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A beeping sound infiltrated her dreams, and, as Talia slowly awoke, she turned over and squints at the alarm clock. The time read seven. She yawned, hit her alarm clock, rolled back over, and closed her eyes again. When her alarm demanded attention the second time, she decided it is time to get up. Talia slowly meandered from her bedroom into the bathroom. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, she examined her nude frame.

“Naked,” she thought, “Was I nude when I went to bed? I must’ve just been so tired that I forgot to change into my pajamas…funny, though, ’cause I think I remember putting them on.” She shrugged it off, after just having completed midterms at University, plus driving back to her father’s home the night before, she was completely exhausted. She cupped her breasts, lazily, weighing them in her hands. One was slightly larger than the other, and although her friends claimed they all had the same problem, it still bothered her. There was no real noticeable difference between the two, however, and it was only because Talia knew her own body so intimately that she noticed the slight imperfection. Both breasts were roughly larger than a handful. Her nipples, which stood erect while the cold morning air softly scampered in through the window, were roughly quarter sized. She giggled as she thought about the time when she had actually pressed the money to her breasts for comparison, and smiled a little proudly when recalling that her friend’s were more like dimes. The cool breeze tickled her neck, and a hazy dream image danced in front of her eyes.

“A man. Hot sweat. That cool touch of air.” She couldn’t remember anymore. She closed the window. She pondered on why she remembered such physical states in her previous night’s dream. But, glancing at the clock in the bathroom, Talia quickly pushed all unnecessary thoughts aside. She had to get going.

The shower water was lighter, less intense, than the water at her dormitory. But it was alright, she didn’t have time to linger under the water’s caressing fingers. Although, like she did most mornings, she felt a familiar ache, a familiar want. She rarely denied herself when it came to her desires. Almost daily she found time to bring herself pleasure. She stopped for a moment and contemplated her dilemma. Her fingers, without direction and not wanting to wait for her decision, found their way to her nipples and began to gently tease the little nubs. She circled her nipples, and gave them gentle pinches, the pink flesh becoming alternately crinkly and taught between her digits. However, her first moan startled her and she guiltily realized that she had begun to give into temptation, despite the fact that it would make her late. Talia held her herself in check, with much concentration and willpower, and managed to finish her shower.

Her friends were waiting for her by the time she had finished her morning routine. It was only 9:15, but they had wanted to get an early start into the city for shopping. They all piled into the car, and headed off on the hour long drive.

“Rush hour. Damnit. Hell, don’t they know its spring break?” Sadie, one of her oldest friends, cursed at the other drivers taking up her precious road, as she drove them all down.

“Some spring break this is…there is no beach to speak of, and no boys either.” Lacey, another girl in the group, commented.

“Oh, suck it up. Boys aren’t everything…there are girls, too, you know.” Sadie flashed a smile at Lacey, and winked.

“Oh, gross! Stop with that lesbian crap or I’m gonna leave as soon bostancı escort bayan as we reach the city.” Lacey shuddered. “I mean, seriously, I don’t care what you do, but don’t drag me into it. I’m as straight as…umm…”

“A crooked line?” Sadie giggled.

“No, that’s you.” Lacey shot back.

She smiled at her friends. It was nice to be back with them, even if it was just to laugh at all their juvenile humor. Sadie adored making everyone uncomfortable, especially when it came to her sexuality. Sadie was open to, in her own words, “everything and anything.” She was sure that Sadie must be enjoying the freeing lifestyle of college, and although Sadie had had many boyfriends in high school, Talia guessed that Sadie’s exploits were even more numerous now. Sadie was taller than average and thinner than many girls as well. Her figure was somewhat boyish, and although she lacked strongly pronounced womanly curves, she was still considered very attractive. Her black hair with positively glowing green eyes made her seem mysterious at first glance, however her friendly and open personality made her far from aloof.

Lacey, on the other hand, was slightly quieter. Although she could easily be the center of attention, certainly knew how to drink, and was often considered a ditzy blond, her personality was generally conservative and way less out there then Sadie. Lacey was your typical beauty, and her large breasts drew admiring, or envying, looks from almost everyone. It was Lacey’s hourglass figure and obvious desirability that made Sadie tease Lacey, however, Talia did occasionally wonder if there was an underlying desire…

The three friends spent a relatively uneventful day shopping and returned home late that night. Talia went straight up to bed and fell asleep.

When Talia awoke the next morning, she realized that she had had that dream again. And this time, between her legs actually ached with need. And, as she lazily slipped her fingers down between her thighs, she discovered wetness. “Wow,” Talia thought, “that must’ve been one hell of a dream. Too bad I can’t really remember it…that man was so powerful, though, I remember that. Nothing like any boyfriend I’ve ever had before…” Her pussy ached with need. “Why didn’t I let Phil buy me a vibrator when he offered? Phil…” She thought of her most recent boyfriend with mixed emotions. He had been the best lover she every had, but compared to this dream man, whom she could only recall in fleeting images, he was nothing but a boy. “A man,” she sighed, “that’s what I really need. A strong man to take me, have his way with me, and make me his…” Her own thoughts had sent a rush of warm blood to her vaginal area and increased the heat she was feeling. Her fingers had begun sliding up and down the length of her pussy. Her own wetness provided more than enough lubrication for her fingers to begin to slip inside of her tight opening. First one…then two…she moaned and shuddered as her hips began to thrust upwards in order to meet her fingers. “God,” she thought, “if only that man was real. Oh god. I remember how he held me down…” Her moans increased, and she quickly bit her lip to stifle them. She wanted to make sure no one in the house heard her.

What she hadn’t realized, however, was that someone in that house was incredibly familiar with those intimate sexual noises that were escaping her mouth just then…


Talia’s father, Eric, lay in the room across the hall. His thoughts also dwelled on similar topics. Mostly, as he lay there, ümraniye escort barely awake, he thought about Sadie. “That hot little vixen,” he thought, “Barely 19 when she seduced me…God, I am so glad she is back on break. I don’t think I’ve been with anyone hotter…well, perhaps Talia’s mother, but that was so long ago…” He went a little soft as his thoughts drifted back to Talia’s mother, but quickly he pushed all sadness and regret out of his mind and focused on Sadie. Her flowing black hair, her green eyes, her tight little body…”Oh god…and the best thing about her…she promised to help me seduce Talia.” Eric erupted with that thought.

That was the one thing Sadie and Eric had most in common; their desire for Talia. It was Sadie who helped convince him that Talia was a heavy enough sleeper that, in the middle of the night, she wouldn’t notice light caresses. Eric loved those past two nights that he spent undressing and touching her, but he wanted Talia to want him, he didn’t want to force himself on her. Sadie had spent so many a night whispering fantasies about his daughter in his ear that he didn’t feel like he could stop himself from touching his daughter’s beautiful body, once the suggestion had been made. He knew that Talia at least must’ve liked the caresses on some level, because he found that even though she was asleep, she was quite vocal. Remembering her moans and whimpers caused his flaccid penis to, once again, become erect. But he wanted more than not consensual fondling, more than stories Sadie told him; he wanted the real thing.

Eric knew that he was her father, but had long ago put aside being concerned about that taboo. Sadie had told him of her own exploits with older men, and how she loved to call them daddy, and so, now, it almost seemed second nature to him. No longer as depraved, now that he knew of a subculture of young women and older men. It made Sadie hotter than ever whenever they talked about it, especially when they spoke about seducing Talia together. “But Talia…” That was a whole different matter, Eric thought. “What if she doesn’t want me? Thinks it is all so disgusting? What if she rejects me altogether…?” Sadie had assured him that she wouldn’t. But, what did Sadie know? He glanced over at the sleeping beauty next to him. Normally, Sadie didn’t spend the night, they both were very careful about making sure Talia didn’t catch them. But last night, after he had come so close to using his sleeping daughter, he called Sadie. Desperate, he described what had happened, and Sadie was more than willing to provide relief. And, after their midnight marathon lovemaking Sadie had just fallen asleep, and he couldn’t bring himself to force the girl out of his bed.

“God,” Eric thought, “do I love her?” He looked over at Sadie, again. Her small breasts rose and fell with each breath. “Not like I love Talia…” He thought to himself, and then whispered aloud, “my beautiful Talia…” He did have feelings for Sadie, he knew that, but he also knew that he shouldn’t get attached. He knew that he was just a game for her. He knew that he was just one of many guys in Sadie’s life. But, he wouldn’t ever call her a whore. She was just experimenting, learning, growing, and he was happy that he got to be one of her projects. He relaxed when he realized that he wasn’t, in fact, in love with Sadie. But, he did love Sadie for the opportunity that she promised him. And, today, he thought, might be that day.


Sadie lazily blinked. She yawned and looked up at Eric, and then looked out the window. escort kartal “I slept here all night? Shit. Now, I have to sneak out…” Sadie thought to herself. Eric kissed her forehead. It felt fatherly, comforting, and her worried thoughts fled from her mind. If she was older and she wanted to settle down, Eric would be a perfect choice. But, right now, she just appreciated his developed masculine talents. He was a refreshing breath of fresh air from the quick college boys, although not quite as gentle as the college girls. He had made her feel good last night; in fact, she could still feel wetness crawling down her thighs. Her eyes closed as she recalled him pounding into her. His strong arms held her hands above her head, and her legs were wrapped tightly around him. Her orgasm had been explosive. She shivered a little. He always liked the window open a little when they had sex, and last night they must’ve fallen asleep with the window open.

“Shut the window, Eric, I’m freezing my ass off.”

“Sadie, not so loud…” Eric paused, considering something, and Sadie looked at him, questioning him with her eyes. “Sadie…” Eric paused again. “Do you think today is the day.”

“The day? Oh shit. Does he think Talia’s really going to go for it? I mean, I hoped she would, for his sake, but that’s a hell of a lot to risk. Still, if he’s going to get a piece of her, I want to, too.” Sadie thought to herself, then said aloud: “It’s your call.”


Lacey woke up with small beads of perspiration on her forehead. She had had that dream about Sadie, again. She reached over, and opened the drawer in her bedside table and pulled out her vibrator. She blushed, remembering how Sadie teased her the other day. If only Sadie knew how much she really wanted her…

The soft humming of the vibrator was a familiar sound, and she began to quiver even before the instrument reached her clit. It slowly vibrated against her and she began to gyrate against it.

“Sadie,” she moaned, “that’s it…right there…oh yes, oh yes, baby…right there.” Lacey was quite vocal in bed, yet she was the only one who knew. Lacey was still a virgin, in the most important way. She had long ago developed the skill of giving blow jobs to appease frustrated men who desperately wanted to be inside her, but she didn’t want to give her entire self to just anyone. She wanted to give it to Sadie. She knew that was crazy, that Sadie was another woman. Lacey knew she shouldn’t want her the way she did…but she couldn’t help herself. That attraction that had lured so many to Sadie lured Lacey as well. It was something so overpowering and so magnetic. Lacey was drawn to her. She pressed her vibrator into herself quickly. She knew she no longer had a hymen, but she was still a virgin, technically. Her moans became louder and more intense. Her hips bucked.

“Oh god, Sadie, oh, that’s right…oh Sadie, make me yours…god, Sadie, I’m all yours…fuck me, Sadie…” She squirmed and continued to moan. One hand pumped the vibrator in and out of her while the other was flying over her clit. Both hands became a blur as they worked their magic. She could feel her orgasm fast approaching as all the muscles in her body tensed.

“Yes, Sadie. Yes! Oh god yes! Oh god, Sadie! Oh god! Oh god! Oh, please! More, keep going! Please!” Her monologue increased its rapidness, and her moans became faster as well. She reached her fevered peak, her body tensed to the point where every muscle was straining, and then she felt a sudden release. She sighed and whimpered slightly. She always felt so guilty after having, what she called “Sadie orgasms.” They were powerful, they were intense, they were had when she thought about Sadie…but, they were wrong. And, plus, she felt like she could never really have her, never really be with her…But, maybe she was wrong.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32