The Guest Room

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The sound of the door opening wakes me from a sound sleep. There is a moment of confusion as I sit up in bed and blink away, the comforter sliding down to pool in my lap. I remember where I am, in the guest room of the Harris family. I’d come up from southern California to deliver a piece of customer furniture for my friend Jack, whose sister was the charming and beautiful Mrs. Harris.

Mrs. Harris, Donna, was what I would call comfortably middle aged. She was home alone when I arrived, her husband having gone to San Francisco for a deposition in the morning. With her help I maneuvered the piece, a rosewood secretaries desk, into the house and up to the second floor. It was a beautiful house, California Modern, overlooking Marin.

Once the piece was in place, I was ready to head into town and get a motel room for the night, but Donna insisted I join her for dinner on the patio. I was hungry and readily agreed. We settled in to eat a hearty salad and grilled chicken.

Donna was a beautiful woman. In her early forties, she was about five foot three, curvy and soft, bordering on a certain voluptuous temptation. She was wearing blue jeans and a buttoned shirt, with her brown hair pulled back in a small ponytail. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice her curves or the way the button between her full breasts strained when she twisted and turned. I tried not to stare, but I looked, and she caught me looking a time or two over the course of dinner.

One glass of wine led to two and then three, and Donna decided to offer me the guest room for the night and open a second bottle of win. I accepted graciously. I wasn’t a total stranger, so the offer was not out of the ordinary. We spent a fun evening listening to music, drinking wine, and talking. About ten o’clock we called it a night.

Donna took me up to the guest bedroom, showed güvenilir bahis me the clean towels and shower, and then turned down the big California King bed before wishing me a good night. A hot shower later I put on my pajama bottom’s and slipped into bed. I always prefer sleeping in black cotton pajama bottom’s. There I lay, deep in sleep, when the door opened.

Donna was standing in the doorway back-lit by the hall light. She was wearing a mid-length champagne nightgown, with lace trim at the hem, sleeves and bodice. It was very light, almost sheer, and the back lighting accentuated every curve. I stared at her openingly, only half awake, feeling my cock lengthening, growing harder with the moment.

She stood there, still, watching me. I swept the comforter aside and stood up, aware that cock was tenting the pajama bottom’s. I heard her intake of breath. I walked across the room to wear she was standing and took her gently by the hand. I led her into the bedroom, across the floor to the full length dressing mirror. I stood her in front of the mirror and moved behind her. She shivered as my cock grazed her round ass. The sensation only made me harder. I looked over her shoulder and whispered in the shell of her ear.

“This is what I was dreaming of tonight.”

I placed my hands on her full hips and slowly slid them over her silk gown, sliding them up and across her stomach, sliding slowly, inch by inch. Donna’s eyes were riveted on the slow travel of my hands. I reached the rounded curve under her breast and slowly cupped them, lifting them, caressing them. She moaned. I slide my thumbs across the pebbles of her nipples, slowly circling them, feeling and watch them harden. The scent of lust spilled into the room.

“Such beautiful breasts.” I whispered in her ear, “Such gorgeous nipples.” I reached up and slid the türkçe bahis strap of the gown off one of her shoulders, slowly peeling the gown down and off her shoulder. I leaned in and kissed her bare neck. Her skin was hot. I peeled the gown from her breast, exposing a dark brown nipple, engorged and erect. I caught her nipple between my thumb and finger and pinched it. She whimpered and leaned back into me.

“Fuck.” She whispered, her voice urgent with need.

I peeled the gown off her other shoulder and turned her to face me. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her thick brown hair and pulled her head back. I bend my mouth and kissed first one nipple then the other. Alternating back and forth I kissed, licked, sucked and nipped those beautiful breasts until they were glistening with wetness and were surrounded by tiny goosebumps. Donna was trembling and whimpering, her hands running through my hair.

I reached down, found the smooth skin of her inner thigh and slide my hand up between her legs. I cupped her cunt in my hand, feeling that burning heat. I curled my fingers and plunged two of them into her. She was so wet and slick they plunged deeply into her, as tight as she was. Her cunt clenched at my fingers.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” She whimpered. I slipped a third finger in and twisted my hand back and forth. She clung too me, trembling, as I finger-fucked her. She was slick and dripping wet. Her legs were shaking as her scent spilled into the room as she dripped over my hand.

I couldn’t take it any more. I reached up with my dripping hand, grabbed a handful of her hair and roughly drug her to the bed. “Oh God! She cried as I threw her onto the bed, face down. I climbed up next to her and lifted her to her knees.

“On all fours!” I told her, “I want you on your knees, so I can fuck your sweet cunt.”. She güvenilir bahis siteleri rose up onto her hands and knees and I moved behind her. She was still trying to her adjust her position when I mounted her roughly. I tore my bottom”s down, freed the raging hardness of my cock, and plunged into her cunt. She screamed as each thick inch coursed into her. She was so wet I penetrated her deeply with that first thrust, all the way into, pressing her open.

My fingers dug into her soft skin as I pounded my cock in and out of her cunt. She was whimpering and squirming and crying as I bore roughly down on her. I savagely tore her gown off and threw it aside. My fingers dug into the soft flesh of her breasts. I caught her hard nipples and roughly pinched them. I pulled her hair hard, jerking her this way and that as my cock plunged in and out of her went cunt.

I found her clit and slapped it, hard, once, twice, three times. On the third slap she went over the top and her body nearly convulsed with the power of her orgasm, burning white hot through her voluptuous form, shaking her. I leaned down and bit her hard on the shoulder and exploded inside of her, my cock surging and pulsing as I pumped jets of hot cum into her squeezing cunt. I spilled everything I had into her, felt her cunt squeezing it out around my thick cock, felt it sliding down her thighs as we collapsed on the bed, my weight bearing her into the mattress.

We lay there for a long while, Donna pinned beneath me, until finally I rolled off. My semi-hard cock slide out of her swollen cunt, covered in our cum. With a soft mewling sound, she slid down my body, delicately took my cock in her fingertips and licked it clean. I lay there, on my back, feeling the tender ministrations of her lips, her tongue, her mouth upon my cock, and fell asleep.

We slept there, tangled together and cum drenched, until the daylight roused us. A long hot shower, breakfast, and then I was on my way home. Donna’s last comment was this.

“I am afraid I am going to have to entirely redecorate several of the rooms….”

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