Sharing With the Office

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For Women

The moment Chad finally walked across the stage to shake the Dean’s hand and accept his diploma, as he waved at his family beaming with pride in the audience, he felt he’d earned the right for some well-deserved time off, especially with how hard he’d work to graduate top of his class, so he could kick back and hang out with his friends for maybe a year or so.

But unfortunately for him, his parents and the family patriarch, his grandfather, thought his time would be better spent learning the ropes of the family business at Wilkinson Investments.

So, as soon as the festive holiday season was over, on the second day of the New Year, he found himself assigned to an internship in his family’s investment firm. And since he’d much rather be hanging out with his friends, chugging back a few cold ones and enjoying banging out some music on his drums in his room over the garage, like he’d done every chance he got in high school and all through college, he just hoped he wouldn’t be bored out of his mind working some dumb ass job he’d been forced to take in the office.

But once he got to his little cubicle on the sixth floor, glancing around, it quickly occurred to him that the place was just full of pretty young things, and some mighty fine looking cougars, who he could tell still had it going on. Now he just hoped he’d be able to connect with a few of them, so he could at least find a way to enjoy his time working as an office gofer.

Kay, his very attractive, and amazingly well-endowed forty-something new boss, began to smile from ear to ear the moment she saw him. Which was only natural seeing as Chad was tall, handsome and well-built with a thick head of dark hair, and very teasing blue eyes. But when her gaze dropped she actually let out a gasp the moment she noticed that he was so well hung, she could actually make out the outline of his long, thick cock hanging halfway down his thigh through beige dress pants.

And of course Chad just grinned when he realized she’d spotted his trusty friend, ‘Dick.’ He’d just turned thirteen when the family doctor informed him that he’d been blessed with something quite extraordinary – a macropenis, also known as a megalopenis. The damn thing was just so big, even soft it was at least ten inches long, and couldn’t be contained in his boxers, no matter what type he wore. So, no big surprise, chicks loved to worship his trusty sword, and often begged him to give them a ride.

So, seeing as he wasn’t exactly stoked to be working nine-to-five behind a desk all day, he wondered if he might be able to use his mighty weapon to wiggle a few favors out of the staff, especially any horny women who might be as bored as he imagined he was going to be.

He smirked watching his boss hungrily lick her lips, wondering if she even knew she was doing it as her gaze kept dropping to his cock. And knowing just what to say, he smiled, held out his hand and smoothly said, “You must be Kay, I’m Chad, and I’m really looking forward to working with you.” And when she shook his hand, he held onto hers for a little longer than was normally acceptable and looking straight into her eyes, as he stroked his thumb over the back of her hand, he told her, “Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such pretty green eyes. But I imagine everyone must tell you that, they’re just so striking.”

Kay stammered, not really sure how to respond, she finally gave him a smile and said, “And I’m sure we’re going to enjoy working together, Chad. Now if you could come into my office for a minute, I’d like to go over a few things with you.”

Chad nodded, and said, “Sure,” then he let go of her hand, and smiled to himself, when before she turned to leave, her gaze gravitated back to his thickening cock, and her eyes began to flare with what he recognized as full-fledged desire. Being only twenty-one, he got hard fast, and when he was fully erect, his cock he’d been told was really quite amazing, so he just hoped all the gorgeous, shapely women in the office were prepared to be constantly amazed.

Once Kay got Chad into her office, she closed the door behind them, then leaning her forehead against it, she drew in a long, slow steadying breath to try and calm her racing pulse. Never in her life had she ever been as turned on by just a handshake, well that and the fact he was drop-dead gorgeous and hung like a fucking stallion. Though she’d love to have at least get a peek at what was hanging down his pant leg, she knew with him being the company President’s grandson she’d have to tread carefully or she could wind up losing not only her mind, but even her job.

Chad smiled as he came up behind her, breathing in her sweet floral scent, he whispered in her ear, “Damn, Kay, you smell good, and you’ve got to have the prettiest hair I’ve ever seen.” And that was no lie; long and dark, and shimmering like warm dark chocolate, he could hardly wait to run his hands through it. And the way it curled down her back, he could canlı bahis already imagine how good it would feel fisted in his hand once she was down on her knees, sucking back his cock, till she could barely breathe.

And naturally just thinking about how good that would feel to see her like that, with her lips stretched tight around his cock, he could feel himself growing thicker and harder by the second. And when Kay turned around, her mouth fell open when she realized just how hard he’d gotten and, wow, how much longer and thicker, too. “Oh, my,” she said, not even able to hide what she was looking at any more, and without even thinking she reached out and curiously stroked her hand over the outline of what she knew would be one amazing piece of man meat.

Unphased, since he’d seen this reaction so many times before, Chad asked, “Would you like to have a look?”

Kay quickly nodded, and just hoped he could keep his mouth shut about what they were about to do. And the moment he unzipped his fly, reached in and pulled out his alarmingly big cock, her eyes nearly popped right out of her head. “Holy fuck,” she blurted without even thinking. “God, that thing’s enormous.”

Chad grinned, stroking his dick in his hand, pleased by her reaction. “And you can have a taste of it, too, if you’d like.”

Her mouth already starting to water, her gaze shot up to his eyes for only and instant, just to see if he was serious. Then before she could even decide if she was about to throw her career away for just a little lick of his mighty tool, she’d dropped to her knees, had both her hands wrapped around him as best as she could manage and she was moaning and softly mewling as she licked at the big drop of pre-come oozing so invitingly from the tip. And once she’d managed to wrap her lips tight around the big fat mushroom-shaped head and started to suck him back, her pussy felt so wet, she just hoped she wasn’t dripping on the freaking carpet. Her eyes drifting shut, she just couldn’t stop moaning, he just tasted so good, and there was just so much of him to savor. Fuck, what an amazing cock this kid had. And to think, he’d barely started to work for her and she was already on her knees sucking him off. But lordy, she knew one thing; she’d never enjoyed anything more. It had been so long since she’d had a man in her life, and now she just hoped she’d get a chance to enjoy this young stud muffin every chance she got.

The incredible feel of her hot little tongue sliding along the length of his cock from balls to tip had Chad clenching both his fists and his teeth, growling. And the sight of her on her knees, lapping and licking and grazing him with her teeth, was nearly enough to make him lose his load and shoot straight down her throat.

Soon, finding himself lost in a world of indescribable carnal bliss, his eyelids drifted to half-mast as she really began to work him hard, especially since his favorite thing in the world was getting sucked off. With her one hand massaging his heavy balls, and the other sliding up and down his shaft, he sank his hands into her hair, then wrapped a fistful of her long dark curls around his hand so he could guide her and let her know just how he liked it. And fuck, she was good. Even when he began to flex his hips and pump in and out of her mouth, she didn’t gag, just smiled up into his eyes and sucked him crazy hard till he thought he’d shoot for the next week straight, she had him so close to the edge, and so fucking ready to come.

Still, he thought it only fair to warn her. “Hey, Kay, I’m going to come really hard, so if you don’t want a mouthful, I’d let go.” But not only did she not let go, she just smiled around his cock and sucked him back even harder till he knew she had to be choking, considering the length and girth of his mighty weapon fully erect. But she had so much cock packed in her mouth, that she amazed him.

As the familiar euphoric rush of an impending orgasm began to race through his veins, Chad tightened his grip on her hair till she was beginning to wince, but she still didn’t let go. And when he thrust his cock deep into her mouth and half-way down her throat, let go and came, she didn’t flinch and just drank up the geyser of red hot cum he filled her with, still happily smiling around his cock as he flexed his hips and continued to fuck her pretty mouth, utterly lost in the erotic sight of his thick, saliva slickened cock sliding in and out between her lips, till he’d given her all he had to give.

Finally, his legs felt so shaky, after coming that hard, he let go of her hair, gasping, pulled out of her mouth and grabbed hold of her desk. And Kay just wiped the drips of cum from her mouth with the back of her hand, sat back on her haunches and looking a little surprised, said, “Wow, I can’t believe we just did that.”

Truth was, neither could he. But he had a pretty strong feeling that he’d be back in her office for another private little meeting, bahis siteleri and maybe next time he’d let her have a feel of ‘Dick’ filling her up, and already he knew she’d enjoy that.

Eventually, once they managed to pull themselves together, Kay did sit down with him to discuss his duties, which entailed mundane things like photocopying, making coffee, running errands and answering the phones whenever they got busy. Though tempted to add, fucking the boss, to his task list, the way she was happily smiling into his eyes, she imagined he didn’t need to be told that she’d like to see him again behind closed doors.

Chad gave her a quick kiss on the lips and a friendly little salute as he left her office, delighted to discover that his boss was as into kinky shit as he was. Now he just hoped the rest of the staff would be as welcoming, since he was more than willing to share what he’d been blessed with, with anyone interested in experiencing his foot long wonder.

After an episode like that, wondering if she’d really just sucked off her new young intern. Kay was still trying to pull herself together, fanning herself with a file folder when her co-worker and identical twin sister Pam wandered into her office, not surprisingly dressed in a similar dark suit, since their tastes were so much the same. “What’s wrong?” her sister asked the moment she saw her, anxiously pulling up a chair. Obviously she knew something was going on, or she wouldn’t look so flushed. And she could tell she’d been sweating, and could even see the beads of perspiration still shimmering on her face. She just hoped she was coming down with something like the flu.

Not too sure if she should tell her what she’d just done, though as a rule they shared nearly everything, Kay finally admitted a little of what had happened. “It’s that new intern that just started, Chadwick Wilkinson’s grandson, who I imagine is Chad the third. And once you see him, you’ll know what I mean. The kid’s just so freaking hot, he got me all tingly the moment I saw him.” Never mind once she’d got down on her knees and nearly swallowed his cock whole.

Pam blinked looking confused, since her sister was normally the more level-headed of the two. “So, just looking at him got you all flushed?”

Kay stammered for a second and was about to try and explain a little of what had happened, when Carmen, a shapely Latina, with dark waist length hair and flashing brown eyes, burst into her office and blurted, “Wow. Have you two seen the new intern yet? God, is he ever hot. Like, I’m talking, somebody call the fire department kinda hot. And you should see Lilah, the receptionist. She’s practically drooling, just looking at him. And we all know that girl will literally screw anything that moves.” Then she took a look over her shoulder before she whispered, “And who can blame her, man that kid’s really packing something pretty impressive in his boxers, at least from what I could see hanging down his leg.”

Pam’s eyes flared the moment she said that. “So, where is this guy, I want to see him.”

Grinning, Carmen crooked her finger, “Follow me, and I’ll show you what I mean. He’s got half the office surrounding him. He’s just so amazing to look at.” She winked. “And I’m willing to bet, before the day is over, he gets lucky with a few of them, too.”

Kay stayed back in her office, hoping that word didn’t spread throughout the building about the crazy hot new intern that had just started, or they might end up with a stampede of desperate horny women. And she also hoped that word didn’t get out that he was packing what the average woman only ever dreamed of, a real live, foot long, pussy-melting cock.

Just thinking about him, and how amazing he’d felt in her mouth, her hand dropped between her legs, then slid up her thigh under her skirt. And before she even realized what she was doing, her eyes were drifting shut and she was quietly moaning as she began to massage her still tingling clit through her silk panties, breathlessly panting and licking her lips as she relived the sensation of sucking off the biggest, longest hardest cock probably in existence.

And one thing she knew for sure, was that now she wanted more – a lot more, like feeling that thing work over her poor neglected pussy.

Pam, Kay’s twin sister was at the back of the crowd with Carmen, on her tip-toes eagerly craning her neck trying to get a look at the hot new intern, when he turned his head and flashed her a hot-stopping smile. “Excuse me,” he said to the throng of women gathered close around him, “But I think my boss is looking for me.”

As the crowd reluctantly parted to let him through, eager to get a look, Pam’s gaze dropped to his crotch and she covered her mouth and gasped, just like her sister had.

Chad smiled into her eyes, grinning. “Were you looking for me?”

Too stunned to even find her tongue and get a word out, after she’d seen with her own eyes what he was packing, bahis şirketleri all she could do was nod. God, no wonder everyone was gathered around, the guy was absolutely gorgeous, and judging from the bulge in his pants, she knew he had to be rocking one hell of an enormous weapon in his boxers.

Confused by her silence and how stunned she looked, Chad took her by the arm, and asked, “Are you okay?”

Pam nodded and mumbled, “I think you’d better follow me.”

Chad wasn’t too surprised, that she was already back again. Once a woman got a look at his cock, never mind a taste, they always wanted more. And seeing as she was his new boss, not wanting to disappoint her, he gladly followed along behind her, without much thought to where she was leading him, not even noticing it was a different office, since his gaze was locked on her nice tight ass swaying so provocatively as she led the way. Just thinking about how good it would feel to slide his aching cock between her legs to let her have a feel of his dick in action, he could feel the thing starting to twitch and thicken, like it knew it was about to get some pussy.

Since they’d already been ‘friendly,’ the moment they stepped into Pam’s office, Chad didn’t bother with small talk and just kicked the door shut, pulled her into his arms and kissed her till he had her moaning. And as they lost themselves in the kiss, her hand slid down over his chest and then lower till she found his cock the same instant he was busy running his hand up her thigh, and under her skirt groaning as he clamped his big hand down on her ass and squeezed.

“Oh my god,” she murmured against his lips, as she stroked him in her hand. “Fuck, you’re a big one aren’t you?”

Chad grinned. “So I’ve been told. Now I’m guessing you want me in here to get busy with you?”

Pam quickly nodded and started tugging down his fly. “God, I’d just love to know what this feels like pushing into my pussy.”

Chuckling at her eagerness, Chad unzipped her skirt and tugged down her panties, tossing them both aside, groaning at the sight of her tight little shaved pussy. Then he picked her up and set her on her desk, pulled his own pants off, and smiled into her eyes, playfully wiggling his eyebrows when she gasped at the sight of cock in his hand as he carefully rolled on a condom – Magnum of course, since they were only ones that could sheath a cock his size.

And as he leaned in and teased her, running his fat cockhead along her slick pussy, she let out a plaintiff mewl, practically begging him to fuck her. So, happy to oblige, he took hold of her hip with one hand, and grasped ‘Dick’ in his other, and then instantly began to groan at how fucking tight she felt as he began to struggle to nudge his fat cockhead into her unbelievably tight little pussy, that still amazingly, seemed to be eagerly sucking him in. “Fuck, you’re a tight one,” he muttered, as he pushed in slowly inch by inch, gritting his teeth as he gradually filled her up.

“And you’re huge!” But it just felt so good to be stretched till she stung, that Pam just dug her nails into his arms, threw back her head and squealed with delight as he began to fill her up tighter than she’d ever been filled.

Slowly working his cock into her with careful thrusts of his hips, so he wouldn’t tear her up, Chad couldn’t believe how good it felt to be fucking his new boss on her desk, especially after watching her suck him off earlier that morning. And he started to think that he might just enjoy this job after all, especially if this was the one of the benefits of working in the company business, getting to mess with his boss.

“Oh, fuck me, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven,” Pam murmured as Chad picked up his pace and began to fuck her good and hard, till she swore she was seeing stars and even colorful little rainbows flashing before her eyes. Damn, he might be young, but the kid really knew how to fuck a woman.

Chad grinned, since he’d never seen a woman unhappy with his skills. “And you feel really good,” he told her. So fucking good, that he knew when he came, he’d be flooding her tight little cunt till her desk was literally dripping with his seed.

Grasping her tight little ass in his hands, dragging her butt across the desk, he used her body to fuck his cock. And by the blissed-out look on her face, and the thrilled little squealing noises she was making, tight as she was, she really seemed to be getting off on having her pussy plundered.

He’d discovered that older women were more grateful when he’d offered to give them a ride, since they probably saw less action than chicks more his age. Of course, since he just loved to fuck, no matter a woman’s age, he never turned down the opportunity to get his rocks off, and had even been happy to fuck a few older women well into their sixties, who were just so happy to have him give them a ride on ‘Dick.’

So, seeing as she was still quite attractive, with all that long dark hair spread around her pretty face, and her nice big breasts bouncing so enticingly with every thrust of his hips, he decided that he’d lucked out getting her for his boss, and of course his new fuck buddy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32