Shared Seduction

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“Shit happens!” he thought to himself, “to everyone, a few times in their lives. There’s nothing you can really do about it when your wife falls for another man and just drives away.” Phil really couldn’t figure it out, other than he wasn’t doing something right. He knew he didn’t do anything wrong to turn her away. He’d always been a loving and devoted husband. The other guy must have been doing something better, or maybe he made more money or was better at sex….or something. “Who knows?”

He decided that this was the time to go, to leave Chicago, and get away. His divorce was in progress now and he felt the need to turn the page and start a new chapter in his life. So he gave notice at his job, paid off his Jeep, sold his furniture and bought a map. He loved the mountains. That’s where he’d go. He had no job prospects other than his experience with computers and graphic arts and the fact that he really liked to work.

“Shit happens!” she told herself repeatedly. Two years ago, Joyce and her husband sank every penny they had into buying a nice little ‘mom & pop’ camera shop in Lake Tahoe. They were still struggling, as all small startups do, but they had begun to build up a decent cadre of clientele, in addition to the regular tourist trade. Then Don had his heart attack during the night and never woke up. Now she was on her own and faced with the decision of whether to sell the shop, or hire someone and try to make a go of it. “There’s not much of a choice here,” she thought. “I can’t afford to close it and I can’t continue to run it on my own.” So, on Monday, Joyce would place a ‘help wanted’ sign in her storefront window.

• • • • • • • • • •

Phil had never visited Lake Tahoe before. He had no expectations other than he knew it was beautiful, high and probably expensive. He arrived on Friday afternoon, and decided to find a cheap tourist motel for a few days and give himself a chance to look around. He spent the weekend walking the streets and resisting the casinos, since he had no idea how long he’d have to survive on what was in his wallet. Since his skills were in the field of computer graphics, he took special note of all the companies he found that were somehow related to printing, photography, computers, or which had ‘help wanted’ signs out.

By the time the weekend was over, he wasn’t very encouraged. Phil had a list of four companies where he thought he might have a chance of finding a job. On Monday morning, the first place on his list was a camera shop. He parked the Jeep in front and walked up to the door, noticing there was a sign in the window that he hadn’t seen before. He walked in, making the door chime. Looking around the small store, he mentally noted the stock of goods for sale when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs in the back room.

Joyce stepped through the doorway behind the counter and smiled. “How can I help you this morning?” She thought to herself, “Jeeesh… this guy is good looking! Where’d he come from?” She mentally measured him to be about six foot two inches and around 200 lbs. She liked his clean-shaven look but wondered about his clothes. He was dressed much too nicely to be a local so he had to be a tourist.

“I just arrived in town over the weekend and I’d like to stay here if I can, so I’m looking for a job. My name is Phil Stewart and I’m just moving from Chicago. I saw your sign in the window,” He pointed over his shoulder.

“My! That didn’t take long. I just stuck it up there a half an hour ago. What a nice surprise. I’m Joyce. It’s nice to meet you,” she said extending her hand with a smile.

Phil gently took her hand, flashed a broad smile and said “I noticed your shop and wondered if I might fit in. I don’t have a lot of photo experience but I know a lot about computers, graphics and electronic imaging.”

“Well, let’s have you fill out a job application and take a look. Would you like some coffee?”

“You bet! Thanks.”

Joyce handed him an application and a pen. “C’mon in the back. I’ve got a table where you can sit while you fill that thing out.” She led the way into the back room which also doubled as a stock room. She pointed to a chair at the table and walked over to the counter and poured two mugs of black coffee. “How do you take it?”

“Straight, please.” he replied as he zipped through the job application. He couldn’t help the feelings of vague familiarity that were distracting him. It wasn’t that he recognized her. It was more of a chemistry thing, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Suddenly the front door chimed and snapped him back to the task at hand.

Joyce set both mugs on the table and said “I’ll be right back, you just take your time.”

Two minutes later, Joyce returned saying “Just a local with some weekend film to develop. All finished?” She took the completed application from Phil and perused it quickly while he sipped his coffee. Her first reaction was “You don’t seem to have any photo experience at all in your work history.”

“That’s true, but I’m an avid amateur shooter. And I’ve handled both professional and amateur pictures in my previous jobs ataşehir escort as a graphic artist. I own a Nikon with three lenses and I understand photography very well.”

“What kind of retail experience have you had?”

“Not much. When I was a kid, I worked summers at a Dairy Queen. That’s about it.”

“So, tell me why I should hire you,” she challenged.

“I love to work and take on responsibility. I’m excellent with computers, I understand photography, and I’m a quick study. I can learn anything you’re willing to teach me, and I’m cheap.” Phil flashed a smile.

“Well, I don’t have any computers yet, but I like the sound of your other qualifications, especially the ‘cheap’ part. How much do you expect to earn?”

Phil liked her and really felt this might go some place. He paused for a thought and then said, “I’ll leave that up to you. It’s just that I need to find a place to live and to feed myself. I just need a little extra for gas and an occasional movie or ski lift ticket at Heavenly, and I should be ok. You must know how much a furnished room is around town, and I don’t eat too much. So why don’t you figure out how much I need to start and we’ll take it from there.”

“OK!” Joyce said. “Let me give this some thought. How can I contact you?”

“Well, I’ll be out doing other applications around town all day today. How ’bout I check in with you just before closing this afternoon?”

“Great idea…I’ll see you then.” She offered him her hand again.

He shook her hand with a man’s grip, noticing an unusual strength for a woman. Phil smiled one more time and headed for the door.

• • • • • • • • • • •

A hundred thoughts ran through her mind, trying to figure out how she could hire this guy. She really liked him and she felt a strange attraction towards him especially those times when he took her hand.

She immediately called the credit bureau and requested a check on his social security number. The fax came back spotless. It also confirmed the work history he wrote on his job application but she had to know more about him before she’d trust him with the keys to the kingdom.

It was Monday, the slowest day of the week in Tahoe, and the day just dragged on for both of them. Phil had checked out three other possibilities and had no luck at all. Joyce kept rolling over the situation and possible opportunities in her mind. She only had eight customers all day long. She kept glancing at the clock on the wall, causing the time to go even slower. Finally, it was 4:30 and all her busy work was finished. She quickly closed out the cash register and ran upstairs to change and check her hair and makeup. Five minutes later she was behind the front counter with a fresh look and a tight clingy sweater which accentuated her figure. She had a plan.

At 4:45, Phil chimed the door and she looked up with a broad smile. “Well, how’d you do out in the Tahoe job market?” She already knew the answer.

“Shitty!” he pouted. “I’m either over qualified for the jobs which are available or not qualified for even their entry level jobs, and there just isn’t that much to choose from.”

Joyce leaned forward on the counter and suggested “Why don’t we go down the block and have a drink and discuss the future?”

“Sounds good to me,” he said with raised eyebrows. He struggled to maintain eye contact but couldn’t prevent his eyes from creeping down to notice the curves of her large breasts just above the countertop.

She grabbed her keys and purse, followed him out the door, locking it behind her and they strolled leisurely towards the restaurant down the block. It was one of her favorite places in Tahoe, not because the food was so good, but it had a beautiful panoramic view of the lake.

As they walked, she asked him “What do you think of our little city in the mountains so far?”

“Well, so far, I’d say that it’s really nice for the tourists and the locals, but it’s not too accommodating for newcomers like me. “

“You’re probably right on that one.” she agreed. “Sometimes, it can be real hard to feel like you fit in, even if you’re a local that’s been here for a few years.”

They got to the restaurant and he held the door as she walked by him. She was wearing a fragrance that caught his attention instantly. She requested a booth by the panoramic windows and they were seated immediately, since it was only a little after 5 pm.

After ordering cocktails, she looked at him over the table and said, “Since nobody seems to have snapped you up today, I have a proposal for you. But there a few things you should know up front. I’m going to be honest with you and I hope that you’ll be just as honest with me. OK?”

He nodded and said “OK.” and he concentrated on her lips and eyes as she was about to speak. “But why don’t you let me go first? That might help you in what you want to say.”

“If that’s the way you want to do it, it’s fine with me.” She was surprised that he was so forthcoming.

“I’m in the process of getting a divorce. I’ve spent most of my professional career in Chicago, which is the center of the kadıköy escort bayan advertising industry, and I’ve always had a good job. But when she took off, I lost my drive and kind of burned out. I decided the best I could do for myself was to start a new life and follow my dreams instead of my pocketbook. So, here I am. Anyway, my divorce won’t be final for another three months. That’s about it, other than the fact that I realize I’ll have to start at the bottom and work my way back up the ladder.”

“OK, thanks for the background. It really helps. My turn, now. My husband died in his sleep last year from a heart attack. He and I bought the shop two years before. I’ve found that I can’t run this place by myself and have any kind of a life. The shop has been floundering for a couple of months because I just haven’t had time to do all that needs to be done and I’ve got the Christmas season coming. I need help. The problem is that I can’t afford to pay much. So, I have a proposal for you. I live in the apartment over the store. It has two big bedrooms. I’d be willing to rent the second one to you as part of your wage. You could park your car in the carport behind the shop, and you can have full kitchen privileges if you like. I would pay you $7.00 per hour over and above that. I figure you will work between forty and fifty hours a week through New Years. After that, I don’t know what will happen. If we don’t make a good profit this season, I’m afraid I may have to close the doors.”

“How long would it take to train me?” he asked with a smile. Phil already made up his mind that he’d take whatever she offered.

Her stress evaporated instantly. Joyce had a feeling deep in her heart now that this was really going to work out. “I think you’ll be 90% effective inside two weeks. Do we have a deal, Phil?”

“Deal!” he grinned and they shook hands. Minutes later, their dinners arrived and all was well with the world.

• • • • • • • • • •

The next day, Phil moved out of the motel and into his new room over the camera shop. She had moved a desk with chair and recliner into his large room for privacy. That also gave her some extra floor space out in her living room.

He traveled light so all he had to bring in was his clothes, suitcase, laptop computer, art portfolio and his briefcase. Joyce helped him carry his clothes up the outside stairs to his room and as she hung them individually in his closet, she tried to match them up with the characteristics of his personality. She knew that he was strong and healthy, somewhat quiet, and sexy as hell. He was a mature handsome man with brown hair and blue eyes. She couldn’t help wondering why his wife had chosen another over him. It had to be money. His clothes were basic…jeans, flannel shirts, t-shirts, a couple of dress shirts, a black leather sport coat and one suit. “What more does a man need these days, anyway?” She held the lapel of the leather sport coat up to her nose and inhaled the fragrance of the leather deeply, closed her eyes for a moment and savored a quick naughty thought.

“Now that we’ve got you situated, let me show you around.” His bedroom was down at the end of the hallway. Her room was in the middle of the hallway. Right across from her door was the bathroom, which was large enough to fit the usual enclosed bathtub, toilet and sink, but also included a make-up table and bench-type stool and a chest of drawers. “This is where I keep the towels and bed linen when you want to change the sheets. You can keep your toiletries on top of the chest if you want to leave them in here.”

Right across from Phil’s door was the stairs leading down to the shop. The hallway opened up into a medium sized kitchen and eating area. She walked over to the refrigerator, opened the doors, and said “I’ll split it with you 50/50.” Then to the well-stocked pantry closet, “you can have these two shelves if you want to store some dry food.” Finally the eating area and the living room…she pointed out the TV, the audio system and another large desk and filing cabinet. “This is where I do all my bookkeeping and paperwork for the shop. I swear, some times I seem to spend more time here than downstairs. Well, what do ya think?”

“I think you are being very kind to me, Joyce, and it seems like I’m getting the better deal here. All of this plus the wage and you haven’t even seen how I work yet. That’s a pretty big gamble on your part, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. But my instincts tell me it’s the right decision and that you’ll work out just fine. If it doesn’t, we’ll both know it. I’m not worried.”

“Thanks for your confidence in me. I won’t let you down.” Phil couldn’t believe his good luck and he knew that he’d be able to handle the job, but he wondered about their relationship. He had never worked in a situation like this before, having a personal liking, as new as it was, towards his boss. Not only that, he admitted to himself that he was attracted to her, physically and emotionally. He’d never really met a woman like her, so independent and willing to go out on a limb to trust him so readily. But it was his escort maltepe physical attraction to her that worried him. She had a great figure, probably 5’6″, maybe 135 lbs. and dirty blond hair that hung about 3″ below her shoulders. Her face had the classic features of high cheekbones, small nose, full lips, and a strong chin. She had a natural beauty and her skin seemed to radiate with only a hint of make-up. But he knew his own shortcomings. And if anything, his voyeuristic tendency would get him in trouble. He loved to look at women of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Like most virile men, he had deep appreciation for breasts and Joyce was much too well endowed not to get his attention. Right from the first moment he met her across the front counter down stairs, he deliberately had to lock his eyes on her face to avoid embarrassing both himself and her. But he also enjoyed walking behind her, watching the sway of her hips and her rear. He knew that he would have to develop new habits, along with the new skills of his job, or he’d be in a constant state of arousal and thoroughly uncomfortable around her. Or worse yet, she might get uncomfortable around him.

Joyce had been very careful so far to dress conservatively. It had been such a long time since she’d even dared think any sexual thoughts. However this situation had her imagination starting to race. After the tour of the flat, she offered wine to Phil and they sat in the living room chatting about the daily work routine. She described all the daily challenges like purchasing products and equipment inventory, getting the film ready to send out for processing, making deposits at the bank across the street, and on and on.

Soon they both began to stifle yawns. She told him “Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for both of us. I’m going to hit the sack. I normally get up around 7:30.”

Phil chuckled and said “My typical wake up is about 5:30 whether I like it or not, so we probably won’t trip over each other on the way to the bathroom. By the way, do you mind if I have a separate phone line installed in the bedroom so I can access the Internet?”

“Not at all,” she said, “but I hardly get any calls on my personal phone if you want to use that one. Do you use an 800 number to call out?”

“Yes, it’s an 800 number but I’d have to be out here every time I want to go on line, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. Maybe you can teach me how to do it too?”

• • • • • • • • • •

They each headed toward their respective rooms to go to sleep. Phil’s room was arranged such that the head of the bed was up against the adjoining wall of the bathroom. It was obvious that Joyce had never slept in that room…he could hear every sound she made when he was lying on his bed. His last thought before he fell asleep was that tomorrow night, he’d put the bed against the opposite wall.

Joyce masturbated furiously that night. She couldn’t escape the scent of his clothing, or the tight cut of the jeans he was wearing. It had been way too long for her and her new living arrangements were way too tempting not to fantasize. She was now sharing her private quarters with a gorgeous man that she hadn’t even known for three days yet. Her needs were getting stronger and becoming irresistible. How was she ever going to make this happen…it was going to happen. candlelight, another glass of wine, and very naughty thoughts. Her body quivered and burned with such a powerful orgasm. Her clit was so sensitive from rubbing she could barely stand the touch of it by her own pubic hair. Such a randy scent rising up to her nostrils from under the sheets! It felt sooo good to release…finally!

The next week flew by for both of them. Phil learned very quickly, everything from cash register operation to bookkeeping entries. The biggest challenge was learning the names of all the regular local customers as Joyce introduced them. Each one seemed to have his or her own peculiar photographic need or problem. He knew the answers for some of their problems but Joyce seemed to have all the answers no matter what the question, whether it was best price or best quality. His respect for her grew every day.

The more familiar they became over time, the closer they got to each other physically. Phil would find himself squeezing by her, with a slight brush, in the tight spaces behind the display cases. Joyce would occasionally ask him to retrieve something off a high shelf in the stock room, holding the backs of his calves to steady him while he stood on the ladder. He was becoming less and less careful about dropping his eyes to her chest and when she wore slacks, he’d always admire the contours of her legs and rear.

She loved it, each time he’d relax enough to look at her body instead of her face. He was trying to be such a gentleman all the time. As the days went on, her latent exhibitionist tendencies began to rise to the surface. She planned her wardrobe more and more carefully, still appearing conservatively dressed to the clientele, but always with a new tease for Phil that only he could notice. Sometimes she would wear a shorter skirt without stockings. Sometimes it was one of her thin tight bras that would allow the hint of her nipples to show under print blouses. Other times, she would wear perfume, and she’d make mental notes if he commented on it. If he didn’t, she’d toss the bottle in the trash that night.

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