Sexy Fun after the Boat Show

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Female Ejaculation

I love sailing and we made plans to meet at the boat show. She drove and parked in the garage at Navy Pier and I took the bus right to the pier. We met inside and toured many of the boats, especially the large cruisers with cabins and ample room down below. We made use of those cabins when we had a few seconds alone; kissing and light touches, hints to the rising passion between us.

The show was over at 9PM with a reception afterwards. We went and had a drink and tried to keep our hands to ourselves, not the type of party to openly grope. We left and took the lower level hallway back down the pier to the garage. So nice of to get a ride home on a cold winter night.

Walking down the hall, we were alone. Most everyone took the upper hall back to the garage. It was quiet and the only people we saw were at least 200 hundred feet ahead of us. We were both wearing long coats, but yet had snaked our arms around each others waist. She was a little shorter than me so with my arm around her, it was nice to turn her and feel her close into me, her full breasts pressing against me and her sweet lips touching mine.

A few times we stopped walking to kiss. Kisses that turned into passionate, lip throbbing, tongues touching and probing, bodies pressed close, yearning for more. These kisses were turning me on and from her reactions, Pam’s as well. I had pulled her close and my hands were roaming around; hand in the small of the back, another sliding up the back, a touch on the cheek. In a moment of daring while we were kissing and our long coats open and our bodies pressed tight together, I moved my hand to her very full breasts (38D) to which I treated to a moan, which made a moan escape from my lips too. Under her blouse, I swear I felt a hard nipple. Being bold I opened a button and then another on Pam’s blouse. I saw a pretty bra, full canlı bahis cleavage (god I love to see cleavage!) and smooth skin of lovely breasts. I bent my head down a gave a kiss and small lick to Pam’s cleavage. While I did this, Pam was pressing on the back of head, pushing me in deeper to her breasts.

Breaking away we continued on down the hallway. The people who were ahead of us were gone. There was no one behind us. As we walked, we passed large columns that were about four or five feet wide. We took a chance and ducked around to one side and continued our mashing. Coats open, hands wandering and touching, lips and tongues touching. We were both on fire and grinding against each other. I opened her blouse more and popped open the front closure of her bra, gliding my hand in, seeking to touch her nipple, finding it and touching, light brushes against a very stiff nipple. Pam’s hands pulled me close by holding my ass in her hands, arching her hips forward while she leaned back, breasts partially exposed, great cleavage, passion in her eyes and her pussy pressing hard, moving against my hard cock. I was very hard, and it felt so good to be pressing against her, I could feel the heat from the core of ourselves.

Kissing more and hands moving to where we wanted to touch, I felt Pam move a hand around to the front and around to my cock. Oh it felt sooo good to have her hand grasping, sliding around my hard cock and cupping my balls. I was on fire, throbbing, pulsating. I moved one of my hands to the front of her pants, fingers moving to the v of her pants, touching her thigh, inside and then up. Up to the glorious heat of her wonderful hot pussy. I could feel the heat through her pants and pressing in, sliding up and down, I could feel hot wetness.

Her fingers were probing past my waistband, touching the sensitive skin bahis siteleri around the hip, that sensitive flesh above what was down below. Emboldened I did the same to her but sliding my hand around back, touching skin under silky panties. What a wonderful ass to caress and hold. We’re both getting a little wild, slightly disheveled, clothes askew, but having a lot of fun. I couldn’t take it, I pulled my hand out and unzipped her pants. My hand slid past silky panties and light hair as they glided down to wet lips. Wet lips of a pussy that I wanted to lick and suck. I settled for the moment to stroking and sliding fingers in and out, up and down and sliding /pressing her clit. Pam just pushed her hand down the front of my pants and grasped my cock and I could feel a finger on the head of my cock, spreading the wetness.

We continued our probings until I broke away slightly. I had to, it was uncomfortable with Pam’s hand past my waistband. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Pam’s pants were still open, so I guided my cock into her pants and past her panties and sliding up and down her slit. We were both very wet and very hot for more. This grinding, humping, gyration was a nice starter but we both wanted more and quickly. We composed ourselves and finished making our way to the garage, to her car.

Leaving the pier, we went to Lower Wacker Drive and onto Lower Randolph Drive. It’s dark down there, very little light and actually has parking meters. Suddenly, Pam pulled over and turned the lights off. We were on each other in seconds. Pam pushed me back and unzipped my pants. I lifted my ass off the seat and she helped me pull down my pants and underwear. Pam then started licking my cock, making my arch up, seeking her. She opened and engulfed me, sucking me, swirling her tongue around my head, moving up and down. I was touching bahis şirketleri her face, stroking her head as she did this, reaching down to play with her hot tits. While Pam was doing such wonderful things to me, I wanted to do them to her as well.

We repositioned and I helped her off with her pants. I then had one of her legs over my shoulder and one over the seat. Trailing, teasing, light kisses along her legs and thighs, I sought to find the source of all the heat, her wonderful pussy. I lightly lickd up her slit and back down. And then back up, spreading her lips open and tasting the sweet juices. Licking pussy makes me hot with desire, I love doing it, I love being wet from it. I could feel her hips rising with each lick and alternate probing of my tongue deep inside. She pushed me up and away and I sat back wondering why, until she sat up and swung her leg over me and reached down and grabbed my cock.

I reached down also and held up cock at a good angle for her to slide down on which she promptly did. I had her tits in my hands and one in my mouth as she rode me, bottoming out and grinding her clit on me. I loved this, her hot pussy enveloping my cock, her eyes on fire, lovely breasts in my hands I couldn’t help but pump up into her, thrusting my cock into her. I loved the feeling of her wetness soaking me, making my balls wet. We fucked like this for a few more minutes until her mouth opened in a silent scream, I felt her go tight on my cock and then relax and clutching and she moaned as her orgasm overtook her. This was it, I was there too and I came hard, pumping and making her as wet as she made me.

We collapsed and caught our breath and started laughing and kissing. What a great time!! And then we saw someone outside, away from the car and we think he could see in but we never knew if he had seen much or all of it. (I definitely have an exhibitionist streak in me). We laughed again and got our clothes back on and Pam drove me home.

There are many reasons I love sailing and that adventure just adds to my sailing “experience”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32