Swim Team Ch. 03

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As the school year progressed Dana felt happier than she had in a long time. She knew that a large part of this was her very satisfying affair with Jack. She also loved the way her body looked and felt as a result of her regular workouts in the pool and weight room. To keep herself busy she also kept in regular contact with the swim coaches and helped some of the other boys on the team make summer training plans.

She sometimes thought it was funny that she was now happier as a divorcee than she had been in years with Todd. Rationally it seemed like this should be a confusing and difficult time, but she couldn’t imagine being happier. Between helping the team, her own workouts, and her intense affair with Jack, she was busier than she had been in years. Therefore, the number of times she found herself around the house with nothing specific to do was very small.

Once summer started Mike and Dana sat down together and set up their workout schedules. Both liked having a training partner so it worked out well that they went to the pool and the gym together to keep each other motivated and keep it fun. There were times when Mike went off and worked out with some of his teammates, but more often than not he and Dana went through their workout routines together on a near daily basis.

They also stuck to a fairly strict and very healthy diet that complimented their workouts and kept them in shape. All of this meant they were together often and shared many experiences. Dana and Mike grew even closer as they “bonded” through their strict workout regimes. They had always been close, but now it was like they were becoming close as friends and not just as a mother and son. When they talked and hung out at home now, it felt more like a couple of friends hanging out together rather than a college aged son being “stuck” at home with his mom.

In many ways Mike reminded Dana a lot of how Todd used to be when they first met. Todd used to have this energy, this vitality, and he used to be so very fit. It sometimes still amazed her how much he had changed during their marriage and how completely different a person Todd ended up being.

One particular morning while she and Mike were swimming laps Dana began thinking about Todd. This particular date was the anniversary of when he proposed to her and although she knew she didn’t love him any more and that she was much happier since the divorce the day still made her feel a little sad somehow.

Dana hung on the edge of the pool during a break from her workout and her mind wandered to how much Todd had changed during their time together. She thought about how hot and excited he made her feel when they were first married. She was still lost in her thoughts when Mike climbed out of the pool and Dana absent-mindedly watched him walk over to the drinking fountain.

Without even realizing she was doing it her eyes scanned Mike’s wet, nearly naked body. Then, unexpectedly, she felt a twinge in her stomach and realized exactly how much Mike resembled Todd back when Todd was in college and swimming. Dana admired Mike’s lean back and strong shoulders and before she could stop herself her eyes moved to his ass as he bent over to take a drink. Her eyes didn’t move even after he turned around and walked back to the pool and she found herself gazing at the bulge of his cock under his tight swimsuit. Just before he dove back into the pool she looked over his flat stomach and chest and admired his face. He so reminded her of a young Todd.

After he dove back into the pool his head popped up from the water and Mike asked, “You OK?”

His question pulled her out of the dreamy state her mind had slipped into and she replied, “Oh, yes. I guess I was just thinking.”

“OK then,” he replied, “back to your workout. No slacking off for you.” With that Mike dove under the water again and reappeared in mid stroke, as he returned to his set of laps.

It was then that Dana suddenly realized what she had just done. She looked around at the handful of other people sharing the pool and felt embarrassed and ashamed. How could she have just watched her own son’s body so admiringly?

There was no doubt that she felt and thought things mothers aren’t supposed to think or feel as she gazed at Mike. What had she done?

She went back to swimming her own laps and reasoned that it was only because Mike was so similar to Todd and that she was in such a weird place today with it being the anniversary of her and Todd’s engagement. She told herself that she wasn’t really staring at Mike but instead was looking at a reflection of what Todd used to look like. Still she knew that, on purpose or not, she had just “checked out” her son and she liked what she had seen.

She also figured some of her problem was that she was currently so damn horny. It was several weeks now since the summer break had started and she desperately missed fucking Jack. Being with him, even if it was just once a week had re-ignited her escort ataşehir lust and left her in a near constant state of heightened lust. She remembered feeling like this often back in college and remembered how in those days she would turn to Todd and any number of his teammates and fuck them silly until her desires were satisfied. She knew she would have to wait until Jack returned from his summer break, but she didn’t know how she would make it that long.

As they drove home from their workout that day Dana found herself feeling nervous. Surely Mike had no idea what she had been thinking or how looking at his wet body had made her feel, but still she worried he would somehow know.

This began a trend that continued through the next couple of weeks. To her great surprise as her pent up lust grew with more time away from Jack, Dana found herself more and more frequently “noticing” Mike. She caught glimpses of him around the house and would secretly glance at him as he moved around the pool deck or worked out.

She continued telling herself it was only because he was so much like Todd, and that was definitely the truth, but deep down Dana wondered if she didn’t start noticing Mike more because he reminded her of Jack rather than Todd. If she thought about it for too long she felt guilty and ashamed for even considering looking at Mike like that, but it was almost like she couldn’t stop herself. Instead she tried not to think about what it meant for her to look at him and told herself that she wasn’t harming anyone.

By now Dana was so horny that she masturbated frequently. In her mind she had replayed every fuck with Jack hundreds of times and had created many, many more scenarios where she imagined them fucking. One of her current favorite fantasies was one where she fucked Jack while several other members of the swim team watched. As soon as Jack came another boy took his place and they continued taking turns until every one had fucked Dana and filled her with their cum.

Then one afternoon as she masturbated something very unexpected happened. She again imagined a room filled with horny boys from the swim team while she and Jack fucked like wild animals in the middle of everyone. In her fantasy another boy quickly replaced Jack as soon as he finished cumming. Dana groaned and started cumming almost immediately when she realized that the boy her mind had created to fuck her next was Mike.

When she finished cumming she lay there with many questions rolling through her mind. How could she even think of Mike like that? How could she let it have such a strong impact on her?

She could tell herself what she wanted about her glances at Mike while they worked out, but there was no denying that the person she had just thought about fucking was most definitely Mike and not some representation of Todd. There was also no denying how her forbidden fantasy made her feel. Her orgasm started almost immediately upon envisioning Mike between her legs with his cock inside her.

Dana wondered what was wrong with her. This couldn’t be a normal thing to feel. Mothers weren’t supposed to think about things like that with their sons. She got dressed and went downstairs still trying to answer all the questions in her mind.

She was pulled out of her contemplation when Mike came home earlier than expected from his job. He worked a part time job over the summer to make a few extra bucks and they had let him leave early today because it was a really slow day at the store. His arrival was so unexpected and sudden that Dana didn’t really have the chance to feel awkward about her earlier fantasy. Before she knew it they had hopped in the car and were off running errands that they had planned to do later that evening.

It wasn’t until she had a chance to reflect on her day as she got ready for bed that she realized just how “normal” her afternoon with Mike had been. They had laughed and talked just like always and she hadn’t felt weird or really even thought about her fantasy. Over the next few days she continued to allow herself to indulge in her incestuous fantasy as a way of experimenting with how it would make her feel.

She still felt strange and embarrassed when she rationally thought about what she was doing. How could she really be fantasizing about her own son? However, she was so horny and excited now and so looking forward to Jack’s return that there wasn’t much about her that was rational when it came to her desires.

Eventually she decided that fantasies and thoughts couldn’t hurt anything and she allowed herself to fully explore these unknown and forbidden desires in her mind. Previously she had only allowed herself to think of Mike in group settings with Jack and other boys from the team. Now, however, she started inserting Mike into some of her favorite scenes she had originally created for Jack. She pictured herself sucking his cock and imagined him sucking and licking her pussy for hours on end as she kadıköy escort bayan came over and over. She created fantasies about sneaking down to Mike’s bedroom and fucking her own son wildly.

Dana was surprised at how excited these fantasies made her feel and she used them over and over to quench her intense lust as the last couple of weeks of summer passed. She knew it was very wrong to have these thoughts but she also knew that these fantasies made her wildly excited and made her cum very hard. Lately she was feeling so horny that even if she tried to resist thinking of Mike she still found herself creating fantasies about him as soon as she became excited.

There was another result of these forbidden fantasies that she didn’t think about too often. She still continued to steal glances at Mike in the pool or at other times, and even though she tried not to think about the real reason why, she knew that she was no longer looking because he reminded her of Todd or even Jack. Instead she was now looking because it fueled her fantasies and gave her a secret, taboo thrill.

Her secret fantasies of Mike made her feel very dirty and nasty and yet very excited in a perverse way. She knew she was thinking about things no mother should, and sometimes when they were running errands or working out or doing any other sort of “normal” activity she sometimes felt a rush of forbidden excitement. What would he think if he knew of her fantasies? What would any of her friends think? Surely she was a twisted, horny, nasty woman, but that thought only made her more excited. She liked having her secret fantasies.

Whenever she glanced at Mike she knew that others would only see the admiring and proud look of a mother toward her son. Perhaps people who didn’t know they were mother and son would see the sort of look that might be given between a coach and athlete or teacher and student who had become friends. None of them, however, would ever guess what sorts of things Dana noticed about her son or what sort of images or thoughts flashed through her mind when she stole the secret glances.

The very end of the summer was a busy and exciting time. Mike had decided to move into an apartment closer to campus with a friend of his. He was excited about having a little more of a college experience by being away from home. Dana helped him pack up his things and they worked together to move all his things to the apartment. She was sad to see him moving out and knew she wouldn’t see him as often as before, but she also was excited and happy for him as he moved out on his own. She was also a little excited that this would surely open up more time to be with Jack. Dana knew that she and Jack would now be able to fuck fairly freely at her house without fear of being caught or interrupted.

To Dana’s delight, Jack called the moment he returned to town. It was a couple of days before Mike moved out and so they weren’t able to meet at Dana’s house. They quickly set a date for the next day at a local hotel. Dana knew if they waited a couple of days they would be able to meet at her house, but she couldn’t wait any longer to feel him inside her pussy. When the next day finally came she used cash to pay for the hotel room and then spent the next several hours fucking Jack like a wanton slut. She couldn’t believe how good it felt or how much she wanted to keep him there and fuck him all day and night.

Her pussy was so wet with anticipation that there was almost no foreplay before their first fuck. Instead they tore off each other’s clothes and fucked wildly until each had cum hard. After that they took turns playing with and exploring each other on their way through several more fucks.

Dana was still eager and ready for more when Jack looked at his watch and said he had to go. She tried to convince him to stay but he said he had to leave. They quickly discussed his upcoming class schedule and she told him about Mike moving out and how it meant they would have lots more chances to be together.

He left after one final kiss and Dana found herself alone in the hotel room still lounging naked on the bed. She took a shower and looked forward with great anticipation to the coming school year.

She and Jack quickly fell into a schedule of getting together at least a couple of times a week to fuck. With Jack’s return Dana again felt happy, content, and alive like she hadn’t felt in years before they started their affair.

Dana knew she looked great, far better than she should for her age, and she kept up her vigorous workout schedule and diet. Knowing that this young stud was always so eager and willing to service her and fulfill her desires made her feel sexy beyond words and gave her a confidence that she loved. All of this also left her feeling perpetually horny and ready for sex.

She loved surprising Jack during their fucks with new positions or techniques and seeing how the surprise in his eyes quickly turned to wanton lust. She escort bostancı introduced Jack to the joys of playing with food, to being tied up and fucked, and to tying up your lover and fucking them deliberately and teasingly.

One day, however, Jack had a surprise waiting for her. After he knocked on the door she opened it wearing only a short, silk robe and high heels as she anxiously looked forward to their fuck

He hesitated before entering the house. She could tell he had something on his mind so she asked if he was OK. “I was wondering if we could try something new…” Jack asked as he let his voice trail off.

“Anything, you know that,” Dana replied with a sexy smile and wink. “Come in and tell me about it.”

“Well,” Jack said, “I think this is something that we might need to decide now.”

Dana had no idea what he meant but her pussy ached as she wondered what he had on his mind. Did he want to fuck her outside in public? Her own excitement quickly grew and she looked him in the eyes and said, “Jack, I will do whatever you want.”

She thought she would be ready for anything he might want, but she still gasped as Jack waved toward the driveway and Rick, another guy from the swim team, stepped out from behind a bush. Rick walked to them with a silly grin that was equal parts lust and shyness. When Rick stopped next to Jack he again asked, “Is this OK?”

“Yes,” Dana said as she opened the door wide for the two boys. She couldn’t believe that this thing that Jack asked for was also one of her own fantasies. The very idea of fucking these two boys at the same time made her stomach flutter and her knees weak. She couldn’t wait to show them just how OK she thought this idea was.

Without even taking the time to move upstairs Dana began kissing and stripping both boys until they were naked. As she did this she untied her robe and let it fall to the ground leaving all three of them naked in the living room. Both guys appeared to be shocked at how easily she had agreed to be with them and both let out moans of excitement as she began stroking their cocks simultaneously. “Shall we go upstairs boys?” she asked teasingly before turning and leading them upstairs without waiting for an answer.

As she walked Dana felt a flurry of butterflies in her stomach. She wondered how she could so easily and readily agree to actually do this. This was exactly the type of thing that earned her the reputation of “team slut” in college. Despite the fact that she didn’t necessarily enjoy the reputation or title of “team slut”, she couldn’t deny that she had loved every second of her wild antics. She hadn’t been with two guys since college and it was obvious from the wetness of her pussy that this was something she really wanted. Still, she couldn’t believe she was about to do this with two boys young enough to be her sons, but then again something about that fact made this seem all the more wild and exciting.

Once in her bedroom Dana gave both guys wicked, intense blow jobs. They moaned wildly and still seemed unbelieving that this was actually happening. Dana felt amazingly sexy and wild and she quickly grew horny beyond belief. It was obvious through their hard cocks and their wild moans that Jack and Rick were also incredibly turned on.

Dana didn’t have a plan as she moved her mouth back and forth sucking, licking, and teasing both cocks. She was lost in the moment, savoring their different tastes and the way the cocks felt so different between her lips. Soon, however, the aching in her pussy made her decide what to do next.

She lay back on the bed and parted her legs widely, inviting Jack to move between them and fuck her. He did exactly that and quickly drove the full length of his cock inside her dripping wet pussy. At the same time Dana pulled Rick toward her until he was kneeling beside her head with his hard cock pointing at her mouth.

She eagerly engulfed his cock and Dana felt a warm, excited feeling wash over her. It had been so long since she’d had two cocks inside her at once that she had forgotten how incredibly sexy and intense it felt. Dana didn’t try to guide the action once the boys were in place and instead just let them act out their carnal lust on her. Jack fucked her wildly filling the room with the wet sound of her pussy and of their bodies slapping together. Rick thrust his hips back and forth and fucked her mouth as Dana licked and sucked at him excitedly.

Jack was the first to cum, but he only began a few seconds before Rick. Jack grunted loudly as his cum exploded into her pussy. Seeing his friend cum triggered Rick and it only took him a few more moments before he grunted and started to cum.

As Rick came he bucked his hips spastically and his cock jerked out of Dana’s mouth. Dana quickly grasped his shaft and stroked him as his cum continued to shoot out and land all over her face. After his orgasm had peaked Dana slipped his cock back into her mouth. She collected the last few jets of his cum in her mouth and eagerly drank it down feeling a little disappointed that she wasn’t able to feel his entire load of cum sliding down her throat. However, the warmth and pure nastiness of having his cum coating her face made her pussy throb.

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