Sexual Urges

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At school Harley Coleman was one of those guys that fell into the nondescript basket because he was rather gangly, brilliant at math and problem solving and memorable at little else. His parents were financially hard up and that counted against Harley.

However ignoring the academic/sporting and social side of school life he was noted for often being in fights and always over the same thing: Harley resented guys at school calling him Harley-Davidson. By the time he graduated high school those fights had long gone because it was generally accepted Harley really was quite cool and girls liked his mild and courteous manner.

By graduation Harley had also developed body shape and more refined looks that made his socially very acceptable and they would link him to the Turner family, a linkage that would grow deeper and turn out to be greatly significant for him.

* * *

Graduating high school senior, Britt Turner, a pretty blonde with unfathomable dark brown eyes and perfectly shaped legs, was three days beyond her eighteenth birthday and felt another surge rake her body.

She decided the intense feeling was related to sex and if she didn’t have sex very soon she’d explode. In four days she would graduate and faced a long break before entering college where she expected to experience more sex in those four years than she’d ever have throughout her married life. It wasn’t fair to lurch from a famine to over-indulgence and then to fall into sexual neglect. She’d read many times that was how it was. But as her grandmother would muse from her rocking chair, “Life’s not fair and life was never meant to be fair.”

Britt had been penetrated by a penis for the first time two nights ago and had been so frightened, or rather gripped by a feeling of stupidity and inadequacy because she really didn’t know what was going on. Neither had she enjoyed Frank Andrews grunting and slobbering over like that at all. But the experience was good because it mean she no longer had to lie whenever girlfriends asked about her sexual experience. Girls who said they weren’t virgins appeared to carry that declaration like a badge of honor but who was to know which of them were liars like she had been?

Interesting and at least the guys didn’t lie about it, she though naively. Only females lied.

That bubbling feeling unleashed within her by Frank Andrews pounding her pussy, had disappeared thank god but she worried would it return she would have to bear it for the rest of her life? Or was it just her eggs racing about and upset because Frank wore a rubber and so had been unable to fertilize then? Oh yuck, sex was so disgusting she thought she’d never engage in sex again.


Two Saturdays after graduation, Britt accompanied her parents to a dinner-dance at the Sable Country Club. She expected to be bored and was until almost at 10:30 she spotted Harley Coleman coming out of the kitchen where he must have been working. She knew his parents were not well off although they both worked and Frank therefore was restricted to be heading to the local college as a day student.

“Hi Harley,” she said brightly and he looked startled as if ashamed to have been discovered working at the club.

“Come over and sit with me… we have two spare places at out table because Mr McGinnis took his wife home because she was drunk and becoming abusive.”

“That sort of behavior is an affliction that particularly hits the near-idle wealthy.”

Britt thought about that and nodded. “Yes and that’s rather deep for a kitchen hand. Do well at college and you’ll become somebody and will be able to help your parents if they run short of money in their retirement.”

Harley looked at her keenly and said she had a sharp brain for a blonde.

Although feeling murderous Britt allowed him to get away with that.

“Harley, most of my friends who usually come here including guys who date me are away spread all over the country or have gone to Europe. Please come and sit by me.”

“I could get fired.”

“You’ll easily get a job elsewhere because there is a shortly of cheap labor in the city. Students who provide casual labor are holidaying in droves.”

“Yeah right, you are to do a master’s in business administration and so it’s not surprisingly you would think like that.”

“Why thank you for being interested in me like that Harley. Most guys in our class wouldn’t have a clue about what I will study at college.”

Harley looked at Britt’s cleavage.

“What is it Harley?”

“You are growing up there and they are taking on a fine looking shape, to match the classical look of your legs I guess.”

“My legs, why are you are interested in my legs Harley?”

“Because you have the best legs I’ve ever seen, really well shaped as if they have been painted on canvas. Perhaps your tits will become a real standout as well.”

Britt whispered, “Please address them as breasts when women are within hearing.”

He whispered, “But you don’t mind me calling them tits?”

“No, not when you address them like that as if you cared.”

Voice volume back escort kartal to normal, Harley smiled. “You talk as if there are not part of you.”

Britt laughed and said she could assure him her breasts were part of her, especially if they were bumped or she raked one across the car door improperly opened.

Britt felt what she sure was sexual desire surging. God she’d never allow the jerk Harley Coleman seduce her or even touch her.

“Okay I’ll sit with you for a while providing you won’t mind me going if I get bored.”

God the pig; that was the same as saying she was boring.

Harley pushed his arm through hers to escort her to the table where her parents were sitting. He mom knew Harley because for a couple of years had been hired to attend her flower gardens while she stood and chatted to him and barked directions. Britt went to pull away but stumbled against a chair and that pushed her into Harley. She felt his arm press hard against her left boob giving her this urgent desire to grab him and kiss him and thrust her boobs at him.

Holy cow, she was insane.

Wendy Turner straightened as she saw them approach and straightened her hair and wet her top lip.

That staggered Britt enough to wonder if Harley had worked on more than her mom’s flowerbeds until he ceased working for her to prepare for final exams. God Harley Coleman up her mom. Shocked, Britt staggered forward and sat.

“It’s lovely seeing you two together,” Britt heard her mom say, making Britt think that didn’t sound like the greeting of an adulteress to her prey.

Wendy said, “Lloyd you remember the boy Coleman don’t you? Some years back he delivered our newspaper and two summers ago he helped you build that new fence between us and Mrs Mason.”

“Oh yes,” Lloyd said, standing and shaking Harley’s hand. “Please join us Davidson.”

Wendy laughed and said, “No you silly man. His name is Harley.”

“Ooops Harley, I don’t know how I got your name wrong. Are you heading to Harvard or perhaps Yale or are you going with Britt to Darthmouth College?”

“No sir, I’m staying at home and going to O’Brien.”

“Wow, that’s you chance of a top career gone.”

“Thank you sir,” Harley said angrily.

Her father’s attitude angered Britt but then she was astonished to see her mom turn to Harley who was sitting beside her, put one arm around him and pull him to her and kiss the top of his head. But it was what her father couldn’t see because he was pouring more wine that shocked Britt. Her mom used her other hand to pull Harley’s hand on to her nearest breast and she then patted his hand three times before pulling away.

God her parents were drunk and for goodness sake Harley was now staring at her mom’s breasts!

She jumped up asking Harley to take her to the dance floor, forgetting to ask him if he could dance. They reached the dance floor that was almost empty because the band was playing … oh god, she sighed, a waltz bracket. If he scratched her new shoes by having two left clumsy feet she’d kill him.

As soon at Harley swung her on to the floor Britt relaxed, feeling his smoothness as he’d already caught the rhythm and was holding her lightly and correctly. They danced without speaking. Britt was still shocked about her mother encouraging Harley to play with one of her breasts. Whatever were older women popping these days to keep them horny?

‘Are you Lonesome Tonight’ changed into ‘The Tennessee Waltz’ and Harley’s leading became even smoother and more expansive. He said, “This is perhaps my mom’s favorite tune.”

Britt smiled and said she loved it too, surprised to find herself lying and why the hell was she pressing right into him, low down?”

“Are you feeling horny?” he grinned.


His grin intensified and she felt the surge ripping through her belly that was pressing against his and then she winced becoming aware that other thing she was feeling was his erection.

She sighed and took the plunge. “Do you do it Harley?”

He was in tune because he caught her drift. “Hell yeah and it’s great. I guess a good looking babe like you gets more fucks and I get dinners.”


“Harley that’s enough of the F-word thank you.”

“Press harder against my dick baby.”

Britt did what she was told.

“You had the best tit shape at school, including of all the female staff.”

She was about to smile and thank him for such a huge compliment when her intelligence pushed aside her ego and said, “How the hell could be possibly judge that.”

“I have radar.”


“I’m one of those guys who can look through a female’s clothing and see everything.”

“Oh we are alike. I can look through and see if guys have hairy chests and which side of center their dicks are hanging.”


She giggled and said he was the fucking liar. Britt mentally smacked her hand because she rarely said uttered the F-word.

Harley looked at her intently. “Do you want to do it tonight.”

“Where?” she said without thinking and was intrigued when he said standing up against the wall maltepe escort of the back porch of her parent’s house.

“Can people have sex standing up?”

He said of course they can and looked at her keenly. “You are sexually experienced aren’t you?”

“Of course. What else is there to do these days?”

“Right. Well providing if the guy’s dick is long enough he can deliver sex standing up.”

“How long are you?”

“Seven and a half inches on a good night.”

“Oh god, the last guy I had was less than six inches I’d estimate,” she lied, having no idea, being close to panicking because she’d only had fingers up her until that night last week.

The music slithered into ‘Moon River’. Harley looked down as Britt looked up at him and opened her lips provocatively. He leant down and placed his lips over hers and their tongues met deliciously.

As they left the floor Britt said, “That was beautiful including the kiss.”

“So have I earned a fuck?”

“I suppose so,” she said, trying to appear nonchalant as if she fucked every day.

“Oh Harley, you’re back; come sit on my knee,” cooed Wendy and then wiped dribble off her mouth.

Holding on to Harley tightly Britt leaned over her dad and said, “You better take mom home now. She’s beginning to act like a sexually depraved lush.”

“Rubbish. She’s quite okay except it’s a little hot in here.”

“Don’t drink too much Lloyd,” Wendy slurred loudly. “I want lots of sex when we get home.”

People at their table laughed and Lloyd said to Wendy they were going home.

“Don’t break the speed limit rushing her home Lloyd,” yelled one of his friends and grinning in embarrassment Lloyd placed his arm round the swaying Wendy and led her off after checking that Harley would take Britt home.

“It appears your parents still have sex,” Harley marveled.

“Don’t yours?”

“I assumed they don’t but perhaps they do.”

“Actually I didn’t know mine did until mom just let the cat out of the bag. Um Harley, has mom ever made a hit on you?”

Harley grabbed her mom’s almost full glass of wine and gulped it straight down and then whispered to her hoarsely, “Britt it’s best that I don’t answer that question.”

She laughed and didn’t worry, thinking her mom was free to fuck whomever she wished, although not morally free to do that. Anyway if her mom had hit on him that didn’t necessarily mean Harley and her mom had ever had sex.

After ten minutes of polite chat to other people at the table Britt squeezed Harley’s thigh and whispered she’d like to go home and be skewered against the porch wall.

He grinned and said she was funny. She really liked him saying that and smiled at him ever so sweetly.

Britt climbed into the dusty, dank 1998 Ford Escort with its battered exterior and asked, “Are there spiders in here?”

“Hell no, I get my car professionally cleaned every ten years or so.”

She giggled and then lost her humor thinking about being pinned to the wall by her man came through for her. She hoped it wouldn’t be against spider webs.

“We’ll go to my place and walk up to the garage. Mom keeps her exercising mat on the floor.”

“Will she be using it?”

“Hell no it’s almost midnight.”

Harley turned on the light in the adjoining storage room and that gave them dim illumination.

They stood beside the mat.

Britt asked nervously, “What should I remove?”


“B-but I’ll be embarrassed.”

“You wont get my dick up you tonight unless you strip. I want to see your body.”

She snorted, “Please take me home.”

He back-pedaled. “Okay keep your panties on.”

“Thank god for that.”

He said, “You know I wouldn’t have been embarrassed. I’ve seen plenty of pussy of all shapes and sizes and trim.”

“I bet you have. How many?”

“Don’t embarrass me.”

Brit cooed, “Oh come on, how many.”

“Six not counting mom and Aunt Mae.”

“Why not count them?”

“I wasn’t playing with their pussies.”

“Oh god. You are very blunt and unsophisticated Harley.”


She sighed and began removing her clothes and froze and yelled, “What’s that?”

He looked around for a rat but didn’t see it so asked. “What’s what?”

“Your dick… it’s almost as thick as my wrist.”

He alleged women liked a long and fat dick and she didn’t know what to say and he claimed she’d have no trouble at all taking it up beyond her cervix.

“How is it you know the name of that?”

“Biology class.”

“Oh. Well get on with it. I haven’t all night.”

“What do you have someone else lined up after me?”

“What? No of course not but I’ll need my sleep if I’m to handle mom because she will be a screaming pain in the butt. She wakes up punchy after a boozy night.”

Britt lay on her back and pulled up her knees and opened wide and pulled the side of a pant leg aside.

“What are you doing?”

“Preparing to receive you.”

Harley asked what era was she living in?

Britt snorted and asked couldn’t they attempt to be compatible.

“Say what you pendik escort bayan like but I want you on your hands and knees.”

“No way,” she yelled. “I don’t want you up my butt.”

“I’m not into anal. I slip below your anus and slide into pussy. This position is called doggy.”

“Christ how depraved.”

Harley told her not to prejudge the situation. “I bet you’ll like it.”

“Ha,” she snorted scornfully but assumed the required position and said she didn’t want him playing around before he did it.

Harley had lubed the condom but expected no problem. Although limited in experience he’d found females tended to under-estimate the size of their vagina.

He began pushing in slowly, talking constantly about what he was doing and although grunting and shifting about slightly Britt kept saying she was okay.

Harley rested when he was all the way in and grinned when Britt calmly said to keep going.

He began thrusting and she bent collapsed her head on to her folding her arms and that stabilized her because she’d not been pushing back and had swung forward a bit each time Harley banged her. He reached down and played with a tit, squeezing it and she appeared to like that. Eventually as Harley was beginning to tire and wondered how the hell could he finish with dignity she began moaning and rocking and lifting her head wailed that she was going to explode.

Harley lengthened his stroke and increased the pace and his eyeballs tightened as he felt as if he were bursting through the end of his condom. At the same time Britt was screaming oh-yes, oh-yes, oh-yes and wailing like a woman being told she’d just become widowed.

He sat back on his heels and pulled off the condom and tossed it on to the workbench. Just as Britt lifted and turned and still panting heavily grabbed his dick and began sucking it without wiping it and that rather impressed Harley. When she tired of that they stood and hugged and she pushed his head into her tits and cooed he was her good boy.

As they dressed Britt said truthfully that was her best fuck ever.

At that moment Harley’s mom unlocked the side door into the house and called out, “If you two have finished come in. I’ve made coffee.”

Next morning Harley was putting twenty bucks of gas into his car when Britt’s dad who’d driven up at the pumps alongside him called.

“Hi. We were watching you dancing with Britt last night. You two looked so graceful and so good together.”

“Thanks sir.”

“Look call me Lloyd. Britt suggested over breakfast I ask you to come to our holiday home up Whispering Valley. The house is nothing much, being an old homestead set among spruce and pine with a little stream running by it. We’ll be up there for a month and the idea is you could work on house renovations with me. Some exterior sections at the rear of the dwelling that don’t get any sun need replacing, some of the flooring is shot and if you come to help I’d like us to check out all the piles and then install under-floor insulation because we have a dampness problem.”

“Well I don’t know if I can spare the time.”

“I was thinking thirty bucks an hour and working six hours a day with no work Sundays. I’m sure the tasks will take all month to complete and in the final two weeks I’ll have to return to work each day and drive back to you guys late afternoon when I’ll set your chores for the next day.”

“Thirty bucks?” Harley said attempting not to sound too excited.

Lloyd said well thirty-five bucks and hour and Harley better work his butt off.

“Okay right and I assume that includes living with the family with everything provided?”

“Yeah. Wendy said we’d have to offer that and also throw in liquor.”

“Yes sir, we have a deal.”

Lloyd laughed and said to be around at their place by 9:00 on Saturday, ready to leave.

Harley was thrilled. He’d give notice at his two part-time jobs when he was being paid fifteen bucks and nineteen bucks fifty respectively. Wow. Then he figured Lloyd would probably have to pay an itinerant handy man at least forty bucks an hour plus travel time and vehicle running.

Driving off Harley grinned, “You’re a clever guy Lloyd but your daughter probably suggested this so she can wallow in sex every day.”

The month ended with Harley and Britt both agreeing it was the best month ever. They got on so well together and her parents must have known they were big into sex because the young couple were frequently touching and went off to Britt’s larger bedroom early evenings ‘to read’ and of course they and went for walks and returned glowing, arm-in-arm and Britt would immediately head for the shower.

Harley figured Lloyd had found Harley was a quick and careful worker and so he was unlikely to complain about what was being done to his daughter while Wendy was relating ever so well with her daughter and probably remembered receiving similar treatment in the summer she dawdled through as she waited to begin college and enjoyed have a guy or guys teach her about an additional use for her pussy. Wendy had refrained from making a hit on him and although he became aware she was there for the taking he had no wish to be disloyal to her daughter. Wendy had really big tits and as worked under the house installing insulation Harley wondered what it would be like having those heavy hangers wrapped around his ears.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32