The Bleach Blonde’s Wrestler Pt. 07

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Sarah (30 yrs.) is the former wife (44-24-36) of a U.S., state senator. She owns a penthouse in the city who is a cheap looking, bleach-blonde. She is a big fan of college wrestling, but never goes to any of the meets. She watches every live competition on “YouTube” and follows the athletes on social media.

A wrestling tournament on Friday inside the gym. Rhett (19 yrs.) stands at 5’9″ and weighs a tight 149 lbs. Sarah hadn’t seen him before on the wrestling mat. She finds out that he’s from another college who beat a local wrestler. Her eyes followed him from the start of his match to the end. He’s got dark-red hair and moves like some kind of wild-cat. Very graceful and smooth. She found his phone number easily on social media.

Sarah was surprised by his recorded iPhone message. He sounded so polite and thankful for any incoming call. She left a message about what she looks like and her penthouse address.

The tournament is over for the day and inside the gym locker-room. Rhett stands in front of his locker after taking a shower. He is completely dressed in Levi jeans and college t-shirt. He’s combing the wet, red hair, back from his face. The iPhone rings on top of his sport bag. He reaches down to pick it up. He looks at it and places it to his left ear.

Rhett: Hello canlı bahis şirketleri Sarah. I was just gonna call you.

Sarah: Hi Rhett, congratulations on your win.

Rhett: Thanks ma’am. Do you want me to come over right now?

Sarah: I’m not that old Rhett.

Rhett: Sorry ma’am. I mean Sarah.

Sarah: I’ll be waiting for you young man.

Rhett: Thanks Sarah. Are your measurements real?

Sarah: They are and my body is yours tonight.

Rhett: Okay, I’ll be right over.

He smiles and drops the phone to the side.

The lights are all turned on inside of Sarah’s penthouse bedroom. Both Rhett and her are naked on the white sofa. She is laying on her back with the blonde head pushing against the back cushion. Both of her legs are spread open with knees bent up. Her butt-cheeks are on the edge.

He stands and leans over her with his hands placed on the sofa. His dark-red hair hangs freely. He watches his 6-inch cock which is buried inside of her blonde pussy. He thrusts so deep that his thick red crotch hits her blonde bush. Both of his loose balls hit against her butt-hole.

The force of his body-weight drops down upon her.

She responds, “Unnhh.. Unnhh.. Unnhh.. My.. Gawd.. Unnnhh.. Hit-it.. Hit it.!!”

He says, “I am Ma’am.. canlı kaçak iddaa Fuck-Yeah.. I am.!”

Both of her hands grip those huge tits and her ½-inch erect nipples, point into the air.

He keeps watching his cock pull out and slam down inside.

She says, “Unnnhh.. Don’t.. S-Stop.. Unnhh.. Unnhh.. Don’t.. Unnnhh.!!”

He asks, “You-Like-That-Ma’am? Huh-Ma’am? You-Want-My-Cock?!!”

His red crotch keeps hitting her blonde bush.

She looks up at him, “Yes.. I-Want.. Your-Cockk.. Yes.. Y-Yes.!!”

He thrusts inside two more times and stops.

Rhett explodes, “Ma’am-I’m-Cumming.! Uuuuuuuuuhhh.!! Uuuuhh.!! Oh-My-Godd.!”

25 minutes later. Sarah and Rhett are both naked on top of the white bed. She is laying on her back with both legs spread open and knees bent. Her blonde hair is spread above her head. He is leaning over her on both elbows just outside of her shoulders. His chest traps her huge tits under him. His face leans over her right shoulder. Both of her hands are wrapped around his upper back.

His cock is thrusting inside of her blonde pussy at a steady pace. Both of his firm butt-cheeks bounce into the air. Both of their bodies are hot.

She says, “Uhhh.. Gawd.. Uh-Uhh.. Rhett.. Your-Body’s-Beautiful.. Uhhh.. Uhh.. Gawd.!”

He answers, canlı kaçak bahis “So-Are-You.. You’re-So-Hot… Damn-Hot-Ma’am.!”

His buttocks keep bouncing into the air.

She replies, “Uhhh.. I-I.. Never-Do.. Uhhh.. Uhh.. Out-Of-Town… Cock.!”

He answers, “Ma’am.. Take-My-Cock.. Take-It… Ma’am.. I’m.. Trying-To… Hold-It.”

He closes his eyes and drops his mouth open. Her cunt feels so good as he keeps thrusting.

Her left hand reaches down and grips his left butt-cheek.

She says, “Uh-Uhhh.. Uhh.. Fuck-Me-Rhett.. Uhhhh.. Uh-Gawd.. Fuck-Me.!”

He answers, “Ma’am.. You-Get.. Out-Of-Town.. Cock.”

Rhett begins thrusting faster and harder.

She responds, “Uh-Uhhh-Uhh-Uhhhh-Gawd-Uh-Uhh-Fuck-Me.!”

He thrusts inside a few more times and stops.

Rhett explodes, “Gu-Uuuuuuuuuuuhh.!! Uuuuuuhh.!!”

Everything stops, but their breathing.

He leans over and kisses her on the lips.

His cock pulls out and Rhett rolls over onto his back. She lays there with her legs spread open.

He says, “Out of town cock huh?”

She smiles, “Yeah, you’re my first.”

He laughs, “I’m flattered. The first out of town wrestler.”

She says, “I had to have you. After seeing you on the wrestling mat.”

Rhett leans over and his mouth covers her huge, right areole, and nipple. He starts sucking and licking with his tongue. His right hand reaches down in-between her legs. His fingers begin rubbing the folds of her pussy lips.

She replies, “The out of town wrestler.”

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