Snow Bound With Lisa Ch. 02

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We lay together for a while, on the Bearskin rug. Sharing the warmth from the fire and the heat from our passion. I nuzzled your ear and kissed the back of your neck, marveling at the goose bumps there.

“Hmm, that’s nice.” Lisa purred as she pressed her body back into mine. “Don’t stop.”

I gently kissed her ear lobe and every now and then I would give it a slight tug with my teeth and take it into my mouth to suck.

I felt myself begin to grow hard again and judging by your body’s reaction you felt my erection growing as well.

Lisa turned within my arms and looked me in the eyes, “I want to suck you and then have you cum deep inside of me.”

I had no problems if that is what you wanted, I sure did.

“Lay back.” Lisa commanded as she pushed me back to lie on the rug.

Lisa reached for her glass of wine and poured some over my penis.

“Hey, that’s cold.” I said.

“I’m just wiping it off.” Lisa told me with a laugh.

“Hopefully he recovers.” I laughed back.

I felt your mouth on my cock as you gave it a quick suck and clean.

“Hmmm, wine flavored penis, my favorite.” Lisa said.

I closed my eyes and felt you move back up to kiss my chest. Moving to one and then my other nipple to bite and lick them, making them hard as yours were. You took one into your mouth and bit it…

“Hey, take it easy.” I said only half meaning it.

I saw you smile and you returned to the nipple, biting it again only this time you gave it a tug with your teeth as well.

I could see that you enjoyed this type of play. Sometimes rough, sometimes easy. I gave in and let the pleasure wash over my body as you attacked it. It was a wonderful feeling to have you suck my nipple while at the same erotik film izle time have your hand stroke my penis.

You left my nipples and licked your way down to my belly button, inserting your tongue and then sucking on it.

I spread my legs a little further apart as I felt your hair cascade over my lower body, lightly brushing over your hand and the head of my cock.

You looked at my cock and noticed that it had some pre-cum on the tip, “You’re leaking.” You said and lent down to slide your tongue over my head and to lick up any liquid there. Your tongue felt smooth and experienced. I had little doubt that you had done this before.

Your tongue traveled around the top of my penis and your hand alternated with it. One would stroke my erection to the tip and then the other would lick it.

As you licked your lips parted and I could feel my cock enter your mouth, to have your lips encompass it and to start sucking. Slowly at first you sucked my cock. Taking it only half into your mouth and then retreating so that you could run your tongue over the sides of the shaft.

You brushed your hair away from your face and took me again into your mouth, this time fully in to my scrotum. The tip of my head could feel the back of your throat as you sucked me.

Bobbing your head up and down on my shaft, faster and faster as you enjoyed the taste of my cock.

“I’m going to come if you don’t take it easy.” I told Lisa, but she just continued to suck harder.

I bucked my hips off the ground to match her downward strokes. I was close to coming so I held her head down on my erection as I ejaculated into her mouth.

She hungrily swallowed, my cum, slurping and sucking any droplets or liquid that she may have film izle missed.

I continued to buck and force her head down, her nose buried between my legs as I emptied my sperm sack into her hot and thirsty mouth.

Slowly my thrusts subsided and I released her head.

Lisa’s head came up and I could see cum over her chin as she licked her lips. She wiped her chin with the back of her hand and then licked that as well, with a smile. She lowered her head once more and licked my cock clean of any moisture left.

She was truly amazing the way she ate cock and swallowed cum. She was a girl that would do and say almost anything sexual.

As she licked me clean I could feel myself start to get aroused again, not as fast as I would hope, but a gradual rise in blood flowing to my half hard cock.

“That tasted good.” Lisa said as she licked her lips again.

“Here taste it.” She said as she leant towards me and kissed me shoving her tongue in between my lips and probing my mouth.

I could taste me there. The saltiness and that undeniable tang of cum. It wasn’t bad, in fact it tasted nice and I felt that I would like to taste more at some stage.

“See it is nice.” Lisa said as she pulled her head back.

I licked my lips then and smiled up at her “You’re right.”

“I always am.” Lisa said with a wicked grin.

You lifted your leg and straddled my body. The weight felt nice on my lower torso. You wiggled your bum on my genitals and I could feel the dampness there from me and also from you “Nice?”

“You bet, feels great.” I said as I played with your breasts.

You partially lifted yourself off me as you gripped my growing erection. You positioned it at your shaved pussy lips and slowly pushed seks filmi izle it in as you sunk down onto it.

It slid in with the feel of a wet banana, feeling the sides as it went in.

You lent forward to increase the angle of my cock in your cunt. Putting one hand either side of my head as you rocked back and forth, slowly increasing the depth to which I was buried.

Your hair hung down over your face as you increased your thrusts. I could feel your arm muscles straining as they took up some of the weight. You started to push more forcing my cock deep into your cunt. You leaned back and put your hands on my chest as I filled your hole.

“Hmmm.” You said as you bit your lip.

I could see that you were near to orgasm as you rode the stallion. Sitting astride in the saddle.

“Hmm…” You said as a shudder swept through your body as the pleasure built. Your humping increased as you tried to get the most out of my cock.

Your body movements became erratic as your orgasm continued to build.

You suddenly leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips as your body shook.

Your teeth hit mine as you surrendered to the passion. Biting my lips and drawing blood which only seemed to push you further.

I did not mind since I was about to shoot another load, this time deep within your womb, filing you with my seed. I suddenly pulled you down onto my body and shot hot semen into your cunt, to be eagerly soaked up by your body.

You rocked gently back and forth on me as your orgasm subsided from the raging bull that you were before. Now it just traveled through your body giving you that warm and nice feeling, reaching out from your vagina, to radiate outwards to your toes and head.

You started to leak around the sides of my cock, but I did not mind. I knew that we would clean ourselves after.

If truth were told I believe that we were both sex maniacs and we loved any and all sexual pleasures.

To be continued…

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