The Captain Pt. 01

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My husband and me decided to take a vacation to South Australia. Just the two of us in an exotic new place for me. He promised to take me to the ocean to cage dive with the great whites. Little did he know that I had a present for him too.

We got to the docks, meeting the boat crew. The smell of chum was repulsive but it didn’t dull my excitement. They told us the rules as we boarded the boat and loaded our rented dive suits. We sailed out into the open ocean for a while, anticipation building.

Finally the motor shut off. We coasted to a stop and the anchor was set. The waves rocked the boat back and forth in a lulling rythym. I grinned at my husband and he smiled back at me. The captain snapped us out of our stare with his deep rumbly voice coated in an Australian accent. He went over the rules again as the crew chummed the waters and prepared the cage. The captain’s bright blue eyes glistening with amusement as I anxiously awaited for my beautiful beasts to break the waves with their stark fins. My husband smirked at him, noticing his gaze.

We went below the deck to change into our suits as the whole crew leered, wishing they could help me change my attire. They all watched as the captain escorted us down the steps to where we were changing. His tall muscly figure lingered as he made some small talk with my husband. They seemed to be hitting it off with their bromance as I piped up to move the gig along. The captain said that he would see us soon and slowly climbed the stairs.

My wetsuit hugged every curve of my body. My husband pulled me close and growled at me, saying that he found where he wanted to dive. His cock started growing as I kissed him deeply, his bulge pressing into me. We were startlingly interuppted when the captain knocked on the wall, telling us that the sharks would be arriving soon. As we shuffled around the corner the captain tried not to look obvious with his smirk as he noticed my husband’s large bulge in his wetsuit. He escorted us back to the deck.

We emerged from the bowels of the ship, ready to dive in. A few minutes passed and a shadowy figure glided past the boat. It circled around and it came closer to the surface. A sharp fin broke the surface of the glassy sea and we knew it was time. The crew scurried to make sure everything was good to go and we were given the rundown once more.

We slipped into the cage, hearts pounding and eyes bright. They slowly lowered us into the cold waters after we were locked inside the cage. We couldn’t see anything at first, the waters clear and empty. Bubbles gurgled to the surface as we breathed in oxygen from our tanks.

Suddenly he slipped past us, his massive form just inches from the cage. My heart stopped in its tracks. I stared in awe as he moved side to side, gracefully swimming around us. Gaping jaws almost smiling, black eyes looking into my soul, claspers swinging back and forth. I felt a surge of adrenaline as I watched his enormous form swim to the cage and drag his nose across the side. My hubby squeezed my hand and I felt excitement like I never had before. What felt like hours was only minutes as he departed our presence. Just like that he was gone.

The crew pulled us up and let us out of our enclosure. We pulled off our masks grinning. I exclaimed about the amazement of our experience. The crew was amused by my enthusiasm. We wrapped up and headed back to shore. As we departed the boat onto the dock the captain followed us as the crew dealt with the boat. He suggested that our first outing called for a celebratory drink on his dime. We agreed and set a time and place, giving him time to wrap up his business.

An hour later we sat at the hotel bar waiting for the captain to arrive. I had changed into a thigh high, stretchy, strapless black dress with slits on the side to combat the sweltering heat. We ordered a drink while we waited. The bartender ankara escort bayan made them strong. I sipped my drink in anticipation, nervous to sit down in a personal setting with a near stranger. I held my husband’s hand tightly as we reminisced over our exciting day. A tingle slowly crept down from my stomach to my vagina, growing into a hint of arousal. The adrenaline creeping back. My husband rested his hand on the bare part of my bare thigh and we sipped the last of our drinks.

The door to the tavern opened and we looked up. Sharp blue eyes searched the room until they landed on us. A warm smile crinkled the scar on the side of the captain’s face as he greeted us. He walked over, noticing our empty glasses and said it must be time for another round or two. He ordered us drinks and we stood up, motioning towards a booth in the back where we could chat away from the buzz of the bar.

He started asking us how we liked the trip and such, making small talk as anyone would. His heated gaze bounced back and forth between me and my husband as we answered his questions. We started talking more about ourselves, getting to know the captain better and easing into a more comfortable conversation as we kept talking.

After a third round from the captain, I was all giggles and smiles. I tried telling jokes and witty anecdotes, leaning into my husband the whole time. I gave my husband a sultry gaze, making playful eye contact accompanied by a smirk. I reached down casually and slipped my dress up higher and spreading my legs, angling in towards the table more.

The captain politely asked us our ages out of curiosity. When we told him the age difference he was shocked, not believing my husband’s age. I asked my husband for his I.D. just to show the man but it slipped out of my hand onto the ground under the table. Being polite the captain stooped down to retrieve it for me. I quickly looked at my husband, smirking with a wicked gleam in my eyes. As he stooped under the table I shifted my legs further apart to catch his attention. He fumbled and knocked his head on the table, grunting in surprise. He surfaced holding his head and said he needed to look again as he didn’t find it yet. He stooped below again. This time, my husband’s hand slid up my thigh, fingers caressing my soft and freshly shaven lips. As the captain felt around for the I.D., my husband’s finger slid in between my wet lips, toying with my clit.

The captain surfaced with the I.D. and handed it back, forgetting to even look at it as his cheeks grew a light shade of pink. I scooted into my husband, hinting for him to move over a bit as I scrunched up beside him, leaving just enough room for another body on our bench. The captain said he’d be right back and went to order new drinks in a flustered state. When he was at the bar I moved his drink coaster to our side of the table and put my feet up in his spot.

Returning with drinks in hand, a look of confusion fell on his face as he started to set the drinks down, looking at my feet and the coaster. He stood, lingering with his drink, not sure what to do as he tried not to stare at my husband’s inappropriately placed hand. I reached for his drink and grabbed it gently, a hint of my sultry gaze made eye contact with him as I set it down on the coaster. He hesitated, still unsure, and sat down next to me. Pinning me in the middle of two handsome men.

My husband’s hand stayed put as I pushed my legs apart, pressing both thighs into the legs resting on either side of me. The booth was silent, sexual tension thickening the air. I broke the silence by saying that soon I should head upstairs before I get too drunk to walk as this was my fifth…stiff…drink. I gave my husband a sultry look accompanied by a wink and proceeded to turn my gaze towards the captain who was still blushing. I sipped my drink as innocently as I could and sucked ankara bayan escort on the straw.

With my husband’s nod of approval I slowly crept my hand to the captain’s, gently pulling it towards me. I grabbed his wrist and slowly lowered his hand to my thigh, gasping softly as his calloused palm brushed against me. I could see his cock bulging against his shorts as I slid my hand onto my husband’s bulge. He took a big swig of his drink and let out a big puff of air as he set it down. Next, I put my other hand on the captain’s thigh while my husband scooted and pulled my legs farther apart.

The captain stretched out his finger, gently caressing my smooth skin as he inched his hand farther up my thigh. I smirked at my husband then turned my head to smirk at the captain. My husband slid his fingers in between my lips and sunk them into my tight little hole. I gently stifled a moan and placed my hand on the captain’s large throbbing bulge, rubbing my fingers along his length as I did the same to my husband’s cock.

The captain slowly crept his hand towards my soaking wet pussy. He gently touched my lips as I attempted to stifle another moan. His fingers slipped in between them and rubbed me up and and down while my husband fingered me. Soon the captain’s fingers joined my husband’s fingers inside my pussy. I moaned and bit my lip, groaning in pleasure again and arching my back.

I leaned down and rapidly sucked the rest of my drink up. My husband grabbed his drink, proceeding to slam it down. He cleared his throat and mentioned that I might not be able to walk soon and that we should head upstairs. The captain gulped the last of his drink and slid over towards the end of the booth. He adjusted himself and then stood up and stepped aside so we could get out. He was smiling now.

Holding onto my husband I stumbled out the door as he led the way towards the elevators. He hit the button and we waited for the ding for what seemed like forever. The doors slid open revealing an empty box. We stepped inside.

As the doors closed, the captain leaned against the wall. My husband pulled me close and pressed the front of our bodies together. He walked me backwards into the captain, pinning me in between two towering bodies with raging boners. I bit my lip, kissed my husband, and ground my ass against the captain’s hard cock while my husband pressed his hard cock into my front.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened, revealing a surprised couple waiting for their carriage. The doors closed as they stood there in shock. I giggled in drunken amusement. We went up one more floor to reach our level. The doors opened again and my husband grabbed my arm, pulling me towards our room as the captain followed.

Finally the door opened and my husband eagerly pulled me inside the room and slammed me against the wall. He started to kiss my neck before the door even shut and started groping my body. Beckoning the captain closer he moved to the side, pushing my hand towards the captain. I grabbed at his cock as my husband pulled part of my dress down to reveal a breast. He stooped his head to suck on my hard nipple as the captain ran his hand up my leg. Then the captain pulled down the other side of my dress to lick my other nipple, nibbling gently and sucking. I squirmed and moaned in pleasure.

My husband grabbed me by the next and pushed me towards the bed, shoving me down and making my titties bounce up and down. He unzipped his pants and pulled his thick cock out, removing his shirt and tossing it to the side as he grabbed my hair and pulled my face towards his erect dick. I began sucking as the captain watched in excitement. My husband moaned and rammed his cock down my throat and I gagged strongly, pulling my mouth back. He pulled my head back and stepped aside to motion for the captain to step forward.

I looked at my husband, sincan escort bayanlar smiled, and turned my gaze to look up at the captain. I grabbed for his shorts, pulling on the buttons, slowly undoing them one by one. He whipped his shirt off and dropped it to the floor. I pushed his pants and his underwear down to reveal a long thick cock springing into my face. I slid my mouth down his shaft, swirling my tongue and sucking on his head, then taking it all down my throat. He moaned and put his hand in my hair.

My husband pulled my dress up and slapped my ass hard enough to leave a handprint. He pulled on my waist and I pulled my mouth off the captain’s cock to lay back on the bed. My husband motioned for the captain to walk around to the other side of the bed. They finished getting naked and my husband pushed me farther onto the bed, kneeling in between my legs and rubbing me with his cock. The captain kneeled by my head and pulled his dick up to let it fall and slap my face. My husband sank balls deep into my tight wet pussy and I let out a loud moan, stifling a scream. I opened my mouth and wiggled my tongue to beckon the captain’s cock closer. I gulped him down and let out a cock muffled scream as my husband slammed into me, ramming the captain’s dick down my throat as he pounded me.

My screams were muffled by the cock in my throat. My body shaking in pleasure. My husband pounded and pounded, moaning in ecstasy as my walls gripped him tight. I started to orgasm, screams stifled around the the captain’s cock, my pulsing walls milking my husband. My husband came deep inside, pouring his load inside of me and slowly pulling out, leaving a trail of cum and dumping even more jizz all over my pussy for the perfect cream pie. He slapped his cock on my clit and I screamed again.

I pulled the captain’s thick member from my mouth and grabbed a condom from the bedside drawer. I opened the package and carefully rolled the condom on to his throbbing cock. I smiled at him, getting on all fours and waving my dripping pussy at him.

My husband came closer and I took him in my mouth as the captain took his turn sinking into my tight pussy. Squirting my husband’s cum all over me until it was dripping down me and onto the bed. They both groaned in pleasure and thrust into me. Bouncing back and forth in between the two hard cocks with each thrust, moaning and grinding my hips.

I emptied myself of cock and pulled the captain down to the bed. He layed down and I stroked his cock while straddling him. Slowly, I sunk my pussy down around his shaft while my husband crawled onto the bed, kneeling behind me. I started riding the captain’s big dick and my husband licked my ass. I gasped in surprise and pleasure. He licked and sucked and then sank a finger in, rubbing and sliding in an out. He sunk two fingers in as I bounced up and down, riding the captain. He sunk a third in and I stifled a scream into a loud moan.

I heard him slap his cock in his hand behind me and then rub his tip around my asshole. He let loose a stream of saliva and rubbed it in with his cock. I paused an leaned over as he slowly pushed the head of his dick into my ass, sinking slowly and deeply inside me. I cried out in pleasure and continued bouncing on the captain’s cock while grinding into my husband. A symphony of moans ensued as we writhed in pleasure.

My husband pulled me off and layed down, pulling me on top of him. Back to chest I layed down on top as he shoved his cock inside me once more. The captain kneeling between our legs then sunk into my pussy again and again. Getting nailed I let out a scream as I climaxed into a powerful orgasm, everything spasming tightly. As I continued to orgasm, the captain pulled out. He ripped the condom of and stroked his cock. My husband moaned loudly as he began unleashing his next load into my ass, thrusting until cum was dripping out of me again. While my husband came inside me, the captain began dumping a waterfall of cum to drench my chest with. We all sighed in satisfaction and I layed on the bed with cum rolling off of me. I said I think it’s time for a shower, we need to clean up to get dirty again…

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