The Acorn and the Oak

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

(o ) ( o) (o ) ( o) (o ) ( o) (o ) ( o) (o ) ( o) (o ) ( o) (o ) ( o) (o ) ( o) (o ) ( o)

“Can I watch with you? I love horror movies!”

“I suppose. Where’s Chad?”

“He’s sound asleep.”

She took a seat next to me on the sofa. She was my son’s GF. Penelope Fineman, “but everyone calls me Penny,” was how she had introduced herself earlier that day.

Penny was a pip! I mean she was gorgeous young woman! Blonde and curvy. Really curvy! Nineteen years old, a freshman at The Institute of Technology and Science where my son, Chad, is a sophomore. They had been dating for about six months. They were going to spend their spring break here at my place. Chad’s mother had disappeared shortly after giving birth. She had always been sort of a bitch. I spent some time and money trying to find her. But no luck. She really didn’t want to be found, it seemed.

“Ooohh!” Penny semi-screamed as the ax murderer smashed open the door on screen to threaten the campers. She jumped and ended up cuddled up to me. I could feel her tremble.

“Sorry, I like horror movies but they still scare me! I hope you don’t mind?”

“It’s fine, I understand.” I said as I put my arm around her protectively.

“Thanks. Chad just laughs at me Mr. Smith”

“Please, call me Brick. Everyone does. It’s my nickname from when I was a mason.”

“Um, okay, Brick.” She said my name as if she was tasting it. “I like it. Brick. It’s a good name for you!”

I thought I knew what she meant. I’m nearing fifty but I’m in really good shape. Part genetics and part exercise. Not much fat on me even now.

On screen the teenagers had run into the barn to hide. Not into the house with the locks and phone. They hid in the barn. I figured most of them would die before the end of the movie. Making stupid decisions like hiding in the barn, they deserved it. Idiots. Oh well, if they made good choices there wouldn’t be much of a movie.

Penny was still curled up next to me. She seemed a little more relaxed. She wasn’t trembling anymore.

She was watching the movie. One hand in a fist at her mouth the other arm thrown across my chest.

The next scary movie moment she threw a leg across mine, trying to get closer to me.

Which was fine with me! I could feel her big tits as she nestled up to me. And her thigh was resting on my upper leg. Her foot was between my lower legs. Penny was a real armful of woman! I had noticed when Chad introduced her to me that she was really stacked! Like Father, like Son, I though to myself. Chad’s Mom had been built like a brick shit-house! It was one of the things I liked about her. That and her adventurous nature.

A few minutes later and things took a turn.

I felt Penny’s fingers start tickling my nipple! She was gently rubbing it through my shirt, swirling her finger around and around. And I could feel her thigh against my ball sack as well as the root of my dick. I was springing an erection as she teased me.

“Um, Penny,” I started to speak.

“Oh, Brick! I’m sorry! It’s just that I get so horny when I watch these kinds of movies. I’m sorry. I’ll try to stop.” She was gazing into my eyes and licking her lips as she spoke. “I’ll try to stop if you want me to, Brick.” Her husky voice revealed her preference. She wanted to keep going!

“Well, if it makes you feel better, safer, I suppose it’s okay,” I grinned at her.

“Thanks, Brick. I won’t go too far. I mean I’ll try not to go too far.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by that. But I figured I’d find out soon enough as she kept on teasing me with her fingers. Her leg was now sliding up and down, caressing my dick thru my pants.

Her hand had insinuated itself under my shirt and was caressing my abs as well as teasing my nipples! Her thigh kept on rubbing against my shaft. I was growing thicker and longer as she worked. No surprise there!

“Golly, Brick! You are at least as big as your son! Maybe bigger! Let me pull it out and see just how big you become when I get my hands on it!”

“Um, aren’t you Chad’s girlfriend? I mean, ahhhh…” Penny had a good touch! I was still getting harder and longer while she fished my cock out of my pants.

“More like friends with benefits, Brick. Don’t you want to be my friend, too?”

“Ah, let me think that over, Penny.”

“You do that, Brick. You think it over. Let me know what you decide,” she giggled. “Now let me see what I’ve got to work with here, okay?” She was running her hand up and down my rapidly hardening shaft. It felt great! She was changing her grip and pressure, trying different ways to pull and push my dick!

“This is going to take a closer examination for me to be able to assess the situation,” she giggled again. “Let me see here.”

Using both hands Penny pulled my pants down, completely exposing my ball sack and cock.

“Um, lovely,” she sighed, stroking me with both hands. “Just lovely. And large, too!”

She slowly licked up the side of pendik escort my cock from my balls to the head of my dick. Then she did the same thing on the other side. And then a third time, licking the bottom of my shaft. Each trip was a little longer than the last one because I kept getting harder and longer as she licked me.

Finally I was as hard as I was going to get. Penny couldn’t wrap either hand around me, it took her both hands to completely encompass my dick.

“Golly, Brick, you have a really, REALLY big cock, don’t you?” She was smiling up at me while still playing with my dick. She licked the head of my cock quickly a couple of times and took the tip into her mouth.

“I like big dicks,” she announced. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this big before! Just yummy! I mean, Chad is almost nine inches long and yours is so much fatter and longer than his! Golly, I probably shouldn’t have said that. But you knew I was sleeping with Chad, didn’t you?”

“I had guessed,” I admitted.

“UMmmm,” her mouth was now filled with the head of my cock. She was sucking and slurping while she worked. Slowly she took more and more in until I hit the back of her mouth.

She pulled off and slid up to plant a hot kiss on my lips. Our tongue dueled for a few moments while she squirmed on top of me. I could feel her big boobs as they mashed against me.

She still had both hands on my groin. She was pulling on my cock, working faster and faster. And it felt great. Penny might have been young but she obviously had had experience. And both of us were enjoying what she was doing

I figured it was about time that I started to participate. So I put my hands in her hair and pulled her closer to me for a hot kiss. She moaned appreciatively as I worked.

As we kept kissing I ran one hand down her neck and over her chest until I was cupping her breast. It was more than a handful. In fact, it was a lot bigger than I would have guessed from looking at her in the loose sweater she had on.

I pinched her nipple and tweaked it which caused her to gasp and moan louder.

“Oh, I like the way you do that, Brick! It feels good when you pinch and play with my big titties!” She did have big titties!

Penny opened my shirt. She lowered her head to lick my nipples, which felt amazing! And she was still stroking my hard on. I lay back and let her work at her own pace.

She started to move downward. She teased my belly button and then started to lick me dick head. The head of my cock actually rose beyond my navel as she tongued and licked me.

“UMMMM, I love a big dick,” she repeated. “And you have a HUGE dick! So exciting! So heavy and hot and thick! Let me try…” as her voice faded she pulled me into her mouth and while smiling up into my face she began to drive herself deeper onto my cock.

After getting about half way down she pulled off, gasping and panting. There were strings of saliva dripping between her lips and my cock as she regained her breath.

“What a BIG DICK!” she exclaimed. “It is SO exciting! I love it, Brick!”

“And I like what you’re doing, Penny!” I doubt it was any secret, the way I was throbbing and pulsing in her hands!

“MMMPH, mmmm,” was her response. She was already several inches onto my prick, licking, sucking and stroking. She was really good! I mean, I’d had a fair amount of sex but this 19 year old was as good or better than any of them!

“Okay,” she gasped as she came up again. “Now I want to feel what this is going to feel like. Let me get on top to start. I want to be in control. I want to take as much as I can with out getting hurt! I think this big thing could do some damage if I’m not careful. You’re okay with me riding you, aren’t you, Brick?”

“Yeah, that’s fine! Sex isn’t fun if it hurts!”??”Well if it hurts too much,” she corrected me with a little grin. She licked her lips as she swung over me and pressed her cunt to the root of my cock.

Rocking back and forth she dragged her pussy lips the length of my cock. After a few trips she raised herself up far enough that she was able to socket my dick head into her pussy. She started to wiggle back and forth. Slowly she added weight until she had taken the whole head into her sopping wet cunt.

“Uh, uh, uh, that is, you are so BIG!” she exclaimed as she kept on rising and falling. “Here, take my mind off it, won’t you, Brick?” She struggled out of her loose sweater and threw it on the floor.

Exposed were some of the biggest tits I’d ever seen! She was still moving and those massive melons were swinging and swaying over me as she moved. I grabbed on with both hands!

Pressing them against her chest I pinched her nipples and gently rotated them while she kept on driving herself onto my rock hard cock.

“That’s good, Brick! That’s really good! You have a nice touch! You’re making my boobs feel so good! I really like it, honey!”

Within a few moments she froze in place.

“I’m cumming,” she announced breathlessly. “I’m cumming maltepe escort and it feels so good! God this is a really big dick! I love it!”

She started up again. Driving up and down she slowly managed to take most of my steel-hard shaft into her dripping wet pussy.

“So big! I never knew how much I would like a big, hard dick like yours, Brick. But I never thought I would have the chance to ride a dick more than a foot long! Things have been so exciting since I started college!”

“Ummph, Ummph,” was all I could respond since she had mashed her gigantic tit onto my face. Her nipple had forced its way between my lips and I was trying to draw it even deeper!

“I was always busty in high school, Brick. I had some of the biggest tits in school since, like 10th grade. But I was kinda fat too, you know? But I’ve lost some weight in the past few months. Well, not so much lost weight as I’ve seen it move around. Oh, yes, suck my nipples like that! I love getting my titties sucked and played with!”

She swung herself left and right to batter my head between her huge tits.

Whap, whap, whap! It felt amazing. Even my ex hadn’t been this well endowed!

“Since I started college my waist has gone down to 28 inches. And it seems like all that extra flesh has migrated up to my boobs! I was an F-cup when I graduated from High School. I was a 42-F! I know ’cause I had to buy a new bra just before graduation. And now I’m inches bigger! Well, around the largest part. My body band has been reduced to 38 inches!”

“Um, yeah, fuck me with your huge cock, Brick! Drive it up into me! I love feeling you slide between my pussy lips. And feeling how deep you can get is amazing! I think I’m going to cum again!”

“OH, yes, like that. Like THAT!” She was shivering in excitement as she came again! “I love that I’m multi-orgasmic! I can cum and cum and cum! It never gets old! I can have so MANY orgasms! And they all feel SO GOOD!”

She caressed the side of the boob that I was nibbling on and sucking.

“I’m so big! And I like having enormous tits! Sometimes I used to get embarrassed when people stared at me! Now it makes me feel good inside knowing that other girls are jealous and that men get excited to see me bounce around in my new outfits! I love to watch men get boners as they look at my big tits! I had to get new bras the other day. Now I wear a bra that is so big I can’t believe it! 38-M! Into the second half of the alphabet! And I may still be growing! Can you believe it? Have you ever met a girl that had to custom order an M-cup bra? But then, I’ve never fucked a man with a dick that’s more than a foot long! Chad was the largest I’d ever met before this! But I guess the acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak, does it?”??”Now roll me over and show me what you can do, Brick! Fuck the hell out of me! Suck my titties and drive your massive dick so deep into me that I can taste it!”

And that’s just what I tried to do! I didn’t bother with any fancy tricks. I just lay on top of her or knelt between her legs and pushed my self as far into her as fast as i could! And Penny seemed to appreciate it! She came so many times I lost track. I came three times!

Each time Penny would toy with my cock. She would suck and play with my shaft until I regained my strength and then she would pull me back between her legs and I would get back to work.

Watching her immense tits shiver and shake while we were going at it was amazing! She knew what I liked! She would pull on her nipples, tweak herself while I watched. Pulling her nipples to her mouth she would lick and suck herself for my viewing pleasure.

We went at it for a couple of hours until we were both worn out! I had nothing left to give her finally as we lay nest to each other on that couch.

“Golly, Brick! You’re the best I’ve ever had! And the biggest, too! I’m going to want to get a lot more of this jumbo sized cock you have! A LOT more! Oh, man am I sore! You really pounded my ass tonight!” She winced as she rolled out of my embrace and stretched. She leaned over and rubbed her massive tits on me while she gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “See you in the morning, big guy!”

The next morning I came into the kitchen to find Penny already up and cooking. My usual breakfast was a bowl of Raisin Bran and coffee but today I was going to get eggs and hash browns and sausage patties too! Quite a change from my usual.

“Sit down, Brick! Chad should be down soon. How do you like your eggs?”

“Over easy,” I told her as I pulled up a chair.

A couple of minutes later a plate full of food was put in front of me along with a mug of coffee. It all smelled great and I settled in to eating while Penny sat down across from me.

“This is great,” I told her when I came up for air, smiling at her.

“I’m so glad you like it, I enjoy taking care of my men!”

I was about to reply when I felt Penny’s foot slide up my thigh and she started to massage my groin with her foot.

Just kartal escort then Chad arrived. He looked somewhat the worse for wear, bleary eyed and yawning.He had never been a morning person and today was no different. He shuffled from the stove to the table with a plate of food and tucked in.

Chad barely acknowledged Penny or myself. He was focused on eating. I myself was somewhat distracted.

Penny kept on using her toes to caress my cock while smiling innocently at me and Chad.

Chad grunted as he was bringing a fork full of food to his mouth and half of it dropped onto his plate. He glanced at Penny and then at me before going back to eating.

Chad was sitting to Penny’s left and I noticed that her left hand was out of sight under the table. Her foot was still exploring my groin. Making my dick harder with her foot.

As I glanced at her and then at Chad, she just smiled at me. Her left hand was still out of sight and Chad was shifting in his seat.

The next time I glanced at Penny she winked at me and lifted her right hand to the neckline of her top. It was low cut, exposing several inches of her gigantic cleavage! Slowly she pulled down exposing more and more of her cleavage. As she licked her lips for me I could see almost all of that deep abyss between her vast breasts. Her right arm pressed against the side of that tit and pushed more of it into view. Her hand crept down and she caught her now exposed left nipple between her thumb and finger. She was tweeting and pinching it, causing it to rise to greater and greater prominence while she kept her eyes locked on mine.

Chad grunted in his seat while Penny kept on pulling her nipple and smiling at me. Finishing his meal Chad fumbled under the table before taking his dishes to the sink and then shuffling out of the room. He hadn’t said a word the whole time!

Penny slid into the seat next to me as I was finishing up the breakfast.

“I slept like a log last night,” she told me. Her hands were fooling around in my lap. She was using both hands to squeeze my shaft, encouraging me to get as long and as hard as I could!

“And this was the log I dreamt of,” she whispered in my ear. I could feel her moist breath and then she licked ear which made me shiver!

Penny knelt next to me and pulled my erection to her. When had she gotten me out of my pants, was the thought that flashed thru my mind before her lips encompassed my dick head. That drove all the thoughts out of my mind.

In the next ten minutes she treated me to a world-class blow job! When I came it was like a fire hose! She pulled it all in and took it all down with out a whimper. She swallowed up all that I had to offer and tried to get me give her even more as she cleaned up!

“Why don’t you wait about an hour and then come and visit me in Chad’s room, okay, Brick?” She gave me a hot kiss and after pulling her sweater up to cover her tits she flounced out of the room, boobs shaking, butt bouncing and with a nasty smile on her lips!

Needless to say I showed up on time. But I wasn’t ready for what I saw as I peeked in the half open doorway!

I had a clear view of what was awaiting me.

Chad was stretched out in the middle of the bed. His hands were tied to the bed frame above his head. His feet were tied to the bed posts at the bottom of the bed. Penny was kneeling between his legs. She had her lips wrapped around his dick!

Did I mention that he was blindfolded? Chad was blindfolded. He couldn’t see a thing. He was writhing and twisting as Penny lightly sucked and licked his cock.

I must have made a noise because Penny turned to see me standing in the doorway.

She gave me a nasty smile and motioned for me to come in! She wiggled her butt at me as I stepped behind her. While sucking up and down Chad’s dick she used both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart. It was obvious what she wanted!

I’d never taken part in a three way! Not even with my slut of an ex! But my dick was hard as a post and Penny’s tight, tasty pussy was lined up right there! So I did!

Trying to not make a sound I dropped my pants and slid myself into Penny’s pussy!

She made a happy sound as I started to push into her. Soon enough we were working in sync. She was alternating between taking a large part of my dick in her pussy and a large part of Chad’s cock into her mouth and throat.

“Oh, that feels so good, Babe,” Chad moaned. “Take it all you sexy tramp!”

“You know I will, honey. I want all I can get!” she responded while pushing herself back at me as hard as she could! “I love this big, fat dick!” After saying this she pushed down to ingest all of his hard-on! I wasn’t sure which of us she was talking to. I didn’t really care. She was taking almost every inch of both our dicks and treating us well!

It didn’t take me long before I was ready to dump my load! Still trying to make as little noise as possible I gripped her hips and slammed myself as deep into her as I could!

I blew the contents of my nuts deep into her pussy and slowly pulled out. Penny reached back, grabbed my cock and pulled me to stand next to the bed. She pulled Chad’s dick from her mouth and fisted it energetically while she cleaned me off with her lips and tongue!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32