Smithfield Academy Ch. 02

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The Art Teacher:

Jodi Rogers, the thirty-six-year-old art teacher, smiles as she walks back to her desk, the dirty blonde-haired woman adored the young men in her class staring at her as she walked about the classroom. The teacher’s tight black skirt barely covering her voluptuous bottom, pushing the limits of the school’s dress code as her hips sway back and forth. The art teacher, much like the other female members of the faculty at the prestigious Smithfield Academy, made a regular habit of pushing the limits of what is acceptable by the school’s code of conduct, treating the rules more as suggestions rather than guidelines.

Jodi’s knee-high black leather boots click against the paint-stained tile floor of the school’s longtime art room. The well-endowed woman’s chest strains against the plain white blouse as it tries to conceal her large melon-like breasts. The caring teacher taking a few moments to lean over each of her students to compliment and critique their work; she giggles innocently as her breasts rub against the collection of high school seniors. Her vivid blue eyes shimmer as she enjoys giving each student attention, but she knows deep down the eighteen-year-old males that dominated her class roster are easily her favorites.

As Jodi returns to her large leather office chair, she places her plastic-framed glasses on the table and rubs her fingers across the bridge of her lightly freckled nose. The sound of the bell breaking the silence of the room as her students begin shuffling chairs about while dumping items into their respective backpacks. “Well, I hope you all have a good rest of the day, don’t forget the assembly is tomorrow, and directly after that, we will be doing the art show here in class, so make sure your projects are ready to be displayed.”

A collective grumble fills the room, as virtually no student in the room is ready for the art show day; in fact, most only sign up for the class to stare at their teacher rather than learning about watercolors. “Brian and Alex, I need you two to please come to the desk. I need to discuss the work or lack thereof I have seen from you two.”

The pair of eighteen-year-old high school seniors both stare at the floor as they shuffle their feet towards the small wooden desk in the corner of the room. The couple both twitch their eyebrows and grin as they stand over their teacher, their vantage point giving the duo an almost free look straight down the low-cut tight blouse. The teacher taking her time picking up her plastic white framed glasses, placing them on her face before looking up at the two young men standing over her. Jodi takes her time before speaking, allowing her blue eyes to roam about the teenagers’ bodies, momentarily stopping on the slight bulge in each other their jeans. Both young men continue to leer at their teacher’s breasts, neither caring about how long she takes to address them.

“So, gentlemen, we need to talk,” Jodi says as she playfully clicks her multi-colored nails against the wooden desk.

“Uh…Okay, Ms. Rogers, what is it we need to talk about?” Alex Smith, the taller, more athletically built of the two boys, says, as his dark brown eyes still have not moved off his teacher’s lightly freckled tan flesh.

“Well, first and foremost, it is actually Mrs. Rogers, but that isn’t the reason I kept you after class.” Mrs. Rogers says as she corrects the young man.

“Okay…Mrs. Rogers, what have Alex and me done?” Brian White asks as he interjects himself into the ongoing conversation.

“I saw what little you have submitted for the art show, which as you know is over fifty percent of your yearly grade, and well, I am not impressed. I feel the pair of you are just screwing around and not taking things seriously.”

Brian and Alex share a slight chuckle, as they know their teacher is correct about their efforts. “Well, Mrs. Rogers, Coach Anthony, told us to take your class just to get the easy credit, he said us being on the track team would help us, you know, get by.”

“Oh, I see you two just want to get by because of your being athletes?”

“Well yeah, it has worked that way before, hasn’t it?”

“Well, Alex, it can work that way if I am properly motivated to allow it to work that way. You could also end up like your fellow athlete Lawrence Jones and get suspended if I am so motivated to do that as well.”


“Yeah, whoa, teach we can’t get suspended. We both got colleges looking at us for scholarships.”

“Well, Brian, Alex, I am fully aware of both of your athletic capabilities; however, I expect you two to take this more seriously and turn in some work. I can help with the “grades” part but not if there is no work turned in.” Mrs. Roger’s says as she takes a moment to make air quotes around the word “grades,” Jodi says, as she stands up from her chair and steps closer to both the young men. “Coach Anthony and I have worked together before to help ensure you fine young men stay eligible, but I still canlı bahis require work; you can’t just fuck off in here and do nothing,” Jodi says as she slowly slides her long nails against one young man’s chest then over the other teenager’s chest.

“Uh…Okay, but…”

“But nothing Alex, Principal Edwards has worked hard to reform some of the more seedy stories about our school. He does require that some work be submitted, now how that work is graded again, he is very lenient on, and I am as well depending on my motivation.”

Alex and Brian simply nod in agreement with the words of their teacher, the pulse of both teenagers quickening at the touch of the sexy teacher. The young men breathing deeply as they can feel their jeans tightening more as the art teacher takes her time slowly running her fingers up one’s chest and then down the others. The only sound in the room the clicking of Jodi’s boot heels as she begins walking around the athletic young men, her blue eyes scanning them over, almost looking at them as if they were pieces of meat rather than people.

“Now, gentlemen, I know I have likely made you both late for your next class, and for that, I am sorry. Inform your next teacher I held you after, and I will explain if that is needed to prevent further trouble for you both. I will be talking with Coach Anthony about what we can do to rectify the very sticky situation you two have created with your gross negligence in your work.” Jodi says as she stands behind the pair, the tall heels of the knee-high boots allowing the normally five-foot-seven-inch teacher to whisper into the ears of the much taller young men as she spoke.

Alex and Brian both can feel goosebumps forming on their young flesh as the warm breath of their teacher caresses their ears. Each of them swearing they could feel the tongue of the older woman slightly flicking their ear lobes as she spoke. The pair nodding in unison as they acknowledge the teacher’s words.

“Now then, I want you two to run along, and I don’t want to have a conversation like this ever again with either of you; getting special treatment is going to happen. It has been a standard here for too long, and I don’t aim to rock the boat. However, sheer fucking laziness and not even turning in a half-ass effort is some bullshit I will not tolerate. Are we all clear on this?” The dirty blonde-haired teacher says as her tone changes from her ordinarily happy, almost perky self to authoritative with a touch of anger, especially with the inflection she placed on each cuss word.

The sexual tension forming in the room makes the air seem heavy as the young men are almost trembling. Brian swallows hard, then nods yes; Alex follows suit doing precisely the same, swallowing hard then nodding in the affirmative.

“Don’t fucking nod, answer me!”

“Yes, Mrs. Rogers,” Brian quickly says, his voice nearly cracking as he answers.

“Yes, Ms. Rogers. I mean, Mrs. Rogers.” Alex says in a shaken and nervous tone, taking care to correct himself as he realizes he has addressed his teacher incorrectly.

“Good boys now run along.” Mrs. Rogers says as she gives both young men a playful slap on their firm young bottoms.

Brian and Alex practically run from their classroom both of their chests heave as they stare at each other in the hallway.

“Dude, what the fuck was that?” Brian asks as he and his teammate quickly walk down the hallway towards the building’s central part for their next class.

“Brian, I know right, I got no clue; I was so damn nervous I thought she was all like about to bend us over and spank us or some shit.”

“That woman can spank me anytime.” Brian laughs as he makes playful hand slapping gestures in the air.

“Shouldn’t you boys be in class?” A voice echoes from behind the sexually excited teens stopping them both in their tracks.

“Well…” Alex says as he turns to face the person questioning them, his voice trailing off as he is face to face with the person posing the question.

“Yeah, well…” Brian nearly mimicking his best friend, as he too feels taken aback by the presence of the person asking them where they should be.

Ms. Beth Sanders stands before the young men the six-foot-tall blonde hair blue eyed Amazonian like history teacher. “I asked you both a question, where should you both be at?” Ms. Sanders states her question again, this time more forcibly as she glares at the pair of track stars, who have more than a well know reputation for skipping class and abusing the horribly kept secret of the school, allowing its athletes way too much leeway.

Alex stammers as his thoughts and focus are on anything but answering a question as his cock presses hard against its denim prison. The eighteen-year-old’s dark brown eyes locked entirely on the ample cleavage the history teacher’s massive double D breasts and tight floral print shirt are providing.

Brian stammers some, as the exposed flesh also enamors him. “Well…Uh…Well…It bahis siteleri is like this Ms. Sanders, Mrs. Rogers kept us after class to discuss some work we need to complete; she told us should we get in trouble or stopped to direct whoever stopped us to speak with her and she would explain.”

“No doubt you two are not performing adequately in her class as is the case with much of your generation.” Ms. Sanders says as she does not try to hide the disdain for the pair of known slackers. “Very well, gentlemen, remove yourselves from my sight.” She says as she dismisses them both with a wave of her hand.

“What a fucking cunt.” Alex says to his friend as they turn a corner and believe they are out of the teacher’s earshot.

“She is always that way like some dominate bitch.”

“Yeah, what that tall bitch needs is a big dick in her to take her down a peg or two.” Alex laughs as he grabs at his still slightly bulged crotch.

“Shit, she needs this one, not yours.” Brian laughs as he grabs at his crotch as well.

The pair of friends quickly part ways, with each heading to a different respective class, both entering the classes far past the ringing of the school’s bell and both providing the same excuse as to their tardiness. The day before the big LGBT awareness assembly, announced only a day prior, is slightly hectic as the finishing touches are placed on the meeting agenda. Both of the troublesome student’s teachers do not have much concern for their tardiness as the entire faculty focuses more on making the assembly the success they believe their head administrator Principal Edwards wants it to be.

As her planning period starts, Mrs. Rogers places her feet on her desk and scrolls through her phone, reading some of the text messages from her husband. “For fucks sake, Bill, I don’t care,” Jodi says as she reads through the boring messages. “I miss the old days so much.” She says to herself as she thinks back to how they would exchange messages of a more x-rated nature in their dating days. The moment of introspection is quickly broken however, as a knock on the door and the entrance of Ms. Sanders snaps Jodi back into reality.

“Hey Jodi.”

“Oh, Beth, what’s up?” Jodi asks as she looks up from her smartphone.

“Your two troublemakers, I just ran into them. Did you keep them after class?” Beth asks as her eyes trace up and down Jodi’s body.

Jodi’s lips slightly curl into a grin as she can feel the other teacher almost eye-fucking her. “I did. I had to talk with them about their bullshit again.”

“Jodi, I know you’re still relatively new here, but don’t take their shit. Go speak to their coach that will get their attention.” Beth says as she rests her bottom against the edge of Jodi’s desk. “Also, everything okay with you and Bill? I only ask because I heard you kind of cussing him before I walked in.”

“You know I love him, but he is just so boring now. He doesn’t excite me, and he doesn’t try either. I want wild somedays I want to…”

“You want to fuck with reckless abandoned, be the college whore that is used and wanted by the guys?” Beth says as she interrupts Jodi mid-thought.

“Oh my God, you need to get out of my head! I mean, what the heck? I have never really said things like that to anyone.” Jodi says as a rush of shock and excitement fill her body. “How the hell did you know that?” She asks as she pulls her feet down from her desk and sits up to give her full attention to her peer.

“You being a slut was the worst kept secret in college,” Beth says with a giggle.

“Well, some of us are better at keeping secrets than others,” Jodi says with a wink.

Beth can feel her temperature rising as she fights the urge to make a move on Jodi right then and there. “I am pretty good, but look, you been to this school. You know how things work and what is and isn’t allowed; take advantage of it. Bill doesn’t need to know about things.”

Jodi swallows hard as she also feels urges and desires building inside her. “Well, let me start by talking to their coach and see where I want it to go.”

“Sounds good, and if you need help with anything, sweetie, you know where to find me,” Beth says as she leans down and places a small kiss on her friend’s cheek.

Mrs. Rogers’ pulse races as she takes the remainder of her free period to walk to the school’s massive gymnasium. The thirty-six-year-old art teacher stares in awe of the size and scope of the state-of-the-art facility. She sighs deeply as she looks at all the newest upgrades the building has received, shaking her head at the idea she could not get a new floor installed, but the coaches have no issue getting anything they want for the athletic departments. “Such is the way it is, I guess when you bring in enough money that you rival the tuition.” She laughs as she drags a finger across the bleachers.

“We actually have brought in more.” One of the school’s coaches’ deep manly voice echoes inside the mostly uninhabited gym. “Al bahis şirketleri is going to shit a solid gold brick if he sees you walking across his basketball court in those hooker boots.” Coach Anthony says as he tries to warn the teacher not to scuff the floor’s pristine finish.

“Good, give me his solid gold shit brick, and I will use it to upgrade my pathetic art room,” Jodi says as she continues to cut across the floor rather than walking around it.

“Okay, Mrs. Rogers, what can I do for you today?” Coach Anthony says while shaking his head, knowing he would not win an argument with the teacher fast approaching him.

“Well, it is about Alex and Brian.”

“Oh, those two.” The grimace adorning the coach’s face as he says the pair’s names telling a story in itself.

“Yes, those two delightful young lads. They have turned in very little work, and what they have turned in I would equate to being stick figure nudes and nothing I can display for the art show we do every year.”

“So, what they are failing art?” Coach Anthony laughs at the idea that someone could fail an art class.

“Yes, they are, and from what I can tell, it will drop GPA below accepted standards.”

“Whoa, look, I don’t know how things were done at your old public school, but here we have a system.”

“Yes, I am well aware of it; I attended this school after all. I also know that Principal Edwards, while he does not mind continuing the system that I so despised as a student, he also has left it to the teacher’s discretion at how we work said system. I don’t mind grading them very generously, but I need something in return for my generosity.” Jodi says as she tilts her head back, looking into the coach’s dark brown eyes.

“Oh yeah, and what’s that, sweetie?” Coach Anthony says as a smug smile adorns his face.

“Oh no, not that, well, at least not from you. So, don’t get any ideas, as far as you and I are concerned.” Jodi says as she enjoys the feeling of the coach stripping her with his eyes. “Well, for starters, I need actual work turned in. I don’t care what; watercolors, calligraphy, hell fucking finger paints would be something.”

“Okay, that is reasonable.” Coach Anthony says as he feels a mix of excitement and shock at the usually chill art teacher’s words. “Anything else you want from them?” The coach asks as he accentuates the word “want.”

“Oh, I think there are some other things I may want from them, but I will discuss that with them in person, but they will need to do that on their own time. I do not plan on sitting around here, waiting on them, and inconveniencing myself while working after hours. They can meet me here to discuss what needs to be done to push them along.” Jodi says as she hands the coach a slip of paper with an address scribbled on it. “Please see that they get that and explain they need to be there promptly after you’re done with them today.”

Coach Anthony grins as his mind shifts to what he wants to discuss with the art teacher after hours. “They meet you to discuss, maybe help with something, and they pass?”

“No, they turn in work, and they pass. I have several projects they may be able to assist with if they show up, and that will help them pass. However, after hours, anything I do between them and me, so you sir, do not need any additional information. Even though I was not thrilled with them as a student here, I am not totally against all the hidden secrets of this school.” Jodi says before twirling around and walking towards the exit, taking care to walk straight across the middle of the floor as she does.

As the school day, ends and the student body all go their separate ways for the day. The school’s teenage athletes file into the gym to begin their daily after school rituals. The track team has the weight room for the day as Coach Anthony walks around observing the young men. He takes a moment to single out his two stars calling both Brian and Alex into his office.

“Okay, you two, we have talked about this before, and I am done talking to you both.” Coach Anthony says as he slams the door to his office and points to the pair of chairs sitting in front of his desk. “I got a visit from your art teacher.”

An uncomfortable silence hangs in the air as the Coach takes a seat at his desk, glaring across it at the two young men before him. The boys both sigh heavily as they hear the words art teacher. “Coach, we know we should have turned in something,” Alex says as he is the first to speak, breaking the tense silence dominating the room.

“Yeah, we know we screwed up; we didn’t think she would play hardball on us.”

“Guys, really hardball, you think this is hardball? She just wants work turned in.” Coach Anthony says as he slaps his hand on the desk. “She doesn’t care what you turn in. Hell, neither do I; I do not give a fuck about art. This school has a system to allow you to compete and allows you to slide by, but that system is changing. Principal Edwards is moving away from it. You two can graduate from here and go on to add more Olympic gold to the list of stars we have had to walk these halls, but not if you can’t glue some fucking macaroni to a piece of paper or whatever bullshit she wants.”

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