She is Excited

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We are out dancing and enjoying our night out. As we dance you begin to rub your butt against me. We continue to dance and you rub your breasts against me as we hold each other close. They play a slow song and as you are in my arms you start rubbing your pussy against my leg and I am getting a raging erection. We dance a little longer and you continue to rub your pussy against my leg. I can’t take it any longer and tell you it is time to go home.

You laugh at me for wanting to go home and tell me that you are not through teasing me. We get in the car and start going home. As I am driving you reach over and rub your hand over my erection. I tell you to stop so I can pay attention to my driving and not mess up. Pulling up to a stop sign you stop rubbing my erection and sit back in your seat. I breathe a sigh of relief thinking you are going to let me drive without you distracting me. As I pull away from the stop sign you start rubbing my erection again. I ask you to stop because I am having trouble keeping my mind on the road. My excitement is out of control as I rush to get up home.

We pull into the driveway and get out of the car as you try to run away from me to get in the house. I grab you and barely get canlı bahis a hold of your shirt as you are running from me. As I grab your shirt it rips and you keep pulling until I rip your shirt off of you. Quickly you stop and turn towards me and we embrace with a passionate kiss. We continue to kiss as we inter the house and make our way to the bedroom. You start undressing me and we are going down the hall and when you have trouble getting a button unfastened you rib it through my shirt.

When we enter the bedroom our pants are falling to the floor as we get on the bed. As I lie down on the bed you get on top of me placing your pussy in my face. You reach down and pull my erection out of my underwear and begin to slowly stroke it. I pull your panties off to the side and begin to slide my tongue up and down your pussy. You wrap your lips around my erection and slide your mouth down over it. Your panties keep sliding over into my way so I grab them and begin to tear then off of you. As I rip your panties off of you I am able to start kissing your clit as you slide your mouth up and down on my erection. I start rubbing your clit with my tongue as I hold your butt and gently rub your asshole with my fingers. Our bahis siteleri moans get louder as our excitement builds higher. We both begin to shake and we explode in a wonderful orgasm.

You collapse on top of me and softly kiss my erection as I continue to kiss your pussy. You slide off of me and turn so that we can kiss passionately. As we kiss I place my erection between your legs and slide it back and forth. With my erection rubbing against your pussy we kiss passionately you get on top of me again and place your pussy on my erection. You begin to rock back and forth rubbing your clit against my erection. You moan softly as I push up against you. Reaching up I take your breasts in my hands and massage them softly. Gently I pinch your nipples and roll them between my fingers as you press your clit harder against my erection. Your moans get louder and you scream that you are about to cum as you shake and your orgasm rocks your body.

You collapse on top of me and I turn us over placing my erection against the opening to your pussy. Slowly I push inside you feeling the warmth of your pussy on my erection. We kiss passionately as I slide my erection in and out of your pussy. You wrap your legs around me and bahis şirketleri pull your self against me tightly. As I slide in and out of you your clit rubs against me and I push into your harder. Pushing into you harder and faster we begin to tremble and our moans get louder. We begin to shake and erupt in a magical orgasm with stars streaking through our minds. We collapse in each others arms and kiss passionately.

We regain our strength and get out of the bed. Kissing passionately we go into the bathroom and start the shower. You get towels and washcloths out for us and we get into the shower letting the hot water pour down over us. Softly we start washing each other and my hands slide gently over your breasts. Your nipples are hard and feel wonderful as my hands slide over them. Slowly I wash down to your pussy and slide my hand over it. as the water rinses the soap away I softly start rubbing your clit with my fingers. You reach behind you and take my erection in your hand then slide your hand up and down it. Rubbing your clit harder I slide my fingers inside your pussy. Your hand slides up and down my erection faster as I slide my fingers deep inside your pussy. We start shaking as the hot water runs over us. We moan louder and begin to shake as we erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

We finish our shower and return to the bed. Putting our arms around each other we kiss tenderly and fall into a deep sleep exhausted from the pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32