The Girl Next Door Pt. 04

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We were at the breakfast table, I enjoyed the sight of Roxanne, eagerly digging into a stack of pancakes. I love a woman who has hearty appetites, for food, and for hot sex.

“These are so good, you make the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted. How do you make them so delicious?”

“My mother showed me how. She would never be caught dead using some ready-to-make pancake mix. She showed me how to use the right amounts of flour, eggs, and milk, to whip them up so there would be no lumpy batter, how hot the griddle needed to be, and timing it exactly to a nice golden brown.”

“You learned well Dennis. Not just a fantastic lover, he knows how to cook!”

Roxanne giggled a pleasant happy sound. I had missed that, being in a marriage that was nothing more than cold civility.

Roxanne said softly, “Well, I have today off so I’m going to go shopping for some things I think you’ll like.”

“And I have to go into work today, but I booked off the rest of the days that we’ll have, so we can be together.”

“Ummm, I like that,” Roxanne purred. “Until later my lover man.”

She stood up and cooed, “Come kiss me sugar.”

Our mouths melded, tongues coming out to play in a passion-filled swirl, I could hear her moan in pleasure as our kiss deepened. I felt her hand reach down, gently groping my cock through my trousers.

She pulled her head back and gave me a grin as my cock responded accordingly.

“Oh yes, such a handsome, virile man. You’re MY man, and I have hot, sexy plans for that hard, horny bulge tonight. I want your cock to get all the loving you’ve had to go without. Until then lover.”

She turned and walked towards the door. She gave her hips some sexy wiggles, her ass shimmied nicely under her dress. At the door, she turned, gave me a big smile, and left.

At work, I was glad it was a slow day, trying to concentrate on anything of an urgent nature was impossible. My cock was eager, and it was up and down like a crane. My mind wondered what sexy things she was buying.

I had decided to do something for her, that I thought she’d like. Since she was bare and waxed, I decided to join her in that spirit. The fact that she had taken my balls into her hot mouth also gave me an extra incentive as I wanted that incredible sensation again. There was a salon just a few blocks from where I worked that offered a Male Brazilian, I had a feeling that she would appreciate having that damn hair out of the way.

I was somewhat nervous, but they knew what they were doing, and there was very little pain, mostly a tugging sensation when it was removed. They were really thorough, all of it, including my balls, the taint, and the crack of my butt was hair-free. I was amazed at the sensation, I hadn’t been so hairless for many years, and I was looking forward to Roxanne’s reaction when she saw me up close.

Just before I left, she called me up.

“How’s my lover man?”

“Hard and eager.”

“Ummm, that’s just what I wanted to hear. Come home sugar, I’ll have dinner cooking when you get here.”

When I entered the kitchen after getting home, I enjoyed the sight. I saw Roxanne from behind, she was at the stovetop, stirring a sauce. She was wearing an apron and nothing else. Such a glorious sight, her glorious backside was almost completely naked to my gaze. The back of the apron consisted of three slender ribbons, one was around her waist, tied in a neat bow, another ran around just below her shoulder blades, also tied in a neat bow, the top ribbon was around her neck, also tied in a neat bow.

Roxanne heard me, she turned to face him, her succulent melons shoving out the front of the apron, the lap part just barely covering her smooth mound.

“I thought you’d like dinner with a view, my lover man,” Roxanne purred. She saw my suit trousers starting the bulge, she giggled, “Ummm, and I can see you like it already! Why don’t you go upstairs, and slip into something more comfortable? Work time is over, we have our nighttime playtime to concentrate on.”

I raced upstairs, yanked my clothes off, and put on my terrycloth canlı bahis şirketleri robe. I didn’t want to waste any more time than was necessary, not with that view of Roxanne’s hot body.

Back downstairs, I couldn’t take my eyes off Roxanne’s sexy, naked backside as she worked at the stove. With that kind of visual stimulus, the view of her naked rump moving so nicely as she worked, my cock was back up to a stiff, eager hard-on.

She turned from the stove, plates in hand, smiling. I wanted to flip up that apron and lick at her sweet pussy until she gushed all over my face.

“Enjoy Dennis, I’ll be just a moment.”

When she reappeared, she had changed from her apron to a sexy powder blue peignoir, two lacy straps held it up, leaving most of her upper body bare, letting her breasts push out the front, while the sheer, see-thru nature was very stimulating.

I feasted my eyes, as well as my stomach. The sight of Roxanne, clad in such sexy attire for my viewing pleasure, kept my cock board stiff.

When our plates were empty, Roxanne purred, “Now for dessert.”

I watched, entranced, Roxanne, climbing onto the table, and positioning herself right in front of me. She placed her feet on the tops of my thighs, I watched as she grasped the peignoir and pulled it up. She inched the peignoir just above her waist, then she pulled her legs back and up, spreading her thighs for my gaze. Her smooth, bare pussy, the pink lips swollen with excitement, wet with her juices, the scent of her in full heat, made my mind whirl. I watched as she trailed her fingers down to her lips, spreading her pussy lips open, displaying the wet, hot pink pocket to my gaze.

Roxanne’s voice was a husky growl of desire, “Here’s your dessert sugar, I made it so hot and juicy, just for you. Oh god, I’m so hot, eat me, lover!”

I scooted my chair up, I just had to bend forward a little, until my mouth touched Roxanne’s pink velvet. I slipped my tongue between the part of her labial lips and stuffed it in as far as I could extend. Roxanne cried out with pleasure, I watched as her hands slipped under her peignoir, tugging and pulling on her stiff nipples.

“Ohhh yes, lover, go crazy on my cunt, eat me alive!”

I gave her the best pussy licking I could, making her moan and growl with pleasure was well worth the earning.

“Ohhh God, you lick my cunt so well, keep going lover, make me cum!”

I slid a finger into her, letting the gushing juices get it slippery wet, then I slid my finger out, down the channel of juices, and I nudged my finger right against her tight butthole, and drove it in.

“Fuck, fuck, FUUUCCCCKKKK!”

Roxanne’s pussy exploded with a rush of juices, her shrieks of pleasure filled the kitchen as I gently finger banged her tight ass, her pussy quivering wildly against my tongue, staying with her to the last spasm, until she slumped down, gasping.

“Oh my god, when you started to finger my asshole, it made me crazy. When I take a morning shower, I always masturbate. I was curious one day, and I started to stroke my asshole while I was doing my clit. I came like crazy, and I was hooked. After that first time, every time I enjoy a shower stroking, I masturbated with a soapy finger jammed up my ass, reaming my tight butt hole, while my other hand strummed my throbbing clit, until I had to keep from screaming with pleasure as I exploded. Mmmm, I just love making myself so clean, everywhere!”

She giggled, climbed off the table, and purred, “Take me to bed lover.”

In the bedroom, she showed me what she had bought. A set of leather cuffs, a sleeping mask, a ball gag, and a jeweled butt plug. She blushed a bright pink as she laid them out before me.

“I have some fantasies I want to live out. You are the only man I could trust to accept this in the spirit of which I am offering.”

She gave me a nervous smile and continued, “Do you think I am some kind of pervert?”

I was quick to reassure her as I said, “You are NOT perverted, in any way, shape, or form. I’m honored that you want me to make your canlı kaçak iddaa fantasies a reality. And now I’ll show you something I had done, just for you.”

When I threw off my robe, she gave a squeal of delight, and cooed, “Mmmmm all waxed so bare, so smooth. Just like me! I love to suck your balls, I can feel them all swollen, getting a big load of spunk worked up for me. Knowing that big load is going to splatter my cervix makes me crazy with lust.”

She lay back on the bed, her head at the edge, and said, “I know just the place for your nuts, let me teabag your hot, sexy balls.”

I quickly went over and lowered myself down, I felt her tongue gently licking at them, stirring them around. I let out a growl as she worked them over.

“Now, lower lover man, I want them in my mouth.”

I did so, letting out a louder growl at the exquisite feelings as she sucked in one ball, then opening her mouth as wide as she could, the other ball slipped in. I felt Roxanne’s lips close around the top of my nut sack. Her tongue worked them over, licking and gently sucking, pushing them around in her mouth. Her mouth was filled with a rush of warm saliva, oh fuck, that felt so good as she sucked my balls.

“Oh yeah, so good, baby, so good.”

Her hand came around, grasping my cock, gently stroking it. I was so hard it was almost painful, before she pulled her mouth down, gently letting my balls free.

“Oh god, I feel so hot, so nasty, use everything on me, lover! I want to get it all in one mad fuck!”

I quickly took control, having her kneel on the bed, cuffing her wrists together in front of her body. She let out a low moan as I flipped the sleeping mask over her eyes, and she opened her mouth, eager for the ball gag. Once she was gagged, I heard a muffled moan as I started to lick at the tight pucker of her asshole, getting her ready to be plugged. I slipped the plug into her pussy, to give it a good soaking as I licked and fingered her tight pucker, getting her ready.

I nudged it against her and pushed. Her sounds were totally gagged as it went in, the big flare stretching her open, then the last bit rushing in, locking it inside her. I wanted to watch her ride, and I lay down next to her, my leg touching her.

“I want to watch your hot sexy body riding my cock, like a sex-hungry cowgirl.”

I helped her to straddle me, then I positioned myself, nudging against her. I could already feel the heat and the juices against my cock head, then she took me in, sliding down my pole. Holy fuck, the feel of the big flare of her buttplug against my cock was out of this world.

As I bottomed out, her muffled grunts let me know she was enjoying it as much as I was. I watched with wide eyes, Roxanne, naked and horny, gagged, blindfolded, her hands cuffed, was a sight like I’d never seen before. Fuck, it was amazing, and her body started to ride me, oh fuck, every slide down, that buttplug pressed insistently against me. I wondered if she’d like a little extra, and as she lifted back up, I smacked her left ass cheek. She started to move faster, so I smacked her right cheek, the gagged sounds she was making and her movements, seemed to indicate she was into it. I gave each cheek 5 smacks, not hard or painful, more playful, I was not interested in causing her real pain.

I could see her body starting to shudder, she froze for a second, then rammed herself down, the gag kept her howls to a muffle, I could feel her pussy quivering wildly around me, and I let out a loud growl, driving my hips up as I spunked deep inside her, thick ropes of cum being sucked out of me by her spasming pink folds.

When her last spasm passed by, I quickly released her, cuffs, blindfold, ballgag, and I eased the butt plug out of her. We tumbled down to the bed, and her eyes had a glow of extreme satisfaction.

“Oh my god…that was amazing. I’ve never cum so hard in my life. How did you know that I’d like a little spanking?”

I replied, “I just took a chance that you would like it.”

She smiled, and said, “I loved it! I wanted to get my ass canlı kaçak bahis spanked a bit, but I thought with all the kinky things I was showing you already, that might be just one too many. So, do you like the fact that I can be a real kinky girl sometimes?”

“Oh yeah baby, that was a rodeo like I’ve never had.”

We drifted for a while in the post-coital glow of pleasure.

“Hey lover, I’m feeling a bit hungry. Can we get a pizza delivered, with pepperoni and mushroom, and maybe catch a movie on Turner Classic Movies?”

I replied, “Your wish is my command baby!”

I pulled on my robe and watched with pleasure as Roxanne got up, drinking in her nudity, until she pulled out a robe, and slipped it on.

In the living room, I flipped on the TV. The late local news came on, and I called up Dominos and got a pepperoni mushroom pizza order going. In the fridge, I found a 2-liter bottle of ginger ale.

“Like some ginger ale Roxanne?”

“Yes please, I’m really thirsty!”

I poured out two glasses and joined her on the couch. We clinked our glasses together, she said “To Us” as we both took a swig. I picked up the remote and turned it over to the TCM channel. The announcer said that the movie “Some Like It Hot” was to start in fifteen minutes. With it being rated the best American comedy movie, and also of having the best ending line, I was sure that Roxanne would enjoy it, I had seen it before, but it was definitely worth another watch.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. I went to answer the door, while Roxanne set out two plates, and a shaker of parmesan cheese on the coffee table. I took the pizza, made sure the driver was tipped well and turned back towards the living room. Roxanne watched, then she gave me a big smile as she stripped off her robe, letting my eyes drink their fill.

“Much better!” she exclaimed.

I of course joined in the spirit of the night and got naked with her. I placed the pizza box on the coffee table, opened the top, and the delicious scent of fresh hot pizza wafted out. I could feel my stomach rumble hungrily, and we both dug in, the pizza tasted as good as it smelled. The movie was just as enjoyable as it was when I had first seen it, the antics of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon and the beauty of Marilyn Monroe made this movie a winner.

When the movie ended, it was 20 minutes after midnight.

Roxanne said, “Oh my god, that was such a great movie!” Her voice got softer, and she cooed, “Let’s go back to bed lover, I need you to give me a sweet loving ride, you’re really becoming my kind of lover.”

Back in the bedroom, we slipped under the covers, and she purred, “Mount me, lover, my tight little pussy is already creaming like crazy, give me a loving ride, and wash down my womb with another rush of hot sperm.”

Eager to do so, I nudged against her, letting out a growl of pleasure as I pushed in, enjoying her gasp as I kept going until I bottomed out.

“Oh yes, so deep, just where you should be, always. Take me, Dennis, take me back to pleasure land.”

I established a slow, gently unhurried rhythm, eager to draw out the pleasure for both of us. Her soft moans and purrs of pleasure were very enjoyable.

“Mmmmm, oh yes, such a fantastic lover, kiss me, lover.”

Our lips came together, tongues came out to play, and she moaned deeply, I could feel my cock take notice, as our kiss became a passionate, drawn-out affair. The tight silken wrap of her around me caressed my shaft, urging me onwards, as we moved together, two lovers in a passionate clinch.

“Mmmm, you’re spoiling me, lover, keep going, make me cum.”

I could feel my load simmering up to the boiling point, as Roxanne wrapped herself tightly against me, I could feel the fluttering deep inside her.

“Mmmm, oh yes, so nice, Mmmm, Mmmmm, MMMMMM.”

I felt her pussy grab at my cock, quivering wildly, her moans of climax were like a wonderful melody, and I felt the rush, then the explosion as my prick let go, jetting a juicy rush to wash down her cervix.

As our orgasmic rush started to ebb, I slid down next to her. She snuggled up to me, and purred, “Mmmm, falling asleep and knowing I will wake up with you right here with me, a nice morning hard on all ready to take my eager holes, it feels so good. Something I hope we can continue.”

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