Shadows in the Park

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Beth: We decided to meet at night in the cool air of the Park. I arrived early and was watching for him as he parked a block or so away. I wondered why he parked that far, then assumed he wanted to surprise me as he quietly strode toward me. His hair was shorter than I had anticipated. His eyes were covered by shades in spite of the lateness of the hour. Did this mean he was watching me as I was watching him? Summing me up? My eyes unashamedly followed his approach. He was dressed in light colored shorts and a casual button down shirt and looked particularly confident and viral. He didn’t have any idea what was in store for him but would soon find out. As he approached, I smiled teasingly at him and when he was within my hearing, I said quietly, “Hello, David.” I motioned for him to join me in our hideaway on the blanket I had spread earlier. Even though it was only our second encounter, I felt confident and at ease as though I had known him for a long time.

David: As I approached I could see a look of quiet determination. I knew that this time she was after my pleasure. At our first meeting she had given me all the pleasure her body could stand but we cut the night short so that some of our anonymity would be maintained. It was hard to leave her when I wanted to stay and spend every waking hour probing her mind, her heart. But in a period of strength I had bolted after being sure that she understood. I knew that taking no pleasure would tease her more than all her orgasms combined.

This time I knew would be different. She was after my pleasure. I walked up to the blanket that she had laid out and sat down beside her.

Beth: I leaned toward him lightly touching his arm in a gesture of greeting. I smiled and pressed a light kiss to his cheek. Both hands were behind him as he rested on his palms with his legs stretched out in front. A slight frown brushed my brow as I wondered at his stance. Was he nervous or uneasy? I laid my head against his shoulder to ease his discomfort and breathed in the scent of his male body. He smelled clean yet, manly and the freshness stirred my senses. Gently, I reached behind him and pushing at his arms pressing him back against the blanket. I smiled at him and suddenly felt warm inside as though I were a teenager again. His fingers softly brushed the nape of my neck sending shivers down my spine. Quietly we lay for a while reveling in the sounds around us and soaking in the scent of our bodies. There were no words to say as our senses mingled. Slowly a fire ignited between us fanned by our imaginations as thoughts of writings and imagery played over in our mind. I knew I wasn’t dreaming. He was really here with me and I could take my pleasure in pleasing him… this man who had held my mind captive for many nights.

David: Suddenly she sat up, turning toward me and leaning in to brush her lips against my ear. Gently, she removed my shades and teasingly smiled into my eyes. She whispered softly, “you can’t hide from me tonight, David. You’re really mine for a while and I for one intend to enjoy every minute of it!” I felt her lips stroke and then grab at my earlobe, sending shivers down my spine. Quietly she nibbled at my neck, softly and lovingly. The shivers ran deeper sending tiny electrical shocks through my body. I felt these tremors develop in my abdomen and closed my eyes to bask in the sensations. Her hands were playing havoc with my senses lightly touching me. Gently she traced my face, my neck, the soft little spot behind my ear even the slight curl at the nape of my neck; her moist tongue followed the patterns her fingers traced on my skin. I could not recall the last time I had tasted this sweet ecstasy of emotion. She breathed softly into my hear again, only a slight canlı bahis whisper “David…?” A single tear slipped down my cheek, which I caught before she noticed.

She whispered, “David, why have you not kissed me…? Are you not ready for this…?”

“No, it isn’t that.” I answered quietly. “It’s just that I don’t, not first.” My answer was hesitant as I ventured into uncharted water with her. Hoping she would understand my peculiarities.

I felt her smile against my ear. “Do you want to?” All breathy and sensuous she whispered sending a chill up my spine.

With a rush of emotion, I expelled my breath. It was all the answer she needed. She lightly brushed her lips against mine and then away and to my cheek. Her hand moved to my chest, holding me down, she began lightly placing kisses along my face and neck. Carefully, she teased me with her lips never quite touching mine. Her tongue lightly stroked the corners of my mouth then darted back inside to replenish its moisture. Her lips were soft and warm as they moved against my skin igniting little fires in their wake. The breeze in the park was cool contrasting with the heat in my body.

Her fingers loosened the buttons of my shirt. Quietly, yet with determination, she stripped away my defenses as easily as she brushed aside the garment. I watched her; although, my eyelids felt heavy as though she were a sorceress and I was under her spell. Intently, her eyes feasted on my body. I felt a slight uneasiness at her scrutiny but that was quickly forgotten as her eyes met mine. I saw only raw desire in the depths of her oceanic eyes.

Moving, softly as to not disturb her prey, she positioned herself astride my body. Her long legs gleamed dark and shiny in the moonlight. Her short denim skirt had risen above her thighs and I could not resist the impulse to touch her. Her skin was like golden silk and still warm from hours in the sun. My fingers brushed her thighs and roamed higher to the hem of her skirt. Straddling my body as she was, I could see the darkness of her mound where it rested against my still clothed thickness. I searched her face, wanting to touch her there and feel the moistness between her legs but she was lost to me now. Her only intent was to draw satisfaction and pleasure from my soul and my body.

Beth: He lay exposed before me. Finally, he was mine to touch and please. His chest was hardened and gleaming in the moonlight. From my stance poised just above his hardening member, I could feel his tremors and chills. I reveled in the power of my touch upon his skin. This was my night. This was my lover. This dark and mysterious warlock who had bemused me for so many nights was now spread out before me and it was my turn to exhaust his pleasure. Stealing myself against my mounting desire, I admonished myself to remain calm and exacting for I knew it was with sureness and gentleness I would excite him the most. This one was sensuous and full of wonder, he so much like me wanted it all. The sites, the sounds, the murmurs were all a part of the culmination and time was on my side.

My eyes burned with lust and desire as I massaged away his garments. My hands were firm yet gentle against his chest, his neck, and his shoulders. The thin chain around his neck drew my gaze. It was so sexy gleaming against his skin in the moonlight. I bowed my head. My tongue traced the outline of the chain the cool metal mingled with the heat of my tongue on his skin. I wandered lower, searching for my lovers erected nipples. My tongue circled hungrily the areole of each nipple grazing a trail between the two nubs. I smiled at the play of pleasure bumps across his chest and abdomen. I felt his fingers halt then harden the play on my thighs as though his pleasure bahis siteleri was increasing beyond his control. Leaning closer, I sucked greedily at his stiff nipples. My mouth and fingers tugging, pulling and sucking to extract sighs and murmurs of pleasure from my lover. I felt his hardness pressing more firmly against the dark mound between my thighs. I longed to free his heated member.

Instead, I reveled in the knowledge that the pressure of his taut penis was stretching his cotton briefs and pressing against the sensitive spot on the underside of his cock. As if reading my thoughts, he shifted beneath me searching for release. I answered by rubbing my moistened crotch against his clothed member, increasing his agony. I felt the coolness of the zipper against the tender lips of my heated pussy. He thrust again beneath me with a groan and I felt my lips part and the zipper brushed my clit. I was thankful for the darkness as I felt my wetness seep into the cloth of his shorts.

His hands left my thighs and wandered freely over my body, tugging at the buttons of my shirt. My breasts swelled and nipples hardened as his hands brushed them. Still, I resisted his urges. Righting myself above him, I allowed him to watch as I unbuttoned my blouse and opened the front clasp of my bra. My full breast spilled from the cups into his waiting hands; filling them.

David: She moved her hand down between my legs pushing against my shorts. She immediately had the attention of my just waking member. Teasing my erection, she played our bodies like a well-tuned instrument. Her breasts were full and gleaming. Small erect nipples begged for my attention as she arched her back above me. Her hands left my body and looking down I watched as she raised her skirt and parted the lips of her dripping pussy. As I watched, she massaged her body; teasing herself as I would do. Our eyes met and held and I watched as she brought her dripping fingers to her mouth. Parting her lips softly she sucked at her own juices. My desire was overwhelming. I closed my eyes then opened them instantly as I felt her fingers, now replenished with fresh clear moisture, brushed my lips. Greedily, I sucked her fingers into my mouth tasting her. The smell of her filled my senses causing a feeling of intoxication. With her scent in my nostrils, my cock again demanded attention, straining against the confinement of my shorts as though it would burst. This time, she rewarded my urges.

Quickly, she dismounted me and directed her attention to my fully awakened rod playing the part of a heartless wench and doing it well. She fiddled with my zipper and button and released my shorts from interfering with her intent. She leaned over and kissed my eyelids forcing them shut. Then brushed her lips across my cheek while her hand forced its way under my briefs. I arched my back as she palmed my hot member with her cold touch.

Her lips teased their way across my cheek to the edges of my lips and then stopped at the edge. I licked my lips in anticipation but she breathed in my ear. “Not yet, my sexy lover.”

Her hand began pumping my cock while her hot breath painted my skin. I rose to her challenge. I was hard and hot my skin taut. I could feel the pressure increasing in my scrotum and abdomen as her fingers danced on my cock. Again her lips and tongue marked a trail up to mine and again she stopped short, leaving me unfulfilled. My frustration unbearable, I reached for her to pull her closer but with agility she avoided my hold.

To my surprise, she moved down between my legs. Her eyes feasted upon my erect piece as she grasped its heated fullness in her hand. She let out a deep sighed, I knew how this affected her. She rested on the arm beneath her and stared bahis şirketleri into my eyes while stroking and kneading my throbbing penis. I looked deep into her eyes through lids heavy with passion, seeing deep into her soul. I saw acceptance and caring and the beginning of feelings that I knew I already had.

Beth: His gaze was steady now on my face as I turned my attention to his wanting weapon. Gently, I began kneading and rolling it between my fingers. The head was pink and hot, throbbing and waiting. My excitement grew and my breath came in short whispers against the taut flesh of his penis as I peppered him with light kisses. I lost track of time and existence as all my energy was focused on taking my pleasure in igniting my lover. My kisses more open now as I splayed my moist tongue along the outer surfaces of his skin alternately tugging and sucking on the tender pinked tip of his cock. I could feel his erection blossoming into orgasmic release increasing my excitement as well. I smiled at my control, while feeling the moisture drip from my vaginal walls. I pulled the length of him into my mouth, tugging and teasing at his hardened flesh.

He shuddered and now his breath came in short rapid bursts. The suction of my mouth made him squirm. Hot desire flashed through me. I withdrew his penis to the tip, licking and sucking the pre-cum from his inflamed desire. Sucking gently at the head I pumped his cock with my hands. His breathing stopped then exploded in a shuddering sigh as he wreathed in my hand and turned his head to the side. I increased my rhythm, pumping and tonguing his member with intensity. Searching for a release of pleasure, I twirled my tongue around and around the sensitive underside of the head of his cock then gulped him deeply into my mouth. Running my finger behind his balls and into his tightly clenched ass, I felt his contraction and swallowed thirstily at his swollen cock waiting to milk him of his offering.

Suddenly, in the heat of passion my lover called for me to “Stop!” Dazed and confused, I raised my head? “My God, Why?” I asked.

David: She took me in the whole of her mouth. Sucking me gently while pumping me with her hand. My breathing stopped until I let out one breath and turned my head to the side. She took this as an indication to move faster, pumping me while sucking me hard, all the while twirling her tongue around the sensitive underside of my head.

I could feel contractions welling deep beneath my scrotum. I sensed the starting heat of my orgasm. She continued, drinking me in. Breathing in and consuming me in my desire for her. She chuckled softly. She felt my contractions, too. She had full control and wanted to milk me of my pleasure.

My mind raced, the pleasure was unbearable. I could only think of one thing. To be inside her, to feel her wetness melt into me, to feel her body suck me in like she was doing now and the sensation was unbearable. “STOP!”

“My God, David, Why?” she asked.

“Because I must be inside of you!” I said.

Silently, she hesitated… I wondered at her reaction and what she would think of me for stopping her at such a passion filled moment. Quietly now, she contemplated my member while holding its moistened hardness in her hand. Gently, she lowered her head sucking tenderly at my weapon and I remembered how she loved the taste, the texture, the smell and feel of a man in her mouth but my desire for her was strong. I sat up and reached for her. Willingly she came closer to me… her hands leaving a heated trail up my body as I looked into her smoldering eyes. Suddenly, she smiled and with a husky voice chuckled softly into my ear. “You have prolonged our ecstasy my dear but you will cum for me!” I pulled her body to mine, pressing her hardened nipples against the skin of my chest as again she sat astride my lap. Our eyes met and I sensed her mood. I had thwarted the sorceress and she would stop at nothing to gain my capitulation.

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