out in pleasure.

“Fuck me, oh pleezzze fuck me!” she exclaimed. Slowly I entered her slick wetness and I moaned with pleasure. The walls of her love cave were tight around my throbbing cock. “Oh yess, oh Steve. That feels so fucking good. Easy baby,” she said instructing me while her fingernails gently stroke my chest. I leaned over her and began to suck her nipples and lick her breasts some more. She tasted so very good. I moved slowly in and out of her hot, dripping wet pussy and then drove it home hard. She screamed out. “Oh yes, yesss! Fuck me baby! Fuck me!”

Not the one to go against a lady’s wishes I began pumping her hard. Her beautiful face contorted again as I growled with delight. I was on fire, the perspiration making our bodies slick and wet for each other.

“Oh Deedee… baby you are so hot. I love the way you’re milking my cock.”

“Better to love you babe,” she replied. We were both panting and she looked at me. Her eyes got wide and she smiled at me. “Sooo good…. Yes, yes…,”

“I’m… really close,” I muttered.

“Good,” she growled. “I want your hot love juice in me, baby. I want you to cum in my ass,” she said pushing me away from her. Man, oh man, I had myself a wild cat and I ached to please her.

“Whatever you want babe,” I replied pulling out of her.

“Then I want you in my hot ass… I am so hungry for you.” She handed me a bottle of Eros and smiled. “Grease you cock with this and I’m all yours.”

I opened the bottle and poured the slick liquid on my cock. I was already throbbing and became even more excited as I liberally stoked the lubricant over my cock and balls. “Yeah babe, do it. Grease that love pipe, my handy man,” Deedee said as she looked at me like a hungry she-wolf waiting for her next meal. She turned over and raised her sweet cheeks invitingly. I spread the warm liquid over her cheeks and then spread them. Gently I worked her love hole, first with one finger and then with two, getting her accustomed to what was to come. “Oh yeah,” she moaned loudly. She moaned even louder and I pushed my fingers deep inside her. “Now baby, pump me in the ass with your fuckstick.”

“Whatever you want sweetmeat,” I replied. I was hot, so hot, that I was panting. I positioned myself between her shining cheeks, stroked them lightly as I ran the cleft of my cock over her tight little hole. Then I grabbed my manhood and pressed into paradise. She was so hot and so tight.

“Oh Steve, you’re so hard. How does it feel to be in my ass, baby?”

“Fantastic. Oh yeah,” I moaned.

“Yeah that’s right lover…pump me…oh yess.”

I started with slow rhythmic stokes and my body felt like I was on fire. She cried out “Harder, harder, fuck me you bastard!”

“You’re a hot little bitch, aren’t you?” I asked between gasps for air.

“Hot for you!” she screamed.

I pumped her harder and harder and we were both panting and moaning so loudly that I have no doubt the neighbors probably got a sound show. “Yess, oh yeah. Give it to me Steve!”

I moaned and panted as I felt myself rising to climax. “Babe… I gonna… cum.”

“Soak me with your love juice, baby… ahhhh yeah!” She screamed. Her hand worked swiftly massaging her clit and she was near that pinnacle of ecstacy yet again. She clamped down on my cock and then there was no holding back. I grabbed her ass and kneed her cheeks roughly. Suddenly my body shook and a hot spasm of pleasure hit me like a lightning bolt. I exploded inside her sweet ass gushing gobs of my white love juice deep inside of her. “Ohhhhh my Godddd!” She cried out and our bodies quaked with our total release. My head swam and for a moment I saw flashes of color. I thought I might pass out.

We reached for each other, clinging and meshing as one body. Basking in the afterglow of our wild act of pleasure, we breathed deeply the aroma of our sexual musk and surrendering to one another, rested in each other’s arms. For the next few minutes, we lay together in total silence.

So ended the first of many loving randevous’ for Deedee and I. Deedee and I were together many times, each one as special as the first in their own ways. We enjoyed each other’s company and often went out to dinner, dancing and the occasional movie or concert. I did retrieve her ring and she and I joked many times about me being her handy man. In truth both of us were often lonely. College is very demanding and there is not much social time for serious students. I met Sasha as promised and over the summer, she joined us in some hot threesomes; but that is another story. Deedee went on to work for a gallery in Los Angeles and we stayed friends, often e-mailing letters to one another. We get together whenever we can. I went on to join a local engineering firm. Even though life separated us, the fond memories we shared that summer will be with me for years to come. That summer was one of the best that I have ever spent. Mr. Young was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32