The Florida Trip Pt. 03

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Welcome to Part THREE of The Florida Trip, aka The Baseball Trip: Season Two. We’re really rolling now!

You don’t have to read The Baseball Trip (or, for that matter, any of the previous parts of this series) to get what’s going on here, but it’ll definitely help. Seriously, it’s your smut, read the whole thing backwards if that makes you happy.

Warning: there’s some light incest play in this one (I know, shocker). Everyone is over the age of 18.


I woke up the next morning with Alyssa lying in my arms. My lustful, redheaded girlfriend absently stroked at my chest hair as she stared off into the distance. Kelsey and Kevin were both spooning in the other bed. As if we were two perfectly normal couples who hadn’t swapped partners the night before as part of a hormone-fueled fuck session. It was the least Disney thing I’d ever done, which is pretty impressive considering we’d done it at Disney.

“Last night,” I said, like that had all the meaning in the world.

“I know, it just keeps getting better, right?” Alyssa said. We both spoke quietly, as if the other couple couldn’t hear. “Watching you fill up little Kelsey like that? It was so hot. And don’t think I missed how much you liked me licking it out of her after. I told you this trip was going to be great.”

“It was,” I said, “It is. I’m just, well. We didn’t go too far did we? I don’t want to, like, abuse your trust or whatever.”

“Oh, don’t worry honey,” Alyssa said and kissed me lightly on the forehead, “We’re a ways away from getting there.”

I leaned forward to kiss my girlfriend back, but she put her hands on my chest and stopped me, as if something had suddenly occurred to her. “Hey, where’d you go last night?” she asked, “I felt you get up after.”

“I realized I forgot to submit a paper that’s due today,” I said, “So I went down to the business center in the lobby and jumped on email real quick. No big deal.” Alyssa had told me it was OK to fool around with Sarah. But for some reason, I didn’t want to tell her the truth: that I’d been at Disney Springs with the sexy brunette, pouring our hearts out till we drowned.

“Fucking school stuff,” Alyssa said, “College would be awesome if it wasn’t for the classes. Can’t wait till we graduate in a few months.” She got up and stretched. My girlfriend was completely naked, but she didn’t seem to care. Her bare, freckled butt was right in Kevin’s face. He smiled at it, appreciatively.

“I need a shower before we get going,” Kelsey said.

“I think we all do,” Alyssa said.

“No,” Kelsey said, “Don’t say it. Don’t even think it.”

“We’ll take turns?” Alyssa asked, looking bewildered by Kelsey’s response.

“That’s a good slut,” Kelsey said, “I’ll go first.” She collected her things from around the room, then stomped into the bathroom, sliding the curtain behind her.

“Wow, she seems really pissed,” Alyssa said.

Kevin sighed and stood. At least he had the decency to wrap his more indecent parts in the sheets from the bed. “I guess I can go talk to her,” he said, “She’s my girlfriend after all.”

I’m not sure what possessed me next. It’s not like I had any great insight into Kelsey’s mind. I was honestly more confused about her than ever. Nor did I really need to withstand another tongue lashing from the beautiful blonde. Well, that is, I wouldn’t have minded if she used her tongue to…

Anyway, for no reason that I can consciously describe, I suddenly decided that I had the magic touch to solve everyone’s problems. So without really thinking about it, I stood up and said, “Actually? I think I can help smooth things out. Kelsey and I have a lot of history together. Her brother and I used to be best friends, so I’ve known her since we were kids.”

“Are you sure?” Kevin asked, “I mean, I’d really appreciate it if you did. Sometimes, I mean, I feel like I don’t get Kelsey at all. Last night she’s all into everything but now it’s like… I don’t know. She’s a different person.”

“I think I understand,” Alyssa said, “Why don’t you and I talk out here while Ben helps with Kelsey. He’s gotten to know her really well. A lot of times. Over and over. Right hon?”

I shook my head. Even when she was trying to be supportive, Alyssa couldn’t stop herself from getting dirty. Thinking I might as well jump in the shower once Kelsey was done (and not before, I warned myself), I grabbed my own shower stuff and went back toward the bathroom. As I was about to enter, Alyssa sidled up next to me and whispered in my ear.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ll take care of things on this end if you do your job in there.”

“Why does that sound really filthy when you say it?” I asked.

Alyssa reached down and pinched my butt. “I can’t imagine,” she said, and kissed me on the cheek.


The shower rushed like a rain storm. Kelsey was already inside, behind a heavy shower curtain covered in colorful Mickey pictures. I knocked loudly to make sure she canlı bahis knew I was there.

“You have to pee or something?” Kelsey asked.

“Actually, I wanted to tell you this funny Disney joke I heard yesterday. You see Minnie tells Mickey that she wants a divorce. And Mickey, he’s shocked, he says, ‘Divorce? What’re you crazy?!'” I did the Mickey voice as I said it. I heard Kelsey laugh a little despite herself.

“So, anyway, Minnie says to him, ‘I’m not crazy, Mickey. I’m fucking Goofy!'”

The shower water seemed to get louder. Steam rose up from behind the curtain. I sat down on top of the toilet seat. It creaked under me.

“That’s not funny, Ben,” Kelsey said.

“It’s kind of funny,” I said, “You laughed a little.”

“Fine,” Kelsey said, “Whatever.”

“OK, seriously. I can tell you’re upset. Everyone can tell you’re upset. I got a call from the lobby this morning – the guest relations clerk wanted me to know that he’s pretty sure you’re upset. So what’s wrong?”

“Really?” Kelsey asked, “Do I have to draw a picture for you?”

I saw her shadow against the curtain and for a moment I startled. I mean, Kelsey – incredibly beautiful Kelsey – was naked right there. Only a thin sheet of plastic between us. Of course, we’d been a hell of a lot closer the night before. The globs of my cum that Alyssa had neglected to suck out of Kelsey were probably running down her leg as we spoke. But that didn’t stop me from fantasizing about the hot, blonde coed.

“If it helps, Kevin’s not mad,” I said, “Like, at all.”

“Well, I am,” Kelsey said, “So there you go.”

“I get it,” I said, “We all slip up every now and again.”

“You make it sound like I skipped leg day,” Kelsey said, “I fucked you while my boyfriend fucked your girlfriend. That’s not a slip up. It’s a full-on crash.”

“The sex was that bad, huh?”

“The sex was amazing, but that’s not the point. I think I might have really fucked things up this time.”

“I think it’s going to be fine,” I said, “You’ll see.”

“Kevin, he’s so handsome and smart and… He’s too good for me. Now that he’s seen this? He’s going to leave me for sure. I don’t care what you say.”

“I’m pretty sure he’s fine,” I said, “If anything he seemed more disturbed by your reaction a few minutes ago than anything we did last night. Seriously, I wouldn’t worry – Alyssa’s talking to him about it right now.”

“Oh my God,” Kelsey said, “You think that’s going to make things better? I hate to break this to you, Ben, but I think your girlfriend has superpowers. She might be a succubus or something.”

“A suck you… What?”

“A sex demon who feeds on human fucking. We used to joke about your magic penis. But that girl might have a magic mouth. She says things and everyone just wants to do them. She’s like the director of the porn movie of our lives and all we can do is follow her orders.”

“I forgot about you and your porn habit,” I said. Kelsey gave me a loud raspberry from behind the curtain. “In any case, Alyssa is a normal human being. She’s not a sucking bus or whatever. She just has a unique take on life. And relationships. And fucking.”

“Yes, I know,” Kelsey said, “But it would be easier if I could blame it all on her.”

The pipes squeaked as Kelsey turned off the shower. She threw the curtain aside and stood before me, completely naked. I sat there slack-jawed. All this casual nudity was breaking my brain.

“Come on,” Kelsey said, “Like you haven’t seen it all before.”

“I’ve seen it,” I said, “But I’m never getting over it. Holy fuck, Kelsey.” I wasn’t exaggerating, that girl had an apex body with perfect, pearl-drop tits, a wasp waist and flaring hips. OK, so she was missing a bit of a butt. But if the Maxim people ever caught Kelsey like this, they would never stop calling her. The blonde girl simply was the ideal.

Kelsey pulled a towel off the shelf and wrapped it around herself. She sat down on the side of the tub and sighed. “Like I said before, you don’t get it. It’s different when you’re a girl. You sleep around and you’re a whore, a skank, a slut. We don’t have a mean word for guys who sleep around. They’re just called guys.”

I started to retort, but Kelsey stopped me.

“Ben, we’re in Disney,” she said, “Here amongst the Princesses, isn’t it obvious? They’re all pure and loving and happily ever after. The slut doesn’t get the happy ending. She just gets screwed.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. I stared down at the tile. Counted all the little black and white squares. Wondered where it all had gone wrong. It had seemed so easy stepping into the bathroom. Just convince Kelsey that everything was OK. Now? I wondered why I even thought it was a good idea to try.

Kelsey stood up and started to get dressed.

“You’re right,” I said, “I don’t know how all that works. I want you to be happy. This? It doesn’t seem like you’re happy. I feel like some of that’s my fault and I’m sorry.”

Kelsey bahis siteleri smiled wanly. “I’m not mad,” Kelsey said, “Not at you anyway. But I will be if you won’t leave me alone. I’ve got a good thing with Kevin, and I’ll never forgive you if you, or your stupid sexy girlfriend, ruin it. So stay away. OK?”

Kelsey pushed through the bathroom curtain. Kevin and Alyssa were both sitting on the bed in a way that looked off – like they’d been sitting way closer a second before. Kelsey practically growled at the two of them as she walked past.

Alyssa raised her eyebrow at me. So much for my special relationship with Kelsey. At least I knew better than to try and continue the conversation. Instead, I shrugged my surrender to the three of them and went back into the bathroom. I closed the curtain behind me and got into the shower. After all that, I needed a serious soaking.


We all showered, dressed, and made our way downstairs. Once again, Julia, Sarah, and Chloe were waiting for us by the hockey rink-shaped pool. Everyone smiled and nodded as we walked up. Julia let out a big, lazy-cat yawn. We were all too excited to admit we were probably all still sleepy from our adventures the day before.

We agreed to go to the lobby and grab coffee before we went to the park. The sun was still creeping over the horizon. The resort was still waking up. A few people walked past holding trays full of baked goods and eggs; modern hunter/gatherers returning with the catch for their waiting families.

Sarah came up from behind and sort of hip checked me. She was wearing a navy blue sleeveless top and a pair of short denim shorts. For most people, this was dressed down. For Sarah – her massive tits trying to rip their way out of her shirt like the Hulk after someone screws up his latte – this was just another way of sharing her incredible sexiness with the world.

“How’d you sleep?” Sarah asked, a big goofy smile on her face.

“Surprisingly well,” I said, “You?”

“Same,” she said, “Somehow I feel really refreshed. I guess I just had a great night.”

“I get that.”

“I slept OK, too,” Chloe said, coming up on my other side. She was wearing a similar outfit to her sister’s, though the two didn’t need to dress the same to look a lot alike. Thinking Sarah was sexy meant enjoying Chloe in a similar way. The high school girl’s chest was a little less outstanding, her backside was a bit more. “It would have been fine, except Sarah kept shaking our bed. I think she was rubbing one out.”

Sarah suddenly stopped in place, like her feet had hit wet concrete. Her face went hot. “Chloe!”

The whole group froze and turned to stare at Sarah’s little sister.

“What?” Chloe asked, “I thought we were all being open and stuff. I mean, after everything we did yesterday, I had to jill myself silly in the shower. Didn’t everyone?”

Kelsey, Kevin, Alyssa, and I all shared a knowing look.

“I know I did,” Julia said. My athletic roommate walked up from behind us. She had her brown hair back in the usual ponytail. Her athletic body looked so good, even in just a t-shirt and shorts. Julia put her arm around Chloe’s shoulders and pulled her forward. “Come on, these prudes can catch up with us later.”

“Well that was informative,” Alyssa said, staring after them. She looked back at Sarah for a moment, then started to follow the two girls. Kevin and Kelsey went too. Sarah, though, just stood there. Still beet red.

“I didn’t ‘rub one out,'” Sarah said, indignant.

“OK,” I said, offering her my hand, “Though I’ll tell you, I’d be pretty turned on if you did. Especially if your sister was in bed with you when you did it.”

Sarah looked at me for a moment, then shook her head. She grabbed my hand and we both started off after the group.

“Kelsey told me you had an incest fetish,” Sarah said.

“I do not. I mean Kelsey’s the one who… Oh fine whatever.”

Sarah cackled malevolently. We didn’t let go of each other’s hands until we rejoined the rest of the group.


After we got coffees, we walked outside into the beating sun to grab our bus to Epcot. It was early, the park wasn’t even open yet, but there were still plenty of people waiting in line with us.

On the bus, we managed to grab seats near each other. I sat next to Alyssa with Sarah on my other side. Kelsey and Kevin were facing us. Julia and Chloe, however, walked right past and sat in the back. The two of them were locked in conversation. Well, Julia was talking. Chloe was staring down at her feet like a dog that had wet the living room carpet too many times.

“I’m really looking forward to Epcot,” Alyssa said, “I can’t wait to go drinking around the world.”

“Ugh, sounds like it’ll turn into puking around the world if we’re not careful,” Sarah said, “I can’t wait to do the Frozen ride.”

“Yes to both,” I said, “What about you guys?” I asked Kelsey and Kevin. They were sort of huddled next bahis şirketleri to each other.

“We’re hoping to have some couple time,” Kelsey said, glaring at all of us menacingly. I looked over at Alyssa and she shrugged.


Epcot was still closed when we arrived. We passed under the shadow of the massive geosphere – the multi-faceted silver globe dominated everything around it like a great shining moon – and got in line for security. Bag check was a bit more complicated than the day before (we’d smartly brought snacks and supplies this time), but we were ready to go when the gates opened.

The seven of us double-timed it under the giant golf ball and into Epcot proper. It was the beginning of another beautiful day with a pale blue sky and a bit of a breeze. Banal sci-fi-ish music played peacefully in the background, a strange contrast to our over-hurried pace. The whole area was very open with a retro-future vibe. Angular, glass buildings and swaths of concrete. Small bits of brush were set in places, but mostly it was just open ground, waiting to cook us once things got warm enough.

We followed the crowds forward but then swung off to the right. We went through a small tunnel advertising pictures with Mickey. Then everything opened up again, revealing a greenhouse-like building at the top of a large ramp. A sign in front said The Land. In smaller lettering under that, it announced our destination: Soarin’.

Inside, The Land building looked more like a shopping center to me than a Disney building. It didn’t help that the bottom floor was basically a big food court. Above, the ceiling was lined with yellow and orange ribbons around a bunch of light blue spheres shaped to look like tiny hot air balloons. The place smelled a bit mall-ish, as well. Trust a Jersey guy on this.

We raced down the long escalator to the first floor and got right on line for Soarin’. They weren’t letting anyone in yet, so we stood in the long hallway leading down to the ride and waited. This really was a weird building – with thin carpeting and taupe walls, it felt like we were in line to meet the CEO, not go on a thrilling, simulated hang glider ride.

Finally at our destination, I was able to rest. I leaned against the wall and tried to catch my breath. Man, I really needed to get back to working out once we got back home. Everyone looked a bit beat from the walk-sprint over to the ride. Julia and Kelsey both leaned against the opposite wall, chatting about school. Alyssa and Kevin were flopped onto the ground, laughing about something. Sarah and Chloe were behind us, also sitting on the floor. I went over to join them.

“I’m really sorry, Sis,” Chloe said, “Julia gave me a talking to on the way over. I thought we were having fun. Playing around. Well, anyway, I need to be better about my boundaries.”

“It’s OK,” Sarah said, “This setup, it’s weird for all of us.”

“I understand,” I said, sliding down to sit next to them, “It’s not like there’s a set of rules on the Internet on how to conduct a… Well whatever the heck you want to call all this.”

“Thanks for understanding, both of you,” Chloe said. She turned to her sister, “Hey, at least I didn’t say whose name you cried out when you came, right?”

Sarah went bright red all over again.


The ride was awesome, it really felt like flying. Over orange groves and around skyscrapers. Which I think was the problem.

As soon as I stepped off, I felt wrong. Dizzy, like someone had been shaking me up and down for an hour and now I couldn’t get my balance back. I stumbled back out to the food court and fell into an empty seat in the food court. The rest of the group came up behind me. Even sitting, the stupid world refused to stop spinning.

“I think I’m a little motion sick,” I said.

“You going to throw up?” Julia asked, stepping back to give me room. Sarah came over and rubbed my back. Everyone else sort of circled around me, like I was about to dispense some great wisdom.

“No, I think I’m OK,” I said, “Just feel off, that’s all.”

“I think it’s best if you rest,” Kelsey said, “Your body will settle down and you’ll feel better.”

“Not leaving me to die, after all?” I asked.

“Not yet,” Kelsey said, “If you pass away now I’d miss the rest of Disney.”

I shook my head ruefully, then regretted it. The whole room seemed to tilt on its axis. Everyone standing and staring didn’t help the situation. Sarah squeezed my shoulders, tenderly. “Let us know if there’s anything you need,” she said.

“No, it’s OK,” I said, “You guys should all go and have some fun. I don’t need a babysitter. Just a break.”

“You sure?” Alyssa asked.

“I’ll feel way worse if I keep you guys from having a good time,” I said.

“Well, Kevin and I are going to go do Test Track,” Kelsey said. She grabbed her boyfriend’s hand and started leading him over to the escalator.

“Oh, I wanted to do that one, too,” Alyssa said.

“You should totally come with us,” Kevin said. I saw Kelsey deflate like a late-evening Macy’s parade balloon.

“OK, awesome!” Alyssa said, and jogged over to join the K couple. “You don’t mind do you, babe?”

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