Significant Improvement

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She stepped into her room, all wet from the shower, rubbing her long hair with a towel. She started at the sight of him sitting on the edge of her bed.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, raising her eyebrows as she spotted the large box of condoms on the bed beside him. She closed the door behind her, glancing at her roommate, who was looking at her curiously from her room on the other side of the apartment.

He stood and came towards her, reaching past her to lock the door.

“I…I don’t mean to insult you or call you cheap or anything like that…but…I just…my girlfriend and I broke up today and I’ve had a really, really bad day and I just wanted to ask if you if we could…if I can … just have sex with you. “

She just stared at him, rubbing the side of her face for a long moment.

“Certainly the best offer I’ve gotten all day … Are you sure this is the best cure for your bad day?”

“Positive. You were such a good friend and so…skilled before when we did it the first time…”

“Yes, but that was freshman year and we were both very, very drunk.”

“I know, but…”

She looked him closely in the eye for a long minute then sighed and leaned forward to kiss him very gently. He responded by moving his hands slowly up her sides and over belly, sliding them inside her robe.

She pulled away, putting a finger to his lips.

“Let me put on some music so we don’t freak out Meredith,” she whispered, turning to the computer and putting on a CD, adjusting the volume so the deep beat wasn’t too loud. She turned off the garish main light of the room and clicked on a small golden lamp that provided just enough light to the small room.

She turned back to his waiting arms, kissing him deeply, caressing his tongue with her tongue ring. He gently caught the little metal ball with his front teeth and held her for a moment, waggling an eyebrow at her.

He kissed her again then moved his lips down her neck, nipping at the skin of her throat, which he knew would bring the tightening of her entire body. He slid his hands inside her robe and pulled it off of her, leaving her naked before him, white skin gleaming in the golden light. He bent to her breast taking one in his mouth and the other in his hand, sucking roughly at one nipple while massaging the other with a slight pinch. She took in her breath sharply, her fingers pulling at canlı bahis his hair a little. She tugged at his shirt, making him stand straight so she could pull it over his head. She bent quickly and unzipped his pants, kissing the flesh of his navel, right above the hairline, making his skin shiver all over. Pushing her hands inside his pants and boxers, she deftly pulled them both down and let them slide to the floor.

He was already getting hard, so she only had to do a little coaxing to bring him to full erection.

“Ahh, no fair,” he whispered and pulled her to her feet. He picked her up and carried her over to the big bed that took up so much of the little room.

He tossed her into the folds of blanket and piles of pillows. She laughed and threw up her hands to protect herself from his barrage of rough kisses. Showering them instead on her breasts and flank, he came to rest finally on the mound between her legs, its hair kept trimmed very short so that it was at the same time prickly and silky soft.

She was wet when his fingers found the secret doorway. He bent to lick at the pulsing bean between the scented folds; she arched her back sharply and whispered his name. He drove his fingers roughly into her, lifting her off the bed and almost making her cry out. She was breathing

heavily and rocking her hips in the rhythm he set. After a few minutes she slowed, her face flushing violently, and he felt the strong inner muscles clamp down on his fingers and vibrate for a moment before releasing him.

She panted beside him for a moment, then leaned over and opened up the box of condoms, reaching in and pulling a string of them out. Slowly, her eyes never leaving his for more than a few seconds at a time, she tore one of the little packages open and carefully pulled out the little latex cover. She rolled over to straddle him, looking into his eyes, then slid down his legs and rolled the condom over his cock. He took a deep breath as she raised up then slowly lowered herself down onto his length, watching her as she winced in pain, as he knew she was very tight still.

Slowly at first, she began to ride him. He put his hands onto her hips, moving up and down to the rhythm she set. The pressure with which she held him inside her was so tight, he didn’t know if he could have gotten away if he wanted to.

She quickened her pace, throwing her damp curls over her bahis siteleri shoulders. He reached up and grabbed both of her breasts in his hands, pinching the nipples hard.

Finally, he could contain himself no longer, and exploded into the protective latex. She rode him for a minute or two longer, then finally came in a rush of color to her entire body.

She rested atop him with him still inside her for a moment, before rising off of him and settling down beside him in the damp covers.

“Is your day getting better?” she whispered in his ear.

“It’s improving,” he whispered back, kissing her forehead. He tossed the ruined condom into the trashcan near the bed. “Thank you. You’re even better when you’re sober.”

“Thank you. Do you think we’re done yet? Not by a longshot. By dawn, you’re going to be asking ‘what girlfriend?'”

She gave him a little while to rest before rolling over on top of him again, pushing him down into the covers of the bed, waggling an eyebrow at him before she hopped up and turned around so she was straddling him, facing his feet. She slid back up his body so that she rested her weight on his chest, then slowly bent and took him into her mouth.

She began slowly at first then sped up and he grew rock hard, beginning to quiver all over. She caressed the tip of his cock with her tongue ring and tightly rubbed the length of his shaft with one hand. With the other hand, she gently squeezed his balls. He moaned in pleasure and just when he was about to come, she pressed down firmly at the base of his balls and somehow held him in. He gasped, but she did not let go. Holding him there for a few moments, she kept him absolutely still until he calmed down a little, then she went back to doing the same thing, only a little faster,. She repeated the same process, holding him back again when he was a about to come.

“Ah, God!” he hissed. “You’re killin’ me!”

She turned to look at him over her shoulder and grinned, then went back to work.

This time though, she let him explode in her mouth with a loud moan from him. He knew she was never a swallower, so he was not insulted when she leaned over to spit his cum into the trashcan; he barely noticed anyway, his head was spinning so hard.

He took her ass in his hands and pulled her hips higher so that he could slide down and put his head between her legs. He licked all the way up bahis şirketleri her slit, loving the taste of her. She shivered but stayed on her knees. His tongue flicked at her hard clit, swollen in passion. She gasped and began working on getting him hard again. Succeeding, she took him into her mouth and this time, worked his big cock harder. He pulled her right down onto his face, pushing his tongue deeply into her, feeling the muscles grasp it. It was hard to keep his concentration split between what he was doing and her when she was bringing him so near to coming again.

She was moaning around his cock and seemed to be having problems concentrating herself when he suddenly exploded into her mouth. She must have swallowed, because she had no time before sprayed his face with her own cum. He licked her clean and she rose up and turned around again so that she was straddling his chest. Her breasts heaved as she tried to catch her breath between laughing happily.

He caught his breath, gently toying with her breasts for a few minutes before pulling her down to his side and then rising up over her. He fell to kissing her tenderly, his energy nearly drained for the night, but she knew he had one more romp in him. She reached down and pulled off one more condom from the string and laid it on her stomach as she pushed him back to straddle her. She worked him until he was hard again then rolled the condom over his cock. Then she lay back and let him enter her. He went slowly this time, kissing her as he thrust hard and fast in, then slowly out. Her face had returned to its normal color but now her cheeks flushed again as he kept going. In spite of his near exhaustion, he kept it up for a while until he saw that she was nearing her point of no return. Thrusting harder and deeper into her, he sped up wanting to see her face when she came. Suddenly her back arched beneath him and she cried out, squeezing her eyes closed tightly, but he kept going, wanting her to come again. When he made her nearly scream for the second time, he let go and released himself, moaning as he did so.

She kissed him softly all over the face and he pulled out and lay beside her, taking her in his arms.

“I think I’m spent,” he panted.

He could feel her laugh against him.

“I’ll give you a little while to sleep,” she whispered. “But I’ll be the judge of when you’re done for the night. Remember my promise?”

“Ummm… I forget…” he murmured then immediately drifted off to sleep.

Laughing silently, she kissed him on the forehead and pulled the covers up over them, watching him as he slept peacefully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32