Step-Father Takes New Step-Daughter

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My life has not been a fairy tale story. My parents divorced when I was still in middle school, so naturally I went through that denial phase. I started off by having sex for the first time. I became a nympho from that time forward. Every chance I got, there was a new cock buried in me. By the time I turned was in high school, I knew every position in the world, every way to please and be pleased, and now that I was 18, I knew the most amazing way to please a guy is to give him head. You’d be surprised how much power you have over a man when you suck his dick. Mmmmm, and I love it when they come in my mouth. It’s like ambrosia and I feel like a goddess as it’s pouring down my throat.

My body is very beautiful. Clothes are my enemy for the most part, I prefer to walk around naked as much as possible. Of course, living with my mom that has always been easy because she’s barely ever home. She’s a lawyer, so she’s always fighting this case and that case, always away on business trips and everything. For the first couple of years, she hired someone to stay with me. Then when I turned fifteen, she figured I was mature enough to handle everything on my own, and left me to my own devices. I have a tiny waist with tapered hips and long legs. I have big hazel eyes with long black eyelashes, I never have to wear eyeliner because my eyes already look like that naturally. Golden blonde hair reaches down to my thighs, and of course, I’m a natural blonde, so it matches the hair on my pussy lips, (those are shaved most of the time though, so it’s hard to tell by looking). My breasts are high and firm, a size 34C. My nipples are big and a dusty rose color. One of my biggest turn ons is when a guy wraps his lips around my nipples and sucks like he’s a baby breastfeeding. Even just thinking about it now makes me drip with desire.

To my surprise, my mother came home from a business trip and told me she had met a man, named Nikolaus. A few months later, they were married. I had barely met the guy in all that time. He was a couple of years older than she, with ocean blue eyes, and black hair. Very muscular, like that king guy in that movie about the ring. Anyway, Nikolaus had a nice body and I have to admit when I saw him my pussy literally starting dripping with the thought of having him pounding his cock inside me. They went away on their honeymoon for about two weeks, and when they came back, illegal bahis my mother went back to her normal work hours. Nikolaus was a lawyer as well but his hours were no where near as hectic. I would prance around the pool in teeny bikinis, knowing he was watching from his study. Several times a day, I would make up an excuse to check in on him and even ways to touch him in some manner.

One day, I decided to just say the hell with it and decided to strip down to nothing and sunbathe nude. I put on a robe and walked outside. There were no close neighbors (even if there were, I’d enjoy being watched). Our house was like a mansion with several acres of land around it. It was huge with a wrap around porch, and a separate garage. There were even stables where we had a couple of our own horses. When Nikolaus moved in, he brought a huge Arabian stallion with him. Right now, it could be heard in the pasture a few hundred yards away. I slipped off the robe, and lay down on the lounge chair. There was a bottle of suntan lotion on the table, after applying a layer of the lotion, I slipped on a pair of sunglasses and lay back. I listened for any sound that could be heard from the house. At first, I was disappointed because I truly believed he wouldn’t be enticed from the house. Then I heard the glass doors slide open and my heart slipped up a notch.

I heard his feet slap along the terrazo deck. My eyes opened behind the sunglasses and I almost gasped aloud at him in a pair of swim trunks. His body was gorgeous. And my eyes were immediately drawn to his dick which was pushing against the front of his trunks. He was staring at me as he walked up to the edge of the pool and dived in. After several laps, he pulled himself up on the ledge in front of me and said “You really shouldn’t entice a man like me. You never know what can happen when a man loses control.”

I openly smiled and replied, “How do you know that’s not what I’m looking forward to happening?”

Nikolaus stood up and walked over to the lounge next to me. He trailed his fingers up one thigh and down the other. I shivered in lust and reached out to run my hand down his beautiful chest. My fingers slid further down until they rested on his crotch. Without saying a word, Nikolaus stood up and stripped off his shorts. This time I did gasp as I caught sight of his huge cock! He had to be at least ten inches long and the head was illegal bahis siteleri as big as my fist! My hand instinctively wrapped around the shaft but my fingers didn’t meet around the other side. His hand slipped behind my head and pulled me forward. I gladly wrapped my mouth around the tip of his dick. I licked along the shaft and around down to his balls. As I sucked first one and then the other into my mouth, rolling them around on my tongue, his head leaned back and he moaned loudly. “Yes, baby, suck it like that. Mmmm, that feels good.”

I took the whole length of him in my mouth and when he got to the back of my throat, he wasn’t even halfway in. He grunted in disappointment but I glanced up at him as I started sliding him down my throat. His eyes widened in wonder as the rest of his cock disappeared slowly into my mouth. I really got into it, licking as well as sucking. The air was still except for the slurping noises my mouth made as I gave him head. “I’m going to cum.”, was his only warning before the first blast hit the back of my throat on a pullout. I swallowed as much as I could but some leaked out and dripped onto my tits. There was so much of it. Gallons it seemed like. Finally, he was spent and pulled out his softening cock.

“That was far and beyond the best cock sucking I have ever received and from one so young. Where did you learn all those interesting little tricks?” He asked with a gleam in his eyes.

“From experienced men. I picked up little tricks here and there.” I said as I smiled with smugness.

“Let me return the favor.” So he pulled me down on the lounge and proceeded to kiss me and lick his way down my throat to my tits. I groaned aloud as his lips wrapped around my right nipple. His tongue bathed the nipple and I almost came when his teeth nibbled at it. He was sliding his hands up and down my body, from tits to thighs. His hands teased me as they trailed up one thigh and down the other. Finally he started to caress the area at the top of my slit.

His finger slowly parted the soft lips of my pussy and traced up and down that wet, hot area. My clit throbbed with need as I waited for him to massage it, and when his finger made contact with my clit, my eyes rolled back into my head with pleasure. His mouth moved down my stomach to my thighs and he pushed my legs open. When his tongue traced up my slit to my little nub, I canlı bahis siteleri couldnt help it, I started to cum all over his face. He slurped up every drop that spilled out. But he didn’t stop eating my pussy. His thumb slid over my clit as his tongue slipped up inside me and if this is possible, somehow managed to reach my g-spot. He stimulated my g-spot with his tongue, over and over again. Almost using his tongue like a cock. Before he was finished, I had cum three more times with the skilled talent of his fingers and mouth.

Finally, I begged him to let me rest. I couldn’t take much more of it. He pulled back with a satisfied smile on his face, that glistened with the juices from my cunt. He stood up, his cock already standing at attention again, and picked me up from the lounge chair. He brought me into the pool with him. The cool water enveloped my over heated body, and sent a sigh through me. We floated in the water for some time before he started kissing on my neck again. Before long he had me bent over the stairs, his cock was buried deep in my pussy, it felt like I was being stretched as far as I possibly could. His balls slapped against my lips as he pounded his cock inside me. Filling me up again and again. I could feel his cock slamming against my cervix, banging at it, trying to break into it. He reached underneath to finger my clit while I fucked me harder. His grunts were coming faster and faster. I could feel his cock swelling inside me and I knew that he was going to come any minute. “Harder, Harder.” I screamed out. I could feel my orgasm approaching. My cunt tightened around his dick, begging for his juicy jism.

He slammed into my one last time, crying out, “Take it, slut.” And then his cock pulsed inside me with each jet of hot cream that he released inside me. I cried out in ecstasy as my pussy spasmed around him, milking him for everything he could give. My orgasm slammed through me as I lay there, held up by only his arm and his cock buried inside me.

After we had managed to catch our breath, he slowly pulled out of my snatch, shudders running down my spine at the tingling feeling that caused. We kissed slowly and cleaned up in the pool. He helped me out and into my robe. I went up to my room and took a shower. Now here I sit writing down the events of the most erotic and physically satisfying afternoon I have spent in a long time. I smile now, knowing that there will be more to cum, so to speak. I hope you enjoyed the recounting of the details of fucking my step father. I sure did. My pussy is dying for a big, hard cock to fill it. I’m going to go find one. *kisses and cock sucking*

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32